Sunday, January 9, 2011

The McJust-us Shitstem - a review

Anyone with a little time on their hands and a search engine can find that the number and types of so-called "crimes" being added to the books has long ago reached the point of insane absurdity. No one with a couple of brain cells still wonders why that is happening here in the "greatest nation in the history of the world", the land of the WTF and the home of the chicken-shit, ponerized, all-conforming 'rugged individuals', moronically and delusionally-imprisoned "free". The so-called 'just-us' shitstem creates the "crimes", creates the financially and resourcefully massive "enforcement" infrastructure, creates more and more "criminals", while the actual criminals are the lawmakers, the financiers, and the enforcers in the 'legal'-industrial complex. All levels of political, financial, military, judicial, corporate, educational, and media enterprises are loaded with criminal 'wetikos' whose crimes against humanity and the natural world go unreported and unpunished. Their wonderful system has created, facilitated, and protected the world-wide criminal mafia networks infecting all societies. The euro-amerikan example has been enthusiastically embraced by all the many client-dictator-states everywhere, except for those horrible "commie", "lefty", hold-outs down south and a few other obscure corners, which of course don't even exist in the minds of the proud-of-their-ignorance western-'culture' populations. They have been wildly successful in spreading their psychic virus, to where beheadings are at an all-time high (since the late 1700s), 50,000 penta-gone employees are purchasing child-porn with your money daily, sarah-barbie-killer-whore inspires wacked-out Afghanistan vet to waste libruls plus a few kids, while the morons bob their heads at the news that animal deaths and extinctions are caused by fireworks, chinese-lanterns and tree-sitters.

So, let's review the data.
Near about one out of every hundred citizens is in the just-us shitstem. With 5% of the world's population we have 25% of the world's incarcerated, the highest per capita rate on the planet. Approximately 2.4 million @ average $24 grand per year cost of upkeep.
There are 141,000 'lifers". And add to the total the 100,000 juveniles in those lovely facilities they gift us with, from their deep interest in the welfare of our children.
Matter of fact, there are 7.5 million kids who have a parent in chains in cages, so you know they really care about the future generations, don't you?
Did we mention that over 50% of the "criminals" are in for non-violent "crimes"? I hope you're not thinking that money or greed has anything to do with this. Thinking that way is also a crime, you know, so banish those thoughts.
Actually, the total in the shitstem, including parolees and probationers, is 7.3 million,  so see we're talkin real money here. Oh wait, I didn't mean to say that.

Maybe we should break some of this down. Ok. So we got 1 out of 106 white people imprisoned, 1 out of 36 Hispanics, and, surprise surprise, 1 out of 15 African -americans. We're damned proud of our White Citizens' Councils, I mean, hell, where would we be if they hadn't financed the MLK,Jr hit? The Mississippi gov-ner said they're still good-ol-boys, continuing the good fight for god's universal feudal-slavery kingdom-on-earth.
Speaking of Mississippi, sorry to say they didn't make the top big-3 of incarceration-land sweepstakes. Leading is...the envelope, please....Louisiana!, with a spectacular 1 out of every 55 folks behind bars. Man, they sure got shit under control there. Georgia is lagging behind in second place with only 1 out of 70 folks eating shit on their chain-gangs. And, of course, our favorite state, Texas, in close third with a 1 out of 71 score. Of course we all know Texas wins hands-down in executions, but that's because they all have bigger dicks and you don't mess with them.
Anyway, it all adds up to being about 70% non-white in that human throw-away world.
In the female prison/jail population, naturally 50% are African-amerikan too. The female numbers are up about 750% since 1977. The mothers-in-prison number about 70,000 and, just like the prison-industrial-complex stock figures, that's up 122% in last 20 years.
You can guess what charges most of these women were jailed under. Grams of weed or crack, whackin their pimps, "daddies", or abusive old-men, shoplifting bread from 7-11s.

