Thursday, March 17, 2011

What More Can You Say?

Viral video (3 million +) below. Accompanying comments say these friends are in veterinary care. 
I think I have said about all I can about human loss of sanity, the alienation from the natural world, the takeover of all social systems, the karma of materialist pursuits, the abandonment of the social contract, the ignorance of interdependence, the cowardice and failure to act decisively against the wetiko pandemic, and all that has gone the way of cumulative degeneration of consciousness over the past 10 thousand years. 
I, with the local clans and posses, now remain in constant prayer, ceremony, and service to all our relations in whatever ways present themselves, in these moments and hours remaining to celebrate the incomparable gift of human birth on our Mother planet in communion with our wise teachers such as those depicted here. Protect and love. 

 Another example from recent Brazil floods and mudslides....
 The video, the unceasing teaching transmission:

A new friend who yesterday gifted us with 2 prayer feathers:


Endwell Road said...

Words cannot express what I feel when viewing this. You would have to listen to the cells in my body cry out in anguish and recognition at the true meaning of love.

I weep in silence and would simply like to acknowledge and thank you for this post.

su said...

what a very beautiful source of prayer feathers.