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Robin Williams Lived in the Empathosphere

Koko remembers  [Gorilla Foundation]
Robin Williams no doubt would have appreciated the news that India has banned vivisection and experimentation in colleges and universities, "to save precious lives".
India's University Grants Commission (UGC), which ordered an immediate end to training methods lethal to animals in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, says the decision came about over concerns that too many animals were being taken from the wild.

Robin was both an animal advocate and a vegan, contributing to campaigns for rescues, dolphin activists, humane societies, and wildlife conservation. 
He also contributed generously to a food bank in Seattle and demonstrated his empathy for fellow beings in numerous other ways, which readers can find easily by searching. 
What a dude! These are the crucial qualities that define a true human being. As such, he, like many of us, dealt with current conditions in the world (and a genius-level creative gift) through a professional life within a corrupt, degenerate, psychopathic and evil milieu - an almost impossible challenge. He can't be blamed for human failings and not finding the strength necessary to attain victory over the demonic/archontic forces, working without extraordinary level of awareness, discipline, and spiritual alliances. As John Trudell says, "isolation is the enemy".

I simply wanted to post this vid today, for those who haven't seen it, as a tribute to Mr. Williams:

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Updated| Topic of Topics - The New Dimension 2014

"The most moral army in the history of civilization"
"Unimaginable restraint"
"Tomorrow there's no school in Gaza, they don't have any children left"
 Yo, 'mericans, how's that for yer tax $$ at work? Can't help those kids runnin' from the Salvadoran death squads, but no problem funding this POS.

Schools, hospitals, soccer games, playgrounds, ambulances, open-air markets....clear for all the world to see: 
We are witnessing an altogether new dimension of psychopathic evil, which has played out historically in the past in various instances of deliberate slaughter of civilians, specifically women and children. However, what we now see is an unprecedented focus on militarily murdering children

"With the images of murdered children in Palestine, there is the memory of one of the most brutal massacres in the US, at Sand Creek in Colorado, where Cheyenne and Arapaho toddlers were shot and pregnant women were bayoneted by US soldiers.' - Brenda Norrell, Indigenous Resistance

"Collateral damage" - the killing in wars, economic or religious, usually ~80%, has been part of western "civilization's" devolution for 1000s of years. But this is a new time, the time of war on children. Make no mistake, this is deliberate 'religious' policy. 

Here is the most articulate examination and description of the phenomenon that I have found. I think this is important. Something here needs to be seen:

Child-killing Sociopaths of Israel
Dr. Kevin Barrett

What is wrong with Israelis?
Every time Israel embarks on a new round of wholesale slaughter in Gaza, polls show that more than 90% of Israelis support the butchery.

For Israelis, mass-murdering children is a spectator sport. When the IDF starts dropping cluster bombs, white phosphorous, DIME munitions and other horrendous weapons on Gaza, crowds of Israelis pack the hilltops to barbecue meat, drink alcohol and cheer as they watch Palestinian children being blown to bits.

Every day in Israel’s major cities, mobs of Israelis gather to hunt down and brutalize Arab children and teenagers. Police stand by as they beat their victims into unconsciousness. According to Israeli blogger Elizabeth Tsurkov, the mobs’ favorite chant is: “Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left.”

Israelis proudly tweet their desire to murder children: “Kill Arab children so there won’t be a next generation,” “Stinking Arabs may you die, amen,” and “Arabs may you be paralyzed and die with great suffering” are some representative tweets exposed by Israeli journalist David Sheen.

Israeli parliamentarian Ayelet Shaked has announced that she wants to kill not only Palestinian children, whom she calls “little snakes,” but also the Palestinian mothers who raise them. Recently Shaked openly called for the genocidal murder of every Palestinian. Instead of being sent to the Hague, prosecuted, ejected from government, or even rebuked, she was lionized by Israeli society.

Gilad Sharon, son of Ariel “Butcher of Sabra and Shatila” Sharon, agrees with Shaked. In an op-ed published in the Jerusalem Post, Sharon advocated using nuclear weapons to exterminate the Palestinians. He wrote that Israel needs to “flatten all of Gaza,” adding that “The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”

While they enjoy slaughtering children and their mothers, Israelis take special relish in killing pregnant women. A T-shirt popular in the Israeli army shows a pregnant woman with a target on her belly. The legend reads: “One shot two kills.”

