Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reflections In The Troubled Waters

Desperation is being enacted out on so many levels, in so many arenas, it's pretty much impossible for a singular fragile human mind to track it all, contain the immensity, and come to any coherent comprehension, some kind of overstanding, a grasp of the trajectory to which we are heading. Despair alternates with elation, a sort of cosmic bi-polar syndrome with tragedy and miracles witnessed and noted but not integrated. Our personal lives as well as collective events are filled with accelerated maximized emotional impacts, one closely folllowing the previous. How is this riding the 'novelty' wave workin' for you?

Our small town is reeling from three youth suicides in the past week. Two were bridge-jumpers in the Rio Grande gorge, the third involved a gun. Tomorrow a (hopefully well attended) walk/pilgrimage and ceremony to the bridge will be held in an attempt at healing and awareness-raising. Though I didn't personally know the youths, I know from my sources that the apocalypse wasn't working out for them on many levels in this particular dimension. I just know that that's a pretty intense decision process to go through, too. Believe me, I've been there. Maybe the difference was that I was specifically imploring the Goddess/God to allow my turning over the question completely into Her hands. That the situation contained too many unknowns for me to make any kind of judgment on 'my' destiny. Obviously, I did not go over that particular railing.

Part of what's happening is the 'panic' state prevailing, referred to recently, with a large quantity being manufactured, and animal instinct doing the rest. The wetiko predator's mind-fuck machine is turned all the way up and all the stops have been pulled out. Of course this exposes the twistedness, degeneracy, and soullessness of the cannibalistas. Recent examples include the Monster Bill to Kill Our Environment, the "worst attack on the environment Congress has ever launched", including 50 insane riders to "kill every major safeguard protecting our air, water, land, and wildlife". Well, it's 'monstrous' all right. 

Again, closer to home, Game and Fish Department Colludes With Industry Groups. Seems the Trappers Association, the Cattlegrowers (sic) Association, Livestock Bureau, Sheep Foundation, Council of Outfitters and similar groups did some hangin out with the 'higher-ups' of the GFD boys before they had their little state-wide "public hearings" in some out-of-the-way boondock town of 3000 regarding the future of trapping in New Mexico and set the stage for expanded trapping on public lands. The psycho governor is pleased to see the war on Life proceeding as she campaigned for. Her "special commission" also just lifted the previous governor's ban on trapping the MEXICAN LOBO "under a veil of secrecy". Yeah, there's as many as possibly 50 (FIFTY!) left in the state. Panic opportunity alert.

Wetikos rule! And they seem to have about as much self-control as the severely consciousness-impaired bloviating voices in much of the media, including the web. All shall be least we can bank on that. As for the 'alternative/conspiracy' sector of the net, it's so informative to read things like how Al Martin describes the victims of the ['regrettable'] Norway event: "weak-kneed, limp-wristed, faint-hearted, and spineless". Niiiice. He forgot 'hippies' [who stand up for Palestine]. Does anyone get that? A guy like that will print an article by John Lash, then say shit like that. Of course all these type sites are a mixed bag. The litmus test for me is: do they sell "investment advice"? If so, it's idiotville; I will not be sitting around their campfire when that day comes. Desperately defending capitalism [and 'consevatism', whatever the hell that is] with their last breath. Where do things like the following (as enumerated by Steven Lendman recently) legacies of the last 30 years come from?: disdain for working folk, contempt for rule of law and human rights, support for concentrated wealth, power and militarism, sweeping deregulation, 'free trade', offshoring, war on drugs and other nonviolent "crimes", tax cuts for 'elites', social program cuts, support for global despots, death squads and star wars, contempt for gays and coloreds and poor....we could go on. I mean, its bad enough that the so-called "liberals" play along, contribute, and enable, and never ID the naked emperors, but for human beings to actually take seriously the ideology that this program enhances their or any lifeform's existence, ahh it's all so '14th/15th Century'.  In a way, it makes perfect sense. I've said it before and I'll say it again: check out Caliban And The Witch. That is, unless you reeealy reealy liked the '50s, and it was the 'time of your life' - the disneyland facade of the grand illusion. It's common knowledge that it's a big problem for the Wetikos when there's too much respect for the Sacred Feminine goin on anywhere. That's always been the first pronouncement to the newly-conquered 'savages'. A big piece of our way out of here is in that 'witch' thing. In a 21st Century kind of way. Dispensing with the ancient upside-down narrative.

