Saturday, July 19, 2014

An Avatar Walks Into a Bar; Doe in the Window

So, this Avatar walks into a bar.....
Because she is an avatar, she has unimaginably unlimited powers (siddhis). She can simultaneously walk into every bar on every military base, mercenary "civilian contractor" and "intel" compound, every VFW hall, every legionaire's club, every VA facility and the like, in every corner of the world, in every land. She can simultaneously address every soldier and veteran of foreign campaigns from every colonial, imperialistic, and ideologically-driven war, past and present, and even the ghosts of "the fallen".

She captures every pair of eyes in her fierce gaze, and addresses each and every one thusly:
"OK, listen up, jack-ass sons-'o-bitches sissies, you fucking chicken-shit, unreflective, unrepentant, self-absorbed inhuman pieces of excrement - what the hell ever made you think you were deserving of 'support', respect, honor, thanks for 'service' - for serving the most base, disgusting, ignorant, demonic, reptilian qualities of your species and the worst, most psychopathic, sick fuck rulers,politicians, bankers, war-profiteering arms-dealers, and psychotic asshole frankensteinian weapons-"scientists" throughout millenia on this planet??! And for serving the most vile of environmentally destructive agencies on this, My beautiful Earth? WTF? Who the fuck are YOU??! What are YOU??!

"You slaughter, bomb to pieces, serial-rape the most pure and virginal, and wade through the gore and blood of your brothers, your mothers, your children, the defenceless, the innocent, the human and animal nations, while delusionally calling yourselves "warriors", though you haven't even scratched the surface of confronting or combating your own inner demons and symptoms of psycho-spiritual Wetiko disease. 
You are absolute and total failures of My Creation, you have shit on and defiled every precious and sacred gift offered and given, and therefore will henceforth spend your next trillion yugas of lifetimes as fully conscious tapeworms in the intestines and assholes of rabid charnal-ground dogs in a far far universe of no sustenance nor beauty nor peace. 
"You have wasted this planet, her lifeforms, and her infinite beauty, for no reason, only because you were too chicken-shit to acknowledge your own inner truth, conscience, and intuitive guiding voice telling you loudly, every second, that your Thought Leaders'™ commands, patriotic bullshit propaganda, and exhortations were OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY INSANE! You were given the divine capacity of discrimination and you CHOSE to piss on it. 
"I am done here, so you can just suck it up, and man up and reap what you have sown.
Have a day, muthafuckas."

"Oh, PS - I have a special treat for those of you who swallowed the dumb-shit, toxic, and blasphemous garbage-concept of racial-and-tribal superiority and supremacy, and have been too cowardly to reject and renounce such evil, and instead declared all-out war on my beloved humanity...But I'll let it be a surprise. Don't you love my sense of humor!
So go ahead and pick up your guns right now, and remember the safety-rule: "never to the side, always in the mouth", and all pull the triggers, and let's get on with it."

That's how Divine Goddesses roll. With class.

Aahhh, a big dump always feels good, ahem, ok, back to this reality. Well, there is a so-called 'landlord' in this here 'property' we currently inhabit. But, actually this lady on the right, out the window, is the true land-lady of these sacred grounds. She comes periodically, with her young male friend, to visit us, trimming the alfalfa and the delectable columbine flowers. 
You see, this concept of earth-ownership, whether by so-called man's "laws" or from some twisted, demonic fake-religion asserting a "chosen" ownership, is the root and origin of all this planet-wasting war shit. War is the natural consequence and logical outcome of the "propertarian" philosophy. It's really very simple and straightforward. Then, the diseased mind conjures up the principle that the "other", currently occupying "your" land, can be dealt and disposed with by any means because their "trespassing" renders them something less human or some such crap. Up till now, our current era, when all the stops have been pulled out and the volume of insanity is up to '11', there has been an effort to publicly mitigate the hate rhetoric, in the way that we hear Satanyahoo talk about "restraint" in the genocidal process. This is like listening to Temple Grandin explain her "happy slaughterhouse" - where one feels better going up the ramp, but the psychopathic group-supremacist fucks are feeling less and less inclined to bother with such niceties any more, since they - the chicken-shit 'proportionalists' - feel they've achieved the pinnacle of the dung-heap, "owning" all the full-spectrum vile-language narrative that humanity is subjected to from birth to grave. 

