Sunday, April 20, 2014

News Flash for the Clueless "Heroic" Dumb-Ass Patriots

Or, what's uuuup wit these crazy ballheads?

I seem to remember some quote about "the last refuge of the scoundrel....", coulda also been "of the historically ignorant". I just can't recall...
Ok, let's just put aside for the moment the obvious regarding the minerals and frack-able natural gas as the story behind all the weaponized posturing taking place in Nevada on the land of the now-famous "settler hold-out". And also, I want to visit the 'desert tortoise' in a moment.

Here's a hilarious/tragic Native take on the whole situation from Indian Country Today:
Big news that went on all week was the confrontation between the federal government and the “militia movement” over the removal of cattle belonging to Mormon “pioneer” Cliven Bundy from federal land. Bundy has not paid his grazing fees for 20 years. Why? His ancestors settled those lands in the 19th century. “Time immemorial,” my Cousin Ray Sixkiller pointed out, “means different things to different people.”
The 68-year-old Bundy recognizes no federal authority in the matter. If he owed grazing fees, he claimed they would be owed to the state of Nevada, which entered the United States on Halloween, 1864. Because the Civil War was going on, the Nevada Constitution contained a “paramount allegiance clause,” which is seriously inconvenient for anybody claiming, as Bundy does, a right to ignore the feds.
The year before Nevada was admitted, the US signed the Treaty of Ruby Valley, which recognized the Western Shoshone as owners of the dirt Cliven Bundy is claiming the right to use because of his “pioneer” pedigree. In 1979, the Indian Claims Commission awarded the Shoshone $26 million in compensation for land lost to “settler encroachment” while the federal government looked the other way. Those encroaching settlers would be who Cliven Bundy cites today as originators of his right to graze his cattle.
The Shoshone refused the money. They had not agreed to sell the land. They did not agree that the land should be used for nuclear testing. Carrie and Mary Dann were Shoshone elders who stood up to the abuse. Mary walked on at age 82, in 2005. The 81-year-old Carrie was last arrested in 2007, protesting against the use of Shoshone land for nuclear weapons research.

The Dann Sisters grazed their cattle on land the Bureau of Land Management claimed since 1973, refusing to pay grazing fees based on the Treaty of Ruby Valley, Article VI of the US Constitution, and a report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States that found the US to be cheating the Shoshone.
In 1992 and again in 2002, armed BLM posses rounded up the Dann Sisters’ cattle and sold them for grazing fees. The New York Times reported in 2002 that the Dann Sisters had been fined $3 million for “trespass.”
When a BLM posse came to round up Cliven Bundy’s cattle, armed “patriots” rode to the rescue. The BLM got about 400 head of Bundy’s cattle and Bundy got about as many supporters, many of them armed, from as far away as Montana. The Washington Post reported on April 10 that a sign at the entrance to the protest camp read “MILITA SIGHN IN.” Cousin Ray said he hoped their shooting was no better than their spelling.
Protestor Richard Mack, a former Arizona Sheriff, told a Fox News camera that the plan was “to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”
On April 12, the BLM postponed the circus, giving Bundy’s cattle back and leaving Cousin Ray to wonder where all these lovers of law and liberty were when the women up front were Carrie and Mary Dann?"

"Settler encroachment".....hmm. Forgot where I was for a minute there. Palestine? O, right, Shoshone land. The "nevada test site". US 'militarized zone'.

Brief appearance of the Tortoise took place. (Not the one in the Churning of the Milky Ocean story.) A desert tortoise.The kind of animal that gets 'patriots' all panties-in-a-wad. "Environmentalists are the problem! - damn corporate-funded, tree-huggin', dirt-worshipping pagans!" Whoops, they told ya to look over there, and you fell for it. Next.

Here's the story out last week, explained by RT's Abby Martin, of the increasingly spiking numbers of environmentalist's murders:

Some excerpts from the response letter of Cpt. Paul Watson of SeaShepherd :
[Digression: btw, you know, there's patriotic, and then there's matriotic...?]


Conservationists and Environmentalists are amongst the most Dangerous Jobs on the Planet

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

    Being a wildlife conservationist or an environmentalist is now considered one of the planet’s most dangerous occupations....
    We face very dangerous and powerful vested interests each day. They outnumber us and they are financially and politically connected. They are ruthless and they will deal harshly with anyone who intervenes against them and the resource or species they have in their sights....
    Over the years I have been beaten, jailed, shot, and threatened repeatedly. Fortunately none of my crew or I have suffered any serious injuries....
    I have known and supported activists in the field who have been murdered for defending nature and in most cases their killers were never caught or prosecuted....
    Unfortunately we do not hear about most of them because they are usually poor grass-root activists tackling issues in their own communities....

    Eerily as I was writing this posting, I received the following bulletin:
“Virunga National Park’s Chief Warden, Emmanuel de Merode, was shot today in an ambush on the road from Goma to Rumangabo. He is in serious but stable condition with bullet wounds in the chest”.
This is a man I actually know. I am hoping the injuries will not be fatal....
    In 2002 I had lunch with Conservationist Jane Tipton in St. Lucia. A year later she was shot in the head in her driveway. The murder remains unsolved....
    There is not a single case of an environmentalist or a conservationist killing any person. But if it did happen, it would be the leading news story internationally....
    We now live in a world where holding up a protest sign makes a person an eco-terrorist and also a target. Yet we can be killed without a corporate journalist lifting an eyebrow and certainly not lifting a pen.

The message is clear. “Get in the way of our profits and we will kill you.”

    With Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott describing environmentalists as agents of Satan and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling conservationists a threat to the national security of the country, the political message is clear. It’s open season on those who would defend the Earth.... 