The sicko animal-abusers from Texas' E6 Cattle Co. (calf farm) got off with probation and small fines for their misdemeanor charges, at least the owner did, following the Mercy For Animals exposé. The absconded 'employees' are charged with felonies, natch. The just-us shitstem works!

In case anyone didn't know, Namibia is now ground-zero for the global seal-skin slaughter 'market'. Canada's practically out of the picture (but not completely). And one dude, who was shown previously on this site, is basically pulling the strings from Istanbul. Sea Shepherd people have barely escaped with their lives documenting the atrocities now taking place, including the bulldozing of the bloody mess under the sand immediately after so tourists can come oooh and aaah while they snap home videos at the 'cute' seal colony. Norway does differently - they sell 'tours' for a few hundred bucks to go and shoot a baby seal, or watch the 'professionals' club them. These and other strange articles can be found at the website.

How's the Mercury-Neptune-Chiron combo-with-added-retro-Uranus-Pluto/Ninth Wave/Pole-Shift/Signs-and-Portents-Vibe looking like it's shaping up to you? Stalemated polarization - is that where we are? My trusted sources tell me the Devic Realm is pretty distressed at the bleakness. That would be us included; we are not separate.
Onward to the next flower-covered mourning shrine....we will find the strength to stand tall together and artfully uphold the positive vibrations, as we have risen to it in the past, as our ancestors and lineages have done for countless generations. Definitely powerful medicine is being invoked in private, as well as publicly, together and solo. Our only 'plan' can be: exercising, fully activating, the nurturing medicine ways within us in ever more powerfully focussed creativity in resonance with our ever-evolving mayashakti and prakritishakti of our Earth Mother. And preserve in memory and share all the miracles that happen in each of our lives, like the precious oral teachings to our grandchildren that they are. I personally admit I don't have much energy for anything else. 


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forces of Nature & Subject of Subjects cont. - Edited

Lord Surya
Hope everyone is having a great Guru Purnima (full moon). Jai Guru! Victory to inner-teacher, true Guru; and the outer-teachers and their many great transmissions.
Ok,....Happy Bastille Day too!

A short sample of two of the Indian drumming traditions covering the 14-beat repertoire was just posted by yours truly, in video format and audio file. Electric guitars accompaniment by my illegal co-conspirator, Señor Erich.
This is the video link for "Pakhawaj - The 14's: N. Indian & Odissi"
This is the audio link for listening and/or downloading: "NewDham - The 14's"
Links can also be found on the "Music Page" of this blog.

News updates:
Jellyfish have been responsible for the shutting down of at least 4 nuclear plants in recent months. Yessss!
Criminalization of home gardens is up on both sides of the Atlantic.
Keith McHenry (Food-Not-Bombs founder) spent another 17 days in Florida jail for feeding children and homeless. Sympathetic hackers are taking down Orlando's websites (heh).
Housing, food and water are now "entitlements", "on the [craps] table", as the high-rollers gather around with fists full of starving child sex-slaves. From where you are, can you hear the piercing tumultuous cries from the 'religious/spiritual' mouthpieces? Oh. Not really?
On another front, the orbit of the Moon is no longer circular, it's elliptical - see HERE. In related news, it seems the Earth, which has kept to Her Ecliptic Plane for thousands of years, is wobbling above and below its proscribed parameters. If true, that will kinda blow astrological calculations all to hell. Try not to panic.

Maybe you might want to give a listen to that 'terrible demagogue' Louis Farrakhan [gasp, a BLACK MUSLIM] as he, and Ramsey Clarke and Cynthia McKinney, spoke a few weeks back across the street from the UN: "Farrakhan Blasts the Coalition of Demons" (1:25hr), addressing the subject of Libya. Not kind to the West, Russia, China, Mecca, or the UN. "[This] will be dealt with by God Himself and His USE OF THE FORCES OF NATURE...." We can only hope. "...The period of Grace is over"....Yeah, it's lookin' that way.
Curiously, it seems no Libyan is homeless, living under bridges. Unlike in certain 'advanced' civilizations. Ghaddafi's own tent-dwelling parents were not housed till every family in Libya was first provided for, as promised and delivered. Women have full access to education and personal income. Aspiring farmers have free land, tools, seeds, etc. No national debt. More gold than any country except China. Obviously, another in a long line of "evil dictators" - is the only possible conclusion one can come to from the evidence, right?. Brave heroic Wetiko soldiers of the 'empire' had to bravely and heroically take out his son and 3 grandchildren. The innocence-destruction addiction, again, as always.