I just wish I could somehow summon a  stronger level of speech to convey my utter disgust, as well as my infinite opposition and curse on the power-that-shouldn't-be, but we'll have to let this little song from 2009 inspire us a bit, knowing we are definitely not isolated and alone:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

No catchy title

I don't know if you noticed, but they've pretty much succeeded in getting us used to these ubiquitous headlines:
Mostly Children, Women and the Elderly
US-backed Regime Threatens Bloodbath
It's how they roll. I forget, is it 80% or 85% "civilians"? In 2 centuries of wars, it's somewhere in that range. I can't come up with any clever wordsmithing today, humorous ironic spin, or release-valve entertainment. There's only the images out there of children, women, and the elderly blown up into a million pieces of bloody meat, body parts strewn around for yards on a cell-phone capture, or today's Palestinian toddler with his legs blow off.
Syria/Iraq, lately Ukraine, and now Gaza - cast lead/pillar of fire 2.0 will be in your face momentarily.
 Here's quintessential psychopathic/wetiko/archontic language:
Netanyahu's remarks, if you can stomach 3 min. 3 seconds.

Want to know the numbers....of bottle-rocket deaths? 
Total fatalities in the history of rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza into Israel: 26
That's right....twenty-six.

Really, do we have to listen to/read any more group-supremacy mind-fuckery? Lately there's a trend of rehab-ing "brilliant german aryan scientific geniuses", and aryan euro "mystics". Nazis...Jews...take your pick. Where did it all begin? Where will it end?

So, with the situation of plutocratic insanity ruling the western world and most of the rest of the planet, the ~80% ponerization of the 7 billion, manifest destinies, samson options, the 6th extinction, and the near total drowning out of the grown-up voices in the house, I would offer a modest proposal, a 'short' list of "ENEMIES", and "SOURCES OF THE PROBLEMS" which may, just maybe, not be the most crucial targets and focuses of attention to be spending time discussing or even listening to those voices calling out these subjects for either egoistic or emotional social engineering purposes.
In no particular order:


immigration and 'illegals'
political correctness
gay marriage/agenda
abortion, birth control
environmentalists, regulations
animal rights/PETA terrorists
Chavez, Castro
Islamist suicide bombers
the war on christianity
white genocide, race mixing
black president
voter fraud
AIM, indigenous activists
wealth re-distributionists
climate-change hoaxers
marijuana legalizers
free-loaders, welfareists
hunt saboteurs 
liberals, socialists
foreign aid
bottle rockets
ungrateful, ignorant Africans
insecure borders
conspiracy theorists
whistle-blowers, hacktivists

Please feel free to add your own favorite divide-and-rule buzz-words.
Peace, out.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Recognizing We Are The Seeds

The first of 7 lotus flowers in our irrigation pond opened up. The unfolding beauty of a late spring holds our attention a good portion of the time, along with daily diet and herb protocols. Hey, it's all medicine ways, and what almost no one can ignore in the times. 
The cat here has been getting a constant "what for" from one of the magpies from about 3 feet away (which he respects), and we finally saw 3 of possibly 4 chicks [ok, definitely 4, heh] which are getting their flying skills together, but still being fed by the mom, since worm dowsing basics are just being introduced. The chicks [see below] are plump, only minus the distinguishing foot-long tail feathers of the adults. Coyote Man stays mostly behind the tree line, and magpie mom also gives him shit if he shows up. 

With all the ongoing mainly-shit-media inundation with false-flag, cia-sponsored terror threat propaganda [ISIS], and [israeli-inspired] demonic projection onto the "evil" Persians, something veeeery interesting [nay, mindblowing] was brought to my attention by a good friend - THIS ARTICLE regarding a recent fatwa [ruling] by President Rouhani, who is not only not a dipshit, but may be a mystic. The subject is entheogens and Islam, so, just check it out.

