Friday, June 25, 2010

Iconic Image For The Piscean-Aquarian Transition

 A True Human Being carrying a crying oil-covered baby dolphin through the surf to awaiting emergency personnel on the beach in Pensacola [link to VIDEO] - what could be more representative of our ordained sacred work and responsibility in this moment of humanity's standing at the Great Threshold? We should have been so engaged, as a society, since forever. But there were more 'important' endeavors of pleasure and consumption and entertainment. Our overlords derided our inborn instincts to 'save the whales', 'save the redwoods' - anything that smacked of connectedness. This is perhaps the most defining moment in eons for the future of all beings, including ourselves. We must silence those inner and outer voices forever if we're going to enter wholly into the new paradigm. Those who engage in obstruction of the work of rising to consciousness of the truth of interconnectedness need to be told (not just mentally) in a strong voice to STFU! It's what's called for in this moment. The conversation is now about our personal and collective adjustments and transformations. Anyone still whining about human supremacy, divine dominion, scientific 'proofs', or any of the other ruinous trains of thought of the past are simply enemies of humanity and enemies of Life. They have chosen their path, and, to me, they are pathological liars and have no 'free speech rights' whatsoever. Enough of their shit, ya basta!

The human-imposters have thrown their initial cards down on the table and they plan to drop the whole planet into the ante pot. This man's actions exemplify what is being called for. I don't know the man's name or what he had been doing, but he instinctively responded the way any normal sentient being would. The people on the beach were all crying and desperate, trying to wash the oil off with their hands. The lovely little brother/sister passed, knowing and feeling the best of compassionate humanity. Into Jah Kingdom and The Great Mother's arms. The way all deserve. There was no thinking involved in the reactions to the situation - normal human beings, unless severely traumatized and reprogrammed, cannot be separated from instinctual identification with a sentient infant in distress. The demonic game-players have made most of their savagery hidden and invisible for this reason. You are a 'terrorist' if you're rude enough to point this out, especially with irrefutable evidence.

If we explore the root of our 'relationship' with dolphins, and the cetacean species as a whole, we enter into the terrifying zone of the absolute depravity of our historic disregard and violent, evil treatment of ALL OTHER SPECIES. Well, it's what's for dinner, folks. There is no choice now - it WILL be faced. In the newly-published book, In Defense Of Dolphins - The New Moral Frontier, by Thomas I. White, he writes of the new scientific conclusions regarding 'intelligence' of these creatures.

The dolphin brain: "It has a large cerebral cortex and a substantial amount of associational neocortex. Most anatomical ratios that assess cognitive capacity (brain weight/spinal cord, encephalization quotient) place it second only to the human brain." However, "The dolphin brain has a “paralimbic” lobe lacking in the human brain. Its pattern of 'cortical adjacency' may produce more integrated information processing. And limbic or emotional information may play a larger role in the dolphin brain than in the human brain. The human and dolphin brains appear to have different specializations. The human brain may emphasize detail, while the dolphin brain may emphasize speed."
Self-awareness and presence of emotions has been thoroughly documented. Dolphins have demonstrated that they reflect on the contents of their consciousness; handle abstract notions well enough to grasp the causal structure of their environment; and can understand a problem and then create something novel—either an original behavior or a new strategy—as a solution.

Furthermore, "the fact that managing relationships is so central to dolphin social intelligence strongly suggests that they have sophisticated affective capacities....The idea that dolphin intelligence is primarily social intelligence is also supported by features of the dolphin brain. That is, evolutionary pressures may have created a brain designed primarily to process information relevant to managing the large number and varied character of relationships they have in a community.

"They keep aggression from getting out of hand. They appear to have both acoustic and non-acoustic ways to communicate vital information to members of their school. And they devote a good deal of time and energy to developing and maintaining strong relationships with other members of the group. Indeed, the centrality of relationships in their lives probably means that on a daily basis they process more emotional information and are called on to use emotional skills more than humans do. It is difficult to look at all of this and not conclude that there is an impressive level of intelligence behind it."
Dolphins give themselves NAMES. The researchers state flat out that henceforth dolphins should be referred to as NON-HUMAN PERSONS. Pretty clear, isn't it?

