Friday, July 1, 2011

All Species Share Love and Suffering

Pictures are so much better than words sometimes, especially in my case [age diminishes vocabulary?]. So, this is what I'm talkin' bout...No Speciesism Here. And that's precisely what the particular page is entitled on the Animal Liberation Front website. Links to more than 400 photos and videos..."photos in this section show relationships between two different species. Such relationships are not unusual. Animals don't have the emotional and cultural hang-ups that humans do, and they let pure heavenly love happen."
Being of the Love Tribe, I still use the words 'hate' and 'despise' for things hateful and despicable. Just sayin'. So these photo samples are posted to offset or balance contrasting sentiments from previous posts. The ALF photo-posters are, of course, considered by the PTW to be 'hateful', 'violent', 'terrorist',..etc., cough, puke...But these pics below, as "cute" as they are, are illustrations of the root source of our sentient emotional universe - the knowledge of how the world really is. They are from the wild, from wildlife rescues, from zoos, and from personal collections.
All photos published by
Monkey in India serving water to the blind
You know, all commonly accepted history is one big long depressing series of hoaxes. You already know that. All accepted-as-"normal" humans have always been insane...most notably 'experts' of practically every stripe, political and religious 'leaders' and 'spokespersons', official 'scientists', doctors, degreed 'therapists', most 'journalists' and editors, 'philosophers', 'businessmen'/entrepreneurs', self-styled 'educators', 'entertainers', and just about every other category of human endeavor taken oh so seriously by the collectivity of 'top of the food chain' species. It has always been this way...because, unlike all other species on the planet, humans have never really taken seriously the miracle of their embodied existence, their reason for being, their embeddedness within the interconnected web of (infinite) living consciousness. I don't know why that is, it just is. Maybe because we were genetically engineered from the earliest beginnings as gold-mining slaves of the Annunaki...but, I really don't know. It would perhaps be helpful to know, but nevertheless we are way past the breaking point leading to the assured demise of our own, as well as most other, species of living things in this corner of the galaxy.

This day in this particular corner of planet Earth the forest is burning 60 miles away at the edge of the demonic "premier national treasure" laboratory of the death cult; the very place where the death of the planet and all Life has been being concocted for the last 7 decades. We are enveloped in an unknown toxic blanket of smoke, the sun is obscured and eclipse-like and the light in the air is surreal; the lab has been dumping whatever the hell they feel like for the last 70-odd years in the surrounding forest and creeks. Everyone talks about the 'strange', 'unnatural', 'driven with a harmful intent' quality of the recent and ongoing fires, energies not experienced before, not in the previous close-call a decade ago when the fires spread the dumped toxins around with the monitoring of the air by various agencies lying out their asses. Around here the word is: "Veils? What fucking veils?".  'They' have turned the volume up to 11 and left the building. 'They' being the demonic entities, referred to by various names and designations throughout history, seldom believed to be 'real' by most or 'mythological' at best, by various religious belief systems, finally being noticed seriously only in the present century.
"Pole-shift is a bitch."

We need to be activating all our connectivity to the Devic realm, calling in all of whatever karmic 'notes' we might be having to request/invoke aid in bringing in a final disempowerment of all the machinations of the dark forces' omnicidal agendas, from weather and elemental catastrophes to the wars on Mother Earth's children everywhere. The Devic realm is just as fed-fucking-up as humans at this point. There is much power there. We have just forgotten to spend due time on that relationship, wandering traumatized through centuries in a materialist dream-scape. Entice the Devas to arise and see our determination and commitment to join in alliance, and assess our worthiness to stand with them in the great circle and net of protection needed to be bound stronger than ever now. Our companion-species, as well as local wild-species friends, are the perfect messengers and representatives of the Devic world. Tell them everything, all your thoughts and desires. Mantra, dance, sing, drum, all works.
Right now I guarantee that all the Pueblos, Navajos, Apaches and their neighbors are doing this very thing with maximum power, since I've received emails and I-mails to that effect.
Wildlife is taking a monstrously huge hit right now, as they did in the Gulf of Mexico. Bird young are just hatching or have not fledged. Many parents are reluctant to abandon their young.

Situation is: there is an area at Los Alamos where they blew up over 100 tons (or was it 200?) of DU in the woods; there are tons of dioxin and PCBs also in the forest. Nice. And the fed "monitors" aren't monitoring these pollutants. Can't trust anything they say anyway.
My attitude is that, since the Santa Fe, Española, and Albuquerque economies are intimately tied to the Los Alamos, Sandia labs and peripheral industries, basically the whole damn state and most businesses, except the tourism sector, is guilty of participation in this demonic agenda, and there is gonna be karmic hell to pay. I despise the ignorant humans everywhere here who happily go about blindly living out their "freedom" and "merkin way of life" in their Range Rovers and Lexuses and Hummers while spitting and shitting on our Mother . The air and the light is totally surreal. Animals are agitated; my cat doesn't want to go outside. Many friends have packed up their kids and headed off to Colorado.We hear strange bombers flying overhead above the smoke at night - not 'tankers' - and we wonder about our gardens...
We of course are deeply disturbed at what the demonic militarist evil empire is doing from Mexico to Afghanistan to Gaza to Libya and everywhere in between, but dealing with the land and wildlife here is about all we can handle. At least the fucking death-cult Labs are shut down, even though it's now the largest fire in New Mexico history at 103,000 acres and still 3% containment.

My final question is: IF THEY CAN STEER RAIN INTO NEBRASKA AND SOUTH DAKOTA (see the radar signatures), CAN THEY STEER RAIN AWAY (AND INCREASE WIND) IN NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA???? Locals, btw, say they've never experienced continuous winds for so long in their lifetimes.


su said...

Opened this blog whilst the piece "the love of a princess' from Braveheart was playing.
That top image with the tiny ape with large eyes and the white bird captivated me entirely.
The music played and the spirit drank in that image.

su said...

That presentation of flying elephants is so exquisite. Such profound beauty.

su said...

And then I read your words.
Tears fall.
Yes we must call on the Devic realm.
Prayers for us all.
May the madness end now. Right now.

bholanath said...

Thank you, Su -
There is a second part of the video on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

ever loves
essence bounds
rivers stream
sense of found
pounding ocean
forest breeze
calm of fire
brush the seas
summer stars
full and whole
drawn in deep
love does sew
flowing union
colors touch
living life
reaching up


chickory said...

did you receive the email that was going around of stray or abandoned dogs and cats being rescued after the missouri floods? they would put each new find in the back of the car, dogs, cats...and they all just curled up together without drama. I loved this images especially the dog a polar bear.

I am flying to albuquerque this thursday for a long planned visit with 2 of my blogging friends. and i probably wouldnt because of the DU and God knows what else they infected the land around LANL with -but i finally reached the point where I realize i am going to get burned by this nightmare one way or the other anyway. so i am going on this trip.

about just being. nothing is never enough. you gotta make a pile of dough, or be good looking -or both. Its never enough that you just are. the puffery that follows is the worlds woes.

su said...

Part 2 -
words cannot capture the power and beauty therein.
thank you for the link.