Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recovering Missing Time

Yamantaka, artist unknown - personal collection
My namaskars to any and all readers who might have found their way back here after seeing no activity for a period of two months (actually much more). That's a significant chunk of time from a certain perspective and considering the fullness of what has transpired, I'm not sure where to go in this always-very-undefined chronicling of one old pilgrim's (inside and out) travels, let alone knowing even where to begin. Heh, I know I'm not the only one who has fallen silent during the great, weird and perplexing transition (to what, I don't know!) through which we have recently passed. Other intrepid souls have soldiered on, keeping us updated on the unbroken stream of madness of these times, and I bow in gratitude, though the madness now completely eludes or defies comprehension.

I guess I should maybe point out that Universe/Goddess has knocked this one out to the very edge of what's considered 'normal' 3D reality (for even ultimate 'outsiders'), where previous abilities of presumed reality-comprehension are almost absent throughout most days, though these are not much missed or even given thought. The overall impression is that there has been a transit into an alternate zone of 'time' - a 'loka' where time itself barely exists as known in the earlier existence. And this has only a very small connection to the passing of any of the calendars, ancient or modern.

No, something else has transpired which, in this life, I had no knowledge of, nor even believed truly existed except for vague memories of fleeting dreamtime impressions, momentary past-life time-warp flashes, or mystical references that seemed mythical but maybe containing an amount of hidden truth but not within my level of faith to believe or personally know.

Ok, yeah, I'm being pretty vague and obscure. The reason is that I'm dealing with emerging realities that are actually dangerous things (on certain levels) to be tapping into in the Matrix circumstances where we all find ourselves, where there seems to be no way out, where all paths to a sane and reverent world for living sentient beings are seemingly blocked from all directions by an all-powerful array of multidimensional weaponry wielded by the most all-pervasive evil forces of Wetiko to have ever existed in this universe. I acknowledge some trepidations about revealing certain thought-dreams (cue Bob Dylan). We've watched while many, including the greatest medicine-warriors, past and present, have been being taken out, or isolated in captivity, like, forever. I don't think I need to identify specifically the Wetiko factions, since they're ID-ed all over the web, and we're well aware of their degenerate activities both public and private. I can say that it feels like a dangerous and tenuous moment here, because certain processes of healings - and counter-actions - are taking place connected to traumas from various levels of 'the past', recent and long-distant. We all are well aware of what has been, and is currently, being done to our children, and all other innocent life-forms (more specifically, women and children - it's what "soldiers" do); everywhere is war (cue Ras Tafari); who is involved, and their agendas (trans-humanism & emotion-consumption?); and the extent of the centuries-long cover-ups.

"Toys" for our children - drones and SWAT

We are also somewhat but less aware of the various magical-shamanic-tantric-entheogenic practices/technologies/wisdoms that have so-far mitigated and obstructed the total success of the Life/Earth-hating human-imposters [skills soon to be seen reactivated with a vengeance].

By way of illustration and metaphoric references to changing natures of Time, that recently caught my attention, there are 3 'films', recently watched, that parallel, in a sense, what is being perceived from my personal level of crazy out-of-timeness. (I'm really barely tracking what day, hour, week, or month it currently is…)
The first one was a captivating, hilarious throughout, movie called Safety Not Guaranteed (acting, script exquisite). It's a quirky romantic tale of two misfits joining in a mission to secretly build a 'time machine', yes - fun! Time travel as a way to rectify past 'bad choices' or heal 'consciousness-lapses'(?). Can love overcome the paranoia and mass-isolation/marginalization-programming? Themes portrayed here synchronistically proved to be useful in maintaining a heightened level of levity throughout the days and weeks following the viewing in which certain tests of spiritual focus were presenting themselves pretty continuously around here. References were made daily to 'my time-machine project in the basement', heh, during a number of high strangeness revelations, in close personal proximity to some archetypal psychopathic dramas in a 'spiritual-community' context being played out and needing to be skillfully dealt with.

Secondly, there's Cloud Atlas. A must-see, which symbolically portrays practically every degeneracy of historic Wetiko-infected 'civilizations', past, present and (possible) future(!); and the never-ending stream of human consciousness surviving, sacrificing, and progressing throughout endless lifetimes, rooted in, and maintained, very clearly, through the power of love. A critical mind might find flaws, but it is a masterpiece of film-art. I found great resonance within much of this 3-hour marathon ride, sobering, inspiring, and profound.  Here, the underlying theme is how the characters' remain deeply connected through lifetimes, ages, and cultures, even into "future" incarnations. So, time loses its linearity, and the "present" can only be grasped fleetingly as a shifting and fluid dream-like state.

