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Gaiacide Soup or A Higher Vision?

I couldn't resist putting up the old ('66?) cartoon by Ron Cobb, 'cause it's that time again - the "holiday season". What. Ever. Cartoon worth a thousand words. Must have been '66 when, as he always did, Ron walked through the door of the L.A. Freepress about 5 minutes before going-to-press time (like, 6am, after we'd all pulled an all-nighter) to fill in the blank space reserved for his brilliant creation-of-the-week. Heady times then.
Actually, I have abundance of things to give thanks for, every day, every minute, as I think most of my friends do also. Beauty surrounding, health within, brethren and sistren natural mystics supporting and validating our non-insanity, thrilling us with their own beautiful creations and perspectives of observing the multi-levels of our ever-changing-while-ever-still universe.
 I'm just going to let this post be mostly a space for the amazing visionary words of Derrick Jensen - with a reprint of his essay "IN THE TIME AFTER", from 2009. I believe it will move you as well as probably console and consolidate your own thoughts of a "future" almost impossible for most of us to envision for our Earth and generations of our children.
SCROLLING DOWN to the bottom, you will see TWO VIDEOS posted as an addition to this entry. One is my latest upload on YouTube, the other is one I recently found while surfing "terrorist" sites (grin).

One more thing: I am recommending the incredible film (video available) called "SHARKWATER", by biologist/film-maker Rob Stewart (2006). This is over-the-top, multiple-award-winning, film making; the most astonishingly beautiful, dramatic, and disturbing, myth-destroying documentary I've ever seen about our oceans and the intimate connection of SHARKS TO THE FATE OF OUR WORLD, and the courageous Life-defenders' taking on the demonic corruption of governments and the WORLD-WIDE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SHARK-FIN MAFIA infesting most of Asia and every ocean on the planet. Sea Shepherd folks, including Capt. Watson, are central. Sharks are more than 450 million years old (older than dinosaurs), and they are being extincted at a rate of 10,000/hour! Yeah, WTF!?!? They are also exquisitely beautiful and innocent sentient creatures. And it's all about "status" and superstition - SHARK-FIN SOUP. Certainly, the plague of human stupidity isn't limited to any one race or nation. It all circles back to economics, WTO, World Bank, economic hit-men, and psychopaths and ponerization of almost the entirety of humanity. Oceanographic biologists call this "the biggest ecological time-bomb" on Earth. See why, see this film.

Derrick Jensen's beautiful essay, enjoy: 


In the time after, when industrial civilization is a bitter and too-slowly-fading memory, a memory of a nightmare too atrocious to be believed by those who were not alive in the time before and so did not experience it and its destructiveness, birds will begin to come back, and whip-poor-wills will sing, and bobwhites will sing, and murrelets will fly to oceans no longer being murdered and will return with their bellies full of fish to feed their young. In the time after, frogs will sing and nights will be as full of their songs as it is possible to be. Nights will be even more full than that, until the nights burst from their fullness.

Early in the time after, many of those who survive will barely believe their fate. There will, of course, be those—a small minority (they were always a small minority, even before the fall of civilization, no matter what they pretended, no matter what they made believe)—who look longingly back to before and wish they were still dead; who wish they were still killing all others so they could cling to the comforts or elegancies that made life, to their way of thinking and not-thinking, worth living; that made life bearable, even if sometimes only barely. But they are, truly, an insignificant minority.

For many of the others, for the overwhelming majority, the first feelings were perhaps a shocked and disbelieving relief, the emotional collapse that so often comes after a terrible tragedy is narrowly averted and you no longer have to be quite so strong—a sudden crumbling of the prison where you waited for the unjust death sentence to be imposed. After that came a cautious optimism: the relief might be real, the threat gone. Then later, when the enormity of what had happened—and even more, what could have happened but did not—finds its way fully into their bodies, these others will feel a joy deep and profound enough to soften at least a little of their sorrow for those who were lost, those who did not make it: passenger pigeon, great auk, dodo, shoal sprite, chestnut ermine moth, Round Island burrowing boa, golden toad, Snake River sucker, Central Valley grasshopper, Falklands Islands wolf, quagga, Lake Pedder earthworm, Cape Verde giant skink, silver trout, Galapagos amaranth.

In the time after, cars will no longer hurtle down roads—free-fire zones for these massive metal projectiles—killing everything in their path. Machines will no longer hum. Chainsaws will no longer whine. Humans will eventually no longer value pseudo creation—production—more than they value real creation—real life, their own and others’. In the time long after, humans will no longer sell or buy time, their own or others’. They will no longer sell or buy any of the other things—beings—who cannot truly be sold or bought; things—beings—like land, like trees, like fish or frogs or birds, like other humans, like ideas, like art. In the time after, life will be more important than machines, production, commerce, power.

