Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 'Forbidden' Act Spreads

Edit: Cindy Moseling, who's been caring for the dying pelicans near Jacksonville, Florida, says "The birds are telling us something, the birds are screaming as loud as they can, and no one's listening."

Edit: American activist Tom Falvey, 61, on FAST TO DEATH regarding Japan's Whaling Fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The dolphins being captured for slaughter off Taiji, Japan are now committing suicide as their families are killed. They bash themselves against the sharp rocks, and while some slowly die, others are pulled off by the same people who "train" them in local shows, and stabbed repeatedly to die a horrific agonizing death.

This is how the world and the human race treats humanity's most beloved more-intelligent-than-human sentient beings. Sentient non-human persons revered for thousands of years, never recorded to have ever harmed any human, even while being killed; who have saved numerous humans throughout history in every ocean on Earth. Japan's embassies tell me they are getting many calls about this, but it hasn't stopped nor slowed. Save Japan's Dolphins and Sea Shepherd are on the scene documenting this horror daily, but are unable to intervene because any activity other than witnessing will be cause for arrest and deportation.

So, what is the answer? Millions more calls are asked for, as well as absolute boycotts of everything Japanese, boycotts and actions against all marine mammal shows world-wide, and more volunteers on site. But I don't know if these things will stop the slaughter. There's obviously too much money involved, and the rich elites around the world also buy dolphins for their Abu Dabai swimming pools.
I'm pretty convinced that the life-hating wetikos and the devic realm are in the final battle for the survival or the total extinction of all sentience on Mother Earth. I started my grieving process long ago. We don't know how we and dem gonna work dis out.

I notice how a Tunisian revolution was started by a self-immolation, and then there were another 8 or more of the same, all in Islamic North African countries this last week. We remember the Buddhist monks in Vietnam, as well as my former high-school classmate who self-immolated at UCLA in 1970, which didn't stop the slaughter in Vietnam either. But maybe such a drastic act would shake up the Japanese people. Then again, someone self-immolated in front of a fur outlet last year, and he was branded as 'disturbed', and it was barely noticed. Just my random thoughts these last couple days as I ponder the almost universal sleepiness and brain-deadness of the masses of so-called humanity.

There is infinite savagery going on against humans, the feminine, and all sentient beings, as well as mass animal suicides, strandings, and deaths, throughout the world today, primarily by the "greatest purveyor of violence in the world" (MLK), and it's client capitalist-and-zionist crime syndicates, including a couple hundred miles south of here in Juarez and almost everywhere in Mexico. Corporate demonic entities poison all elements necessary for life - most of amerika's GMO crops are grown in its national wildlife refuges (look it up). It's illegal to call for the overthrow of things called 'government', but 'governments'  job is mainly to create the illusion of 'governing', not to actually control chaos and anarchy and the predations of enemies of humanity and all lifeforms, and facilitate the wetiko demons' holy crusade. Only some hugely disturbing psychological atrocity witnessed by millions could possible make the asleep spontaneously arise and stop the machinery of the death-cult with the understanding that their, and Earth's, survival is on the line. If it doesn't happen then Earth dies from billions of small cuts.

Not the kind that Killer-Barbie has on her couch, but the real actual living 'mamma grizzlies' perhaps will roar and join with Maa Kali on the battlefield as told by the ancient Vedic historians, remember their forgotten shamanic-warrior knowledge and surround the true sources of the infectious pandemic. Recalling their millions of tortured lives at the hands of the down-pressors, they may reap retribution on the identified imposters and perhaps, in the nick of time, force a return to a ruthless, uncompromisingly sane human society living in the Fifth World Sun.

All those incurably infected can easily be ID-ed by their reactions to such things as this video, and by many easy methods of determining empathetic human responsibility. Any normal human being can clearly identify what's portrayed here as nothing short of cold-blooded murder. True humans will have to decide what to do with those who fail the tests. They will be guided and supported by all devoted consciousnesses in all the realms of Life, and those consciousnesses are right now engaged and are calling out to us to join them in this prophesied divine order to SHOW UP.



Burnie said...

I got 24 seconds in and could not continue. Kali of the dark forest is going to make an appearance, not because of anything I think, the scales have to be balanced. This cannot continue. If I told you I am crying I would be truthful. If I told you I wish great harm on the monsters I would be truthful, I just don't understand how to reconcile the two emotions. It seems absolutely clear that non violence is on the path of illumination. To do otherwise is more of what we have. I will assist in whatever way I can with that as my weapon. By my emotions I feed the one conscienceness light as it feeds me light, we are the one thing. That is all I know.

Anonymous said...

desecrating sanctity
ruptured earth and sky
shattered equilibrium
chasing hurtful lie
living death unnatural
victims slowly bleed
the greed of pig unsatisfied
killing all it see
natured minds in observance
focused in profound
lifting inner harmony
height of seven sounds
rising living fire
light in burst vibrate
integrity charging
with essence of wide awake


Anonymous said...

bho,burnie,good stuff..neil

bholanath said...

burnie -
beautifully put, same emotions and same clarity on the path.
and "that is all I know" too.

neil -
thank you for appropriate poetics.

Anonymous said...

57 Buffalo just died on a farm in N. Y. of a mysterious disease that nobody can figure out. More bird deaths in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

This is so traumatizing but that is nothing to watch these poor innocent angels are going through in the ocean.
I'm so distraught and without words, only a mixture of sadness and anger and all I can do from here is pray and pray and scream and pray and yell and pray for divine justice to enter every one of our veins so we and the godessess of all lands and all winds and all ocens and all fires can change and balance things out NOW!