Killing children is the de facto official policy of the Israeli military. In his article “Gaza Diary,” Chris Hedges wrote about watching Israeli soldiers hunt Palestinian children for sport:

“Yesterday at this spot the Israelis shot eight young men, six of whom were under the age of eighteen. One was twelve. This afternoon they kill an eleven-year-old boy, Ali Murad, and seriously wound four more, three of whom are under eighteen. Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered—death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights and watched them crumple onto the pavement in Sarajevo—but I have never before watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport.”

An October 2004 study by British Medical Journal confirmed that this is a common practice, and never punished: “Two thirds of the 621 children (two thirds under 15 years) killed at checkpoints, in the street, on the way to school, in their homes, died from small arms fire, directed in over half of cases to the head, neck and chest – the sniper’s wound…Clearly, soldiers are routinely authorised to shoot to kill children in situations of minimal or no threat.”

During its onslaught on Gaza, Israel has been systematically slaughtering children in schools, emergency shelters, and even as they play soccer on the beach. Under the headline “Israel’s offensive in Gaza has ‘killed more children than fighters,’” The London, UK Telegraph reported that Israel is "waging war on children.”

Again I ask: What is wrong with Israelis? What has produced this nation of demonic child-killing monsters?

In his book Goliath, Max Blumenthal – a young Jewish American from an influential family – lays bare Israel’s genocidal mentality. Blumenthal discusses the wildly popular Israeli best-seller Torat Ha’Melech, which advocates the wholesale murder of non-Jews.
Torat Ha’Melech is not a marginalized radical screed; on the contrary, it is an authoritative guide for Israel soldiers. Its authors are two of Israel’s leading rabbis, Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur.

Blumenthal explains:

“Drawing from a hodgepodge of rabbinical texts that seemed to support their genocidal views, Shapira and Elitzur urged a policy of ruthlessness toward non-Jews, insisting that the commandment against murder ‘refers only to a Jew who kills a Jew, and not to a Jew who kills a gentile, even if that gentile is one of the righteous among nations. ‘The rabbis went on to pronounce all civilians of the enemy population ‘rodef,’ or villains who chase Jews and are therefore fair game for slaughtering.”

The Israeli child-killer personality has much in common with the psychiatric term sociopath: “A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke like a sociopath when he said that the Palestinian resistance “uses telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause.” The expression “telegenically dead” is a stunningly insensitive euphemism for the corpses of little children with their body parts blown off; and of course it was Netanyahu himself who killed them, and then tried to blame the victims for his actions.

What can be done about the sociopathic Israel?

One of America’s leading experts on sociopaths is Dr. Robert Hare, who works with the FBI’s Child Abduction and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center. Since Israel is the biggest child abductor and child serial killer on the planet, perhaps we could send the whole Zionist entity to Dr. Hare for treatment.

Unfortunately, as Dr. Hare admits, sociopaths are usually impossible to cure. The best we can do is detect them, using the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, and then protect ourselves from them.

A sociopathic individual can be arrested and imprisoned. A sociopathic nation poses a much bigger problem. So how can we protect Palestinian children from the Israeli serial murderers?

The international community needs to completely ostracize Israel, indict its leaders for war crimes, and use the combined diplomatic and military force of the world’s nations to peacefully dismantle the genocidal Zionist entity. But that cannot happen until the Zionists’ death-grip on the West’s media, finance and politics is broken once and for all.

In the mean time, all individuals of good will must help the Palestinians defend themselves. As Italy’s leading philosopher Gianni Vattimo recently said, Europeans and other decent people around the world “should raise money to buy Hamas better rockets.” Vattimo also urged Europeans to form international brigades to fight along with Hamas, in the same way that foreign volunteers fought Franco during the Spanish Civil War.

If there are any decent, non-sociopathic Israelis left, they too should join those brigades, just as novelist Breyten Breytenbach and other white South Africans of conscience joined the armed resistance to apartheid. Where are the Israeli equivalents of Breytenbach? There must be at least one or two human beings left in Israel; we will learn who they are when they die in martyrdom operations against their sociopathic child-killing compatriots.

