Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wetikos to the Fore, Again

Well, we've covered the Wetiko problem here and in quite a few other locations. We know it's an old and well known 'disease' in both indigenous and modern industrial 'civilizations', and its study and exposure has been greatly beneficial to many normal people's ability to penetrate the multiple layers of our situation in these times. I've been checking the mounting number of Wetiko-zombie-cannibal stories appearing in msm and alt sites. It's been making me remember how, decades ago even, we wondered if, and when, these types of things might get 'triggered' by the controlling mind-fuckers as they 'switched on' the 'sleepers'. 'A Peasant' recently said, "definitely it has a lot of angles with the MK ultra sleepers, the social engineering, predictive programming, vaccine solution, etc.", and that about sums it up. More than that, we mostly don't know.
But there is a back story aspect to one of the cases that has not gotten any US coverage. It concerns the Montreal/Toronto suitcase dude, the gay porn star spook-like freak.  It has been covered by Canadian press in Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, etc. and was linked to on the Animal Liberation Front website.
Apparently, the psycho posted animal-killing videos on YouTube in 2010 and started a world-wide effort to track him down amongst the AR activist communities - 2 years ago! "They notified humane societies and police departments in Toronto and Montreal, posted rewards, spent countless hours poring over videos and photos for clues, established a thick dossier on Magnotta, and identified fake Internet personas that seemed to be leaving false trails to confuse the people pursuing him....By January of 2011, after frantic online searching, animal lovers tentatively had identified Magnotta as the suspect. They meticulously compared photos that Magnotta posted of himself, identifying jewelry and furnishings that appeared in both, until they were certain they had found the right December 2011, he posted two more [animal-killing] videos....They posted images of him around the Internet, and on bulletin boards in the real world....On the Facebook group where they shared photos, member after member fretted that he would move on to human victims....'In essence we need police help but the police won't act upon anything, that we are aware of, until we can determine where the videos were created and/or where the videos were uploaded from. YouTube won't release IP information until notified by the police.' In a statement, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported that after being informed of the allegations in February, 2011, they reached out to Toronto Police, the FBI, the RCMP, the Quebec Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Montreal police."
Today, after over two years, there is now an international manhunt and Interpol warrants out for this Wetiko (PTB psycho-drone?) who likes to use 3-name-combo aliases. The rest of this is just another fairly familiar story, isn't it? It also should be noted that the dude posted a bunch of the typical racist stuff on Stormfront, the neo-nazi website. ('They' really have the programming protocol down cold, don't they?)
John Lash relates a story from an Inuit elder about their way of dealing with the "Fat-Stealer/Wetikos" - they invariably meet with an unfortunate hunting accident and don't return from the outing. He says everyone knows what the problem is and what needs to be done, and societies cannot tolerate their presence. In this way the harmony and security of the tribe was preserved.
And, but, here in upside-down world we have Communication Management Units for empathetic animal people. Communication management - kind of takes your breath away, doesn't it? Can't have people communicating what is obvious to everyone, now can we? Anyway, as pointed out numerous times, AR people are "the most dangerous terrorists", even though no animals or humans have been harmed or killed - EVER.
It should be obvious now that 'civilization', not withstanding all the 'benefits', has been fostered and designed by and for the Wetikos over many millenia, and they are nervously toasting their 'victory' at this moment.

At a deeper shamanic perception level, we know the mystic reality is that this beautiful world, at the atomic level, consists of a vast emptiness. All the diamonds, emeralds, pearls, sapphires, gold and silver are as ephemeral as all the bodies of sentient beings and indeed the entire earth herself. And every particle of creation is equally a jewel unto itself. We reside in Manidvipa. Graham Hancock spoke recently about the problem of our perception modes being limited to (1) 'alert, problem-solving consciousness', and (2) the kind of zone-out inebriated consciousness; those options are how most of humanity rolls.  He laments the long-term war on natural entheogenic plant use as well as other altered-state-inducing practices such as drumming and dancing which have proved beneficial for thousands of years in keeping human societies balanced in relation to the rest of the natural world. He posits that the "demonization and persecution of altered states is denying our next vital evolutionary step", and "the expansion of our consciousness is the essence of what it is to be human". And points to the deeper root of the problem imposed on us that "we are not allowed to be sovereign over our own consciousness".  A clear definition of absolute insanity.

On a related note, there is an extremely fascinating couple of (very long) essays on the subject of 'Carno-Locavorism' (and the politics of killing animals) - the new diet craze espoused by various groups which includes the 'Paleo' diet and other 'meat-protein'-based practices, also 'eating local', plant/animal sentience arguments, and a host of related subjects closely examined in a critique of Lierre Keith's book Vegetarian Myth. Very informative and a heated debate with Derrick Jensen weighing in on many important aspects of our current population-and-food dilemma. Maybe it's just me, but I see the Wetiko problem, true sovereignty, and relations to animals and the natural world all being related and vital subjects to contemplate, in a creative manner of course.

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2012 Dhrupad Mela, February (Shivaratri) in Varanasi. This has been an annual feature since the 70s, started by my original guru, Pt. Amarnath Mishra, on his property on the Ganges River.
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