How about that war-on-everything real and sane? - that one waged for last 5000 years by those who serve the archons/demiurge/wetiko/yaldabaoth/imposter/predator/false-creator.... Would calling out every last one of the insane, mindless, soul-less, robotic servants and enablers, and somehow branding them, disable the omnicidal agenda? Letting it be known that anyone doing 'business' or lifting a finger in their aid could also expect branding? Just a fantasy thought-dream that runs through this mind.
Each new atrocity, to human or animal, is just another page in the mind-fuckery playbook. After how many thousands of years of 'shock&awe'(?), another 50-100 oughtta just about finish Her off [and the humans too]. What does it make one feel to hear of the poaching of Satao in Kenya, the largest elephant on earth? [Was going to put a link, but I think not. The Guardian article has hundreds of comments. About 80% range from "elephants are useless, let 'em go extinct" to "it's the liberals and environmentalists and stupid Africans' fault". Do you know there are paid armies of morons to spew this mind-polluting meanness shit all over the web? It's part of the playbook of the ancient agenda, and still growing daily.]

HOWEVER,...there is a new, long-needed site recently put together which offers a secure, professionally managed process to safely report WILDLIFE/ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME - WILDLEAKS - targeting what is now a $20 billion/year 'industry'. And it WILL name names...and hopefully more. Numerous leads in the first 3 months.

Now if we could only shame every single asshole who works for the absurdly-named "Wildlife Services". They wasted 4 million (their figure) birds and animals in 2013. Birds: because they "eat too much". Is it ironic that HALF the food produced in the "civilized" world for humans gets thrown out, or what?

Please spend some time checking out some of a decade's worth of photos taken by Jo-Ann McArthur and the accompanying texts from her book project WE ANIMALS. Below are two photos of "Ron", a chimpanzee rescued after 30 years in a lab cage (mostly New Mexico). Here, with freedom in the sanctuary, he could never bring himself to touch the earth and grass, but till the end of his days he expressed peace, gentleness, deep wisdom and forgiveness. SEEN?
Jo-Ann McArthur/

Jo-Ann McArthur/



Something else - 
It may be cliché to say "must see", but that's what this is, a must see: watch this 46 min. film produced by Smithsonian - SHARK GIRL. Exquisitely filmed, chronicling the work of 20-yr. old Madison Stewart.
There are scenes of great beauty, and about 20 min. in, brought tears to my eyes. You will be inspired. Should be shown in all schools everywhere.

We could now circle back around into 'the mystic' (cue Van), but actually where is the boundary line of earth-bound mind and mystical? 
Dogen says, "Whoever told people that 'Mind' means thoughts, opinions, ideas, and concepts? Mind means trees, fence posts, tiles, and grasses". [from The Practice of the Wild, Gary Snyder]
So much has already been said of the natural mysticism of "the old ways", so much, for so long. Gary Snyder touched deeply on the subject in his lecture/essay "The Politics of Ethnopoetics" in 1975! [thanks to a contributor to Nina's blog] Like, when will 'civilization' heed its poets? 
Again, I bring up a contemporary masterpiece, a work unparalleled in my lifetime, perhaps the most important book of our century, and maybe many many centuries, which should not only be heeded, but taken to heart by all real humans living on Mother Earth today. I'm speaking of Martin Prechtel's The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic - The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive
I don't know of, or think there has ever been, any such minutely detailed, mystical, scientific, mythic, soul-grabbing, poetic, full description of what one intact indigenous Earth-Wisdom society, in particular, has/had held, preciously, for thousands of years in continuous cultivation and continuous re-birthing, ever written down and published. And that's not all of what it is. This work is also speaking of the phenomenon of a deep, unseen, process of our Earth's natural world to survive, preserve, and re-birth critical elements which, as we experience, get 'lost', get defiled, get disempowered, and even 'disappeared'. This process happens through the strange co-operation of all levels of plant life, animal life, elemental life, and human life too, in a combination impossible to anticipate or predict. 

