Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hasbara Zombies; The Empathosphere
This is a must-read: I Do Not Want to Be a Number

I'm just going to mention again for the readers that I was the recipient of several clear and specific death threats (including my home address) around the time of Cast Lead, and that I was in the habit of keeping a loaded piece next to my bed for a period of time. Also, I submitted full evidence of said threats, as well as the source in California, to the FBI, and nothing came of it. It seems I had participated in some Palestinian benefits and stood up for artist friends also under attack from ZioNazis.

Some jewish friends were unmoved and unsympathetic….just saying'. So, I don't really see the point in distinguishing between "jews" and "zionists", even though I still have personal and professional relationships with jews. It all comes down to the problem of deep brainwashing. The empathic function seems to have an on-off switch, and also these tribal members are incapable or unwilling to renounce the jewish identity and re-join the human race. Their problem, not mine.
My last trip living in India I spent 6 months in two villages and a major city surrounded by hundreds  of Israelis. In the cafes, hotels, neighborhoods, shops, never once did any Israeli, man or woman, relate to me as a normal human, except ONE. In 6 months. The one who was normal was my age, and straight off told me he never consorted with any of his country-men, ever. The rest of the time I was witness to the extreme cliquishness, arrogance, cultural disinterest, racism toward Indians, and narcissistic mega-ego syndrome, as well as the transparent effort to look and act 'cool' with the clothes and dreadlocks and motorcycles and hashish, the affectations put on subsequent to their finishing serving in the IDF - more aptly know as Israeli War Criminal Occupation Forces(IWCOF). Am I painting with too broad a brush here?

How many times have I said the world is fucking fed up with the jews and nazis? (I'm sure there's probably other violent group supremacists, but I can't think of any at the moment.) We learn from aangirfan and others (do the research, I'm not writing here for academics) that Ukraine is under NATO-installed rulership of an alliance of jews and nazis. A dual-citizen Ukie-israeli billionaire hires ex-IWCOF psychopathic goons to slaughter women, children and the elderly. Sound familiar?
The so-called neo-cons in usa corp-gov are 95% jews/zionists. They also set up the so-called ISIS zombies who are imposing FGM on all women in Iraq and wherever the hell else they roam, crucifying and acquiring billion$ and uranium too…lovely. The jews and nazis want to frack both Gaza and E. Ukraine…again, lovely, eh?.
The un-dead zio-zombies consume popcorn and espresso on the hilltops, and populate "war-rooms" of hundreds cranking out their hasbara asininity 24/7. They call themselves "Johnny Smith" and such, and whine that they're good "christians" and can't get any respect, and, geez, I just have a different OPINION, why can't you talk nice? I'm sure I don't need to point out that ALL media is inundated with this shit.
A child in Gaza is killed every hour. 40 children are being killed in Afghanistan every week for 13 years now.
That's about all I can say. The very elements of nature are weeping and heart-broken.

Ya know what? This COULD BE THE FUTURE:
see also HERE.


For last couple months we here have been getting fresh, hand-squeezed raw milk from the awesome neighbors down the road. Also, eggs, butter, yogurt, cream and eggs.
An identical co-op dairy in Michigan was just raided, with all products destroyed, by the state ag dept. There's a whole class of bureaucratic thugs that need to be exterminated…they too are just more 'rabid dogs' that, unfortunately, can't be rehabilitated or reformed.
At least we here can somehow afford to eat clean, organic produce and dairy, which is especially crucial with my beloved friend dealing with the big-C and following strict Ayurvedic protocols. Six months ago we had our food-stamps cut by 95% - from 300 down to 15. Makes sense, right, with that 3.1 billion going to the psychopathic crime syndicate of a shitty little country.

I've been writing for I don't know how long about non-human animal sentience. I've also been aware of Sheldrake's 'morphogenic fields' (dogs knowing when their humans are coming home, heh). But I learned a cool new word today: EMPATHOSPHERE. OMFG! Thank you, Dr. Michael Fox! See, Dr. Fox (not the actor, but he's cool too!) was my first boss in the wildlife rehab field in Seattle in the 70's (?). He ran/runs the first of such facilities (PAWS) in the country, and I got my first handling and vet-assisting experience there. He was also a consultant and activist with the Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN), where I got my 'education' from. Goddamn it, there's some beautiful human beings in this here world!

Thailand flood/tsunami

[Off-topic, this just in: Researchers find chimpanzees like listening to African and Indian rhythms much more than western rock-'n-roll and classical…LOL]

My days are often filled with hours, in our paradise high-desert forested creek-filled oasis, marveling in awe at another life-form level, which I have previously neglected to observe at length: the insects. So wonderful we have such a proliferation of pollinators, and of infinite variety. Each one is truly magical. Extraordinary teachers. I guess it takes a helluva long lifetime to truly appreciate the many blessed aspects of life on this beautiful Earth to a degree where one achieves the level of 'natural mystic', even if that is one's main intention. 

Addendum: our pollinators haven't been Monsanto-ed to death, but for others 'they' have come up with their answer, real in-your-face sick science - ROBO-BEES.

I just passed my 68th year, day before yesterday, and actually it was the absolute best solar return ever! Such a paradox. I don't know how to explain it.
I hope each and everyone of your lives is subject to the same exquisite paradoxes. Light and dark. Grace and tribulation. Moment by moment. Ready for anything.

I leave you with a link to an incredible documentary film which I feel everyone, ESPECIALLY all young people, should watch: The Internet's Own Boy, most excellent, mind-blowing and disturbing.
and a powerful recent speech by Dr. Steven Best at 2014 US National AR Conference -


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