Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wolves Belong; Humans...uh, not so much

Shiva's familiar - Nandi   Artist: Raj,
Counting down to Shivaratri - this Thursday, Feb. 27. Maybe we need to invoke the tandava - dance of destruction - aspect this time around. It's compassion-based 'destruction' anyway, right? Destroying what definitely doesn't work any more, what is holding us back from making that last-ditch effort to turn the immanent rip-tide of total destruction of a perfectly good planet around. On the other hand, we can at the same time keenly observe what each of us feels within, regarding the situation and what we're doing here in this 'now'. Absolute creativity and spontaneity is called for and en-couraged!

Being that the Wolf Nation is at this moment the most under-siege animal tribe in the western hemisphere, from the lowest, most degraded, corrupt, and butt-ignorant segment of the human race, the following short video, if you haven't yet seen it [1.5 million views], tells you all you need to know - on all levels. 

It's hard to come up with anything to say after that. The fact that an all-out war is allowed to be taking place against this natural-ness and simplicity of life-flow and beauty-creation is incomprehensible. Or at least undeniably unacceptable, as is almost everything connected to what they want us to refer to as "civilization". We know better. 

And, I'm equally at a loss to come up with a word to describe what this thing/machine/pathogen of 7 billion units that walks around in a trance on the planet's surface really is. 
What kind of creature (from where?) would imprison intelligent sentient beings, by the billions, in "iron maidens" (immobilizing body-cages), drive them ALL totally insane, allow their young to die from diseases by the thousands, then feed the piglets back to the mother sows, along with their shit, and then SLAUGHTER, SELL, AND SERVE THEIR CARCASSES TO THEIR OWN FAMILIES AND CHILDREN??!! 
Hey there, paleo-diet fans! Come-n-git-it! It's what's for dinner.  Sorry, look, I'm not making this shit's on the mainshit teevee news.

After that Danish zoo baby giraffe public slaughter for kiddies, I guess the next step in innocence-destroying trauma programming will have to be finding a herd of unicorns to shoot at local kindergardens. 
Some kinda mass fucking human extinction needs to happen - either that or the rounding up of the self-described 'elites' to go to the newly emptied zoos, while all the material death-culture infrastructure is dismantled fast and the small-time psychopaths disarmed and totally and absolutely shunned, like beginning yesterday.....(zoos, not prisons - those scum need to be on display [for educational purposes, heh]). 

While we're on the subject of 'food-like substances', there is a source of information regarding all products world-wide that contain nanotechnology. You will be surprised at the sheer amount of common items seen every day, everywhere, that contain this zombie-science shit: 
We are long past the point of making 'little compromises' on what we put into and on our bodies, and into our environments. 
It may be too late to halt any of these developments. No one knows what will become of us, nor any of it. Anyone claiming to know is a fraud and a liar, and should be ignored. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Being Number 1, and A Clue for Sports Fans

"Humans...of all natural beings are the only ones to be able to efficiently survive with no wisdom." - Martin Prechtel 

So freakin strange to me how all the narcissistic too-cool-for-school kool-aid drinkers, writers and bloggers and radio commentators, most of whom give big rec to the anti-'politically-correct' whiners, the anti-diversity crowd, the anti-race-mixing crowd, the anti-immigration crowd, the pro-occidental-culture crowd, pro-nationalistic crowd, the pro-capitalism crowd, the anti-affirmative-action crowd, etc, now - because he famously and humorously verbally shreds the sick-ass zionists and their enablers - embrace the French-Cameroonese comedian Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala, because he 'pisses off the Jews'.
But, nevertheless somehow, commie pinko leftists and political correctness are still the greatest problems facing humanity on earth, apparently. So, everybody on board with demonizing Pete Seeger? OK, good. [ahem, sarcasm]
I hung with him in Benares in '07 at my guru's house. He sang "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram" for the Indians (Gandhi's fave tune). He was there to meet with the Mahant, who initiated the Clean Ganga Movement, and my good late friend. Just found this photo of Mahant with the Muslim mufti of Benares - top dudes of the Hindu and Muslim communities chillin' together:

Everything's so goddamn clear-cut, neat, and tidy, I can hardly stand it (cough).
Civilization is such a catastrophic mistake. So far gone beyond any redeeming value.

100 million dumfuk 'merkins tune into super-shitter-bowl. A celebration of a level of ignorance never before achieved in the history of the galaxy. All over the land major rivers and water sources fill up with the most toxic substances ever created, at home while, in their names and with their oblivious apathetic approval, children freeze to death by the hundreds in Afghanistan and children eat dogs and cats as they die of starvation in Syria, courtesy of 'merkin/euro-created-and-supported fanatic psychopath armies of christ and allah, spread throughout the world like an evil wind, which it is. Study: Estimated that 30-50% food produced in the world is either thrown away or never makes it to market. Hell, native people are freezing to death on the rez, but who gives a shit?
"We're number 1!" The number one sickest, most vile, most ponerized, most anti-life, most violent, most destructive, most innocence-hating, most un-natural, most forgetful, most useless, most culture-less empire of insanity ever to exist on Earth. Since everything's about "winning", well, this "thing" has reached the finish line.

