Sunday, July 7, 2013

UPDATED - Removing Smoke-Detector Batteries

[UPDATE below]
For last four months I've been quietly muttering to acquaintances about this "evil wind". Been here 23 years, never seen it like this. Every single day - for 4 months - terrific winds swirl through here, bending trees precariously, rattling the roofs above me and throughout the neighborhood. Dark clouds gather, but drop little rain. A sick feeling grows in the gut - something about it is just really 'off'.
Now that I've watched this video (and studied this phenomenon for 14 years), and realize the connection to our daily massively chemicalized skies, it all makes sense. View this updated version of Geoengineering Watch's vid, and see where we are currently at. Share with everyone...that's right, hurt your friends' feelings if necessary (heh).
Are you confused, or just annoyed, at the 'debate' over human-caused climate change? While we can question whether the 'geoengineers' actually fit the description of 'human', it still tends to support the anthropogenic concept. Hell, most of the human race participates and, in effect, supports the shitstem comprising this (shop much today?), and all the other aspects, of the purely evil death culture/war-on-creation, so one would have to conclude that, yes, "climate change" is man-made, and not some damn natural cycle of the damned Sun or whatever part of the galaxy we (or a bunch of wack-shit websites and blogs) might imagine to hold the blame. 
Amazon Pink River Dolphin

I guess I finally put something together yesterday. I am going to throw out my own intuitive/experiential perspective here: that most, if not all, 'other' sentient individual beings, and species, are more consciously aware and connected up to 'source', by incalculable high orders of magnitude, compared to present-day humans. Further, it seems plausible that the archons/predator-mind have always been well aware that the Mother Earth and all her natural creatures, from insects to elephants, from rivers to mountains, are an inseparable intimately connected and interpenetrating self-regulating system. True humans, as well, can only be separated in the mind, but not in fact. Because of this, and the millions-of-years co-operation and collaboration of all elements and beings, we have, and still can occasionally, witness something like the Hopi snake dance bringing a rain-cloud burst upon the holy field, with the co-operation of the reptiles and the antelopes; or the same with a Pueblo-wide women's corn dance. Examples of this, historically and contemporary, are too numerous to list.

What I get about what's happening is that the massive, relentless assault on all creatures and all environmental elements is succeeding in pushing all sentient beings over the limit of combined stresses to the point where there is now insufficient energy within all the diverse collectives of species to effect the self-correction/co-operation processes. The Wetikos/predatory-Archons have been working toward this end for 10s of thousands of years (maybe 100s of thousands?). The 'geoengineering' shit has given them their final boost toward the end-game, and has brought in overwhelming technology that would require millenia to evolve sacred tecnologies to counteract and diffuse. The 'end-game' seems to be some sort of 'trans-humanism' - which in reality is a completely asinine bullshit made-up shit-for-brains infantile mental masturbation exercise. We're in this fucked up situation because 99.99999999% of human beings are nothing but narcissistic 10-year-olds - who should have 'died' around puberty (death of the child - awakening of the adult), as our distant ancestors did for most of history. (Having 'spiritual experiences' and doing 'religious practices' does NOT replace growing up to true adulthood!)

If the ancient gnostics, as well as most indigenous shamanic cultures, spoke of the presence of the predators, I'm not going to question what seems likely, given what we all perceive taking place. I'm also bored shitless hearing about lordly divine entities, immanently-arriving avatars, off-planet benevolent federations, and also the 'illusion' of maya creating, and resulting in, our unchangeable fated 'scripts' along with the 'all under control' platitudinous self-inquiry-stopping meme.  A bunch of mental feel-good self-medication. Like Jed McKenna says, "removing the batteries from the smoke detector so you can go back to sleep while your house is on fire". 
Compound of Five Tetrahedra

Not really in a bad mood here. The isolation, except for a few awake music collaborators, is soothing to the soul somehow. Mostly no one but adult children around anyway. They run everything now. More of them chatter up the airways and the internet. Racist children absolutely insisting on their non-racism. Fundamentalist children absolutely insisting on their open-mindedness. Control freaks absolutely insisting on their advanced level of detachment. I have no use for what passes as 'grown-up' conversation, so I usually revert to my strategy of appearing introverted and preoccupied with unspecified senior debilitations. And here's something all the 'experts' on 'immigration reform' might want to look at: US Border Patrol running drugs.

