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Save the Last Dance for Kali

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 I guess this is the part of the 'chaos stress program' that is supposed to give you and me some sort of 'release/relief', before the next MIHOP event in the bottomless magic bag-o-tricks. Major whatever. Right, the 'temp cap'. Well, I sure felt my breath expand and heart slow and my brow smooth out, didn't you?! No? Hmmm.              

 Actually, I can't complain. A lot of sun and early monsoon (?) rains are making the spiral garden start to look bountiful and colorful. That's the advantage of being a ways away from the 'war on the environment' theatres of engagement. No doubt there will be sufficient food around for some months. We are honored by the plant devas' continued co-operation and hard work. That's more than we can say about most of the hubris-filled self-appointed imposter-stewards of 'civilization'. On and on and on appointments are made for every single position of 'power' over the most basic food-and-water realms from Monsanto (and DuPont), one particular vortex of global demonic matrix. It's part of the acceleration to full-blown desperation on the part of the death cult. (Oh, I forgot, they're 'pro-life'. I just can't get used to this new language.) In truth, though, I can only project in my imagination that we here will not be soon disastrously affected on the food-and-water level since we're only 2 states away from the new ground zero in the War on Terra. And events are moving at light speed. Every being feels it.
Is there anything happenin' on the collective temporal material plane that isn't completely gone to shit? Now it's like we're supposed to keep ahold of the image of Spock and his family watching their home planet Vulcan explode from the bridge of Enterprise, or something...? Like, everything is so scrambled and upside-down that it's better we just grab what we can carry and find some alternative planet. Only, it wouldn't be us on the ship. (That's ok, I stopped being interested in astronautics somewhere in my teenage years.) But really what's going on is a program designed to have us all resort to suicide under the assumption that we've been brainwashed enough to simply 'give up' and look forward to the 'better place' of some bullshit religious fantasy, that we would be convinced that this is merely a 'hell planet', a temporary stop-over in our soul's evolution, and so forth. I'm not expecting any such Enterprise-type rescue mission. This could be the end of the long nightmare of we who have been here many many times on Mother Earth and always stepped forward to nurture life and creative human culture in countless situations. 'Others' have been coming repeatedly who have nothing but parasitical interests and arrogant delusional self-worship, and they have zero creativity and, in fact, hate it. We have been graced with extended intimate contact with giants in the fields of arts, healing, selfless service, alchemical sciences, earth wisdom, exploration of inner and outer realities, ethics, sacred story, cosmology, and all the rest of the dharmic disciplines. We have watched so many of the great ones and their works be destroyed and forgotten, their lineages reduced to keeping merely the bare-bones essentials alive. We have despaired watching these selfless generous giants struggle to survive in a world oblivious to their treasures, even as they asked for nothing, and long abandoned complaining. They celebrated the joys of the moment because they had mastered their Selves. Those were/are the times of our schooling. The rest of the time we've spent navigating through the ocean of clueless, petty, birth-squandering humanity. Extraordinarily focused energetic co-operation with all the various forms of Unveiling is what is being asked of us now. All the treasures of our sacred human heritage and birthright is at stake. Perhaps some pockets of desperate mutated species would remain if we fail, but it will have all meant nothing. This is the essence of the current 'shit-media's' future scenario program, also desperately in high gear now. But we don't have to hold back any more. As our friend Les says, "all systems are go". The precious-human-birth squanderers will have to exit the scene now, along with their life-hating, ignorance-creating Archontic heroes and celebrities who need to cease immediately their demonic black-arts practices. Billions of Yes-Men and Love-Police actions would be good things to consider. And at the same time, keep relishing more timeless moments in our creative specialties.Yes, I know, it keeps coming back to magic. What can I say?

The harsh naked uncensored truth of the situation regarding what both the clueless and the awake are actually facing from the omnicidal threat is nicely laid out in this "Open Letter". "The world awaits you."
Even still more clarification: Beyond Violence and Nonviolence: Resistance As a Culture, by Ramzy Baroud.