I'm not at all certain that this problem can be solved on a material, economic, or military level. We're looking at something much deeper and an upwelling of an ancient hateful disturbance. The Gnostics warned us about the Archon element, Toltecs about 'the Predator', Native Americans about the Wetiko, and it has been known world-wide for ages. Only its source and its remedy is yet to be identified or discovered.

So, who/what's gonna fix this?:


What matters? What's real?:



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Hasbara Zombies; The Empathosphere
This is a must-read: I Do Not Want to Be a Number

I'm just going to mention again for the readers that I was the recipient of several clear and specific death threats (including my home address) around the time of Cast Lead, and that I was in the habit of keeping a loaded piece next to my bed for a period of time. Also, I submitted full evidence of said threats, as well as the source in California, to the FBI, and nothing came of it. It seems I had participated in some Palestinian benefits and stood up for artist friends also under attack from ZioNazis.

Some jewish friends were unmoved and unsympathetic….just saying'. So, I don't really see the point in distinguishing between "jews" and "zionists", even though I still have personal and professional relationships with jews. It all comes down to the problem of deep brainwashing. The empathic function seems to have an on-off switch, and also these tribal members are incapable or unwilling to renounce the jewish identity and re-join the human race. Their problem, not mine.
My last trip living in India I spent 6 months in two villages and a major city surrounded by hundreds  of Israelis. In the cafes, hotels, neighborhoods, shops, never once did any Israeli, man or woman, relate to me as a normal human, except ONE. In 6 months. The one who was normal was my age, and straight off told me he never consorted with any of his country-men, ever. The rest of the time I was witness to the extreme cliquishness, arrogance, cultural disinterest, racism toward Indians, and narcissistic mega-ego syndrome, as well as the transparent effort to look and act 'cool' with the clothes and dreadlocks and motorcycles and hashish, the affectations put on subsequent to their finishing serving in the IDF - more aptly know as Israeli War Criminal Occupation Forces(IWCOF). Am I painting with too broad a brush here?

How many times have I said the world is fucking fed up with the jews and nazis? (I'm sure there's probably other violent group supremacists, but I can't think of any at the moment.) We learn from aangirfan and others (do the research, I'm not writing here for academics) that Ukraine is under NATO-installed rulership of an alliance of jews and nazis. A dual-citizen Ukie-israeli billionaire hires ex-IWCOF psychopathic goons to slaughter women, children and the elderly. Sound familiar?
The so-called neo-cons in usa corp-gov are 95% jews/zionists. They also set up the so-called ISIS zombies who are imposing FGM on all women in Iraq and wherever the hell else they roam, crucifying and acquiring billion$ and uranium too…lovely. The jews and nazis want to frack both Gaza and E. Ukraine…again, lovely, eh?.
The un-dead zio-zombies consume popcorn and espresso on the hilltops, and populate "war-rooms" of hundreds cranking out their hasbara asininity 24/7. They call themselves "Johnny Smith" and such, and whine that they're good "christians" and can't get any respect, and, geez, I just have a different OPINION, why can't you talk nice? I'm sure I don't need to point out that ALL media is inundated with this shit.
A child in Gaza is killed every hour. 40 children are being killed in Afghanistan every week for 13 years now.
That's about all I can say. The very elements of nature are weeping and heart-broken.

Ya know what? This COULD BE THE FUTURE:
see also HERE.


For last couple months we here have been getting fresh, hand-squeezed raw milk from the awesome neighbors down the road. Also, eggs, butter, yogurt, cream and eggs.
An identical co-op dairy in Michigan was just raided, with all products destroyed, by the state ag dept. There's a whole class of bureaucratic thugs that need to be exterminated…they too are just more 'rabid dogs' that, unfortunately, can't be rehabilitated or reformed.
At least we here can somehow afford to eat clean, organic produce and dairy, which is especially crucial with my beloved friend dealing with the big-C and following strict Ayurvedic protocols. Six months ago we had our food-stamps cut by 95% - from 300 down to 15. Makes sense, right, with that 3.1 billion going to the psychopathic crime syndicate of a shitty little country.

