Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Being 'Nobody', 'Nobody' Knows Everything

Not really feeling like writing so much these days (days filled with a lot of work around the homefront - dealing with 30 years of denial, 'landlord' devoid of any notion of responsibility, will probably require search for new base by fall). I'm hearing similar stories from friends...aah, the ethics of private property/ownership and the idiocy of the two-leggeds. 
So, onward.....

Steve Best posted this, but worth reposting - shows what's possible with a little solidarity and creative spontaneity:

As for spontaneity, this is what came about one week in March. My friend thought I should talk about the study and process of learning the Indian drum, pakhawaj, for the benefit of those possibly interested - the 'what', 'why', and 'wherefore'. Simply done, gradually getting into the esoterics after basic discussion. 

Some things that rocked me, musically, in the last week....enjoy!

A masterful 'jhalla' (free-form rhythmic improv) by Uday, accompanied on 'jori pakhawaj' (traditional Sikh-style 'tabla' with wheat-paste on bass) by Sukhvinder Singh:
Part 2 of their set, with composition in 10 beats is excellent also -

I'm tempted to write a whole post on the phenomenon of blog and/or website 'leaders'/'administrators' going all fascistic in conjunction with their 'fans/followers' piling-on with the group-think lynch-mob mentality toward anyone who even questions the 'authority'/'expertness'/'omniscience' of said writers, whether the subject is public/political or private/personal. But actually, it's so disgusting that I can't waste my energy on it. It is for this reason that I now mostly refrain from commenting on other blogs or comment-threads, with a few exceptions. Just in case anyone was wondering....I see that shit going on, demonizing and labeling good people 'psychopaths' and 'megalomaniacs' (um, projection?), and I'm outta there. Enough said.