Homs, Syria - 2 yrs ago and now
Aleppo bazaar - 2 yrs ago and now
Some stats on good ol' No 1's winning achievements, since WWII:
Korea, 'Nam, Eyeraq 1 &2 - 10-15 million dead
Af-Pak, Angola, DRCongo, E. Timor, Guatemala, Indonesia, Sudan - 9-14 million dead
Plus ~10x those numbers of wounded

How many on the planet are NOT infected by the Wetiko virus, and/or not under the spell of inevitability of mindless drudgery-and-inane-distraction from cradle to grave, with underlying desperate effort against incessant boredom? Two percent? One percent? Meaning artists, poets, musicians, mystics, shamans, misfits, gypsies, uncompromising self-inquirers.
And, whatever the numbers, what is the real work to be done, done in the moment, in the moments from awakening to rest? Trying to creatively come up with ways to neutralize the "other one percent" at the top of the Wetiko epidemic, while simultaneously aware of immanent probability of extinction and/or total destruction, or surrender to trust in forces greater than we can know or imagine at work, and living each moment in awareness and love and reverence with that trust? Holding the trust seems to be the essential work, and all the great teachings, scriptures and guide-books basically leave it in one's own hands to know the authenticity of each person's source of knowing. It's beyond "figuring out". How deep can your meditation go? How much can you "get out of the way", and let creation happen?

Speaking of these mysterious numbers, I've learned that the animal communicator woman, Anna, who since having the leopard video go viral has received over 10,000 requests for help in participating in that type of work by folks around the world. That's ten thousand who actually sat down and wrote her about workshops, etc.  What does that number mean? How many considered it, but didn't quite follow through? What actually IS GOING ON?
If you need a break here, have a listen to something that came out 43 years ago. And really check out the words behind the insanely magical grooves of the Funk Brothers. Could every single line of these tunes have been written this morning?


I saw those photos of Putin famously calming the leopard cub, saying how he has "a feeling for animals", and thought maybe I should move to Russia (LOL), then he goes and gives the go-ahead to poison thousands of street dogs and feral cats for the Olympics. OK, scratch that idea. Everywhere is the same, the message that keeps getting pounded into my head.

Speaking of sports, ahem….here's some words from Martin Prechtel's 2012 masterpiece The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic, speaking about the indigenous practice of prayer via RUNNING in the Pueblos of northern New Mexico:

[The tourists ask,] "how do they know who wins? How do they know when to stop running? Why do they run at all?"
"If someone actually broke the rules of tribal secrecy and told them that the Sun and the Moon and other beings that move in time and give us life are kept strong by the boys who run, and because the Sun annually runs his own race and helps the animals to thrive by doing so, and that the Sun tires, and when he tires, the world and all the animal beings begin to flag, and die, and without the animals we would die, and the running of the boys helps the Sun to keep moving and strong and the visible world strong, and that the Moon runs even harder but in a different pulse and by doing so keeps all the waters flowing, the plants growing and maturing, without which we and everything else, especially the animals, die, and because for both the Sun and the Moon in the sky there are no finish lines; they must keep moving or the world dies; for if there were a finish line the world would cease, so the beauty and strength of the boys' helped lift again these gods back into their eternal continuum so the world wouldn't die….so the world revived by the boys' running would be the winner."
" ...Civilization's spiritual fear of being left behind insists that its constituents unquestioningly race to survive, running only to ambitiously outstrip their neighbors instead of competing together to sustain Nature by feeding the beauty of human racing to the Holy."
"...Everything in Nature ran according to its own nature; the running of grass was in its growing, the running of rivers their flowing, granite bubbled up, cooled, compressed and crumbled, birds lived, flew, sang and died, everything did what it needed to do, each simultaneously running its own race, each by living according to its own nature together, never leaving any other part of the universe behind. The world's Holy things raced constantly together, not to win anything over the next, but to keep the entire surging diverse motion of the living world from grinding to a halt, which is why there is no end to that race; no finish line. That would be oblivion to all."
"…the entire devastating and hideous state of the world and its constant wounding and wrecking of the wild, beautiful, natural, viable and small, only to keep alive an untenable cultural proceedance is truly a spiritual sickness, one that will not be cured by the efficient use of the same thinking that maintains the sickness. Nor can this overly expensive, highly funded illness be symptomatically kept at bay longer by yet more political, environmental, or social programs."

There's so much more deep wisdom here, but that's a taste.

In the realm of deep cultural wisdom and ancient musical traditions, I leave you with the excellent Tony McMahon, traditional Irish accordion maestro - a 1/2 hour music-filled exploration of the true artist philosophy, spoken by one of the greatest musicians I've had the pleasure of hanging with, back in late '70s for a couple weeks of hitting the Irish pubs while he was in the country.

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