   I cherish the non-violent foundation of the conservation movement. We have a noble legacy, in fact it is the only global movement that can claim a complete 100% rejection of violence as a solution. I don’t want to see it devolve into retribution with retaliatory violence but that will become an increasing possibility if the killing of us by them continues....
    Despite having this unblemished record, the propaganda continues to spew out of the mainstream media about how violent environmentalist are. You don’t see us on horseback with semi-automatic weapons looking for a show-down with the BLM. In the mind of our enemies, violence is holding a protest sign, blocking a whaling ship or making a film. The same words are used repeatedly like “eco-terrorist, extremist, or militant.”....
   What is clear is that it is fast becoming a more dangerous world out there for those of us who wish to protect biodiversity and natural habitats. We need to be more cautious and more mindful of self defense....

    And people asked me why I sometimes wear a bullet proof vest?
My old one has a bullet hole in it."

[In this time, I'm always marveling at the avalanche of hostile spewing that appears almost universally in comments below any article covering anything having to do with Animal Sentience. Check it out. Fascinating! Fervent allegiance to human supremacy concept, and equal to the "manifest destiny" and "chosenness" delusions.]
One video clip, just uploaded - featuring a drummer possibly known to some:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How deep the holy passion for Life?

In the summer of '69, in Nepal, I encountered a certain self-realized sadhu baba. His way of communicating definitely went beyond words, but I do remember him saying to a group of young foreign (western) people, "you don't know how to eat, sleep, piss, shit, or make love". He probably hoped he could make a difference. Well, we all hoped things would turn out different. But, here we are, here now, in a world with a couple added billions, still lacking basic consciousness and exemplifying rapid de-evolution toward some spectacular cataclysm or a soon-come mental zero-point. 
Each day I seem to have less and less to say, except in these intimate conversations with the beloved. Sure, we could put extra time and attention on the latest manifestations of humanoid insanity, or the shifting theaters in the war on consciousness, or the sorry state of what passes for 'alternative journalism' and 'activism for change'. But we really don't have the luxury any more. 

In this moment in time, this space of our mortal lives, we primarily inhabit what's called "the cancer bubble". If you haven't been 'in it', you could never grasp the overwhelmingly intense multidimensional states of consciousness that bubble encompasses. Sure, there are these little doorways to what's outside the bubble, which we venture through for a time each day, but we inevitably return out of necessity to this bubble, which we are continuously co-creating. No, it is not necessarily some 'dark', worrisome, fearful place either. It is a sphere of profound love, nourishment, compassion, transformation, creativity, crucial meditations, emotional freedom, and movement on all levels. It is fully alive truth. It can only evoke gratitude. 

I should mention that one soon becomes acutely aware of the many "cancer bubbles" out there, and there is surely support, which often appears in the most unlikely places and forms. One has to steel oneself and loved ones from the onslaught of the mental and pharmaceutical poisonous memes of fear, derision, and infantile arrogance of those in "power", with their million$ and steel-and-concrete monstrosities of clinical scientific delusion. I'm talkin' some ultimate tests of courage and spiritual perseverance here. And I'm also talkin' absolute depth of evil underneath the smiley, 'helpful' facade propped up by the deluded mis-educated minions in the 'health-provider' industrial complex. 
On the other hand, there are the alternatives. These are ways requiring a deep personal research and resourcefulness, and decisions made based on a deep trust in one's own discernment and the particular medicine way. That's all I feel to say for now. It's a big subject. 

I will say, on the other hand, that I'm looking forward to the period of time, before, during, and after April 15-22. [15th is the full-moon eclipse, and 22nd is the exactitude of the grand cross.] I do know how similar configurations worked out previously, because I was around for them. But this is orders of magnitude of intensity above anything previous. No one really knows how it will play out. There's just so much shit that needs to end immediately if not sooner, and it's hard to imagine being any closer to the edge of the cliff. Ordinary humans don't have the will to get it together to end the illusory separation imposed by the archontic forces, through war, nationalism, racism, speciesism, patriarchalism, religionism, useless political ideologies - all of which is rampant and completely denied. Everything is upside-down and racing in the opposite direction of the Real. It feels like maybe we ARE at zero-point. I haven't felt quite this way since I headed off to India to die in '68. But, WTF, it's a good day to die. [Breaking news: death ain't real.] I mean, really, are we here because we're supposed to spend our lives signing petitions to try to stop amerikan towns from having wildlife-killing-contests-for-kids [coyotes, prairie dogs, squirrels, bears, now crows], or to make the pope and queen disband their institutional pedophilic child-sacrifice empires? (Yes, of course 'merkins teach kids that wildlife are nothing more than targets, and yes, the real important VIPs have been ritually slaughtering kids for centuries - that's what planet this is, thanks to the archontic intrusion.) 

Oh well, I can't help but share this heart-warming story of US's largest family-owned mink farm, which barely escaped destruction by the ALF recently. The owner (female) had this to say: "there's a sickening feeling of having [your] personal space violated"! (From the article) It seems "her family and the ecoterrorists have completely different ideas about the natural order of the world. Her world view is Biblically established [sic], with humans having dominion over the earth and its creatures." But she does have one thing to say to those awful ecoterrorists: "I'd tell them that Jesus loves you." 
Sometimes you just have to be grateful for humor and irony. Yet one more reminder that you really can't fix 'it'.

Really, I have nothing to say, and I only started to put this post up for one reason, which is to show what the level of passion is that keeps me here on Mother Earth, excruciatingly beautiful and tragic - especially if you look up the story on the artist - but have a listen to Camaron de la Isla. CAN YOU HANDLE IT? I can, but only barely.