The third 'film' was actually the concluding fifth season of the tv series Fringe. The upshot tying all the sub-plots and characters together was the idea that the gray-suited, baldheaded 'observers' (who showed up and took control over our - and a parallel - world) were/are actually the result of the evolution of a future insane 'science' experiment in the 22nd century. It was discovered at that (future) time that emotions could be deleted progressively from members of our species with a resulting increase in "intelligence" (the kind exemplified by that "autistic" freak Temple Grandin). That gradual tweaking resulted in an empathy-less race that developed time-travel technology and 'traveled' to this time in order to rule all planets for all time [yeah, what-fucking-ever]. However, it turns out some 'went native' and eventually discovered love during their observations, and also one 'conceived' an anomalous child with both high emotional/telepathic/healing capacities and intelligence. The kid is finally sent into the future time of the first discovery to convince the scientists of their terrible consequences and to take a different, more holistic path. The result was the 're-setting' of time. The appearance of the 'observers' never happens. Lovers aren't sacrificed nor do their children die. Scientific hubris is exposed and such areas of research terminated. Nice wrap-up.

 I'm just holding the position that we are now in a different 'time'-frame, that we've been imprisoned in a deeply fraudulent spiritual propaganda-matrix regarding time, and our paths of action must change, and have changed drastically. I don't believe in using the moment for, nor do I have any interest in, explaining or convincing others of the errors of the previous era of hubristic and ego-centric human behaviors. I don't mean that we're out of the woods/pit of hell, by any means. Its just that words, spoken or written, with the idea of changing consciousnesses of our fellow species appear to have been not as effective as hoped. Some are commitedly locked into 24/7 delusion, and others into some kind of Wetiko 'trans-humanism' fetish. Either way, they are outside of 'now', and rooting down and reasoning are out of the question. I don't participate in lengthly discussions of "how fucked up things are" any more with friends. I'd rather keep bring awareness around to love and beauty. Not for reasons of new-age head-burying, but because its all been covered and talked to death for some of us our whole lives. Is that insane? Maybe, but I'm simply calling out a new 'yuga', in my own simple-minded way.

OK, I'm probably certifiable now. Barely using clock or calendar. On waking I decide what to call 'today'. Making new names for weeks, months, years, yugas and other such categories of temporal measure, of lengths which I decide upon spontaneously in the moment. Everywhere the shitstem is same, micro- and macro-cosmically, I see, I hear, it's in my face, it comes to my home….I'm looking for courage and uncompromising impeccability, but mostly no one around cuts it, it's nowhere to be found, so I stay where I can't be found. Suddenly I have everything I need or ever wanted. Dedicated, enthusiastic students visit me frequently on Skype. I've been two months without wheels, chopping wood, carrying water, rooting down a couple miles up a snowy dirt road. I'm repairing my hovel, cleaning house, burning stuff, dropping off at the community thrift store, and sending extra winter-wear to some freezing elders in Lakota-land….now that I just got wheels again. 
As for calendars, I'm using the ones shown at right. As you can see, they are circular/cyclical. Some days/periods are 'elephants', others are 'flowers', and occasionally there are 'hearts', along with the frequent 'mirrors' and 'stars'….so everything is covered and life stays on schedule (grin).
Matangi: According to John Lash, by his temporal reckoning, we have entered into the time of the Mahavidya Goddess Matangi. She is "the outcast", "she who vanquishes deceit". From his article on
"As voodoo was directed against the predators of the native Haitians, so it may be said that the supernatural magic of Kali is now directed against the globalist fascist elite. This is the power to avenge those who have been wronged, polluted by the toxics potions of the predators, left out and left over, discarded. Kali herself is the exterminator of behavioral clones, the archontified population living in terror of those who reign over them by victim-perpetrator collusion, the rule of deceit. But Matangi is specifically the terminator of deceit and exterminator of the deceitful, including those in complicity with perpetration of social evil, who far outnumber the originators, strategists, or masterminds. For instance, the media whores, talking heads, and shills who lavishly propagated the cover-up of 9/11. Those who to this day protest in the public airwaves, 'But why would the government lie to us?', when they know better."
Umm…SANDY HOOK, anyone? There's a growing consensus that 'humiliation' is a big factor in this, and all the other uncountable atrocities. Another factor is that all of it just really creeps out any normal human left standing. Sure, mind-fucking has always gone on, but as information and awareness has risen in a portion of the species doing 'the work', the mind-scramble (with its attendant meds, GMOs, psy-ops traumas, and chemtrails) has reached unheard-of diabolical and demonic levels. Now the term 'demoralization' has been used to describe the main agenda feature. Twelfth Bough is really covering the deep levels of the war splendidly. Personally, the level of 'local demoralization' has been hitting very close to home. And Marsha Stout's new book describes what's happening as "Limbic Warfare" - worth checking out.