Joe Bageant has recently ripped 'capitalism' to shreds, hilariously of course, at Deer Hunting With Jesus blog. Worth the read. Oh well. The best laid plans...ha ha. All the systems and ideologies (isms) bought into for the last ten thousand years amount to shit. What will our kids be lookin' at? The Hopis say that after the previous purification they screwed up, knowingly and  tragically relenting to the entreaties of the psychopathic/Archontic element to be allowed up into this 'world'. Guess they promised to 'behave'...ha! It is now absolutely necessary to ensure incorporation of all the wise ancestors' and clans' knowledge of human organization featuring humility, gratitude, respect, diversity, and freedom into the sane decentralized vision of the New Earth which we visualize coming into being, and are creating this very moment. The present concept of 'control' needs to go straight into the dustbin. We have much to draw on, such as the original 'american' socio-political structures of peoples such as the Haudenosaunee. Speaking of the Iroquois, their lacrosse team was refused entry into UK because they traveled on tribal passports. Screw un-great britain. And all the rest of the sick-ass empires like usa, canada, israhell, all the empires' made-up countries, none of which have any 'right-to-exist'. We always used to talk about being 'world citizens'. It will have to be made real. All 'boundaries' should come from a place of respect and stewardship only. It just makes things a lot more fun and interesting, yes? How's that for 'immigration reform' [grin]?

So there's really no going forward to anything unless it is a complete and total dissolution and reversal of all that's 'upside-down' (as in Tosh's "get out me land, everything you do - upside-down"). Every attachment to what is 'fast' and inorganic must, and will, go. On all levels and in every aspect of human endeavor. It IS all going down, regardless what reformer/fixer-mind clings to. Watched the BBC mini-series Edge of Darkness (not Mel's) from the 80s, and the 2 protagonists concluded that Mother Earth ("Gaia") would simply set it right and throw down a hard lesson if necessary. She simply was not going to stand for it (once again?) after what She's felt for the last 200 years of vile blasphemous assault. Those writers had a clue.

Actually, anyone who was not a brain-dead chickenshit knew what was up, in the 60s. The assignment was to get to know and love and respect true human culture, the natural world, the other 'nations' of humans and non-humans, in addition to our-Self. That's why the intuitively courageous ones did all those things which 'just aren't done', like heading out for destinations totally unknown on the chance one might come across another paradigm that had some sanity and which, we were told, didn't exist. But those things were found, and we ceased to be what we had been. Places where language and all forms of expression continuously contributed to clarity and knowledge and beauty and acceptance of change. Then the push was on to make it all look like 'fashion', and 'let's hurry up and put the sea-change behind us, mock, distort, disillusion, and demonize'. And then raise the next generation on horror films and war video games, 'catapult' the [chaos] propaganda.

I bring this to your attention: 'The Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right!' from last Sunday.
"If the hippies and their message had prevailed we wouldn't be pouring trillions of dollars into stupid and immoral wars of choice. We'd have (arguably) switched to alternative forms of energy, adjusted our lifestyles, reined in the greedheads, and made life bearable and reasonable for the vast majority of people. We'd have true universal healthcare. We'd live simpler, cleaner and healthier lives. Americans would not be consuming 25% of the world's resources. Our food would not be poisoned, the oceans would be thriving and the air would be clean and unburdened by excessive co2 and other greenhouse gasses...
"If we'd listened to the hippies and their allies, the Gulf of Mexico would not be facing utter ruination, we would not have been attacked on 9/11, George Bush would never have been president and Iraq and Afghanistan would be conducting their own affairs as they see fit. Millions of lives would not have been sacrificed at the alter of war for corporate profits, our government would not be spying on us and plastic, superficial and misleading infotainment and disinformation would not be clogging our air waves and polluting our brains. Corporations would be small and manageable and would not be allowed to defile and befoul our environment, drive US policy or own our government. Corrupt politicians would be properly sanctioned and excluded from public service and corporate lobbyists would not exist. We'd have a safety net providing real security for all, the Military Industrial Complex would have been dismantled, journalism would be alive and WalMart would be a small store in Arkansas. Gays would be not only accepted but loved, racial harmony would prevail, equality would reign, pot would be legal, no one would have been tortured and we wouldn't be getting raped by the robber barons at the top."