OK, is that enough scientific evidence/proof?  We really didn't need all that, but that's a taste of what the 'enlightened scientific mind' has come up with.  Remember, 'religion' and 'scientific enlightenment' are the sources proclaiming that we live in a matrix full of unsentient biological machines, and now humanity has a couple of seconds left to get back up  to speed.

Time to SHOW UP, like the surfers and the divers in "The Cove" movie.
Big swells on the horizon, surf's up!

My personal observation: most dolphins are smarter than most humans.

"You Are Desperately Needed"
"We ask you to cast, anchor, and hold the Net of Light (Crystalline Grid) steady for the Gulf of Mexico," the Grandmothers said. "This crisis is affecting the entire world, and humanity is asleep. Wake up!" they cried. "Animals are dying, plants are dying, and your Mother is writhing in agony. If you hold the Net of Light steady at this time you will help stave off further catastrophe.

"You have been lulled into a false sleep," they said, "told that others (B.P.) will take care of this problem. This is not so," they said. "And this is not the time for you to fall into oblivion. Determine now to stay awake, and once you have made that commitment, think of, cast, and hold the Net of Light. Hold it deep and hold it wide. Amplify its reach to penetrate the waters of the Gulf and dive deep beneath the crust of Mother Earth. Anchor it at the earth's core and as you hold it there, ask it to unify with the mineral kingdom of this planet. It will do this and will harmonize with all the solid and liquid mineral states on earth-including oil and gas. The Net of Light will call these minerals back into harmony.

"Whatever human beings have damaged, human beings must correct," the Grandmothers said. "This is the law. We repeat: This is the law. You cannot sit back and ask God to fix the mess humanity has created. Each of you must throw your shoulders to the wheel and work. We are asking for your help. Several years ago we gave you the Net of Light so you would be able to help the earth at times like this. Step forward now. This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you," they said.

"First move into your heart and call on us. We will meet you there. The Net of Light is lit by the jewel of your heart," they said, "so move into this lighted place within you and open to the Net of which you are a part. Bask in its calming presence. It holds you at the same time that you hold it.

"Now think of magnifying your union with us. We, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, are with you now, and all those who work with the Net of Light are also with you. There are thousands, even millions now connected in light," they said. "Along with this union, call forth the power of the sacred places on earth. These will amplify the potency of our joint effort. Then call on the sacred beings that have come to prevent the catastrophe that threatens to overwhelm your planet. We will work together," they said, nodding slowly.

"Think of, cast and magnify the presence of the Net of Light in the Gulf of Mexico. See, imagine or think of it holding the waters, holding the land, the plants, the sea life, and the people. Holding them all!" they said. "The Net of Light is holding them steady; it is returning them to balance. Let the love within your lighted heart keep pouring into the Net of Light and hold, hold, hold. Calmly and reverently watch as the light from your heart flows along the strands of the Net. It will follow your command and continuously move forth. As soon as you think of it, it will happen. We ask you to practice this for only a few minutes at a time, but to repeat it throughout the day and night.

"We promise that this work with the Net of Light will do untold good," the Grandmothers said. "We are calling you to service now. You are needed. Do not miss this opportunity. We thank you and bless you."

--The Indigenous Grandmothers

Saturday, June 19, 2010

"The Earth Never Was A Machine"

Ah yes, it is now DAY *%#@&! 61 of the collective 24/7 terminally crazy-making Mother-Earth-slasher movie and bad-acid trip. Probably 3/4 of the population is hopelessly pharmicated and oblivious, and psychos in suits drone on about how there is no alternative to their demon-serving, child-abusing, life-destroying agenda. All sea life is rushing and crowding to the shores where the oxygen's still available. The first dead Sperm Whale has been found. And the BP escrow account will be managed by the former 911-victims' fund manager, we're told. Nice, huh? No evil deed goes unrewarded apparently. Ha ha, 'change' is for piggy banks.

[<-Bagalamukhi removing lying demon's tongue]
We should see where this EMERGENCY GULF CRISIS SUMMIT in New Orleans this Saturday goes - a 'peoples' gathering of activists, environmentalists, scientists, cultural creatives, and Gulf residents. It's really time for the infantile fuck-ups in every arena to be told to pick up their toys and go to their rooms for a long 'time-out'. Like maybe forever, if they show no inclination to grow up. Let their human-imposter masters try to run their shit with all the hired-help minions stuck in down-time. As to their eventual sentencing, we'll have to cross that bridge when the time comes. The depositions are about all in though. 

