Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Step At A Time


I am not looking for solutions to the crashed computer problem now. It is being handled. I will just have to push back projects for about a week more. At that time I hope to recover my data and continue online teaching and work soon after. In the meantime I'm typing on a loaner, can keep connected with friends, current on events and creative outputs of the many cyber-teachers and love tribe. Tending more to what's presented in front of me also.
I am deeply appreciative for the support, help, and advice of many readers and friends. This minor temporal, and temporary, inconvenience has already provided many lessons. There is more present-focused interaction with both humans and animals. An awareness of my own unhealthy self-programmed false 'need' to produce on an artificial schedule. There are other revelations to be shared at another time.

But I'll probably eventually resume ranting about the undeniably unacceptable, and the astonishingly beautiful examples of behaviors continuously presented by life in the Kali yuga. Hopefully the beauty will far outweigh the separating and isolating ugliness, as it actually tends to do in our private worlds. There is a lot of grace flowing to some of us even while we abhor the atrocities done to others. I don't know why that is, but I am bearing witness to it. I have no philosophical or spiritual 'box' to contain an answer or a cosmology to explain authoritatively what we are all experiencing with eyes wide open, but I revel in, and live for, the insights, compassion and sharing that gets activated and moved in this medium.

Love to all
   ps - 19th September is Bom Shankar Bholenath Day (grin)


nina said...

There you are, you and Pippen, this is why you were forced to back off, to make the space for the Falconer and Falcon bond. ALL PRAISES to the Creator, the Mother, the lessons. Pippen is the bridge between the avian world and ours and it was you who was chosen to help him build it and be the other half of this union. Note how everything else was moved to the back seat in order this bridge go through as planned. Don't you love the priorities!
Jah Bless

Huge gratitude for sharing the adventure.

bholanath said...

Thank you Nina. Actually this is Buho the burrowing owl. I am beginning to teach another lady to be a handler for him also. Buho really loves being handled by his human friends and taken out for adventures. Just having gained the trust of a wild one is such a gift.

Anonymous said...

Love to you,Bholanath. Keep on keeping on, it's all we can do, yes?

Anonymous said...

Wise owl
Fierce drum
Mind flower
Purest sun
Magi essence
Weaving sky
Crescent moon
Living earth
Raging heart
Sweeping wind
Eternal spark
Raw compassion
Rising wave
Natures seed
Open way


nina said...

Oh, of course! I should have looked more closely. Buho is one of your long time friends.
I'm so eagerly looking forward to the Pippen chapter, he's on my mind. But every chapter is miraculous, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

One of the prettiest picture I've ever seen.

Thanks for this!