Astonishing evidential tales abound in this volume, for example the story of the Holy Flame Tree of Time - one in particular, the original of its kind on earth, so hated by the "christians" [of all stripes] for many centuries that they tried to cut, saw, dig, burn, chop, even blow up with dynamite, but it would never die, always coming back stronger than ever. This is not fiction or fantasy. Discovering what this tree really is is a revelation and delight, but that's only one small part of this immense teaching text.
Tzejtel Tree of Time

Prechtel gives a series of practices, from his tradition, which illustrate the types and levels of commitment we will have to undertake if we are going to preserve life on earth and "make the wasteland grow" for our descendants, and for us to become worthy of being descended from.  In this there is no escaping the enormous, deeply heart-wrenching truth of the magnificence of what unimaginably beautiful human culture has existed here and the inconceivable level of spiritual ignorance that perpetrated and permitted its (and perpetrates and permits the ongoing) destruction. 

"Most of us everywhere descend several thousand years from people of great and amazing qualities, qualities no longer understood, or valued, much less recognized in this present citified world, but qualities of our ancestral past still encoded in our spiritual bones in which we know ourselves, as they did, to be the direct descendants of not only Holy animals but more so of plants. People who in some remote long-running era of our distant past before there was a Chinese empire, and Egyptian empire, a Sumerian empire, before there ever was a Europe, in eras of small, amazing, agrarian cultures in which our ancestors still knew how to proceed as humans are meant to, on an earth they would not simply mine or harness, pollute or domesticate without great consideration, people whose everyday existence was not dedicated to a fear of not surviving, and therefore not dedicated to production, paranoiac defense, scarcity, or milking dry the world, but to a spirituality that knew how to feed the beauty of human ingenuity, art, language, and physical presence to the natural world just as they would feed a suckling mother.
In some forgotten part of us all there yet towers the roofless ruins of a neatly made, tiny earth-and-timber palace of unconscious memory in whose thick walls these amazing ancestors have left for us to find a pot of precious seeds, indigenous seeds of still-viable knowledge and living vitality, seeds that could resprout into view the organic articles of the original treaty we humans promised long ago to uphold between ourselves and the natural world at the time we first began to manipulate the earth, her plants, and animals through agriculture and pastoral herding. 
Mudded into these forgotten ramparts of our Indigenous Souls, these seeds of how humans are meant to live have been passed unnoticed like recessive spiritual genes in our souls from grandparent to grandchild for millenia, waiting for each generation to consciously rediscover them, replant them into welcoming ground, and once again cultivate into view a real, liveable mythic origins and a small, viable array of ritual seed cultures worth descending from.....
The truth is, the seeds do not need to be found because they are already found. We are the ones who need to be found, for the seeds are wherever we go."

Solstice blessings to all
Onelove, Oneheart

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Does a rhino die every time I purchase cheap Chinese crap?

A friend once said to me, "every time you fill up the tank, a Saudi sheik gets a blonde". So now I wonder about the question in the above title. 
Gustavo napping with Ganga, Kali, Durga, Brahma, Ganesh
We've kind of been led to believe that it's the bullshit quack side of Traditional Chinese Medicine that's fueling the rhino extinction. No doubt that's part of the story, but what I found here is extremely shocking - shocking not in the sense of what's going on on the ground in Africa, but what's going on sociologically in China and the "new found" wealth:
THE RHINO AND THE BLING. Yeah, no shit....we're talking 'jewelry' here, and....swear-to-gawd, prayer beads! And the dollar numbers are outrageous. 
You or I might think: how can the 'consumer' of these items not wonder why the price tags are what they are? Well, we might think about that, but I see no answer forthcoming. 
"Check out the real situation:
Nation war against nation.
Where did it all begin?
When will it end?..." and you know the next line....

Back in this local reality realm, I was unable to find the contact info for my good friend who gifted me with the tiny hand-made deities (above) from India last year. No luck, having gone through email lists, address books, etc., and I figured it would get resolved sometime in future.
So I had to catch a plane from a gig last week in Oakland to Burbank (hollyweird!) for the next gig. Someone calls out my name at the boarding gate - it's my very same friend, on the same flight! This synchronicity phenomenon is really something when you're in the zone. The whole freakin' week was like that. A sense of how that happens is starting to form, but I don't yet have the words. It's an energy thing, definitely.