I will admit to breaking into a slight grin on hearing of the viral video of the dog-shooting in Hawthorne, CA resulting in hundreds thousands of death threats to the cops. I guess it's at least simple enough for 10-yr-olds to grok.
Once again this wonderfully 'progressive' town here blew off their fireworks show a block from the animal shelter on the 4th of July. People did show up to take up to 50 dogs home with them for the night. Can a place be 'progressive' while at the same time be run by a multi-generation mafia? I guess so. There's no where else to go. 
Hmmm....wait....Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia....hello?

We here have been searching for information on the original Pueblo tribe name for this place. We are in the forest a short walk from an ancient sacred hot spring. Yesterday a Pueblo man stopped by and answered our inquiry. I will not say the name, but this place is known as "kiva from the before world", and the name used refers to "sky people". 

Secondly, since these pages have covered the Wetiko phenomenon and the work of Paul Levy for a couple years since he first published his essays on the subject, I am recommending a new additional essay published July 1st (his book, Dispelling Wetiko came out in 2012). This is a must-read, and delves extensively into deeper aspects of the interdimensional reality of the psychic plague. IMO one of the most important pieces on our current situation, and what work has to be done -  
"The 'e'epa/wetiko virus can only be seen when we begin to realize the dreamlike nature of our universe, step out of the viewpoint of the separate self, and recognize the deeper underlying field of which we are all expressions, in which we are all contained, and through which we are all interconnected. The energetic expression of this realization, and the 'e'epa/wetiko virus dissolver par excellence, is compassion."
The Masters of Deception. READ IT HERE  



Anonymous said...

Even if the humans win this round as some say (3% enlightened humans now, which is a tipping point), what planet are we going to inherit?

... insufficient energy to self-correct?
... millenia to evolve sacred technologies to counteract and diffuse?


neal said...

And what if this realm is the last best and only hope?
There would be that whole deal with the venom, maybe die and live a long time, try to share the luck, and the curse, with breath, and touch, always like this. There is tech, that is a Catch 22, they erased too many, they have it, but not the instructions, that is what humans call politics, and green zones, and stargates.

I do not know about good guys. I know about gangsters and deals, and the ones who go feral, and have instructions, and are commanded to watch, and wait, and live, and die, and sneak stuff around.

Man make Machine, Machine eat Man. I do not make the damned rules, maybe poisoned, maybe live with it, hard to share that, in this place.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The death of a child is one of the most painful of experiences. I first encountered death while lost in the woods when I was age 6 or 7.

Although terrified, I remembered how to lift out of the form and move to an altitude whereby I could then regain my sense of direction. Upon landing again I quickly made my way back to the safety of the road.

Josh said...

Bho, what is your definition of a 'human being'? This concept seems nebulous to me. Without exact defined borders.

Here are my convictions/conclusions to date. I am a divine creator being. A sentient being. I know I am not alone.

I believe there may be other 'beings', or 'entities', in the universe/multiverse, that are not divine creator beings. One or more metaphysical/physical strains. Rhetorical question here, do they have to start out this way or can it happen along the way to any being? Other names we have for these types of 'beings' are wetiko, psychopath, maybe even a severely damaged human.

I know that when you begin to talk about what is a 'human being', you have to take into consideration the metaphysical/spiritual aspect along with the purely physical(genes, DNA) aspect. Once again I do have an idea of what it means to be a 'human being' but I do find the concept to be nebulous and without exact defined borders. I have a feeling much knowledge has been lost on this planet throughout the ages. Today, can even a few people truly define what it means to be a 'human being'?

Josh in North Carolina

Josh said...

Neal said..."And what if this realm is the last, best, and only hope"?

Neal I'm convinced our souls are immortal. None of this living in fear of anniliation. That doesn't feel right to me. But the experience of losing this planet, losing our home, yes, that is a sorrowful thing.

I do believe at some point we are bound for higher dimensions where negativity(pain, suffering, fear, sadness, anger, hate) do not exist. While we are here we keep putting one foot in front of the other and 'do' and 'be' what is possible in this reality.

Josh in North Carolina

bholanath said...

Josh -
Liking what you say, brother. I do understand how the term is somewhat nebulous. Our english language is limited too in this regard (spiritual matters). There is a lot more depth in Sanskrit and the various native tribal languages (our local pueblo never had a writing system, either), just as an example. Don Juan speaks of "true human beings", others speak of souled and unsouled, etc etc. I too believe in the great possibility of 'different strains', though my direct knowledge and experience is limited. But I know for sure that sentience is not limited to humans.
Our original connection has been broken or severed, on the whole as a species, but the opportunity to reconnect is available to many, and the path is not easy and perhaps requiring lifetime devotion/perseverance.
"Divine creator being" works for me!

neal said...