There's also a free open web conference of some of the 13 INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS. Things should, and need to, speed up immensely as we approach the Summer Solstice. Truth needs to be heard far and wide, energy needs to be moved, and creative imagination needs to be amped to the max.

Spent yesterday accompanying an old friend - talented oud player - trained in Turkish, Persian, Arabic and North Indian Raga styles. No one here knows what is going to really 'work', but every day of culture-preservation counts as a victory, and it's a gratifyingly positive endeavor during any (endless) wartime. It's medicine to keep one's wits about one, and you can't give too much thanks and praises for what we've been given and shown in this precious human birth. If a culture won't, or fails to, give back to the Holy - it's not a real culture. This western culture is still only an infantile 'culture' and everything claimed by it has been borrowed, stolen, or has arisen out of rebellion against true culture's destruction. It's headed for becoming another infant-mortality statistic in the planetary ledger.

There are so many terminal scenarios floating out there in the ether, there's no way any conscious living being can't be feeling it. Except for the denizens of the zombie food court, all living beings are holding the tension of extinction awareness. Each newly revealed scenario brings us days or months closer to probable demise, and our personal requirement of facing up to the inevitable. Most envisioned outcomes include massive numbers of beings simultaneously checking out. We face this because 'we' have not given a shit about the billions and trillions of lives which have been wasted 'in our name', and for the 'necessities' of our 'way of life': the natural world, the animals, the human slaughter of religious, imperial, and economic wars; our very air and water as well. I can well understand the feelings of Iraq's Layla Anwar of 'arabwomanblues', after the total destruction of her ancient culture and all her people (who's gonna pay for that 'restoration'?), her feelings toward amerikans who only now slowly begin to wake up to an immanent great loss of their ecosystems and potential universal poisoning. She states she couldn't care less about what happens to us. But, unfortunately we're all connected, despite all our illusions. There's like a mega freakin lottery going on to see who gets to destroy the world. Who will win? The xtian rapture fundies, the israhelli 'samsonites', the mafias with their zombie killers, the corporate elites with arctic bunkers...?

They're all deluded. They have control over NOTHING, especially their own futures.
But to be able to see that, Divine Grace and/or ruthless deadly serious meditation would be required. There are many more dimensions to what's taking place than what's apparent. For clues into that complexity one might want to check the latest Visible Origami (linked on the sidebar), or study up on the work of Terence McKenna or Graham Hancock. And some may have to get some assistance from the plant realm even, to belatedly light a fire under their ass. Marginalized artists and serious seekers have been pointing this out forever, to little avail.
                                      ["Gift of Medicine" - Marianna Rydvald ->]

Naomi Klein just wrote the following:                
"And this is surely the strangest twist in the Gulf coast saga: it seems to be waking us up to the reality that the Earth never was a machine. After 400 years of being declared dead, and in the middle of so much death, the Earth is coming alive."

After hearing the Gulf Crisis Summit today one thing is obvious: a large area is going to become so toxic that there will need to be mass evacuation. It's gonna get messy, and it will happen soon. No way around that. Oh great, a new 'trail of tears'.

In general, the whole world is as-yet-unknowingly united in the inevitability of having to face and deal with numerous issues: ecocide, control-by-psychopaths, toxic religions, criminal-mafia-states, corporate-military-science insanity, nationalistic patriotism, multi-national entities, slavery and human/child trafficking, cultural genocide, destruction of education, and cultural infantilism, among other centuries-old derangements. Unfortunately, if that's too much on humanity's plate, most are doomed. An awakening of a certain critical mass to our interconnectedness with all life is probably our only possible way out. As the Hopi saw, the wasichu took the 'lower path'. Now, if it's not too late, where is the 'white brother'?

Meanwhile, BP Tony is attending his important yacht race today, but does have his cell-phone on. I don't have his number handy, sorry. Perfect description of the sickness that must be eradicated.