I've been writing for I don't know how long about non-human animal sentience. I've also been aware of Sheldrake's 'morphogenic fields' (dogs knowing when their humans are coming home, heh). But I learned a cool new word today: EMPATHOSPHERE. OMFG! Thank you, Dr. Michael Fox! See, Dr. Fox (not the actor, but he's cool too!) was my first boss in the wildlife rehab field in Seattle in the 70's (?). He ran/runs the first of such facilities (PAWS) in the country, and I got my first handling and vet-assisting experience there. He was also a consultant and activist with the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN), where I got my 'education' from. Goddamn it, there's some beautiful human beings in this here world!

Thailand flood/tsunami

[Off-topic, this just in: Researchers find chimpanzees like listening to African and Indian rhythms much more than western rock-'n-roll and classical…LOL]

My days are often filled with hours, in our paradise high-desert forested creek-filled oasis, marveling in awe at another life-form level, which I have previously neglected to observe at length: the insects. So wonderful we have such a proliferation of pollinators, and of infinite variety. Each one is truly magical. Extraordinary teachers. I guess it takes a helluva long lifetime to truly appreciate the many blessed aspects of life on this beautiful Earth to a degree where one achieves the level of 'natural mystic', even if that is one's main intention. 

Addendum: our pollinators haven't been Monsanto-ed to death, but for others 'they' have come up with their answer, real in-your-face sick science - ROBO-BEES.

I just passed my 68th year, day before yesterday, and actually it was the absolute best solar return ever! Such a paradox. I don't know how to explain it.
I hope each and everyone of your lives is subject to the same exquisite paradoxes. Light and dark. Grace and tribulation. Moment by moment. Ready for anything.

I leave you with a link to an incredible documentary film which I feel everyone, ESPECIALLY all young people, should watch: The Internet's Own Boy, most excellent, mind-blowing and disturbing.
and a powerful recent speech by Dr. Steven Best at 2014 US National AR Conference -


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An Avatar Walks Into a Bar; Doe in the Window

So, this Avatar walks into a bar.....
Because she is an avatar, she has unimaginably unlimited powers (siddhis). She can simultaneously walk into every bar on every military base, mercenary "civilian contractor" and "intel" compound, every VFW hall, every legionaire's club, every VA facility and the like, in every corner of the world, in every land. She can simultaneously address every soldier and veteran of foreign campaigns from every colonial, imperialistic, and ideologically-driven war, past and present, and even the ghosts of "the fallen".

She captures every pair of eyes in her fierce gaze, and addresses each and every one thusly:
"OK, listen up, jack-ass sons-'o-bitches sissies, you fucking chicken-shit, unreflective, unrepentant, self-absorbed inhuman pieces of excrement - what the hell ever made you think you were deserving of 'support', respect, honor, thanks for 'service' - for serving the most base, disgusting, ignorant, demonic, reptilian qualities of your species and the worst, most psychopathic, sick fuck rulers,politicians, bankers, war-profiteering arms-dealers, and psychotic asshole frankensteinian weapons-"scientists" throughout millenia on this planet??! And for serving the most vile of environmentally destructive agencies on this, My beautiful Earth? WTF? Who the fuck are YOU??! What are YOU??!

"You slaughter, bomb to pieces, serial-rape the most pure and virginal, and wade through the gore and blood of your brothers, your mothers, your children, the defenceless, the innocent, the human and animal nations, while delusionally calling yourselves "warriors", though you haven't even scratched the surface of confronting or combating your own inner demons and symptoms of psycho-spiritual Wetiko disease. 
You are absolute and total failures of My Creation, you have shit on and defiled every precious and sacred gift offered and given, and therefore will henceforth spend your next trillion yugas of lifetimes as fully conscious tapeworms in the intestines and assholes of rabid charnal-ground dogs in a far far universe of no sustenance nor beauty nor peace. 
"You have wasted this planet, her lifeforms, and her infinite beauty, for no reason, only because you were too chicken-shit to acknowledge your own inner truth, conscience, and intuitive guiding voice telling you loudly, every second, that your Thought Leaders'™ commands, patriotic bullshit propaganda, and exhortations were OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY INSANE! You were given the divine capacity of discrimination and you CHOSE to piss on it. 
"I am done here, so you can just suck it up, and man up and reap what you have sown.
Have a day, muthafuckas."

