Sunday, March 20, 2011

Evil Anniversaries

Another fine day on this perpetual "it's too early to tell"/"ongoing investigation"/"we may never know"-planet. Was that a HAARP or was it memorex/stuxnet? Do IMF and security companies cause meltdowns? Are ripped-off "Asian laborers" Palestinian terrorists? Who's made it to the final round in the "divinely ordained rule the world" sweepstakes? Which color of people are most superior in God's eyes, and who does He hate? Which children will have to be murdered to avenge the murder of those other children? Is seaweed on the prohibited list to be targeted by swat teams in health food stores? Should I be terrified that the zionist dominionists want to destroy the C-Steet dominionists? What could that mysterious substance found floating in the GOM be? How can I keep track of both the dead zones and the dead children? So many crucial questions that I must apply my fatigued, super-mooned brain to in order to put one foot in front of the other.

UPDATE: re:"Too early to tell" - More dead dolphins in GOM, "the top federal scientist investigating the deaths, revealed Wednesday that the government has yet to send any tissue samples for laboratory testing to determine a cause...She said that it would be months before any laboratory results would be available, and possibly longer before conclusions could be drawn...It is surprising that it has been almost a full year since the spill and they still haven't selected labs for this kind of work..."

Surprise surprise! So surprising...who'd a thought?

In some Eastern traditions they classify 9 emotions [rasas] in the human experience. They left out being fed-up. I felt that rasa this full moon, and don't feel like refraining from spitting some old toxic shit out.

The main tell-tale symptom of the Wetiko disease is racism. Racism is the most important product and primary underlying psychological tool of the infected populace of wetikos, both 'big' and 'small', aka "wets". For a complete analysis of this core feature, see the book Columbus and Other Cannibals. Racism has been the major force/weapon/delivery-system facilitating the spread of the disease, and it apparently originated or was 'reloaded' by some ancient entity (or entities) now known as 'Yahweh' and other names, signifying "the One God" embraced by the Judaic, Christian, and Muslim 'religions' today. The first two categories fully took the kool-aid, the latter not so much, of the racist ideology. Then there is the Hindu civilization. We don't really know when the "varna" system began (as it exists today), but there was undoubtedly an entity, or people brainwashed by the entity, who took control of the Hindu society at some previous turning of the Ages, and effectively created a formal 'caste' system with all it's intricate sub-categories, but primarily based upon blood-proportions of the indigenous vs the newer, lighter-skinned immigrants, invaders, or just plain 'power-over' lovers. The Brits found the scheme to their liking, and, resonating with their royalty-serf paradigm, wisely enhanced the mode even deeper.

Racism is behind the uproar over 'multiculturism' by certain historically-challenged groups whose hate is targeted at the concept of 'diversity', as if that is a dirty word, and isn't the way the world is. People scream and whine about it being the zionist/NWO/illuminati plot "to destroy Western culture, Christianity, and civilization in general", as if they aren't already well on the way of self-imploding. Excuse me, but aren't all the 'chaos/disorder-horrors' visited upon "1st world" countries [and "white people"] precisely originated in the unspeakably degenerate histories of cultural- and human-genocide perpetrated on the less-than-white societies around the world for x number of centuries? Please help me out here and name one that isn't.  If your [our] moronic, butt-ignorant ancestors invade, enslave, torture, degrade, dehumanize, despot-ize, traumatize, cannibalize, destroying every shred of human dignity and natural and normal social order of a people - and then can't control your evilness forever (as well as your borders) - just what the fuck do you think will be coming to your shores? History is apparently not something deserving even the most miniscule consideration in this constant bloviating by this new class of self-perceived/self-righteous 'victims' of destruction of their 'way of life'. So, to everyone who wants to continue to whine about the "nigras", the "messicans", the "injuns", the "gypsies", the "radicalized moozlims", and all the other asinine labels for people "who are sponging off all our hard-earned tax dollars" - please all go fuck yourselves. You can't even figure out that the profiteers-of-previous-atrocities' heirs are the very ones turning your life into the nightmare that it has become. As a matter of fact, why don't you just eat shit and die, 'cause you're terminally infected and contagious to the rest of us, and your whining is a serious noise pollution and soul-drain. Oh wait, you're already doing that.

