Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dirty Hippies, Eco-Warriors, Gypsy Kings and Queens - UPDATED

Posted below are some more music vids, so skip the rant if you need to.

France Begins Roma Expulsion

It's a strange situation when one's personal life is just about as healthful, beauty-filled, low-stressed, and bountiful as can be imagined (in a low-need kind of way), and you are still witness to massive imbalance, struggle, conflict, and crises swirling all around the periphery. Mornings always begin with a green drink on the porch watching the hummers and bees in the spectacular flower beds - usually a mix of purslane, dandelion, chard, beet, and kale greens mixed with grapes or apples for sweetness. Eventually an excellent fair-trade coffee and a Native (Akwesasne) cig, followed by oats or the best organic eggs in the world from our 8 beautiful chickie-girls.
Most days have some music or astrology or herbal transmissions going on, always in the presence of the coolest, sanest, shakti-filled women (and men), and unexpected gifts, often exquisite veggies from everyone's gardens. Corn, squashes, tomatoes, apricots, peaches, salad greens, chiles for rellenos fall in our laps. Plus, of course, most excellent serious laughter-filled conversations with friends and their children, with hardly a drama ever manifesting - just the usual hard-angle transits (grin). Absolutely no complaints here on that level. The animals happily graze in the weeds, and entertain us with their contented vocalizations. What more could an old fart desire? We have an environment where folks can ease their troubles and chill out with a variety of world-travelers in a sane perspective most any day. The weather has not been brutal and the chemtrails have been absent for weeks.

I said I wouldn't bitch any more, but, in truth, I really don't know what's going to come up next, nor have much control over that. And here we are on another beautiful day in paradise. 
The fact is, I really can't wait one fucking day more for the unawakened mass of so-called humanity to reap the cataclysmic consequences of their willful ignore-ance. That's just the stark truth of a portion of the daily mind-space, no matter how 'positive', 'inspired', and 'hopeful' my morning starts out. Sure, I can spend so many hours rehearsing, doing practice, teaching, researching, composing and 'artistically networking', and become absorbed in the processes. But if I end up venturing 'into town' (aaaagghh, it's the Matrix, oh shit, I forgot my sunglasses!), the tormenting craziness never fails to arise and dominate my consciousness.

There is no part of the collapse and degeneration of the so-called modern culture happening at anywhere near the speed to give me any expectation that the insanity cannot just plod along for years, decades, maybe even centuries. Nor do I have any absolute 'knowing' that some intervention will take place, either from an 'outside' force, from humanity awakening, or from Gaia's own systemic rage, in time to actually spare this sacred vessel of a planet from becoming a dead zone spinning lifelessly in the galaxy. Dead-zones are all the rage nowadays. It could very possibly be the ordained outcome. This 'dream', as it's referred to in our human mystical experiences and perennial visionary records, could be simply that - the unReal/nonexistant illusion of the One solitary creator/destroyer at the core of our Being. I guess I can live with that, knowing that "I" am immortal, no doubt. Either we'll make it on this plane to a great transformation by 2012 or our grandkids' career-paths will be limited to something like outflanking the Borg somewhere in the Delta Quadrant.

On this here plane, it looks like we're fast approaching irredeemable total toxicity and total disintegration of all life-supporting systems. My absolute disgust toward most of the human race is impossible to verbalize. One can travel the length of this gone-to-shit country and observe no more than 0.1% of humans not enthusiastically filling their shopping carts and consuming an all-poison torture-enhanced diet 24/7, and drive for hundreds of miles and not find one item in any store uncontaminated with HFCS and myriad other genocidal corporate additives, and this corporate psychopathic death-culture has spread to everywhere throughout the world. In every land we see many completely ponerized humans willingly slaving for the corporate model in one form or the other while oblivious to their own self-denied but assured suicide. It is the millions who have no 'gun to their head', no dire birth-circumstances, that, by their own self-fed demonic media fantasies and acceptance of nature-separation, perpetuate the 'dire circumstances' of others (somewhere 'out there' in that underdeveloped world).