It also doesn't hurt to have love involved in your daily vibration.
Kailash Raj

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today's Disease Epidemics Originate from Murderous, Omnicidal, Pseudo-scientific, Pseudo-spiritual Western "Culture"

Do you get it yet? I know, there's so much catching-up to do. 
I'm neither an optimist nor a pessimist. No isms whatsoever. Just an observer. And, "music is my religion" (-Jimi Hendrix). Or, I heard Ravi say that first, or actually all great musicians for millenia said that. Do I have to mention again that religion is not culture? Are you hip to how this so-called-culture has done its best to destroy the art/science of music and dance from before-times world-wide? And that's just one minor act in the great production of wetiko theater on the planetary stage. 

Just here, observing, and living with the stress of, the 'progress' of the 6th great extinction. And of course, trying to manage the stress of living in the cancer bubble, now 8 months, which never stops, 24/7. 
Making fresh, all-organic, from-scratch, ayurvedic meals 3x/day, zero processed, no-leftovers, dosha-balanced, etc. 
Really tired of chopping wood for 7 months, almost no time to practice or write. Half-finished a short recording I've been trying to do for months. Now planting more high-altitude seeds and re-potting, keeping the bird-feeders filled and survival-necessity-machines running. 
Drought has given us plenty sand coming up from the well, necessitating a new heavy-duty filter and daily cleaning. This how we all live, it seems.

Hearing of the shiny, new, improved disease epidemic just released - MERS - now just what would that stand for, I ask. No, really - "middle eastern respiratory syndrome" can't make this shit up, but THEY sure as hell can. Reminds me of when the Indian saddhu told us that we had "wrong-fly-fever" (the wrong fly landed on our chai cup).

Anyway, good luck and blessings to all who are now, or will in future, experience their own or loved-ones' being drawn into the cancer bubble.
Watched Living Downstream last night. Maybe a must-see. You can rent it from Netflix or iTunes.
Do you know that human breast milk is now the most toxic food on the planet? Yeah, as George Carlin used to say, "it's all about the dangerously big tits!" Actually, big, little, and in-between - a full-on attack, targeting both human and non-human. 
So, you see, the love of my life had a job as a teenager spraying RoundUp in city parks and golf-courses. (Go ahead and ask "what's wrong with Kansas?") So let's take a little ride down the Monsanto/Dow bio-tech science road.....

These industrial and "home-use" pesticide products are designed to chemically attack the digestive systems of insects - specifically to punch holes in the intestines, so that they basically starve to death. 
Ok, got that?
Besides the fact that these GMO products create mutations and gender changes in amphibians, they likewise attack the intestines of mammals, like cows, buffaloes, and such. That's why cows in India drop dead in a day after they graze on Bt cotton, etc. leavings after the harvest. It turns out that they are now finding tiny holes in human intestines, especially in kids with autism, and other diseases. Not only that, but these "products" are actually creating "pesticide factories" inside the organs, that continue to produce new poisons. The GMO feeds given to "food animals" creates autism symptoms as well. And the next (rather, already in-use) big-ag combo is RoundUp+2,4-D [50% of Dow's Agent Orange, used to defoliate Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, resulting in millions of deaths and deformations, and US veterans' diseases]. 
Read for yourself the extensive, full low-down on latest research revelations HERE and HERE. More on 2,4-D HERE (from Natural Resources Defense Council).

So, my beloved goes to the top ayurvedic doctor in the country, and what he tells her is that her digestive system has been trashed and she has not been getting the nutrition from the food she eats. While she is now on a focused program to rebuild and restore digestion, kidneys and liver, I strongly suspect that this is the case for much of our targeted-for-genocide population. Nice, huh? Do you get it now?