Two anniversaries almost coincide this week. Both are related to the most despicable forms of racism and wetiko plague. It is 8 years since the absolute, total destruction of the ancient ["sand-nigger"] Iraqi society began. The initial day of that (BushII) invasion came just 4 DAYS after the murder of the beautiful martyr to Life, sister Rachel Corrie, in the ongoing abomiNation of Israhelli-occupied Palestine. That paragon of wetiko-pus of a "society" has attempted, but still not achieved, for 60+ years, the total destruction of that indigenous culture. They have, however, managed to drive all of the children into constant death-wish mentality. Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran - the intended holy domino theory, based on so-called 'religions' based on racism, wholeheartedly bought into and downed with a chaser of dead-dude-on-a-stick juice by millions of followers of a delusion that is the last thing needing destruction by an 'outside' force. Haiti, too, is a most telling example of extended wetiko history, beginning with the conquistador extermination of native population, through the 'old testament'-inspired slave trade, the rebellion and shamanic freedom struggle, all the way up to the oreo-cookie, zionist-ass-kissing peace laureate's psychopathic high-pressure scheming against the CIA-kidnapped democratically-elected leader, during his recent successful homecoming. Another glitch in the wetiko-matrix. Expect more of the same, as best-laid plans swirl the bowl in coming days and weeks.

But let's return to the subject of the racist '94%' POS 'religious' criminal-syndicate headquarters, its ridiculously evil leaders and their ideologies, temporarily existing in the bad-acid dream of the present temporal earthly reality, and the reasons why Ms Corrie, the "martyr-saint for the pro-terrorist lobby"/"St. Pancake"/"dangerous, clueless fanatic", died 8 years ago on March 16. It may have had something to do with the fact that, by one count, 45,000 Palestinians have been killed in last 10 years. Or maybe that between 4 and 5 Palestinian children have been killed every week for the last 10 years, in the largest concentration camp in history. What the hell, it only cost dumb-ass amerikans 3 TRILLION bucks for the servicing to their 'holy' god, book, and savior as foretold of old.

Rachel's martyrdom changed nothing, nor did even the subsequent attacks on, and killings, of other international solidarity workers, nor did the Mavi Marmara atrocity. The 'settlements', the asinine press-coverage favoritisms, the tree/crop demolitions, the house-razings, the head-shots to kids, the border-crossing deaths, the starvations, the drone-bombings, the well-poisonings, the evictions of the un-chosen, the imprisonment and tortures, the organ-harvestings, spitting on school-kids, the theft of everything not nailed down - all of it has continued and increased as the wetiko scum bask in the glory of their imagined approaching world-conquest. Sure, its the same old same old picture of the Roman empire, the conquistadors in the 'new world', in Africa, in Asia; and the same as amerika's 19th and 20th century adventures so heroically described in the history books, and continuing in hundreds of psychopathically despotic countries set up by the superior light-skinned ones, in service to revered ancient old testament mythologies. And its all connected. Connected by association and proscription from the fake holy scriptures of fake religions, so far removed from anything truly spiritual that anyone with a shred of 'humanity' finds it impossible to grasp.

If anyone feels the need to refresh, by example, their memory of recent wetiko/cannibalistic behavior on the part of the 94%-ers, let's throw up a recap of credible observations made during what was designated Cast Lead 15 months ago. ['Cast Lead': also a practice utilized for internal ingestion to punish non-confessors during that holy, centuries-long period known as the Inquisition - so, a clever turn of phrase, perhaps to throw in a bit of one-upmanship?]