None of this is new. Same old story: politicians, priests, scientists, businessmen - copyright alert! - none of them know what any of it is worth.
No guillotine unveilings yet seen on the streets, let alone general strikes. However, prisoners around the country, in the hundreds, are two weeks into a solidarity FAST, though. HEY!...Not THIS world, but the NEXT. Wake up, get with the program! Keep looking 'forward'. Lemon pie is my favorite. 'Forward' apparently looks like: Dickensian packs of waifs pick-pocketting and committing petty theft in the streets across the empire, or selling matchsticks and body-parts. "Growth" is all important, as if the prison-indust-complex is not No.1, No.1, yay!
So, that's how it goes. Is this the Kali Yuga or just the End of Time?

Recently a great artist and writer has brought up the subject of "panic" in her writings. The demons Farrakhan refers to [embodied and un-embodied Wetikos] just love panic. Panic in others, mostly. But...what goes around comes around. Panic is fast becoming epidemic...or 'Widespread' (heh). Unfortunately, innocents are susceptible, like the 28-yr-old who jumped the Gorge Bridge last night down the road. Getting outta 'here' is on the minds of many.

Or is the future bright? I've been checking out some essays by a certain bloviator featured prominently on, named "Dr. Chiapallone". He has been publishing since the 80's extensively regarding Archons, demons, false gods/religions, aliens and other classes of beings present in our Matrix, viewed by him as a preordained doomed Virtual Reality. He says there's nothing here worth saving, that what's going on is a "Consciousness Evacuation" leading to "Dimensional Liberation", which will in effect leave this planet a dead zone similar to Mars. But it's all perfect because this world and all its life forms were originally doomed and slated for complete 'clearing' (from its creation) since that's the only way to end what was the inevitable reign of Evil. Everything going on on Earth is shit, and he cites endless examples, notably all of them on a materialistic level, while at the same time claiming to be a spiritual authority. The good Doctor also claims much of his information came from aliens he met, and if you don't believe him, you're an idiot 'cause he's practically the only one here who knows what's what. After subjecting myself to a mountainous steaming pile of his ego-spew, I've moved on to better things. Sure glad I'm not in his body or head.

Kiko, the Pigmy Angorra kid - 4mo.
Better things being more recent writings by John Lamb Lash, author of "Not In His Image", on his extensive website I highly recommend a recent article entitled "The True Anarchy of Life on Earth", but it might also help to have a bit of background on the Gaia/Sophia story which can be found HERE. Further articles entitled "Open Season on Predators" are pretty relevant, and have been quoted previously here. The "True Anarchy" essay relates to the necessary human participation required in the spiritual 'correction' being undertaken by the Earth Goddess Gaia/Sophia. The Gnostic take just resonates with me, much more than the Earth-must-end scenarios (very similar to the fundie whacko James Watt, Ronnie Raygun's Interior Sec. who claimed Jesus was waiting for all the trees to be felled), and the "Jesus Speaks" channeling recently thrown up on blogs.

With regard to the subject of our attitudes toward Earth's VALUE and Gnostic tradition, Lash writes: "Unless we can bring the practice of Gnosis into our emergent connection with Gaia, the subject is not worth the bother. Gnosticism dissociated from the Sophianic vision of the Earth only serves to reinforce religious beliefs that keep the world under an evil spell of dissociation."