Proof That Your Body is a Projection of Your Consciousness

Shifting to another arena of 'politics' [I just love it when "spiritual" people say they "don't do politics"....."you're runnin' and a runnin' and a runnin' away...."] - Here's a little something that might, just maybe, cause one to question that new hip and cool people's so-called 'truth' about the falsity of the left-right paradigm - a little update on the right-wing-authoritarianism/social-dominance-orientation [RWA/SDO]: Science Makes the Link
I am too tired of all you fucking judeo-xtian and wishy-washy entertainers of the concepts of western "civilization", white-jewish-aryan-whatfuckinever supremacy and your bullshit mental, intellectual superiority, inventiveness, and historical 'achievements'. Jeezus! 

OK, time to get back to work; but I'll leave you with a little photo montage of your new official "enemy":
tagging tranquilized tiger

tagging polar bear

feeds beluga for release
tagging grey whale
meeting walrus


feeding young elk

with 8-y/o cancer patient

Sunday, April 20, 2014

News Flash for the Clueless "Heroic" Dumb-Ass Patriots

Or, what's uuuup wit these crazy ballheads?

I seem to remember some quote about "the last refuge of the scoundrel....", coulda also been "of the historically ignorant". I just can't recall...
Ok, let's just put aside for the moment the obvious regarding the minerals and frack-able natural gas as the story behind all the weaponized posturing taking place in Nevada on the land of the now-famous "settler hold-out". And also, I want to visit the 'desert tortoise' in a moment.

Here's a hilarious/tragic Native take on the whole situation from Indian Country Today:
Big news that went on all week was the confrontation between the federal government and the “militia movement” over the removal of cattle belonging to Mormon “pioneer” Cliven Bundy from federal land. Bundy has not paid his grazing fees for 20 years. Why? His ancestors settled those lands in the 19th century. “Time immemorial,” my Cousin Ray Sixkiller pointed out, “means different things to different people.”
The 68-year-old Bundy recognizes no federal authority in the matter. If he owed grazing fees, he claimed they would be owed to the state of Nevada, which entered the United States on Halloween, 1864. Because the Civil War was going on, the Nevada Constitution contained a “paramount allegiance clause,” which is seriously inconvenient for anybody claiming, as Bundy does, a right to ignore the feds.
The year before Nevada was admitted, the US signed the Treaty of Ruby Valley, which recognized the Western Shoshone as owners of the dirt Cliven Bundy is claiming the right to use because of his “pioneer” pedigree. In 1979, the Indian Claims Commission awarded the Shoshone $26 million in compensation for land lost to “settler encroachment” while the federal government looked the other way. Those encroaching settlers would be who Cliven Bundy cites today as originators of his right to graze his cattle.
The Shoshone refused the money. They had not agreed to sell the land. They did not agree that the land should be used for nuclear testing. Carrie and Mary Dann were Shoshone elders who stood up to the abuse. Mary walked on at age 82, in 2005. The 81-year-old Carrie was last arrested in 2007, protesting against the use of Shoshone land for nuclear weapons research.

The Dann Sisters grazed their cattle on land the Bureau of Land Management claimed since 1973, refusing to pay grazing fees based on the Treaty of Ruby Valley, Article VI of the US Constitution, and a report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States that found the US to be cheating the Shoshone.
In 1992 and again in 2002, armed BLM posses rounded up the Dann Sisters’ cattle and sold them for grazing fees. The New York Times reported in 2002 that the Dann Sisters had been fined $3 million for “trespass.”
When a BLM posse came to round up Cliven Bundy’s cattle, armed “patriots” rode to the rescue. The BLM got about 400 head of Bundy’s cattle and Bundy got about as many supporters, many of them armed, from as far away as Montana. The Washington Post reported on April 10 that a sign at the entrance to the protest camp read “MILITA SIGHN IN.” Cousin Ray said he hoped their shooting was no better than their spelling.
Protestor Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff, told a Fox News camera that the plan was “to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”
On April 12, the BLM postponed the circus, giving Bundy’s cattle back and leaving Cousin Ray to wonder where all these lovers of law and liberty were when the women up front were Carrie and Mary Dann?"