Ok, just more 'coulda, woulda, shoulda'. 
Nobody really liked the label, but it now looks like it served some purpose nevertheless. A whole lot of posers, infiltrators and paths tried to jump on what they thought was a band wagon but turned out to be a moral and spiritual death-metal ride into self-oblivion. It was just another way to perpetuate the false-self instead of killing it. Some rose to the occasion, as they have always done, impeccably sounding the wake-up bells. But sleep and an absence of true dreamtime knowledge persisted and grew in hellish proportion. 
Some are now referring to the 'drivers' (of the runaway train) as Archons. It'll work as a 'name'/identifier as good as any. There seems to be much truth to the aspect of 'psychic feeding', and if things had gone better recently, millions wouldn't have been added to the consumption of, what, 200 million humans dead in last century, not to mention the non-human deaths in the hundreds of billions (yearly) - mostly in 'industrial' ways vile beyond normal human imagination - with not a shred of respect, gratitude, or compassion. This Earth was never meant to be a death-cult compound and playground, and it will return to an honored sacred vessel, treated as precious and with infinite gratitude. The alternative is: pretty much no human consciousness left to bear witness, all connection severed. The interesting conclusion by the Archon scholars is that they and their ponerized minions first hate love, but equally they hate courage! Makes sense, doesn't it? And then there's our immortality....oh, god, that really pisses 'em off. LOL

The existential dread and terror brought up by these thoughts and conditions has been, in the East, invariably revealed [revelation] to the sages in the form of the 'Terrible Dark Goddess' ('Black Madonnas', hello). Generally, a fervent loud desperate collective cry from all the oppressed beings is what gets Her own Tandava 'dance' going (vulcanism, quakes, earth-changes, hey what?). She makes many appearances to the holy ones in Her frightening form to encourage the increased frequency of the 'wake up calls'. She nevertheless always reveals (intimately/personally) to Her devotees that She is none other than the Ancient Great Mother, creatrix, unconditionally loving and compassionate to all Her children, just as She also will not hesitate to devour Her disobedient deviant offspring. I also shouldn't neglect to mention that there is a strong sexual/erotic element to all Her revelations. It's a tantric thing, ya know. Maa Kali is a vast subject, and in actuality a deep journey undertaken alone individually, but available in any epoch by any truly serious aspirant (with some grace credits). The absolutely best real literary source is by our friend, Amarananda Bhairavan, entitled Kali's Odiyya. Bhairavan is from Kerala, raised and intitiated from childhood in both the Vedic tradition and the ancient pre-Vedic matriarchal Kali-venerating tribal lineage. His autobiographical first publication is the quintessential must-read on the subject. And it just may be one of the most important cultural gifts to humanity in general. Whatever it is, it will expose one to a unimagined universe in the realm of what's known as shamanism.

Jai Kali Ma! Let the dancing commence.

<-- kymatic sand devi Shri Yantra from
      correct pronunciation of AUM


Anonymous said...

thankyou bholanath,
the great loving beauty of the everything ..
one love thankyou neil

Anonymous said...

Bho is the oil well plugged or not?

I just don't know. I don't know what is going on anymore with this oil spill.

First we had this: The guy was saying it would be stopped. It apparently was if we can believe what we are told and I am skeptical of that anymore.

Bp illusion of false spill. It is alleged here that they would soon stop the spill. It appears true, and I say appears.

Then this David Wilcox says they actually stopped it but 10% of the worlds submarines were in the area because of the seriousness of it and distrust for NWO. ? Who and the hell knows and he references Benjamin Fulford also who is not the greatest source of information I don't think. The U.S. Navy did head out of the area. The gist though was that many governments had taken interest because the whole affair had the potential to kill everybody.

