Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cove Guardians Safe in Japan, Tsunami of Change

From Steve Thompson: (via Cyber Whale Warrior)
"I’m looking for iodine pills in reaction to the Fukushima nuclear release. Japan has not always been forthright in open and honest regarding health issues...
Taiji dolphins pens were pushed into the rocks in six surges. Cries were audible to Aussie observer. He is trying to leave town.
Kansai area (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto seem unaffected by the waves or earthquake damage)....
Screams were heard from dolphins from an Aussie near the area. He went safely up Tsunami Hill. Sorry to report that none of the dolphins were seen to have escaped. Boats did get out to ride out the waves."
Steven Thompson in The Cove
 From Sea Shepherd web site:
"After more than twenty-four hours since we last heard from them, Sea Shepherd Director of Investigations Scott West was able to call his wife Suzanne to report that he and the entire Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian crew are alive and unharmed.
They had to abandon their two cars in the devastated port city of Otsuchi where they spent the night on a hill. The entire town around them was destroyed. They walked out over scattered debris, roads that were completely wiped out, and walked past numerous dead bodies amidst piles of rubble.  At one point yesterday they saw and heard a woman in the water screaming for help, but she was washed out to sea before they could do anything to rescue her.
The Cove Guardians went to Otsuchi to document the slaughter of Dall’s Porpoise. Every year the fishermen slaughter over 20,000 of these gentle creatures.  They had just filmed a fishing boat returning from a porpoise hunt when they saw the water in the harbor receding and they immediately headed for high ground.  The time from the Earthquake to the Tsunami striking Otsuchi was about eight minutes.
The Cove Guardians were right in the midst of the most devastating Tsunami to ever hit Japan, and we are thankful they have all survived and are well."
Otsuchi, Japan - Credit: Sea Shepherd

At this point, the world is watching how many nukes are gonna blow - the ones made by GE, owners of S&MSNBC. And there have been, what, 500+ aftershocks? It's all about the 'high ground', in all senses, now. And miso and seaweed.

Still trying to get my head around the seemingly all-pervasive death-wish of the human race. The only thing I can think of is the ten thousand year old wetiko infection that's now near universally accomplished. Sorry, all you "detached" spiritual types, I just don't  buy the Divine Plan concept, but see the necessity of periodic purification. Like, maybe some amusement park day-trip 'dream' to experience, for a moment, this Island of Jewels planet through the eyes, ears, and noses of wolves, bison, coyotes, cats, hawks, dolphins - then go back to some timeless frolicking in the godhead? Yes, we're all "just passing through", but not just once, obviously. Boddhisatva-ship idea is interesting, yet I never got that it was the whole story. Never could trust any religions, either. Could there be a soul upgrade to another plane/planet/cosmos where we and all our resonating souls (of plants, seas, mountains, animals, clouds, lightning) get to hang, without the shithead life-haters, and create and develop our love-personhood?
Some tiny number of us have been there, done that, yet none but a few indigenous people have shared knowledge with us about multi-species consciousness. There's so much beauty virtually unexplored for so many millenia. What kind of a cockamamie idea was it to put dozens of nuclear plants on an island smack in the middle of Earth's biggest earthquake zone? Asian cultures are no wiser than any other place. You'd think after Hiroshima...But they genocided the Aino long before, and succumbed to "kingship", anti-life 'honor'-codes, and racism and all the other wetiko symptoms, total fear of 'rocking the boat', and chosen denial of the obvious - they were rejecting authentic Life and humility for materialist illusion. So, exactly as in the West. The West's tsunami-moment will also come, and these disasters, human and environmental, are tragic in the extreme. We have to do it all 'the hard way', always have, apparently. They were eating entheogenic mushrooms 6000 years ago in Spain and 9000 years ago in Algeria. Religions took care of that, or at least they thought so. Anyway, the main thing brought away from that sacred medicine route is an erasure of the fear of death. I don't fear death, nor whatever follows, but would be sad to lose the immediacy of infinite beauty here, as well as feeling all the shit, the emotions, the bodily interpenetration of all elements and consciousnesses, the love - expressed through sound, visual-art, motion, pulse/wave, touch and body-language - expressed by all life-forms. We've come so far in our human culture to announce that 'science' discovered that a chicken expresses empathy among its kind. One more example to me that we are probably in for a planetary "restart", and that's probably why I'm contemplating the Japan earthquake/tsunami being a major part of the coming attractions for the majority of life-forms; and what is really truly important at this moment in the now to move toward next, out of the stillnesses. Most likely: what's in front of my face and needing to be done, and what is required by those around me. I won't be workin' a sandwich-board and waitin' around for the dude-in-robes to arrive on a cloud. Just hope 'they' stay mostly out of our way in the time we have left here.

A 60+ year old Albatross mom, named "Wisdom", with her newest chick: 

Close to my age, but definitely seen more of the world...

Girls' "Song of Peace" from movie "Swing" by Tony Gatlif:

Lyrics in Romany, Arabic, French, and Yiddish -
Dear friends,
I've got drunk.
Fully drunk.
Full of unchangeable love.
The love that never gives me up.
Come to sing.
Drink as the order.
To get drunk.
All is filled.
All will be...
Let the soul...
...filled with love.
For the fire of love.
We burnt our skins.
To empty ourselves.

We are filled with love.....


Anonymous said...

Ten percent of the worlds volcanos, sitting on a place where several tectonic plates come together with 55 nuclear plants. The prognosis does not look good for them.

Well it certainly doesn't look to good for many of us. I am surrounded by power plants on the coast. Wonder what it will be like when Cumbre Viejo goes? It is probably safe to say I won't be on the net.

su said...

Beautiful post.
A purification which leads to wisdom hopefully.
What does one do at a time like this.
How does one console not in words but through spirit.
I cannot imagine the sense of loss and emptiness affecting so many right now.

Dublin Mick it certainly does appear as if Cayce did see then what we now see unfolding.

To all I wish strength and in the midst of the chaos may serenity find and hold us in a tender embrace - despite the chaos and change.

Anonymous said...

Su the first time I began reading Cayce decades ago something inside me just told me hey this the way it is going down. It wasn't always fun, my daughters used to warn friends about not worrying when dad started talking about the crazy shit, just ignore him. LOL I used to tell them we had to get off the San Andreas faultline or die!! Now we are by the Gulf of Mexico and I am done moving. Couldn't sell a house anyway.

Some new stuff showing up all over the web now on Japan.

Anonymous said...

ALERT: Ontario Nuclear Plant Reports Leak & 4.3 Earthquake In Quebec. Ontario Power Generation has notified Canada’s federal nuclear regulator about the release of 73,000 litres of demineralized water entered into Lake Ontario. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission stated“The radiological risk to the environment and people’s health is negligible.

See there is nothing to worry about now go shopping!

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Dark War