Higher things have their own problems, looking down on this place, not understanding. At best, apathetic, just like when men dream. Now, if you have skills, and wake some of that up, then you are responsible for the blowback.

It is a hell of a thing, to cast the small hope in this place, and try not to get anymore killed in the process.

So, if the Sky People are dreaming, then being more than a memory that is forgotten will involve what is not talked about, there is the War, it is not safe.

The dead live. It is worrisome that the majority are changing their minds about casting the fortunes in this place, it is hard not to give up that commandment to do no harm. Mutants are OK, the rest maybe is up to something else, that has more hope in the human form.

brian said...

Bho, I am thinking of leaving the USSA soon for somewhere else and your mention of Venezuela, etc caught my attention because your life story involved a sojourn in Asia at one time and you obviously drank deeply of what was offered there...So when you mention South America it catches my attention because I have been considering places in Central/South America and weighing that against somewhere like India/Nepal. So I wonder what your opinion is on the relative merits of Asia vs South America. I know that is very nebulous so I will try to sharpen it a bit. I recently reread a book that I was strongly moved by called A Different Kind of Luxury which profiles 11 people in Japan who live rurally in the mountains of Japan and grow their own food. Most are active in the arts on some way and all are also involved for many years in anti-nuke work. Several have travelled extensively in India at one time in their lives and some are involved with translating and publishing works from India and Nepal. Their stories were so inspiring to me because they seem to have simplified life in such a way that they were very grounded yet also had time for profound cultural work of various kinds. Really the book was very much about time, and how to free it up. How to disconnect from the machine and reclaim human life. So, when you speak of these other places, I wonder if this is part of your current consideration too, and if so, why you would not be talking about returning to, say, India instead of somewhere South?

brian said...

Josh, about psychopaths being a different type of being...I think that, under the Constitution of the United States of America, a psychopath's vote should count for 3/5 of the value of an "ordinary" non psychopathic citizen...just kidding!! But I also have pondered a little about what is going on with "human beings" definition-wise vis-à-vis "psychopaths," and the other day I held some interesting information about the matter on the radio. A man who teaches criminology at a university in the eastern USA claimed that in a study of about 40 suspected psychopathic people in prison for violent crimes, it was found that the structure of their brains were identifiably different from "normal" in the frontal cortex. This is the part of the brain that the capacity for impulse control is located, for one thing. This man's research has been used by advocates for ending capitol punishment on the grounds that these people's brains are damaged and they can't be held responsible in the same way as a normal person.
But then, the story got really interesting. This professor said that he had been in Turkey in connection with his work, and while he was there someone broke into his room during the night. He said that he always advises his students to "play possum" in such a circumstance rather than confront the intruder. However, he said that when it actually happened to him, he found that he instinctively jumped up and struggled with the man. The intruder got in a couple of good punches and attempted to slash the professor's throat, fortunately his knife blade had broken off to an inch in the struggle but he still cut the professor's throat pretty badly so he was not able to speak for a year afterwards, but he did survive. The interesting part, to me, was that now, the professor says he is schizophrenic on the issue of capital punishment, even though his own research argues against it "in theory," he says his body seems to feel "an eye for an eye" should be the law. So he confessed that conflict in himself, and I found that very interesting. I think Yogi Berra once expressed this mind-body dilemma as, "In theory there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is." Similarly, the difference is noted between "talking schools" and "practicing schools" in some spiritual traditions. I think, as Bho pointed out, that some traditions have much more sophisticated models for the structure of a human form than the "western" one, for example the Khoshas? or sheaths talked about in some traditions, where they say that the function of "will" for example, resides in one particular sheath, so aberrated behavior might indicate that this sheath has not developed yet, rather than that that being is not or never can be a "person." I have heard that a dolphin can commit suicide at will by holding it's breath. This information was once of great practical interest to me when I was being tortured by being held under water. I preferred to die but my body had other ideas that I was not able to countermand. I felt humiliated by this. Coincidentally, I saw something on water boarding last night on the internet. It said that Navy Seals undergoing it as part of their training only lasted seven seconds on average, so they don't do that as part of their training anymore because "it's bad for morale." HAHAHA!!!

bholanath said...

I'm on tour for next 5 days. Will have to get back to you.