The Gulf Crisis Summit was encouraging. Many people, including Cindy Sheehan, came together to form a concrete strategy for people power and disseminating crucial information. We'll have to see if it gets legs or is ruthlessly crushed. Either way, life-as-we-knew-it will soon be finished. "Good riddance, you won't be missed."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Natural Mystic Meets Uninitiated Mars In The Sufi Tavern

Anyone else feeling pissed off? Comes and goes? Yeah, that's Mars front and center mixin it up with some other heavy hitters. Tight orb amped it all up last week....not anywhere near done, either.
Must watch documentary: Children Of Gaza

If you aren't outraged by the global horror show, not only are you not paying attention, but you have forfeited your membership in the human race. If you are still not able to discern the roots and processes at work in the planned cataclysmic scenario - via methods of vilification of empathy, compassion, innocence, and caring about that which we are a part, by elevated entities of religious, cultural, and political psychopathy - you are 'bystanders' in Life, and you are in the way.

The signs were crystal clear 40+ years ago pointing to where we were headed and what self-inquiries were necessary for us to undertake. Clueless humanity, did you fail to commit your life to personally re-discovering what our ancestors knew and allowed to govern their lives of 'walking gently on the earth'? Did you accept the notion that 'experts' with 'higher education' know best and should be left to make decisions that affect all Life on the planet? Did you not see clearly what the unsustainable destructive conditions are, with regard to every aspect of modern 'civilization'? I think you did. You mostly just caved in to 'working within the system'/doing your 'duty'. And NOT as conscious observant subversives, but to hopefully 'get your share' of the bennies, and cruise along imagining 'it'll all work out' with or without your conscious aware participation. You were clearly and specifically warned about the folly of such an attitude. If you weren't born yet in the 60s, you still aren't off the hook. Your dharmic assignment, maybe even tougher, was to actually study the historical context of the events that occurred through the 60s Uranus-Pluto configuration (Pluto [re-]'discovered' in 20th century, so was mankind's first witnessing). So, they didn't tell you that that was a very critical brief window that hadn't opened before in human memory, and that it defined the line separating those who would stand for returning the world and the human community to the sanity of natural laws (what the ancestral shamanic workers knew from the initiations into the 'mysteries'); and those who would choose to be the 'glamorous', 'sophisticated' cheerleaders for degenerate devolution toward apocalyptic madness. No, of course they didn't say that. It was only a 'momentary abberation', a 'failed experiment'. Only 'mad men'/disturbed unbalanced individuals talked like that, and one doesn't take that shit seriously. Well, another brief moment has arrived.

"When one door is closed, don't you know
Another is open"
Now its only gonna be 'personal' windows from here on out. That other window was left open a crack for a while, but not any more. Now the window is about 'consequences' - of what we have and haven't faced both within and in the world. Some will tell you right up to the end that's its just 'fierce grace'. Yeah, death is a kind of 'grace' too, all right. But, do you want to intentionally support the success of the death cult that strives to 'speed up' the race to total extinction/Gaiacide? Obviously, nobody sane wants that. But many still question whether it matters at all. Its 'out of our hands' anyway, right?

The now arriving 'consequences' are symbolized by Mars - Opposing Neptune and Chiron, and moving into the Earth sign Virgo. 'Aggression' opposed/against Spirituality/Natural-Mysticism and Healing/Kundalini. This is manifesting on a more pronounced level than it's positive potential - awareness of how Mars' aggression, passion, fearlessness, and desire nature, in control and in an initiated context, can facilitate growth and healing. So instead, we've gotten the negative option/outcome: helplessness-rending trauma-triggers both within and without. This is today's challenge for many, some more than others.

On a material level, everything we put in our bodies and on our bodies goes directly into Mother Earth. Ya think it goes somewhere 'else'? Out of sight, out of mind? Or, hey its cool, everybody does it, so who gives a shit? We're alive and strong, so what's the problem? And it's so tasty, yum yum! (Same goes for the toxic mind pollution to the mass psyche too.) Even though the toxic wastes of the poisons we consume are channeled into the environments of those 'lesser beings' (human and non-human), they still have not 'gone away' somewhere. There are many more who are very much not 'alive and strong', especially CHILDREN, because they're DEAD. Anyone think its a satisfying life to just go on repressing the fact that you're makin money off of poisoning and defiling and slaughter? And to know that the entities and forces selling that 'way of life' to you have been continuously ritually feeding on ever grander atrocities against living beings. How's that working out?

Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, in An Ecological Disaster: Polluting The Waters Of Life at HuffPost, recently writes: "Symbolic consciousness is not just a tool to listen to our dreams. The signs that speak to us are in the outer as well as the inner world....One of the ways to work with symbols is to hold these images in our consciousness and be present with them. In this way we allow life to speak to us in this ancient language, which has always been the language of life itself. This is the ancient wisdom of listening to life.
Traditional cultures knew this wisdom, just as they knew the wisdom of nature, plants and the seasons....They also knew how to read the book of life just as they knew how to listen to their dreams....
We have lost this essential wisdom, and now life is screaming at us, crying to us, imploring us....
The difficulty is that there will be no easy answer, no quick fix. The images that are speaking to us are too potent and too powerful. They are about the primal values of life itself. But if we dare to hold these images in our consciousness maybe we can make a step toward recognizing that life is a living being that can speak to us. Maybe we can return to a relationship to life that honors it as a sacred whole whose voice can be heard...We need to be attentive and listen.
This quality of awareness belongs to the ancient wisdom of the earth that was always known to our ancestors. And when the earth is crying out to us with such a potent image as it is now, is it not our duty to listen? Only when we hear what it is saying, not just in our minds but also in our souls, will we know how to respond."

Is this the first time in the history of the planet when tens of millions of people realize both that 'history' is lies and that those who've always 'run' things are insane and lacking in humanity? That the march of civilization has always been toward erasing our humanity, and that the vast majority has all been soul-robbed to some extent? Is there a critical mass in which we can be divinely directed to act in a way that totally withdraws our participation and effectively neutralizes all the support systems that keep the deranged program running? Even the most sophisticated media-manipulation can now be ID-ed and seen through by millions, and the levels of truth easily determined. Only the religiously and ideologically blinded are unable to discern what the hell is right in front of their faces. I believe that whatever divine intervention occurs, it will manifest through human action and/or Gaia-logical events/reaction. I'm just not into looking for burning bushes or pillar-clouds to follow, or more salvation-through-suffering stories. Neither am I buying into the the 'spiritual' program positing that, because 'all is impermanence' and 'its in god's hands', we needn't concern ourselves with what appears to be 'outside' of ourselves. I suppose it's possible, too, that ('outside') extraterrestrial shit could hit the fan, and really challenge our abilities of discernment to the max. Another bridge to cross. How many do we....?

The use of violence has never been able to completely destroy the humanity and souls of certain groups of people that it was intended upon. Somehow, in many parts of the earth, humans have survived enormous pressures toward making them internalize the worthless-slave mentality. Many tribal societies on every continent - all of whom have suffered great violence at the hands of colonial empires, racist-elite dictatorships, and soul-less extractive corporations - remain with at least some survival instincts intact. Of course, for many resistance was futile. Militaristic brainwashing and massive pollution of the bodies and minds of the evil empires' populations have resulted in widespread acceptance (and some sick celebrating) of demonic behavior worse than medieval practices or the methods of 'winning the West', with 'improved' 'modern' technological innovations. Silent helicopters and drones. Cluster bombs and mysterious chemicals. 'Go-pills' and black prisons. And all of the slaughter is seen on the internet in 'living color' videos. We've come a long way.
Also seen are thousands of terrified, traumatized, hopeless children. That's been the plan all along: destroy innocence, hope and the human spirit. Start with the kids. Put them on a 'diet' of poison and horror, inside and out. A prescription for masses of compliant slaves. But, where there are coherent communities, with memories of past survival strategies, this has failed, and will always fail. Maybe not in communities of rabid supremacist tribal inbreeding, but in Earth-centered nature-connected elder-respecting communities who continue to celebrate in traditional artistic ways the wonder, beauty, and diversity of Creation. Places where still survive those who are able to pass onto the young the preserved lineages of creative mastery of both material and spiritual culture. The demon-possesed pathocrats, who 'religiously' glorify violence have no understanding of the survival mechanisms built into the traditions. And they will never acquire it. They involve mysteries unfathomable to the morbid soul-dead egos.