In the time after, wounds will scab over, begin to heal. Dams will fail and rivers will again run free, will again live. In the time after, skyscrapers will fall in on themselves. Roots will buckle concrete and tear up asphalt. Forests will begin to expand, to reclaim what was once and forever theirs.

In the time after, flocks of birds will grow, not dwindle. Schools of fish will grow, not dwindle. The same is true for herds of bison, packs of wolves, communities of prairie dogs, runs of salmon, lamprey, grayling.

In the time after, humans will remember how to be human, and will again listen to the voices of those we, the civilized, have so long silenced. Humans will again hear the voices of stars, soil, rocks, fire, ice, rivers, seas, forests, grasslands, deserts, and so many others, and all who live in them. Humans will, individually and collectively, give back more than they—we—receive.

In the time after, there will be no more time as we now understand it (or rather, as we make believe we understand it). There will be days and nights, and springs and summers, falls and winters. There will be markings of seasons: the singing of frogs, the blooming of trillium, the return of geese, the play fighting of baby bears who use any startling excuse to scamper up trees, the flowering and fruiting of so many plants, the yellowing of leaves, the return of rains, the return of salmon, the fruiting of fungi, and the singing of frogs to begin it all again.

In the time after, there will be all of these and so many more that we could not possibly know them all, no matter how closely we paid attention, no matter how long we lived in and with a place, no matter how well we listened and learned. There will be all of this, but there will be no time, no ticktock of clocks, no artificial constraints, not only on our time, but on time itself. In the time after, reality will determine time, and not the other way around.

But it will take a long time to return to this time of no time: the people during and immediately after will still be as they are now, which means they will still attempt to silence all others, will still exploit and consume all others. They will still attempt to enslave all others that they perceive as below themselves, and will still enslave themselves to those they perceive as above them, who will in turn enslave themselves to those they perceive as higher still, and so on, with all of them enslaving themselves most of all to the whole system of enslavement. And in the time after, the humans still living will still allow themselves to be enslaved to separation.

After a time—after a very long time—these humans (or rather their many-greats-grandchildren)—will unlearn their relentless need to be enslaved and to enslave, and they will also unlearn their enslavement to their notion of time. They will even unlearn their enslavement to separation.

In that distant time after, people will no longer believe they are separate. Nor, of course, will they believe they are one. Both beliefs will be perceived as being as unrealistic as in all reality they are. If you and I were both alive in that distant time after, you would still be you, and I would still be me (as we are now). But we would recognize that we are neither separate, nor are we one. We would perceive that we are as we are: permeable.

And we would perceive that time, too, is permeable, porous; that time is no more linear than a river, that it rushes, slows, eddies, twists, floods, pools, soaks into soil, and permeates air; that time is complex, like a forest, like a prairie, like a desert, like a slough or lake or ocean trench; that it doesn’t progress so much as it grows, becomes tangled; that it flowers and bears fruit, and dies back and regenerates. Time. Not just the effects of time. But time itself.

People—of course, including nonhuman people—will understand all this in the time after.

In the time after, time will not be something to be measured and controlled, confined and subordinated, something to enslave and at the same time be enslaved to. Instead, time will be a cave to be entered and explored (or not); or a lake into which you dive and swim (or not). Time will be food you eat, water you drink, air you breathe. Time will be where you live and who you are. Or not.

In the time after, time will be what it always has been—no matter what we have so frantically made believe—which is life, as solid as the flesh of rocks, as gracious as the flesh of clouds, as graceful as the spaces between ocean waves. In the time after, we will remember how and why to fall back into these spaces, and we will remember grace and graciousness and solidity, and once again and at long last we will realize that we are no longer and have never been separate, and once again and at long last we will rejoin the living.

That will all come, and will all be, in the time after.

“In the Time After” originally appeared in The Time After (Front 40 Press).

THIS SEEMS TO BE A FAVORITE OF THOSE AWFUL TERRORIST FOLKS OF THE ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT (ALF). You can see how dangerous they are by their musical tastes.
In The Arms of an Angel; music by Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Praise of Master Shredders

Credit: SeaShepherds/Cove Guardians
We are the Dolphins of Taiji. Trapped in the psychological pens of powerlessness to change the course of the runaway Hell Train. The men in the slaughtering boats are the corporate/political psychopaths' own hired death squads and armies of braindead, armed-to-the-teeth chicken-shit morons daily showing us we have no escape from their demonic agenda. And they are oblivious that we live in eternity and we will never surrender our integrity, our gnosis, and that we will forever return to consecrate the victory of good over evil.
The ones, the beautiful enlightened sentient swift swimmers, who escape the "banger boats": without hesitation, return to join with their entrapped pod-family, rather than abandoning them to their fate in separation. What does that tell you?