Captain Paul Watson accurately describes the big-picture situation as the 'economics of extinction'. Corporations are actually knowingly extincting whole species because, by warehousing the fruits of their slaughter for a few years, they will reap huge short-term profits. Mitsubishi and blue-fin tuna is one example. Look it up. You know, there is no great mystery that they somehow 'know' that we don't. It is just pure and simple total mass insanity, but, strangely, there are millions who 'get it'. I really don't know if the heads of corporations and their entourages of blood-diamond-glitterati whores are fake humans or not (they don't act or think like you or me, more like 16th century French royalty), but I know that the millions who buy into their trip are ones who have forfeited their privilege of ever again gaining a human birth. If I ever won a lottery I would give it all to Capt. Watson and other true warriors like him and those of the younger generation, including the ALF. I'm all about that speeding up of the disintegration and dismantling. It's long overdue, good riddance.

Stupid brainwashed people who think environmentalism is all about the NWO and Illuminati-eugenicists are absurd - and that includes most all the 'truth-seeking'/conspiracy-busting internet stars. Most of the kids I know around here (and other places I inhabit) have at least heard Julia Hill (and others), and completely comprehend what the hell she is saying after her self-revelations atop Luna, and even some have had equivalent experience. Too, the numbers who are meeting with the ayahuasca shamans and resonating with the visions are growing exponentially. They know what the hell is going on with the media, the parallels between their (or their kids') schools and the factory farms, the police-military psychopathy infecting every aspect of civil society, the valuelessness of current music and arts, the constant inundation of lies spun by everyone around them, etc. Sure, many will just end up chasing after the shiny trash, going along with the program, breeding, eventually getting their chemo and passing on their confusion and self-created braindeadness. But there will always be some who resist, nurture and cultivate and tend the inner fire, listen to the wise ones at the right moments, and carry forth the light till the very end, regardless.

I am getting too old to do much more 'pioneering', and I'm often not sure if I'm becoming 'younger than that now' or maybe just succumbing to the grinding despair of the historical time-loop-in-a-new-package.  It's maddeningly boring to hear of all the places in Europe where Gypsies (Roma) are being demonized lately. France, Italy, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Romania, Denmark, Czech Rep., Slovak Rep., Hungary, Sweden, Germany, and other countries' officialdom and guillotine-deserving politicians have been ramping up the anti-Roma rhetoric for some time now, with resultant murders, camp demolitions, citizenship revocations, and worse. How long has that loop been running? Jeeezus H. F-ing Kryste! A "nomadic people who refuse to comply with society's accepted definition of culture, just for the sake of better treatment", the Roma have been distrusted and vilified just about forever. Subject to grotesque experimentation and extermination during WWII, perhaps one million (who really knows?), they have never seen justice, instead are treated by the 'civilized' populations worse than Indian street dogs. During the Nuremberg war crimes trials not one Gypsy was called as a witness by Allied prosecutors. The virtual exclusion of the Gypsies from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is a travesty. But then, we know why that is, don't we? To the Gypsies, it was their Porrajmos ('the devouring'). In 2010, still they are the  scapegoats for all the ills, history's perennial 'illegal immigrants'. Same dumb-ass rhetoric used as is against Mexicanos here. Is there something that's not crystal clear here??!! Come to think about it, they used the same epithets toward the hippies back about 40 years ago too, natch.

Historians and ethnomusicologists barely acknowledge the massive influence and extensive knowledge of music and dance (the sacred kind) that the Roma, Tzigane, Gitano, etc. brought to the West from Asia throughout the middle ages. It is also undisputed that the folk (and classical) scales and rhythms of South Asia were preserved (and fused with local folk and tribal traditions) by the travelers as they passed through North Africa, Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe. While the Western 'civilization' proceeded on its degenerative path following the misinterpretation of world-music's natural-overtone-series harmonic modes by Church idiots, especially Pope Gregory, the Gypsies preserved oriental ragas, middle-eastern harmonic 'quarter-tones' as well as odd-meter talas (5, 7, 9, etc) along with a body of sacred mudras and bodily gestures and forms from various dance traditions.
Of course, in the 'civilized' world it also doesn't help one's status if you cling to goddess-worship and matriarchal practices. A Spanish Gypsy language is Romano-Kalo (also Finnish-Kalo of Sweden), related to the North Indo-Aryan (Indic) languages "spoken on all five continents". I have heard this term being related to the Goddess Kali of India. Sounds probable, as I've seen exact word-equivalents to the Sanskrit root-words. 