Living in Florida I hope the hell he is right but I just don't know. I did read a piece about a chemist in Alabama testing the water and it exploded. They don't know yet if it was the methane or the corexit BP put in the water.

This is the piece on the water testing.

What is terrifying is morons letting little kids play in the surf already. Corexit is a neurotoxin and sterilzation compenent also.

nina said...

I have no doubt evil visits all on its evil schedule. As long as its existence is socially ignored, tuned out, never connected, illegal in fact, it drives an open road, top down, wheels on water, skis on snow, flies sightless droning over good. Hippies never died, they were co-opted by Archon McCluhan aided by Archons like Peter Max and Pucci. Music was over orchestrated into Montovani soup, vagrants were throw into jails, the movement itself denounced as passe and soley a manufactured tool of the military. Huge amounts of speed, resulting in horrific slayings flooded the streets exactly as the Black Panthers were suppressed by cheap heroin into lifeless ineffectuality. No avenue of suppression is overlooked when knowledge is afoot.
Eventually, we arrive at the conclusion that giving into contrived fear is giving into extinction.
Fear comes from our own imaginations. We give off the pheromone attracting evil to the scent. A no-win situation unless fear is thought through as deliberate torture and worked around into understanding.

nina said...

Fear is not present when we are expressing creatively, fear is not available where love lives, occupying and filling our lifespace with its simple joys. Fear vanishes in stewardship, in real friendship, in nurturing and giving off our love and support of one another.
I would say to the people in LA, "leave". Get out of its way. Never think of yourselves as evacuating a bad scene but instead embrace the rare, once in a lifetime opportunity for a better, higher experience absent fear and constant vulnerability to evil. The torture has always been with our species, you see what it does, why stick around and beg to Archons for more and worse? Stop feeding them and feed yourself.

bholanath said...

Wow, Nina -
Exactly! Crucial. Most well-put advice ever! Especially since they are not in some real or virtual camp (yet), like many of the world's peoples.
It may be hard for many to take that first baby-step into the unknown.
Fortunately, I was given the nudge and opportunity in '67 when 'the man' was closing in and it was Vietnam or jail (like, I had time for that shit?). So I headed north, and a year later hitch-hiked from Scotland to India. A perfect naive fool, but I have no regrets.

Anonymous said...

Great post my friend. Glad am I that you're there. I left a promising sxxxxs career in 1970 to make a statement about the war. A fellow american, a home grown hippie yoga teacher got me to join a commune that served cheap hand made "natural" food. I donated half my life savings to open the store on Telegraph Avenue and worked like Gawaine in the dish room. Several of my communal brothers and sisters were clearly "channels" of wisdom from the eternal. After a couple of years I lost interest in butting up against the coded mantras of the s communal soviet. I felt they were too democratic and liberal to really change the world. I co-wrote a book and came to Pretty much the same conclusion as Mark Twain did that the world was going down no matter what anyone did. I was probably wrong. I have matured a bit since then, have added some to my repertory. I married and my sons grew up. Over the years I have sought to ignite curiosity in the people I know and meet. My aim for the last four years has been on prana mastery, Breathwork. On realizing noetic integration and transcendence of personality. You write pretty much like I think. You seem to know what you want to do and the cosmos knows that you're here. I'm more hopeful but not certain that things just may "Come Together". On the oil in the gulf, my hunch is that the psychopaths aren't stupid or careless enough to blow it as bad as they want us to think. An old friend who stays "in" with his Mormon Church laughed when I asked if he made any money on inside knowledge of it. He didn't take it very serious. Good and A Happy Day to you. Aleph

Anonymous said...

Kali would never stand on her Husband....common misconception just like the one of her being "evil," I envision Kali sharing power with her Husband, a push and pull kind of thing if you could imagine what I mean....

Her Husband has his own powers, he doesn't need her just as she does not need him....

C'mon people, it is 2012....Women and Men are equal duh.

It is all a bunch of crap anyway. Anyone who prays to these "God" are idiots anyway. Hahahahaha