There is a powerful show of 25 artists in our town (Parks Gallery, Taos, NM) called "Daughters of Juarez". A showing of how they are not forgotten and abandoned. Every piece a work of power and terrible beauty. The 'daughters' are merely a microcosm of what's taking place against women, children, and all Life world-wide. We know who's doing it and why it's happening. There will be no 'justice' on this plane - it's how it goes. My heart cries constantly for them, for the women of the Congo, for the women and children of the ME and in every land subjected to the insane depravity of the sickness known as "empire" (of which USA is the worst to ever exist on Earth), and "business". Today's empires are merely the coagulation of all that's gone before, based on the stupidity of concepts like "superiority" and "specialness". What a sick joke. Take a fucking entheogen! Dolphins, bees, cows, wolves, tigers, bears...all our greatest teachers destroyed. "And so it goes."
One response to patriarchal abuse: "Sampat Gang" [weaponized, empowered women of India] -artwork by Erin Currier (
 Seems abundantly clear from all angles, spiritual and historical, that from this temporal plane we, as individual human beings (barring a few mahasiddhas/avatars), have never, and will never, affect the natural and cosmic progression of events related to cyclic degradation of empires and collective human consciousness, and periodic purifications/extinctions. This global shitstem of consummate evil in which we scramble to live and, with our entire beings, endeavor to embody love, oneness, compassion, creativity, wholeness, sanity, and truth in our every waking moment: it is going down bigtime. Only the extent of extinctions and massiveness of the consequent wasteland is unknown at this point, if we are to take known history as precedent. I see that there is another Global Vision Meditation set for 11/11/10. I am trying to suspend doubt and judgment on this, holding awareness that we are in unknown territory, perhaps totally unprecedented but Vedic records belie this. Of course, the truth is that "we don't know". Another thing that I, personally, don't know is whether knowledge of Earth's history 1) can be "known", and 2) is important to uncover/recover/preserve for future generations. We definitely are in the process of UNVEILING. And certain hidden threads of human and planetary history are being exponentially revealed to those, for reasons not fully known to even themselves, who focus on these things. I have just been exposed to another big chunk of revelation regarding relatively ancient events in history.

A couple of books, in the last decade, have powerfully bridged the gaps for me between the 'spiritual' and 'temporal/historical'. These are works of people I call "major shredders". Writers who thoroughly "shred" the lies, distortions, and obfuscations of what we, as western humanity, have been told. I don't mean to diminish the works of the many who daily shred the BS with astounding eloquence in many types of media, most notably on blogs familiar to all of us, including those found on my blog list, and others. But, to mention a couple works here that have affected my overstandings, I would name the following: Stealing Benefacio's Roses - A Mayan Epic, by Martin Prechtel - for both shredding the obfuscations regarding "shamanism" and for revealing a primary Mayan mythic story which resonated to the core of my soul and cleared my cloud of unknowing what I/we are dealing with "here". A second book, previously mentioned on this blog, is "Not In His Name", by John Lash - for shredding the extremely toxic/harmful-to-Life bullshit 'christian' fable about the "savior" and bringing to light the actual true tradition of "the Christos" of the middle eastern peoples, what was stolen, destroyed, obliterated from historical memory of the western world.
The third of my three 'biggies' would be the recently published "A Story Waiting To Pierce You - Mongolia, Tibet, and the Destiny of the Western World", by Peter Kingsley, an extraordinary former Oxford scholar. I highly recommend this work (as well as "In the Dark Places of Wisdom"), and predict that many will find it delightfully ruthless in its scholarly shredding. A fantastic journey from the steppes of Mongolia, through ancient Greece, Central Asian Sufis, and even to the tribes of the Iroquois Confederation, and beyond. Yeah, see, there were these cats called Avars (rhymes with Avatars), also known as "arrow circulators" and "windwalkers", supremely trained shamanic masters, also holding the titles of ambassadors and envoys. Actually, they were sent to foreign lands as healers, purifiers, and prophets to bring back balance to the Earth and offer each place they visited protection from plagues. They were also masters of shamanic warfare. So, here I offer some snippets from this little volume (84 pages, with 80+ pages of 'Notes') (the "Notes" are an absolute MUST READ, to get the full ecstatic download!):

(First some 'praises':)
"This a book of miracles - deceptively simple, actively profound. It is a core story of human becoming, the secret history that holds the codes to what we were and what we yet may be." - Jean Houston
"This book is a game changer and truly timely. It makes whole a species foolishly fractured by racial, religious, ethnic, nationalistic divisions. It calls us to wake from our sleepfulness so the arrow of truth can pierce us and we can learn again who our ancestors really are. It calls us all to our common unity and ecstasy and future." - Matthew Fox

Book quotes:
"We tend to believe that reincarnation is the discovery and unique intellectual property of India, aside from the brief brush of contact with the Greeks. But this is nothing more than one little fragment in the grand fantasy invented by the so-called 'higher' cultures to preserve their sense of superiority and self-importance. In reality all of this is just a dream, alongside our other dreams about how indigenous shamanic cultures are not as ethical as us or not able to share our special access to a transcendent reality behind the world of the senses. And of course they are illusions we are quite entitled to hold on to, until the flowers and leaves start falling off our culture and we are drawn back into the soil each of us comes from. But one thing we can be perfectly sure of is that life will never serve us in our search for some lasting sense of superiority. Life is oneness. It gives, then takes; has no liking for special consideration. And with those who are most neglected, rejected, abused: there is where the greatest reality always lies hidden."