Lash thinks we have to come up with a way to 'trick' or deceive the 'deceiver'-forces - Matangi's teaching. Be as cunning as the predator, and somehow pull a "false flag" on 'em. Not sure how that works, but will have to listen to his latest talks.

What happened on my way to the city yesterday: Stopped by the Rio Grande visitor center on the highway to fill water bottles, and was met by a BLM official moron who lectured me on how 'his' water was not for "home use". The word "control" was used at least twice as well as "ownership", and a reference to "who dug the well". So I wondered: BLM is not 'public land' and his salary as well as cost of well-digging, though paid by taxpayers, does not permit 'the public' access to any of the benefits. A clear example of the gene-pool that needs to be phased out. Of course this is the same BLM that 'turns a blind eye' to the sale of its captured wild mustangs to slaughterhouses, while pretending to 'protect' them and our public lands - for fraking! As a mad friend once asked, "this is a water planet, isn't it?"

I'm gonna end this with an absolutely hypothetical, fictional tale, of which any comparison with real-life persons is purely unintended and coincidental:
Let's say there's this old dude who has been keepin' on keepin' on for sixty-some years on this planet, searching out/stumbling-upon the best initiations and masters, doing 'the work' as best as he's able, avoiding matrix entrapment for the most part, attempting to walk the path in beauty, fighting the good fight, skirting the very edges of sanity solely with holistic self-medication, having and losing friends, associates and partners as awareness of unacceptable compromises arise, thinking he has experienced love in some instances in its highest forms but ending up disillusioned around others' less-than-full commitment to truth, having kept a 'positive' vibration going, avoiding cynicism, and had resigned himself to full acceptance of an increasingly more solitary but somewhat fulfilling and creative life for his remaining years, with a fair amount of sadness and vexation at the absurdity of the situation of this birth and existence in Kali yuga.
Then suppose in this hypothetical situation a much younger person suddenly appears, one whose presence is one of the most shockingly, unwaveringly 'present' experienced by the old dude, one whose every word and expression and gesture and sound and glance and silence in every moment embodies the absolute essence of his lifetime-acquired sense of all that is beautiful. Then add to that: the overwhelming, undeniable realization that actually the whole life has been a search for this individual (should she exist) ["with eyes like the one I ached for"*]. Well, actually not even sure how long the search has gone on, perhaps lifetimes, perhaps many many of those…yugas?…an unfamiliar, unquestionable certainty of that feeling, the truth of which almost cracks the veils of forgetfulness. It doesn't matter though, really, since all the same exact impressions, feelings, and recognitions are instantly identically answered with an added "yes" just as the words leave his/her lips.
Some kind of 'time-periods' go by. Each day is filled with nourishing, calm and clear silence, with song, with tumultuous healings of personal and collective traumas, with effortless impeccable spontaneous creativity, with continuous expressions of adoration and gratitude. Oh yeah, also more gratitude, and gratitude too.
So, these two, brought together by Goddess in order to create a Shri Yantra, together, for the community on the last day of Navaratri 2012, though remaining 'in the world', fall into a deeper level of really seeing the distractions of the 'maya' matrix, excessive attention upon which perhaps prevent us from staying on the exact path and arriving at the exact place at the exact moment - in the 'bindu' point of the yantra of our eternal beingness - to discover the universal (union of all the verses) scientific theory-of-everything formula for the new yuga: that TIME EQUALS LOVE [major thesis and mathematical proof to follow]. 

Neither one knows where, why, who, or how 'it' will go, any more than they know what kind of day they will wake up to in the next 'unit of time'. 
....just a story. 

 *Quoted from Martin Prechtel's "Stealing Benefacio's Roses", where, at the end, Old Man in the Mayan Goddess story says "That's the way it always happens…" JUST READ THE BOOK!