Remember this stuff? - 

Pregnant women walking to maternity hospitals bombed by drone missiles, legs destroyed by DIME
All pregnant women giving birth prematurely
100s of infants, toddlers, targeted by snipers to the head, no exit, brain destroyed
Ambulances targeted with missiles
Families ordered out of homes to shelters, then bombed
Families ordered out of homes, children head-shot, elderly carrying white flags sniped
'White phosphorus' burning 100s children to black charcoal
Hospitals targeted with missiles
Summary execution of all males in homes, women & children locked in, then bombed
Mass live burials of captive civilians with bulldozers
Food markets targeted with missiles
Wells, water treatment targeted with missiles
UN relief trucks targeted with missiles
UN shelters targeted with missles
Red Cross vehicles and facilities targeted with missiles
Massive use of cluster bombs in densest population on earth
Tanks rolling over toddler corpses in the streets
Snipers shooting at families for days trying to rescue corpses of infants from dogs (trained, as in Sabra/Shatila), till nothing left
Propping up dead children to use as target practice
DIME weapons targeting children, infants, women - shredding lower bodies, destroy internal organs
Executing parents in front of children
'Sophie's choice' shooting of kids in front of parents
Organ harvesting of captive civilians
Palestinian Pieta, Ben Heine
Shit wall-graffiti and clothes for toilet paper

Its the 21st century. We've come a long ways. This type of "shit happens in war". But 'war', though it sometimes looked like this in the past, is now purely a rampaging of armed-to-the-teeth absolute chickenshits against oppression-resisting defenseless civilians. Though examples of this kind can be found throughout the wetiko-ized world, there is no clearer example of this than Palestine. This is what Rachel Corrie stood her ground against on that infamous day 8 years ago last week. She will be remembered long after fake, "I'll never lie"/"beyond racism"/"first black [droner-in-chief] what-ever"'s bones have disintegrated in the radioactive dirt of our franchise capitol of the zionazi dream...and all the rest of the big-wetiko-enterprise supporters have exited/raptured stage-right to their promised trans-Nibiruan hell-planetoid as foretold in my personal made-up mythology.
Racism is something discarded many stages of evolution before one gets to all the rest of the bs-isms, including and especially speciesism, so, how's it all gonna go down this time? 
Airport Nurse-in, Erin Currier
Heard this yesterday....simple and direct lyrics, memory-evoking sound of the previous Uranus-Pluto era of our youth.

...And here's some images of Real Life, in it's authentic spring-time, full moon manifestation, as it bursts forth in beauty and joy, "the way it is":

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What More Can You Say?

Viral video (3 million +) below. Accompanying comments say these friends are in veterinary care. 
I think I have said about all I can about human loss of sanity, the alienation from the natural world, the takeover of all social systems, the karma of materialist pursuits, the abandonment of the social contract, the ignorance of interdependence, the cowardice and failure to act decisively against the wetiko pandemic, and all that has gone the way of cumulative degeneration of consciousness over the past 10 thousand years. 
I, with the local clans and posses, now remain in constant prayer, ceremony, and service to all our relations in whatever ways present themselves, in these moments and hours remaining to celebrate the incomparable gift of human birth on our Mother planet in communion with our wise teachers such as those depicted here. Protect and love. 

 Another example from recent Brazil floods and mudslides....
 The video, the unceasing teaching transmission:

A new friend who yesterday gifted us with 2 prayer feathers:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cove Guardians Safe in Japan, Tsunami of Change

From Steve Thompson: (via Cyber Whale Warrior)
"I’m looking for iodine pills in reaction to the Fukushima nuclear release. Japan has not always been forthright in open and honest regarding health issues...
Taiji dolphins pens were pushed into the rocks in six surges. Cries were audible to Aussie observer. He is trying to leave town.
Kansai area (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto seem unaffected by the waves or earthquake damage)....
Screams were heard from dolphins from an Aussie near the area. He went safely up Tsunami Hill. Sorry to report that none of the dolphins were seen to have escaped. Boats did get out to ride out the waves."
Steven Thompson in The Cove
 From Sea Shepherd web site:
"After more than twenty-four hours since we last heard from them, Sea Shepherd Director of Investigations Scott West was able to call his wife Suzanne to report that he and the entire Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian crew are alive and unharmed.
They had to abandon their two cars in the devastated port city of Otsuchi where they spent the night on a hill. The entire town around them was destroyed. They walked out over scattered debris, roads that were completely wiped out, and walked past numerous dead bodies amidst piles of rubble.  At one point yesterday they saw and heard a woman in the water screaming for help, but she was washed out to sea before they could do anything to rescue her.
The Cove Guardians went to Otsuchi to document the slaughter of Dall’s Porpoise. Every year the fishermen slaughter over 20,000 of these gentle creatures.  They had just filmed a fishing boat returning from a porpoise hunt when they saw the water in the harbor receding and they immediately headed for high ground.  The time from the Earthquake to the Tsunami striking Otsuchi was about eight minutes.
The Cove Guardians were right in the midst of the most devastating Tsunami to ever hit Japan, and we are thankful they have all survived and are well."
Otsuchi, Japan - Credit: Sea Shepherd