"Settler encroachment".....hmm. Forgot where I was for a minute there. Palestine? O, right, Shoshone land. The "nevada test site". US 'militarized zone'.

Brief appearance of the Tortoise took place. (Not the one in the Churning of the Milky Ocean story.) A desert tortoise.The kind of animal that gets 'patriots' all panties-in-a-wad. "Environmentalists are the problem! - damn corporate-funded, tree-huggin', dirt-worshipping pagans!" Whoops, they told ya to look over there, and you fell for it. Next.

Here's the story out last week, explained by RT's Abby Martin, of the increasingly spiking numbers of environmentalist's murders:

Some excerpts from the response letter of Cpt. Paul Watson of SeaShepherd :
[Digression: btw, you know, there's patriotic, and then there's matriotic...?]


Conservationists and Environmentalists are amongst the most Dangerous Jobs on the Planet

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

    Being a wildlife conservationist or an environmentalist is now considered one of the planet’s most dangerous occupations....
    We face very dangerous and powerful vested interests each day. They outnumber us and they are financially and politically connected. They are ruthless and they will deal harshly with anyone who intervenes against them and the resource or species they have in their sights....
    Over the years I have been beaten, jailed, shot, and threatened repeatedly. Fortunately none of my crew or I have suffered any serious injuries....
    I have known and supported activists in the field who have been murdered for defending nature and in most cases their killers were never caught or prosecuted....
    Unfortunately we do not hear about most of them because they are usually poor grass-root activists tackling issues in their own communities....

    Eerily as I was writing this posting, I received the following bulletin:
“Virunga National Park’s Chief Warden, Emmanuel de Merode, was shot today in an ambush on the road from Goma to Rumangabo. He is in serious but stable condition with bullet wounds in the chest”.
This is a man I actually know. I am hoping the injuries will not be fatal....
    In 2002 I had lunch with Conservationist Jane Tipton in St. Lucia. A year later she was shot in the head in her driveway. The murder remains unsolved....
    There is not a single case of an environmentalist or a conservationist killing any person. But if it did happen, it would be the leading news story internationally....
    We now live in a world where holding up a protest sign makes a person an eco-terrorist and also a target. Yet we can be killed without a corporate journalist lifting an eyebrow and certainly not lifting a pen.

The message is clear. “Get in the way of our profits and we will kill you.”

    With Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott describing environmentalists as agents of Satan and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling conservationists a threat to the national security of the country, the political message is clear. It’s open season on those who would defend the Earth.... 

   I cherish the non-violent foundation of the conservation movement. We have a noble legacy, in fact it is the only global movement that can claim a complete 100% rejection of violence as a solution. I don’t want to see it devolve into retribution with retaliatory violence but that will become an increasing possibility if the killing of us by them continues....
    Despite having this unblemished record, the propaganda continues to spew out of the mainstream media about how violent environmentalist are. You don’t see us on horseback with semi-automatic weapons looking for a show-down with the BLM. In the mind of our enemies, violence is holding a protest sign, blocking a whaling ship or making a film. The same words are used repeatedly like “eco-terrorist, extremist, or militant.”....
   What is clear is that it is fast becoming a more dangerous world out there for those of us who wish to protect biodiversity and natural habitats. We need to be more cautious and more mindful of self defense....

    And people asked me why I sometimes wear a bullet proof vest?
My old one has a bullet hole in it."

[In this time, I'm always marveling at the avalanche of hostile spewing that appears almost universally in comments below any article covering anything having to do with Animal Sentience. Check it out. Fascinating! Fervent allegiance to human supremacy concept, and equal to the "manifest destiny" and "chosenness" delusions.]
One video clip, just uploaded - featuring a drummer possibly known to some:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How deep the holy passion for Life?

