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Some Human-oriented Reality-Checks Would Be Helpful

I'm listening to the Indigenous Wisdom Summit and one elder is speaking about the danger of listening to false information that claims to be true. We need to talk about that, but first....back after a brief endorsement:

Last weekend we discovered our new favorite eatery in the world (though we can only seldom afford to eat out). Jambo Cafe. African and Caribbean cuisine. Irie, magical, dreadie chef- and wait-staff. Reggae music and indigenous art enhanced atmosphere. Stunning, local photographer's archival photos of Ras Bob lining one wall that brought us to tears. Part of every dollar spent supports schools and communities in Kenya. And of course, every dish indescribable and ecstasy-invoking. We fall in love once again. [disclosure: not strictly I-tal] Sorry, but it's only in Santa Fe...damn.

So, one Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, elder from Greenland, was speaking of "the melting of the big ice", how he lives near glaciers which were 5 miles thick and now are 2, how for the first time in thousands of years there are TREES - 15 ft. tall, how his people are walking on EARTH in many areas for the first time in tribal memory. 
You see, this is information sourced from a true human with no agenda. Does this have anything to do with Al Gore? See, maybe I'm gonna come up with my own "litmus test". What's up with these fucking web-writers and bloggers who are so rabidly insistent with their denial and obfuscation and agenda-driven narcissistic need to be 'authorities' and obsessed with arrogantly flaming anyone who questions or disagrees with their pronouncements? "No, no, no, goddamnit, it's gotta be global cooling", there can't be any warming!!!" Sheesh! Get a clue. Do any of them give a shit that they are playing stupidly right into the corporate-matrix mind-fuckery, and the wetikos are laughing all the way to the bank? It's called complexity, what else is new? 
SotT's big into this shit, as well as "no human involvement" (and absolutely no such thing as geoengineering - so shut the fuck up, you nutty conspiracy theorists!). Oh, please! But so are many others, those claiming 'propaganda-free', but they will be named here too.

Swallowing that shrill shit about open borders and hordes of alien terrists? 
Have a look at the new film featuring Ed Harris and Michael Peña - Frontera. Simply a well-done human story that cuts through a good portion of the BS. Yeah, it's what many of us have always known, but...for the confused, or anyone appreciating natural human reality as well as the complexity of the situation, it's a great film. 

There's another thing that has bothered me for several years. There was some bad publicity regarding PETA a while back which blew up into a big "news item(s)", especially on the so-called alternative media, and was duly repeated and commented-on ad nauseam by the usual suspects. It had to do with "PETA kills animals". The usual suspects include SotT, Rense, Truthseeker, Huffpo, Visible's blogs, and many others who like to jump on opportunities to spew cool-sounding cynicism to bolster their impressive credentials of how they are our best source of information on the all-pervasive, wall-to-wall corruption everywhere all the time. 
Well, sorry to burst the hate-PETA bubble, but the whole story was a bullshit, cherry-picked distortion of the facts, promoted by a wetiko-corporate-funded, astro-turf, ag-gag-law-promoting scam called "Center for Consumer Freedom", and another demented wacko named Nathan Winograd who obsesses over his idea that no-kill shelters are the only answer to animal overpopulation, and who put up "peta-kills-animals-dot-com" and similar facebook pages.
Another example of a complex situation. But don't just take my word for it. You can read the whole detailed story HERE. The way humans are capable of self-compromising is truly fascinating, both those who live the lies and those who repeat the lies.

Ingrid Newkirk, director of PETA has spoken about "killing", when she started out in a municipal animal shelter. She made it her business to personally euthanize daily before the rest of the staff came in, because they were so incompetent, cruel, and unfeeling. 
Funny, that's exactly what I had to do for 3 years in what was truly a 3rd-world shelter in this small city. She said she had to kill a thousand animals. I didn't exactly do the injections (a compassionate vet was there for that), but I personally held each one of 2000 animals as they were humanely euthanized. Anyone who's worked at a shelter know what that's all about. I spoke to them, sang to them, stroked them, cuddled them, thanked them, praised them, and prayed for them all; and wept for each and every one of them. My associate and I did cut the euthanasia numbers by half in that period, doubling the adoptions.
So, if you want to know the authentic human-reality version of events, and not the sensationalizing bullshit hate-mongering version, read the above tale.

One more thing on the "human level": if anyone's unsure or confused about transhumanism or 'the singularity', you might check the following essay - 
Transhumanism: the Anti-Human Agenda
[I have read Dowbenko's stuff for years and find him trustworthy.] 
I only bring it up because there are bloggers who promote themselves as "human", but seem to buy into various aspects of this trend. (They also talk up the militarist and exceptionalism crap, so...just...beware.)

On a completely different track, I have to say, I love this guy's complexity. I just found the blog. It's maybe the best sacred geometry site I've seen. This is a subject close to me for last 40 years, since I first discovered Indian temple architecture, and soon after, John Michell and Keith Critchlow. Here's a link to one posting, but there's much to explore (and, wow, no 'authoritative' ANSWERS, just brave curiosity with disciplined research): Secrets in Plain Sight.

This is kind of strange and wonderful, a human/animal story, enjoy.
UPDATE: Fabulous vid from the Senate! -
“Grandfather look at me, I am standing here struggling, I am defending grandmother earth and I am chasing peace."

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