Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Does a rhino die every time I purchase cheap Chinese crap?

A friend once said to me, "every time you fill up the tank, a Saudi sheik gets a blonde". So now I wonder about the question in the above title. 
Gustavo napping with Ganga, Kali, Durga, Brahma, Ganesh
We've kind of been led to believe that it's the bullshit quack side of Traditional Chinese Medicine that's fueling the rhino extinction. No doubt that's part of the story, but what I found here is extremely shocking - shocking not in the sense of what's going on on the ground in Africa, but what's going on sociologically in China and the "new found" wealth:
THE RHINO AND THE BLING. Yeah, no shit....we're talking 'jewelry' here, and....swear-to-gawd, prayer beads! And the dollar numbers are outrageous. 
You or I might think: how can the 'consumer' of these items not wonder why the price tags are what they are? Well, we might think about that, but I see no answer forthcoming. 
"Check out the real situation:
Nation war against nation.
Where did it all begin?
When will it end?..." and you know the next line....

Back in this local reality realm, I was unable to find the contact info for my good friend who gifted me with the tiny hand-made deities (above) from India last year. No luck, having gone through email lists, address books, etc., and I figured it would get resolved sometime in future.
So I had to catch a plane from a gig last week in Oakland to Burbank (hollyweird!) for the next gig. Someone calls out my name at the boarding gate - it's my very same friend, on the same flight! This synchronicity phenomenon is really something when you're in the zone. The whole freakin' week was like that. A sense of how that happens is starting to form, but I don't yet have the words. It's an energy thing, definitely.

It also doesn't hurt to have love involved in your daily vibration.
Kailash Raj   exoticindia.com


A. Peasant said...

Just tell me bho, did you lay the little men next to the cat or did the cat lay his head so wistfully next to the little men?

Aewsome cat give him a hug from me...

bholanath said...

Hi AP,
Those guys (Brahma, Ganesh) and gals (Ganga, Kali, Durga) live there, and it's also Mr. Cat's favorite window sill. Sometimes he knocks them down with his tail, so they get re-arranged.
Hand-made and painted by a craftsman in India.