In the summer of '69, in Nepal, I encountered a certain self-realized sadhu baba. His way of communicating definitely went beyond words, but I do remember him saying to a group of young foreign (western) people, "you don't know how to eat, sleep, piss, shit, or make love". He probably hoped he could make a difference. Well, we all hoped things would turn out different. But, here we are, here now, in a world with a couple added billions, still lacking basic consciousness and exemplifying rapid de-evolution toward some spectacular cataclysm or a soon-come mental zero-point. 
Each day I seem to have less and less to say, except in these intimate conversations with the beloved. Sure, we could put extra time and attention on the latest manifestations of humanoid insanity, or the shifting theaters in the war on consciousness, or the sorry state of what passes for 'alternative journalism' and 'activism for change'. But we really don't have the luxury any more. 

In this moment in time, this space of our mortal lives, we primarily inhabit what's called "the cancer bubble". If you haven't been 'in it', you could never grasp the overwhelmingly intense multidimensional states of consciousness that bubble encompasses. Sure, there are these little doorways to what's outside the bubble, which we venture through for a time each day, but we inevitably return out of necessity to this bubble, which we are continuously co-creating. No, it is not necessarily some 'dark', worrisome, fearful place either. It is a sphere of profound love, nourishment, compassion, transformation, creativity, crucial meditations, emotional freedom, and movement on all levels. It is fully alive truth. It can only evoke gratitude. 

I should mention that one soon becomes acutely aware of the many "cancer bubbles" out there, and there is surely support, which often appears in the most unlikely places and forms. One has to steel oneself and loved ones from the onslaught of the mental and pharmaceutical poisonous memes of fear, derision, and infantile arrogance of those in "power", with their million$ and steel-and-concrete monstrosities of clinical scientific delusion. I'm talkin' some ultimate tests of courage and spiritual perseverance here. And I'm also talkin' absolute depth of evil underneath the smiley, 'helpful' facade propped up by the deluded mis-educated minions in the 'health-provider' industrial complex. 
On the other hand, there are the alternatives. These are ways requiring a deep personal research and resourcefulness, and decisions made based on a deep trust in one's own discernment and the particular medicine way. That's all I feel to say for now. It's a big subject. 

I will say, on the other hand, that I'm looking forward to the period of time, before, during, and after April 15-22. [15th is the full-moon eclipse, and 22nd is the exactitude of the grand cross.] I do know how similar configurations worked out previously, because I was around for them. But this is orders of magnitude of intensity above anything previous. No one really knows how it will play out. There's just so much shit that needs to end immediately if not sooner, and it's hard to imagine being any closer to the edge of the cliff. Ordinary humans don't have the will to get it together to end the illusory separation imposed by the archontic forces, through war, nationalism, racism, speciesism, patriarchalism, religionism, useless political ideologies - all of which is rampant and completely denied. Everything is upside-down and racing in the opposite direction of the Real. It feels like maybe we ARE at zero-point. I haven't felt quite this way since I headed off to India to die in '68. But, WTF, it's a good day to die. [Breaking news: death ain't real.] I mean, really, are we here because we're supposed to spend our lives signing petitions to try to stop amerikan towns from having wildlife-killing-contests-for-kids [coyotes, prairie dogs, squirrels, bears, now crows], or to make the pope and queen disband their institutional pedophilic child-sacrifice empires? (Yes, of course 'merkins teach kids that wildlife are nothing more than targets, and yes, the real important VIPs have been ritually slaughtering kids for centuries - that's what planet this is, thanks to the archontic intrusion.) 

Oh well, I can't help but share this heart-warming story of US's largest family-owned mink farm, which barely escaped destruction by the ALF recently. The owner (female) had this to say: "there's a sickening feeling of having [your] personal space violated"! (From the article) It seems "her family and the ecoterrorists have completely different ideas about the natural order of the world. Her world view is Biblically established [sic], with humans having dominion over the earth and its creatures." But she does have one thing to say to those awful ecoterrorists: "I'd tell them that Jesus loves you." 
Sometimes you just have to be grateful for humor and irony. Yet one more reminder that you really can't fix 'it'.

Really, I have nothing to say, and I only started to put this post up for one reason, which is to show what the level of passion is that keeps me here on Mother Earth, excruciatingly beautiful and tragic - especially if you look up the story on the artist - but have a listen to Camaron de la Isla. CAN YOU HANDLE IT? I can, but only barely.