"Oh, PS - I have a special treat for those of you who swallowed the dumb-shit, toxic, and blasphemous garbage-concept of racial-and-tribal superiority and supremacy, and have been too cowardly to reject and renounce such evil, and instead declared all-out war on my beloved humanity...But I'll let it be a surprise. Don't you love my sense of humor!
So go ahead and pick up your guns right now, and remember the safety-rule: "never to the side, always in the mouth", and all pull the triggers, and let's get on with it."

That's how Divine Goddesses roll. With class.

Aahhh, a big dump always feels good, ahem, ok, back to this reality. Well, there is a so-called 'landlord' in this here 'property' we currently inhabit. But, actually this lady on the right, out the window, is the true land-lady of these sacred grounds. She comes periodically, with her young male friend, to visit us, trimming the alfalfa and the delectable columbine flowers. 
You see, this concept of earth-ownership, whether by so-called man's "laws" or from some twisted, demonic fake-religion asserting a "chosen" ownership, is the root and origin of all this planet-wasting war shit. War is the natural consequence and logical outcome of the "propertarian" philosophy. It's really very simple and straightforward. Then, the diseased mind conjures up the principle that the "other", currently occupying "your" land, can be dealt and disposed with by any means because their "trespassing" renders them something less human or some such crap. Up till now, our current era, when all the stops have been pulled out and the volume of insanity is up to '11', there has been an effort to publicly mitigate the hate rhetoric, in the way that we hear Satanyahoo talk about "restraint" in the genocidal process. This is like listening to Temple Grandin explain her "happy slaughterhouse" - where one feels better going up the ramp, but the psychopathic group-supremacist fucks are feeling less and less inclined to bother with such niceties any more, since they - the chicken-shit 'proportionalists' - feel they've achieved the pinnacle of the dung-heap, "owning" all the full-spectrum vile-language narrative that humanity is subjected to from birth to grave. 

I just wish I could somehow summon a  stronger level of speech to convey my utter disgust, as well as my infinite opposition and curse on the power-that-shouldn't-be, but we'll have to let this little song from 2009 inspire us a bit, knowing we are definitely not isolated and alone:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

No catchy title

I don't know if you noticed, but they've pretty much succeeded in getting us used to these ubiquitous headlines:
Mostly Children, Women and the Elderly
US-backed Regime Threatens Bloodbath
It's how they roll. I forget, is it 80% or 85% "civilians"? In 2 centuries of wars, it's somewhere in that range. I can't come up with any clever wordsmithing today, humorous ironic spin, or release-valve entertainment. There's only the images out there of children, women, and the elderly blown up into a million pieces of bloody meat, body parts strewn around for yards on a cell-phone capture, or today's Palestinian toddler with his legs blow off.
Syria/Iraq, lately Ukraine, and now Gaza - cast lead/pillar of fire 2.0 will be in your face momentarily.
 Here's quintessential psychopathic/wetiko/archontic language:
Netanyahu's remarks, if you can stomach 3 min. 3 seconds.

Want to know the numbers....of bottle-rocket deaths? 
Total fatalities in the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza into Israel: 26
That's right....twenty-six.

Really, do we have to listen to/read any more group-supremacy mind-fuckery? Lately there's a trend of rehab-ing "brilliant german aryan scientific geniuses", and aryan euro "mystics". Nazis...Jews...take your pick. Where did it all begin? Where will it end?

So, with the situation of plutocratic insanity ruling the western world and most of the rest of the planet, the ~80% ponerization of the 7 billion, manifest destinies, samson options, the 6th extinction, and the near total drowning out of the grown-up voices in the house, I would offer a modest proposal, a 'short' list of "ENEMIES", and "SOURCES OF THE PROBLEMS" which may, just maybe, not be the most crucial targets and focuses of attention to be spending time discussing or even listening to those voices calling out these subjects for either egoistic or emotional social engineering purposes.
In no particular order:


immigration and 'illegals'
political correctness
gay marriage/agenda
abortion, birth control
environmentalists, regulations
animal rights/PETA terrorists
Chavez, Castro
Islamist suicide bombers
the war on christianity
white genocide, race mixing
black president
voter fraud
AIM, indigenous activists
wealth re-distributionists
climate-change hoaxers
marijuana legalizers
free-loaders, welfareists
hunt saboteurs 
liberals, socialists
foreign aid
bottle rockets
ungrateful, ignorant Africans
insecure borders
conspiracy theorists
whistle-blowers, hacktivists

Please feel free to add your own favorite divide-and-rule buzz-words.
Peace, out.

