Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wolves Belong; Humans...uh, not so much

Shiva's familiar - Nandi   Artist: Raj,
Counting down to Shivaratri - this Thursday, Feb. 27. Maybe we need to invoke the tandava - dance of destruction - aspect this time around. It's compassion-based 'destruction' anyway, right? Destroying what definitely doesn't work any more, what is holding us back from making that last-ditch effort to turn the immanent rip-tide of total destruction of a perfectly good planet around. On the other hand, we can at the same time keenly observe what each of us feels within, regarding the situation and what we're doing here in this 'now'. Absolute creativity and spontaneity is called for and en-couraged!

Being that the Wolf Nation is at this moment the most under-siege animal tribe in the western hemisphere, from the lowest, most degraded, corrupt, and butt-ignorant segment of the human race, the following short video, if you haven't yet seen it [1.5 million views], tells you all you need to know - on all levels. 

It's hard to come up with anything to say after that. The fact that an all-out war is allowed to be taking place against this natural-ness and simplicity of life-flow and beauty-creation is incomprehensible. Or at least undeniably unacceptable, as is almost everything connected to what they want us to refer to as "civilization". We know better. 

And, I'm equally at a loss to come up with a word to describe what this thing/machine/pathogen of 7 billion units that walks around in a trance on the planet's surface really is. 
What kind of creature (from where?) would imprison intelligent sentient beings, by the billions, in "iron maidens" (immobilizing body-cages), drive them ALL totally insane, allow their young to die from diseases by the thousands, then feed the piglets back to the mother sows, along with their shit, and then SLAUGHTER, SELL, AND SERVE THEIR CARCASSES TO THEIR OWN FAMILIES AND CHILDREN??!! 
Hey there, paleo-diet fans! Come-n-git-it! It's what's for dinner.  Sorry, look, I'm not making this shit's on the mainshit teevee news.

After that Danish zoo baby giraffe public slaughter for kiddies, I guess the next step in innocence-destroying trauma programming will have to be finding a herd of unicorns to shoot at local kindergardens. 
Some kinda mass fucking human extinction needs to happen - either that or the rounding up of the self-described 'elites' to go to the newly emptied zoos, while all the material death-culture infrastructure is dismantled fast and the small-time psychopaths disarmed and totally and absolutely shunned, like beginning yesterday.....(zoos, not prisons - those scum need to be on display [for educational purposes, heh]). 

While we're on the subject of 'food-like substances', there is a source of information regarding all products world-wide that contain nanotechnology. You will be surprised at the sheer amount of common items seen every day, everywhere, that contain this zombie-science shit: 
We are long past the point of making 'little compromises' on what we put into and on our bodies, and into our environments. 
It may be too late to halt any of these developments. No one knows what will become of us, nor any of it. Anyone claiming to know is a fraud and a liar, and should be ignored. 


Terranceh said...

The white man seeks to conquer nature, to bend it to his will and to use it wastefully until it is all gone and then he simply moves on, leaving the waste behind him and looking for new places to take. The whole white race is a monster who is always hungry and what he eats is land.

........Chiksika, elder brother of Tecumseh to Tecumseh ,March 19, 1779

Anonymous said...

Everything that eats gets eaten

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where we are in this craziness. Never thought it could ratcheted up, but it is.

Anonymous said...

I meant ... Never thought it could be ratcheted up ...

neal said...

There is a small pack of wolves that roam the empty spaces north of Moriarity, NM. Stuff comes back, survives, tries to hide, minds its own business. Not really anything but a remnant, small hopes. They are my brothers and sisters, even the large cats are here, now.
That is just panther in the sky stuff, the seven sisters are wolves, always have been. I do not know about the world of men, but those who are not seem to be OK.

It is War, but still something amazing sneaks around, trying not to get killed, or trying not to speak out of turn.

bholanath said...

That's some beautiful, mysterious country north of Moriarty, used to live there.

neal said...

Candy Ktichen rescue ranch, south of Grants. Mormons, Meth Heads, and stuff running around. Stuff got dug up, and put in boxes. Now, some bones are jumping, and the archeological community just does not know what to do about that. I would like to report a disturbance.

Please burn before reading, the winds will clarify.