Somewhere within each of us must be the forgotten source of transformative medicine power to shift this undeniably unacceptable juggernaut. There's a feeling the clock is running out, with only nano-seconds left. But there are millions of us. And we are remembering.

I'm going to take the advice of Rumi in his oft-quoted poem:

Today like every other day
We wake up empty and scared.
Don't open the door of your study
And begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel
And kiss the earth.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Annihilation Theology of the Divine Realtor

"The sin of property, we do disdain
No man has any right to buy and sell the earth for private gain
By theft and murder they took the land
Now everywhere the walls rise up at their command

They make the laws to chain us well
The clergy dazzle us with heaven or they damn us into hell
We will not worship the god they serve
The god of greed who feeds the rich while poor man starve"

- from The World Turned Upside Down/The Diggers Song
[Beautiful version of this song by Dick Gaughan on YouTube HERE]

I don't know where I'm goin with this. Unveiling is accelerating at a nauseating pace. That's also a good thing....we pray that it is.
"In this great future, you can't forget your past", said Ras Bob. He also sang:
"Where did it all begin? When will it end?
Well, it seems like: total destruction the only solution"

You see, so many words, songs, poems, and speeches have been manifested already, maybe all I can do is cut & paste a selection of lyrics, as a way to force out some kind of expression of how the moment appears to me, in a state of 'war in heaven' within myself (and others around me).

My father, a WWI vet, eventually gravitated to rural real estate dealings, attempting to connect good simple steward people to a beautiful place to live on and care-take. He taught me natural meditation, observation, silence, and surveying/mapping. And by the time I was 15, I thought 'private property/property rights' was evil, despicable, insane, and blasphemous. Eventually, I "learned" that I was totally wrong, misguided, and unrealistic. Half the people I know decided that they needed to own land, many of them also inheriting 'property'. I was just never destined to be a 'land owner' (though I surveyed 100s of properties), and would have no interest in becoming one, though I know its the dream of pretty much everyone. Where did it all begin?

Manifest Destiny [Destiny Manifested?], The Holy Land, Dominionism, God-given right, Chosen-ness, Master Races, Speciesism - all these are putrid cancerous growths on the collective suicidal mind of ponerized humanity. The Mother of the Cosmos is about to show all that they OWN NOTHING. The severely underestimated pathocracy created the codes of paramoralisms that provided everyone their excuses. There was a failure to "Teach Your Children Well"....many generations of that....but even the best efforts were swamped by the demonic messages of the perfected orwellian control-system.

Yeah, I mean demonic. Who the hell knows how old the "god of greed" is? One manifestation was introduced a few thousand years ago by the name of Yaldabaoth aka Yahweh/Jehovah. The followers of the Abrahamic religions based on this "demented imposter" seem to be mostly all insane. But their insanity covers a spectrum from 'mildly deluded' to 'psychopathic'. All, however, buy into speciesism and 'owning'-the-Earth as a god-given prerogative. Living things are just 'things', that they imagine they are separate from, to be used or erased, at their will.

One way to understand this twisted phenomenon of a pseudo-deity pretender would be to read the book Not In His Image, by John Lamb Lash. Most important book to be written in centuries. Here's a nice quote:
"The Gnostic master says: ‘So long as the root of wickedness is hidden, it is strong. But when it is recognized, it is dissolved. When it is revealed it perishes… As for ourselves, let us dig down after the root of evil which is within each of us and produces its fruit in our hearts. It masters us. We are its slaves. It takes us captive to make us do what we do not want and what we do want we do not do. It is powerful because we have not recognized it’.”
He also writes: “the root of evil is human error, the mind mistaking itself. To defeat evil, we must unmask it by seeing its origin in the erring operations of our own minds.”
Oh, hmm, ancient writings on 'Revealing' again.
The "Error"! Aha! It would be a good time to discover just what that is.