One of my all-time favorite scenes and tunes is the session in the Black Goddess cave-temple in France from the Tony Gatlif film 'Latcho Drom'. Most awesome music film ever! This is it - embedded below: (tune starts at 5:15, but whole sequence is fantastic)
Latcho Drom - Part 8

Also from Latcho Drom is the incredible final scene (in Spain). It's so heart-wrenching and beautiful I can barely listen. (Song starts at 2:27, but, again, the whole scene is mind-blowing)
Latcho Drom - Part 10

During the time of our designated hippieness we constantly dreamed of being 'world citizens', because traveling to study was such a constant hassle. No more passports, border checks, visas, prohibited trade items. A free world for everyone to explore, converse, and love. What a f-ing dream that was, eh? And a frequent topic of discussion on the road to Asia, naturally.

Here be some interesting videos of some of the dirty hippies who 'dropped out' in those days and since, and have put in the Time and Work to show that we are all One People One Destiny:

Steve Gorn - USA

Gianni Ricchizzi - Italy

Yvan Trunzler - France & Joerg Kaufmann - Switzerland

Brigitte Menon - France

Nicolas Magriel - USA/UK

Lenneke van Staalen - Netherlands


Anonymous said...

you not what bholanath,when my son was young we used to go fruit picking the gypsys were also their,fine fine time we had forgotten to bring some food with us,straight away the gypsys shared theirs with us,I will always remember that,due to the bad name they have got in england they dont usually speak to people outside their community,so I was priveliged heart warmed,over that summer we saw some lovely things out in the feilds,lot of rainbows,and what I thought was king of the stags up in the hills watching us,all the time my son munching his way through loads of fruit that we was picking,loved that...peace neil

bholanath said...

That's an amazing story, Neil. Must have been some tough work, but obviously there was a plus side. Great experience for your kid too. The stag presence must have been really something, so auspicious.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely enjoyed that Bholanath. If I could sell this house, which I can't, I probably buy some land close to you. My garden looks like something from the road warriors, white specks on it.

You know it is funny if you read history, Russia's Rasputin always brought in the gypsies when he had a party, and he had quite a few!

I empathize with you, it is quite painful watching what is going on. The number of people still in the everything is O.k. everything is going to be alright mode is fascinating. They leave me breathless, sometimes I just have to shut up.

I think you are right though, I just don't see many people surviving earth's coming history lesson. It is all as well, the earth needs some time to recuperate and is a much more significant spirit than the human cannibals she has allowed to infest her for so long.

The current crop of incarnates were simply not qualified to operate a stars hip of this magnitude. And as you and I have stated before, they will never inhabit another human body. They view a body as a weapon to destroy the universe.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add bho I think you will like this one, I did.

This one not so much but it is still interesting.

Anonymous said...

actualy bholanath its quite nice work fruit picking,where I live although it can get hot in the summer its never really anything that is that bad,plus its outside in the feilds and quiet,birds all around,quite peaceful really unless you have a psychotic foreman.
and the animals always stir something within,that stag lifted everyone who saw him that day,as they are a rare sight in england now.peace neil

Anonymous said...

I meant to add, Bho I have the greatest respect for you. I am sure will we meet again somewhere, somehow. The universe is a big place and somehow like souls gather.

This last article I am going to pin it. Don't get big headed because nobody reads my blogs anyway!

Ragnarok said...

Bholanath, I want to thank you from the whole of my being for sharing those clips from Lacho Drom, a film i have never come across. The music was deeply moving and beautiful, and the scenes inspiring. These are real human beings, they have held on to much of what we have lost in our so-called civilisation. Can we ever regain it?

Again thank you.