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Recognizing We Are The Seeds

The first of 7 lotus flowers in our irrigation pond opened up. The unfolding beauty of a late spring holds our attention a good portion of the time, along with daily diet and herb protocols. Hey, it's all medicine ways, and what almost no one can ignore in the times. 
The cat here has been getting a constant "what for" from one of the magpies from about 3 feet away (which he respects), and we finally saw 3 of possibly 4 chicks [ok, definitely 4, heh] which are getting their flying skills together, but still being fed by the mom, since worm dowsing basics are just being introduced. The chicks [see below] are plump, only minus the distinguishing foot-long tail feathers of the adults. Coyote Man stays mostly behind the tree line, and magpie mom also gives him shit if he shows up. 

With all the ongoing mainly-shit-media inundation with false-flag, cia-sponsored terror threat propaganda [ISIS], and [israeli-inspired] demonic projection onto the "evil" Persians, something veeeery interesting [nay, mindblowing] was brought to my attention by a good friend - THIS ARTICLE regarding a recent fatwa [ruling] by President Rouhani, who is not only not a dipshit, but may be a mystic. The subject is entheogens and Islam, so, just check it out.

How about that war-on-everything real and sane? - that one waged for last 5000 years by those who serve the archons/demiurge/wetiko/yaldabaoth/imposter/predator/false-creator.... Would calling out every last one of the insane, mindless, soul-less, robotic servants and enablers, and somehow branding them, disable the omnicidal agenda? Letting it be known that anyone doing 'business' or lifting a finger in their aid could also expect branding? Just a fantasy thought-dream that runs through this mind.
Each new atrocity, to human or animal, is just another page in the mind-fuckery playbook. After how many thousands of years of 'shock&awe'(?), another 50-100 oughtta just about finish Her off [and the humans too]. What does it make one feel to hear of the poaching of Satao in Kenya, the largest elephant on earth? [Was going to put a link, but I think not. The Guardian article has hundreds of comments. About 80% range from "elephants are useless, let 'em go extinct" to "it's the liberals and environmentalists and stupid Africans' fault". Do you know there are paid armies of morons to spew this mind-polluting meanness shit all over the web? It's part of the playbook of the ancient agenda, and still growing daily.]

HOWEVER,...there is a new, long-needed site recently put together which offers a secure, professionally managed process to safely report WILDLIFE/ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME - WILDLEAKS - targeting what is now a $20 billion/year 'industry'. And it WILL name names...and hopefully more. Numerous leads in the first 3 months.

Now if we could only shame every single asshole who works for the absurdly-named "Wildlife Services". They wasted 4 million (their figure) birds and animals in 2013. Birds: because they "eat too much". Is it ironic that HALF the food produced in the "civilized" world for humans gets thrown out, or what?

Please spend some time checking out some of a decade's worth of photos taken by Jo-Ann McArthur and the accompanying texts from her book project WE ANIMALS. Below are two photos of "Ron", a chimpanzee rescued after 30 years in a lab cage (mostly New Mexico). Here, with freedom in the sanctuary, he could never bring himself to touch the earth and grass, but till the end of his days he expressed peace, gentleness, deep wisdom and forgiveness. SEEN?
Jo-Ann McArthur/

Jo-Ann McArthur/



Something else - 
It may be cliché to say "must see", but that's what this is, a must see: watch this 46 min. film produced by Smithsonian - SHARK GIRL. Exquisitely filmed, chronicling the work of 20-yr. old Madison Stewart.
There are scenes of great beauty, and about 20 min. in, brought tears to my eyes. You will be inspired. Should be shown in all schools everywhere.

