Sunday, January 16, 2011

The King of Love / Love is King

If only he were here with us today....
What would he say with that beautiful, powerful, clear, prophetic, resonant-to-our-bones voice - that gave us chills, tears, and froze time, once upon a time?
On the spiritual pandemic, on materialism-slavery, on religion's mental slavery, on the rape of Mother Earth, on why the dreams of the true humans remain yet unfulfilled?
We were supremely blessed to walk this earth with him, and any comparison/mention of the imposters who invoke his name would be a disrespectful affront to the memory of the great spiritual teacher and master of self-realized truth whom he was. We love you, Martin, and are forever moved and inspired by your holy presence. 


nina said...

Now you made me go get the kleenex.

I remember the night I heard from a stranger he was gone, riding a half empty bus rumbling over to the village where I worked at the club where everyone donated the whole evening late into the wee hours to Martin. It was supposed to be Elvin Jones night, but everyone took a turn, people showed up from coast to coast to commiserate in music. He was an angel among us and it was acknowledged at the time. He will always be remembered and beloved by millions, perhaps billions. There is no ending to our sadness about losing him. If you love him, that love and his loss is never ending.

Thank you for writing so affectionately about this today. Its better you didn't say what could have been if only ... we're living it already and you know how well that's going.

He brought about change alright, he put truth to the matter and all this time later, that truth remains and grows more self-evident with each passing hour.

bholanath said...

Yeah, Nina, I was in Vancouver, working at the Georgia Straights underground newspaper, 6 months into my draft-dodger exile. Thousands of us gathered in a park and listened to his voice, possibly that last speech.
Thank you for your approval, support.