Saturday, July 19, 2014

An Avatar Walks Into a Bar; Doe in the Window

So, this Avatar walks into a bar.....
Because she is an avatar, she has unimaginably unlimited powers (siddhis). She can simultaneously walk into every bar on every military base, mercenary "civilian contractor" and "intel" compound, every VFW hall, every legionaire's club, every VA facility and the like, in every corner of the world, in every land. She can simultaneously address every soldier and veteran of foreign campaigns from every colonial, imperialistic, and ideologically-driven war, past and present, and even the ghosts of "the fallen".

She captures every pair of eyes in her fierce gaze, and addresses each and every one thusly:
"OK, listen up, jack-ass sons-'o-bitches sissies, you fucking chicken-shit, unreflective, unrepentant, self-absorbed inhuman pieces of excrement - what the hell ever made you think you were deserving of 'support', respect, honor, thanks for 'service' - for serving the most base, disgusting, ignorant, demonic, reptilian qualities of your species and the worst, most psychopathic, sick fuck rulers,politicians, bankers, war-profiteering arms-dealers, and psychotic asshole frankensteinian weapons-"scientists" throughout millenia on this planet??! And for serving the most vile of environmentally destructive agencies on this, My beautiful Earth? WTF? Who the fuck are YOU??! What are YOU??!

"You slaughter, bomb to pieces, serial-rape the most pure and virginal, and wade through the gore and blood of your brothers, your mothers, your children, the defenceless, the innocent, the human and animal nations, while delusionally calling yourselves "warriors", though you haven't even scratched the surface of confronting or combating your own inner demons and symptoms of psycho-spiritual Wetiko disease. 
You are absolute and total failures of My Creation, you have shit on and defiled every precious and sacred gift offered and given, and therefore will henceforth spend your next trillion yugas of lifetimes as fully conscious tapeworms in the intestines and assholes of rabid charnal-ground dogs in a far far universe of no sustenance nor beauty nor peace. 
"You have wasted this planet, her lifeforms, and her infinite beauty, for no reason, only because you were too chicken-shit to acknowledge your own inner truth, conscience, and intuitive guiding voice telling you loudly, every second, that your Thought Leaders'™ commands, patriotic bullshit propaganda, and exhortations were OBVIOUSLY AND CLEARLY INSANE! You were given the divine capacity of discrimination and you CHOSE to piss on it. 
"I am done here, so you can just suck it up, and man up and reap what you have sown.
Have a day, muthafuckas."

"Oh, PS - I have a special treat for those of you who swallowed the dumb-shit, toxic, and blasphemous garbage-concept of racial-and-tribal superiority and supremacy, and have been too cowardly to reject and renounce such evil, and instead declared all-out war on my beloved humanity...But I'll let it be a surprise. Don't you love my sense of humor!
So go ahead and pick up your guns right now, and remember the safety-rule: "never to the side, always in the mouth", and all pull the triggers, and let's get on with it."

That's how Divine Goddesses roll. With class.

Aahhh, a big dump always feels good, ahem, ok, back to this reality. Well, there is a so-called 'landlord' in this here 'property' we currently inhabit. But, actually this lady on the right, out the window, is the true land-lady of these sacred grounds. She comes periodically, with her young male friend, to visit us, trimming the alfalfa and the delectable columbine flowers. 
You see, this concept of earth-ownership, whether by so-called man's "laws" or from some twisted, demonic fake-religion asserting a "chosen" ownership, is the root and origin of all this planet-wasting war shit. War is the natural consequence and logical outcome of the "propertarian" philosophy. It's really very simple and straightforward. Then, the diseased mind conjures up the principle that the "other", currently occupying "your" land, can be dealt and disposed with by any means because their "trespassing" renders them something less human or some such crap. Up till now, our current era, when all the stops have been pulled out and the volume of insanity is up to '11', there has been an effort to publicly mitigate the hate rhetoric, in the way that we hear Satanyahoo talk about "restraint" in the genocidal process. This is like listening to Temple Grandin explain her "happy slaughterhouse" - where one feels better going up the ramp, but the psychopathic group-supremacist fucks are feeling less and less inclined to bother with such niceties any more, since they - the chicken-shit 'proportionalists' - feel they've achieved the pinnacle of the dung-heap, "owning" all the full-spectrum vile-language narrative that humanity is subjected to from birth to grave. 

I just wish I could somehow summon a  stronger level of speech to convey my utter disgust, as well as my infinite opposition and curse on the power-that-shouldn't-be, but we'll have to let this little song from 2009 inspire us a bit, knowing we are definitely not isolated and alone:

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