We could now circle back around into 'the mystic' (cue Van), but actually where is the boundary line of earth-bound mind and mystical? 
Dogen says, "Whoever told people that 'Mind' means thoughts, opinions, ideas, and concepts? Mind means trees, fence posts, tiles, and grasses". [from The Practice of the Wild, Gary Snyder]
So much has already been said of the natural mysticism of "the old ways", so much, for so long. Gary Snyder touched deeply on the subject in his lecture/essay "The Politics of Ethnopoetics" in 1975! [thanks to a contributor to Nina's blog] Like, when will 'civilization' heed its poets? 
Again, I bring up a contemporary masterpiece, a work unparalleled in my lifetime, perhaps the most important book of our century, and maybe many many centuries, which should not only be heeded, but taken to heart by all real humans living on Mother Earth today. I'm speaking of Martin Prechtel's The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic - The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive
I don't know of, or think there has ever been, any such minutely detailed, mystical, scientific, mythic, soul-grabbing, poetic, full description of what one intact indigenous Earth-Wisdom society, in particular, has/had held, preciously, for thousands of years in continuous cultivation and continuous re-birthing, ever written down and published. And that's not all of what it is. This work is also speaking of the phenomenon of a deep, unseen, process of our Earth's natural world to survive, preserve, and re-birth critical elements which, as we experience, get 'lost', get defiled, get disempowered, and even 'disappeared'. This process happens through the strange co-operation of all levels of plant life, animal life, elemental life, and human life too, in a combination impossible to anticipate or predict. 

Astonishing evidential tales abound in this volume, for example the story of the Holy Flame Tree of Time - one in particular, the original of its kind on earth, so hated by the "christians" [of all stripes] for many centuries that they tried to cut, saw, dig, burn, chop, even blow up with dynamite, but it would never die, always coming back stronger than ever. This is not fiction or fantasy. Discovering what this tree really is is a revelation and delight, but that's only one small part of this immense teaching text.
Tzejtel Tree of Time

Prechtel gives a series of practices, from his tradition, which illustrate the types and levels of commitment we will have to undertake if we are going to preserve life on earth and "make the wasteland grow" for our descendants, and for us to become worthy of being descended from.  In this there is no escaping the enormous, deeply heart-wrenching truth of the magnificence of what unimaginably beautiful human culture has existed here and the inconceivable level of spiritual ignorance that perpetrated and permitted its (and perpetrates and permits the ongoing) destruction. 

"Most of us everywhere descend several thousand years from people of great and amazing qualities, qualities no longer understood, or valued, much less recognized in this present citified world, but qualities of our ancestral past still encoded in our spiritual bones in which we know ourselves, as they did, to be the direct descendants of not only Holy animals but more so of plants. People who in some remote long-running era of our distant past before there was a Chinese empire, and Egyptian empire, a Sumerian empire, before there ever was a Europe, in eras of small, amazing, agrarian cultures in which our ancestors still knew how to proceed as humans are meant to, on an earth they would not simply mine or harness, pollute or domesticate without great consideration, people whose everyday existence was not dedicated to a fear of not surviving, and therefore not dedicated to production, paranoiac defense, scarcity, or milking dry the world, but to a spirituality that knew how to feed the beauty of human ingenuity, art, language, and physical presence to the natural world just as they would feed a suckling mother.
In some forgotten part of us all there yet towers the roofless ruins of a neatly made, tiny earth-and-timber palace of unconscious memory in whose thick walls these amazing ancestors have left for us to find a pot of precious seeds, indigenous seeds of still-viable knowledge and living vitality, seeds that could resprout into view the organic articles of the original treaty we humans promised long ago to uphold between ourselves and the natural world at the time we first began to manipulate the earth, her plants, and animals through agriculture and pastoral herding. 
Mudded into these forgotten ramparts of our Indigenous Souls, these seeds of how humans are meant to live have been passed unnoticed like recessive spiritual genes in our souls from grandparent to grandchild for millenia, waiting for each generation to consciously rediscover them, replant them into welcoming ground, and once again cultivate into view a real, liveable mythic origins and a small, viable array of ritual seed cultures worth descending from.....
The truth is, the seeds do not need to be found because they are already found. We are the ones who need to be found, for the seeds are wherever we go."

Solstice blessings to all
Onelove, Oneheart