Well, the Apocalypse is proceeding quite nicely these days, we being able to clearly recognize "what up", who's who, and where the lyin bullshit is comin from. Wonder when the hologram-deities will appear?
Hey, maybe they'll clarify who all holds which TITLES to which piece of real estate! Then we could sort out all these "ancient enmities" and forgo the Sampson Option after all. Yippee! We'd all be free to grab any land, home, orchard, forest in the area to which we are assigned, and proceed to imagine that the current occupants simply don't exist, either as human beings, non-human beings, plant-beings or devas (some 'land without a people'). Gas, murder or starve 'em like is done here in the high desert with the prairie-dogs.
Again from NIHI, Lash: "There is real genius, true manipulative brilliance, in the sado-masochistic mysticism of redeemer ethics. The "gospels" are practically worthless as a guide to personal morality, but they are extremely efficient tools of psychosocial control."

More Lash: "In historical perspective it now appears that salvationist religion is not a religion at all, not in the sense that it genuinely concerns itself with the Divine and responds in a compassionate and insightful way to human spiritual needs.
Rather, it is a political system in religious guise, a system whose fundamental model is domination. ['Annihilation Theology']
....the triumph of salvationist history is not due to some undeniable truth it carries, but rather to its covert delusional power. Wilhelm Reich...revealed how irrational insistence on the redemptive value of suffering ("the emotional plague") leads society head-on into conflict and madness."

Now we have all "rule of law" nation-states (degenerate criminal mafia enterprises) spitting on all laws designed to preserve and protect Life for future generations. And spitting on all normal people of conscience world-wide. "We'll decide how slowly you'll starve, how your children will grow up on toxic dump-sites!" In the movie "Tapioca", and angel says "knock knock", the character says "who's there?", "heaven", "heaven who?", heaven you had enough of this shit yet?"
[Palestinian kids]
As words fail I find this on Uruknet:
"A Massacre Is Not A Massacre"
by Ghassan Hage
June 3, 2010

I don't write poems but, in any case, poems are not poems.

Long ago, I was made to understand that Palestine was not Palestine;
I was also informed that Palestinians were not Palestinians;
They also explained to me that ethnic cleansing was not ethnic cleansing.
And when naive old me saw freedom fighters they patiently showed me that they were not freedom fighters, and that resistance was not resistance.
And when, stupidly, I noticed arrogance, oppression and humiliation they benevolently enlightened me so I can see that arrogance was not arrogance, oppression was not oppression, and humiliation was not humiliation.

I saw misery, racism, inhumanity and a concentration camp.
But they told me that they were experts in misery, racism, inhumanity and concentration camps and I have to take their word for it: this was not misery, racism, inhumanity and a concentration camp.
Over the years they've taught me so many things: invasion was not invasion, occupation was not occupation, colonialism was not colonialism and apartheid was not apartheid.

They opened my simple mind to even more complex truths that my poor brain could not on its own compute like: "having nuclear weapons" was not "having nuclear weapons," "not having weapons of mass destruction" was "having weapons of mass destruction."

And, democracy (in the Gaza Strip) was not democracy.
Having second class citizens (in Israel) was democracy.
So you'll excuse me if I am not surprised to learn today that there were more things that I thought were evident that are not: peace activists are not peace activists, piracy is not piracy, the massacre of unarmed people is not the massacre of unarmed people.

I have such a limited brain and my ignorance is unlimited.
And they're so fucking intelligent. Really.
[Ghassan Hage is professor of anthropology and social theory at the University of Melbourne]

As a ship named the Rachel Corrie MV sails tonight into the darkest of unknowns, I salute the artists Elvis Costello, Gil Scott Heron, Alice Walker (and a steadily growing list). A morally righteous slap in the face to Margaret Atwood, whose works I have previously recommended unfortunately - since her personal life has sold out to vile materialism, while she continues to warn us of the perils of greed.

note: some quotes are from Uri Dowbenko's article in New Dawn mag.
[Afghan kids]

[young Rachel]
Rachel Corrie Returns
If you once thought
that when you crushed her bones
and stopped her mouth with sand and stone
murder would bring silence,
then think again.

If you once counted
on distance in time and space
to wear away the memory and in its place
leave blank acceptance,
then think again.

If you once believed
that your great lie could hold
back the tide until by virtue of its growing old
it could be taken for the truth,
then think again.

See how proudly she breasts
a merciful sea,
defiant of your tanks and jets and mines,
laden with the best in all of us,
full of love for Palestine. -Richard Jones