Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Turning Lead Into Gold

As Jim Stone said today, "the truth does not hate, it just is". Truth be told, I took a break from media, news, internet, radio, all of it from before the (s)election a couple weeks back. On the other hand, maybe lies do hate; or maybe that's just intellectual semantics. The reality is that more than 99% of both what spews from the above sources, as well as what passes for normal human utterances, has zero spiritual content. That puts it pretty much in the 'lie' category. And from that it clearly follows that almost all of the terminally degraded 'beings' constituting our species are filled with hate (and fear) - of everything "other", including but not limited to: spirit, life-forms, co-operation, creativity, empathy, compassion, innocence, love... Clearly, it is all as intolerable to Bhoomi-devi as it is to my ears, and probably yours too. 

What I had been doing/not-doing was a period of retreat and satsang of spontaneous and grace-filled regeneration, a plunge into an ever-deepening unknown, filled with silence and wonder, un-enhanced by any medicinal aids, which brought forth both profound remembrance and primal tests of courage, among many other deeply affecting consequences. Now isn't the time for more details; there's an ongoing process of integration that makes every day, and hour, off-the-charts intense, and writing doesn't come easy. I sense also that I am not alone in this level of experience happening to some degree with others at this cosmic moment. Purely speculation, I don't know. It's not my business either.

There came a point in time (yeah, back here) when I checked back in. I question whether there are words in our language to precisely define the level of insanity reached by humans, or what is taking place in this planetary sphere. I certainly don't have the vocabulary. There's probably an epidemic of 'dumb-struck' in the Love Tribe. Elsewhere the cacophony of religious and political mind-fucking, chaos-invoking noise is deafening. I'm not able to get too near it, but glean the essence of current developments in short glances. 
First thing that came to my attention is the local [Los Lunas, NM] "Coyote Killing Contest", apparently unstoppable since it took place this last weekend, even with BLM and State lands supposedly "off limits". "Hunters" had brought their AK's to town to show those animal-lover protesters that 'nobody's gonna take away our guns and right-to-hunt'.
SAME DEMONIC SHIT AS "THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES"....really, it's all the same to me. Do we need to create sub-categories of the Wetiko disease????
To view another perspective, the sane and reverent human one, view this local Coyote rehab release video.
And, as well this one, and this one too

War on Wolves [sub-category of War-On-Everything] is going well: 7 shot at Yellowstone this weekend, 5 WITH RADIO COLLARS. Hundreds have been murdered in last couple weeks in at least 5 states. Here's a fact: 99% of hunters in the Kali Yuga are pieces of shit. "US Wildlife Services", of course, is a quintessential example of the 5000-year-old epidemic of in-your-face lies. 
Just found this quote from John Steinbeck [The Log from the Sea of Cortez]:
"We have never understood why men mount the heads of animals and hang them up to look down on their conquerors. Possibly it feels good to these men to be superior to animals, but it does seem that if they were sure of it they would not have to prove it. Often a man who is afraid must constantly demonstrate his courage and, in the case of the hunter, must keep a tangible record of his courage. For ourselves, we have had mounted in a small hardwood plaque one perfect borrego [bighorn sheep] dropping. And where another man can say, "There was an animal, but because I am greater than he, he is dead and I am alive, and there is his head to prove it," we can say, "There was an animal, and for all we know there still is and here is proof of it. He was very healthy when we last heard of him." 

Speaking of being healthy (and the War On Health) there's this sub-category: The Great Mexican Maize Massacre. And even this is merely a miniscule example of the multitude of symptoms. 
Yet, we live on a planet with a substantial Sane/Love-Tribe population, scattered and isolated as it may be. We live for the beauty of the infinite forms of the bounty of this world, the creatures who allow us to engage our eyes directly, the sensuous and nourishing members of the plant lokas to whom we give gratitude, the enjoyment of our brothers' and sisters' creative expressions. And we profoundly and deeply appreciate, in wonderment, the interrelationship and interconnectedness of species/tribes/nations in this marvelous, unknowable lap of the Mother. Here's an example: The Year of the Bat 
For the record, here is a concise history of the War-On-Lovers-of-Life. And as a contrast, there is the new website - The Science of Animal Sentience.   
How do we walk through this, even, or especially, if it's only going to be a relatively short journey? This mantra has re-emerged: 'we have all the time in the world'. I believe we at least have time to make sure each and every one of our loved ones, our co-creators, our spirit collaborators - human and other - knows for certain that we appreciate, adore, love them, and are deeply grateful for the blessing of sharing this incarnation with them.

Since I spent a good amount of time recently (also) relishing various genres of exquisite music, may I post some for you?
Did you know that Mr. Tosh was assassinated on 9/11/87? Does that need a comment?


This is deliriously joyfull, and profound: 

This one has been a favorite (theme song?) for a couple years, cracking my friends up as it blasted from my car..."even my best friends, they don't know..."

Lastly, an invocation to Goddess Saraswati, traditional from the Dagar dhrupad lineage (my guru-bhai, Manik Munde, on pakhawaj):