In the "federal" pens, most prisoners were convicted on either drug or "public order" charges. The "public order" mostly includes "immigration violations" - up 103% since 2000. Of the 100,000 in the fed joints, 50% are from "drug crimes".
Amazing, huh?
The numbers of Political Prisoners in this country is growing by the day, including even lawyers and advocates of other political prisoners. And the war on indigenous continues unabated. Native amerikans/First Nations peoples and their defenders and leaders also make up a disproportionate percentage of inmates. [See the important article linked at the end of this post.] I also don't want to exclude mentioning that there's quite a number of federal prisoners who have been convicted of "property crimes" during monkey-wrenching capers against forestry, GMO-corporate, animal-abuse, "development", and luxury-product dealers, enterprises and such. Some of these non-violent "criminals" are rotting away with draconian long sentences in solitary holes and in the CMUs, previously mentioned here, aka "communication management units" in the new shiny "SuperMax" facilities popping up everywhere in neighborhoods near you. I wonder if they have gift-shops for the relatives with major-brand outlets and souvenier tee-shirts.
There are estimated to be 50,000 individuals presently in solitary confinement cells around the country. Fifty thousand. 
Perhaps the biggest injustice is the practice of plea bargaining, now almost universal. The "offer you can't refuse". 

In that 50% non-violent category in all institutions, of the current trend in the "war-for-drugs" (like the war-for-poverty, and the war-for-terror), the "drug"-arrest rate stands at least at 52% for marijuana charges. Last figures for 2009 show 860,000 prosecuted for pot - that works out to 98 per hour, year-round. I would venture to conclude that the vast majority are not related to "mexican cartels", nor into beheading. Much is for "possession", low-level dealing, and small-scale cultivation, because it's easy for the criminal "enforcement" "authorities" to rake in easy money, with little risk to their massively-overarmed 'swat' boys (former war-criminals), off of house/property/vehicle confiscation, etc. We wouldn't want our brave boys going up against real "bad-guys", better they assault peaceful, gentle young people, women and elders and not get an owie. Oh, right, that's what this country's founding principles are, so its a "tradition".
Anyone who doesn't know what Prohibition 2.0 is all about is terminally comatose. Prohibition is a fantastic scam done for 4 reasons: vast  profits for the petrochemical and 'forestry' industries; vast profits for the big mafia cartels supported by the cia/dea/usaid/alphabet-soup freaks; vast profits for the just-us freaks including d.a.'s, corrupt cops, prosecutors, judges, prison corps, etc. (with kick-backs to politicians); and fascist oppression of spiritual freedom. So: money, money, money, and control. I don't even want to go into the crack, coke, and meth worlds. People who've exposed those areas have historically been suicided. That picture seems to be perfectly fine to most of the so-called humans in this vile, ugly 'culture', with the wetiko virus coursing through their meridians to the point of saturation. They're also OK with the FDA decreeing that no citizen has any natural "right" to determine what food they eat or feed their children (look it up).

Bottom line: it seems perfectly OK also that herbs such as ganja, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, etc., which have all been used as sacred medicine for thousands of years on every continent by responsible medicine men and women, as well as the imbibers themselves can be demonized and labeled "criminals" and imprisoned. But this war on herbs and herbalists has been going on for about a 1000 years, at the cost of millions of lives. Ganja itself has been widely used in Asia forever, and is associated with, and considered a gift from the Goddess. So, there's that "pagan" thing again, which is actually the root of the problem. 

We could go on about all the secret 'black-site' prisons and torture-chambers abroad, and likely on domestic military bases, but I'm getting nauseous typing about the subject now. Just remember when you hear on your approved propaganda outlets that another major criminal ring, or some dangerous extremist/activist has been busted after months and millions of investigative dollars, it probably won't have anything to do with the real psychos and criminals running around in the millions in your towns, institutions, corporations; bankers and wall-st. shitheads, slavers, polluters, genociders, pornographers, drug-mafiosos, food-poisoners, pharma-demons, psycho-cops, or any of their politician check-writers and check-cashers. There's also the millions who think that the "system is working" and that, just like on teevee on CSI-Miami, noble heroes are working round the clock to solve the terrible crimes that afflict our orderly society under siege from terrists, furriners (messikans, moozlims), and lazy socialistic freeloader criminals. Regarding these specimens of moronity who love to spew their ignorance in comments all over the public web, I trust they will soon be shown their place in the queue for the great exciting adventure-ride called 'abyss-plunge'.

For an extremely articulate exposé on this subject, please see the article, published in August of last year, entitled "Political Prisoners in America", by Stephen Lendman, for a thorough analysis, further information and references to this dangerous plague of McJustice rampant in good ol USA

"Set the captives free!" - all of them/us, human and non-human. It may not matter to you today, but what if tomorrow it happens to a relative or loved-one? You will have to find out at that point "what it means". Can you see the walls in the distance?


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I've followed your blog for many months, but not chimed in till now.

This post is awesome! As is the article you linked. Thank you.

Light Keeper

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