At this point, the world is watching how many nukes are gonna blow - the ones made by GE, owners of S&MSNBC. And there have been, what, 500+ aftershocks? It's all about the 'high ground', in all senses, now. And miso and seaweed.

Still trying to get my head around the seemingly all-pervasive death-wish of the human race. The only thing I can think of is the ten thousand year old wetiko infection that's now near universally accomplished. Sorry, all you "detached" spiritual types, I just don't  buy the Divine Plan concept, but see the necessity of periodic purification. Like, maybe some amusement park day-trip 'dream' to experience, for a moment, this Island of Jewels planet through the eyes, ears, and noses of wolves, bison, coyotes, cats, hawks, dolphins - then go back to some timeless frolicking in the godhead? Yes, we're all "just passing through", but not just once, obviously. Boddhisatva-ship idea is interesting, yet I never got that it was the whole story. Never could trust any religions, either. Could there be a soul upgrade to another plane/planet/cosmos where we and all our resonating souls (of plants, seas, mountains, animals, clouds, lightning) get to hang, without the shithead life-haters, and create and develop our love-personhood?
Some tiny number of us have been there, done that, yet none but a few indigenous people have shared knowledge with us about multi-species consciousness. There's so much beauty virtually unexplored for so many millenia. What kind of a cockamamie idea was it to put dozens of nuclear plants on an island smack in the middle of Earth's biggest earthquake zone? Asian cultures are no wiser than any other place. You'd think after Hiroshima...But they genocided the Aino long before, and succumbed to "kingship", anti-life 'honor'-codes, and racism and all the other wetiko symptoms, total fear of 'rocking the boat', and chosen denial of the obvious - they were rejecting authentic Life and humility for materialist illusion. So, exactly as in the West. The West's tsunami-moment will also come, and these disasters, human and environmental, are tragic in the extreme. We have to do it all 'the hard way', always have, apparently. They were eating entheogenic mushrooms 6000 years ago in Spain and 9000 years ago in Algeria. Religions took care of that, or at least they thought so. Anyway, the main thing brought away from that sacred medicine route is an erasure of the fear of death. I don't fear death, nor whatever follows, but would be sad to lose the immediacy of infinite beauty here, as well as feeling all the shit, the emotions, the bodily interpenetration of all elements and consciousnesses, the love - expressed through sound, visual-art, motion, pulse/wave, touch and body-language - expressed by all life-forms. We've come so far in our human culture to announce that 'science' discovered that a chicken expresses empathy among its kind. One more example to me that we are probably in for a planetary "restart", and that's probably why I'm contemplating the Japan earthquake/tsunami being a major part of the coming attractions for the majority of life-forms; and what is really truly important at this moment in the now to move toward next, out of the stillnesses. Most likely: what's in front of my face and needing to be done, and what is required by those around me. I won't be workin' a sandwich-board and waitin' around for the dude-in-robes to arrive on a cloud. Just hope 'they' stay mostly out of our way in the time we have left here.

A 60+ year old Albatross mom, named "Wisdom", with her newest chick: 

Close to my age, but definitely seen more of the world...

Girls' "Song of Peace" from movie "Swing" by Tony Gatlif:

Lyrics in Romany, Arabic, French, and Yiddish -
Dear friends,
I've got drunk.
Fully drunk.
Full of unchangeable love.
The love that never gives me up.
Come to sing.
Drink as the order.
To get drunk.
All is filled.
All will be...
Let the soul...
...filled with love.
For the fire of love.
We burnt our skins.
To empty ourselves.

We are filled with love.....