(On Apollo:) "To be sure, he was a god of light. But that light of his is a brightness we have no experience of any more. In reality he was a god of plague and purification; of healing and utter destruction, so terrifyingly ruthless he could scare the living daylights out of every Greek divinity e went near; of people speaking the strangest of languages; of bows sending arrows that come when least expected, always arriving from far away. And far from loving some easy clarity he was a god of impossible enigmas, buried like brilliant sparks in an unbearable darkness where normally no one would dare to look; of songs and poems bound up as magic incantations; of riddles wrapped inside a mystery that, understood, will tear you apart."

[from Notes:] "On Apollo's decision to take physical form as Pythagoras [yes!] [6th Cent. BC] for the benefit of incarnate beings see [Greek historian] Iamblicus, where the emphasis is placed on Apollo's compassionate wish to help heal and be of service to incarnate humans. BUT THE WISH TO HELP AND BE OF SERVICE TO OTHER, NON-HUMAN, SENTIENT BEINGS IS GIVEN EQUAL EMPHASIS IN ANCIENT ACCOUNTS ABOUT PYTHAGORAS. For the extraordinary teaching, and enduring personal example, of compassion towards animals that he introduced into the western world..(see referenced works)..." [Pythagoras' scene, learning centers, etc. were all trashed and burnt to the ground within a hundred years, by fundamentalist mobs, natch.]

[from Notes]"'TULKU' is a fine Tibetan word with a long history, which we can trace back to its roots in the PRE-BUDDHIST period of the ancient Tibetan kings. In its earliest known form it was applied to the Tibetan rulers themselves and referred to their magical power of transformation: a power that allowed the unalterable quality of dignity and majesty each of them embodied to be reborn with the help of shamanic techniques, time and time again, by being transferred to a younger body whenever needed. Without this constant renewal and reincarnation of their perfectly still, unchanging essence the grass would dry up and everything would go wrong; plagues would break out; the harmony of all existence would be broken and the balance of the elements destroyed; life for nature and people would come to an end. Interestingly, this...famous Buddhist tulku phenomenon has been noticed by specialists in early Tibetan history - but ignored by students of Tibetan Buddhism AS IF THE WHOLE SUBJECT WERE TABOO."
[Exposure: "Dalai" is a Mongolian title. First Dalai Lama (14th Cent.) given title by Mongolian shaman Qing. Lama insisted on total extermination of ALL SHAMANS, leading to mass slaughter, near-total destruction - with complete co-option - of ancient Mongolian and Bon shamanic cultures. Present Dalai Lama, "His Holiness", is the SAME incarnate being, of peace and non-violence? WTF? Oh, sorry, another taboo that messing around with the demonic CIA, I guess.]

[from Notes]"(certain scholars) produce a fundamental contrast between 'ethicized' reincarnation beliefs of Hindus or Buddhists and 'unethicized' reincarnation beliefs of indigenous peoples...this is nothing but a caricature of the traditions as preserved and lived by indigenous people - who have their own very highly developed systems of ethics. And one should add a question as to what is really more ethical: to be obsessed with one's own individual salvation as in the 'higher' religions of India, or to be constantly ENGAGED WITH PRACTISING RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION TOWARDS ALL FORMS OF LIFE IN AN OVERALL FRAMEWORK OF CONCERN FOR THE WELFARE OF BOTH VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE WORLDS."

[from Notes]"The vessel of the western intellect is cracked beyond repair, completely unable any longer to contain the fullness of life; and Plato himself, through his rationalizing of older traditions, is to a considerable extent responsible for that fracturing."

[from Notes]"We can either write history as a way of placing our own values and prejudices at the center of every picture, or we can choose to allow for what sometimes is referred to as the 'NOMADIC ALTERNATIVE' - a term politely coined by some recent researchers to celebrate their growing realization that NOMADIC PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE HAD SOME SOUND REASONS FOR WANTING TO LIVE THEIR OWN LIFE IN THEIR OWN WAY."  -Above all caps mine.
Some of the brave souls on-site at Taiji today - ALL BLESSINGS!

Japan Embassy in Washington DC: 202-238-6700

Whether or not you choose to view the above video, you might consider the words of Derrick Jensen: