Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reflections In The Troubled Waters

Desperation is being enacted out on so many levels, in so many arenas, it's pretty much impossible for a singular fragile human mind to track it all, contain the immensity, and come to any coherent comprehension, some kind of overstanding, a grasp of the trajectory to which we are heading. Despair alternates with elation, a sort of cosmic bi-polar syndrome with tragedy and miracles witnessed and noted but not integrated. Our personal lives as well as collective events are filled with accelerated maximized emotional impacts, one closely folllowing the previous. How is this riding the 'novelty' wave workin' for you?

Our small town is reeling from three youth suicides in the past week. Two were bridge-jumpers in the Rio Grande gorge, the third involved a gun. Tomorrow a (hopefully well attended) walk/pilgrimage and ceremony to the bridge will be held in an attempt at healing and awareness-raising. Though I didn't personally know the youths, I know from my sources that the apocalypse wasn't working out for them on many levels in this particular dimension. I just know that that's a pretty intense decision process to go through, too. Believe me, I've been there. Maybe the difference was that I was specifically imploring the Goddess/God to allow my turning over the question completely into Her hands. That the situation contained too many unknowns for me to make any kind of judgment on 'my' destiny. Obviously, I did not go over that particular railing.

Part of what's happening is the 'panic' state prevailing, referred to recently, with a large quantity being manufactured, and animal instinct doing the rest. The wetiko predator's mind-fuck machine is turned all the way up and all the stops have been pulled out. Of course this exposes the twistedness, degeneracy, and soullessness of the cannibalistas. Recent examples include the Monster Bill to Kill Our Environment, the "worst attack on the environment Congress has ever launched", including 50 insane riders to "kill every major safeguard protecting our air, water, land, and wildlife". Well, it's 'monstrous' all right. 

Again, closer to home, Game and Fish Department Colludes With Industry Groups. Seems the Trappers Association, the Cattlegrowers (sic) Association, Livestock Bureau, Sheep Foundation, Council of Outfitters and similar groups did some hangin out with the 'higher-ups' of the GFD boys before they had their little state-wide "public hearings" in some out-of-the-way boondock town of 3000 regarding the future of trapping in New Mexico and set the stage for expanded trapping on public lands. The psycho governor is pleased to see the war on Life proceeding as she campaigned for. Her "special commission" also just lifted the previous governor's ban on trapping the MEXICAN LOBO "under a veil of secrecy". Yeah, there's as many as possibly 50 (FIFTY!) left in the state. Panic opportunity alert.

Wetikos rule! And they seem to have about as much self-control as the severely consciousness-impaired bloviating voices in much of the media, including the web. All shall be least we can bank on that. As for the 'alternative/conspiracy' sector of the net, it's so informative to read things like how Al Martin describes the victims of the ['regrettable'] Norway event: "weak-kneed, limp-wristed, faint-hearted, and spineless". Niiiice. He forgot 'hippies' [who stand up for Palestine]. Does anyone get that? A guy like that will print an article by John Lash, then say shit like that. Of course all these type sites are a mixed bag. The litmus test for me is: do they sell "investment advice"? If so, it's idiotville; I will not be sitting around their campfire when that day comes. Desperately defending capitalism [and 'consevatism', whatever the hell that is] with their last breath. Where do things like the following (as enumerated by Steven Lendman recently) legacies of the last 30 years come from?: disdain for working folk, contempt for rule of law and human rights, support for concentrated wealth, power and militarism, sweeping deregulation, 'free trade', offshoring, war on drugs and other nonviolent "crimes", tax cuts for 'elites', social program cuts, support for global despots, death squads and star wars, contempt for gays and coloreds and poor....we could go on. I mean, its bad enough that the so-called "liberals" play along, contribute, and enable, and never ID the naked emperors, but for human beings to actually take seriously the ideology that this program enhances their or any lifeform's existence, ahh it's all so '14th/15th Century'.  In a way, it makes perfect sense. I've said it before and I'll say it again: check out Caliban And The Witch. That is, unless you reeealy reealy liked the '50s, and it was the 'time of your life' - the disneyland facade of the grand illusion. It's common knowledge that it's a big problem for the Wetikos when there's too much respect for the Sacred Feminine goin on anywhere. That's always been the first pronouncement to the newly-conquered 'savages'. A big piece of our way out of here is in that 'witch' thing. In a 21st Century kind of way. Dispensing with the ancient upside-down narrative.

The sicko animal-abusers from Texas' E6 Cattle Co. (calf farm) got off with probation and small fines for their misdemeanor charges, at least the owner did, following the Mercy For Animals exposé. The absconded 'employees' are charged with felonies, natch. The just-us shitstem works!

In case anyone didn't know, Namibia is now ground-zero for the global seal-skin slaughter 'market'. Canada's practically out of the picture (but not completely). And one dude, who was shown previously on this site, is basically pulling the strings from Istanbul. Sea Shepherd people have barely escaped with their lives documenting the atrocities now taking place, including the bulldozing of the bloody mess under the sand immediately after so tourists can come oooh and aaah while they snap home videos at the 'cute' seal colony. Norway does differently - they sell 'tours' for a few hundred bucks to go and shoot a baby seal, or watch the 'professionals' club them. These and other strange articles can be found at the website.

How's the Mercury-Neptune-Chiron combo-with-added-retro-Uranus-Pluto/Ninth Wave/Pole-Shift/Signs-and-Portents-Vibe looking like it's shaping up to you? Stalemated polarization - is that where we are? My trusted sources tell me the Devic Realm is pretty distressed at the bleakness. That would be us included; we are not separate.
Onward to the next flower-covered mourning shrine....we will find the strength to stand tall together and artfully uphold the positive vibrations, as we have risen to it in the past, as our ancestors and lineages have done for countless generations. Definitely powerful medicine is being invoked in private, as well as publicly, together and solo. Our only 'plan' can be: exercising, fully activating, the nurturing medicine ways within us in ever more powerfully focussed creativity in resonance with our ever-evolving mayashakti and prakritishakti of our Earth Mother. And preserve in memory and share all the miracles that happen in each of our lives, like the precious oral teachings to our grandchildren that they are. I personally admit I don't have much energy for anything else. 


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nina said...

Emotionally powerful from the heart post.

The bridge is shocking, these kids must have been in absolute irreparable misery. Bless them. May the lessons be learned and gains made somehow in the next journey.

Looking forward to getting into Caliban. Thank you Bho.

Love, nina