The Boys
[Basically, for the record, my value system is: unreserved reverence toward the immense Grace and assistance received from my many human and non-human/more-than-human Teachers and Allies, including especially the Mother Goddess of infinite names. Jai Guru! 108x]

Further, on the subject of Predators ("the subject of subjects"), he writes in the "True Anarchy" essay:
" Observation of dates and numbers by the Authorities are not proof of their mastery of globally spellbinding black magic, but evidence of their "routinary minds," as Castaneda noted, concerning the flyers. They repeat these agendas to keep themselves on track as they have no guiding autonomy, having abdicated that aspect of our divine endowment in favor of the Archontic illusion of power, enacted through arcane games of deception and domination. Is that clear enough, Snoopy?
A psychotic serial killer works compulsively in strict routines, often using repetitive patterns preserved in codes, ciphers, and symbols. But given this is so, can you say that such a murderous, deceiving person is performing true and efficacious magic? I think that would be over-attribution. He or she is merely acting out the rigid, fear-driven behavioral compulsions inherent to the Archon plexus of the "psyched-up,"over-worked backbrain. This distinction is imperative.
Lovely Red-girl
To fall under the spell of the Authorities is to concede power to their false magic: under the power of deception, we deceive ourselves about what power really is and lose all sense of our own power. Our power inheres in the unique opportunity of our role in the divine experiment of Sophia, interactive magic with the wisdom goddess. Claiming this power is the only sure and direct way, and the ultimate way, to detect and defeat the illusional power of the Authorities."

Long-eared Owl, "Radar"
Food for thought/meditations. I like this guy; maybe not for everyone. At least the story is open-ended....

Edited 7/17 - adding the following to the above quoted material, because it zeroes in on the heart of the matter:

"'On the Origin of the World' informs us that the defeat of the Archons is a last-minute affair that depends on their reaching the full extension of their phantom powers over humanity. The outcome depends on the intervention of humanity at the eleventh hour. The myth clearly indicates a sudden, drastic turnabout. Sophia warns the Lord Archon: "There is an immortal luminous child, the Anthropos, who came into existence before you and who will appear among your modeled forms (plasmata). This luminous child will trample you in scorn just as a potter's clay is pounded (into a lump)." Instead of molding humankind in their image, the Archons will be reduced to pulp, like the discard from a juicer.

"If you cannot profile a psychopath, you are not a responsible member of human society. If you cannot detect and defeat psychopathic behavior as it presents itself in your immediate personal reality, you are not qualified to live in a free world. Freedom ain't a free lunch. Such is the humble view of a warrior in Kali's Band.

"We cannot realize our true humanity without beating the Authorities. There is more than one way to do so, but the central and decisive way is to choose anarchy in defiance of any authority that does not demonstrate benevolence toward life in all forms.
The Authorities only have the power ceded to them through ignorance and denial of our divine potential, our endowment from the planetary animal mother and the Aeons."

-from "The True Anarchy of Life on Earth", John Lamb Lash

Friday, July 1, 2011

All Species Share Love and Suffering

Pictures are so much better than words sometimes, especially in my case [age diminishes vocabulary?]. So, this is what I'm talkin' bout...No Speciesism Here. And that's precisely what the particular page is entitled on the Animal Liberation Front website. Links to more than 400 photos and videos..."photos in this section show relationships between two different species. Such relationships are not unusual. Animals don't have the emotional and cultural hang-ups that humans do, and they let pure heavenly love happen."
Being of the Love Tribe, I still use the words 'hate' and 'despise' for things hateful and despicable. Just sayin'. So these photo samples are posted to offset or balance contrasting sentiments from previous posts. The ALF photo-posters are, of course, considered by the PTW to be 'hateful', 'violent', 'terrorist',..etc., cough, puke...But these pics below, as "cute" as they are, are illustrations of the root source of our sentient emotional universe - the knowledge of how the world really is. They are from the wild, from wildlife rescues, from zoos, and from personal collections.
All photos published by
Monkey in India serving water to the blind
You know, all commonly accepted history is one big long depressing series of hoaxes. You already know that. All accepted-as-"normal" humans have always been insane...most notably 'experts' of practically every stripe, political and religious 'leaders' and 'spokespersons', official 'scientists', doctors, degreed 'therapists', most 'journalists' and editors, 'philosophers', 'businessmen'/entrepreneurs', self-styled 'educators', 'entertainers', and just about every other category of human endeavor taken oh so seriously by the collectivity of 'top of the food chain' species. It has always been this way...because, unlike all other species on the planet, humans have never really taken seriously the miracle of their embodied existence, their reason for being, their embeddedness within the interconnected web of (infinite) living consciousness. I don't know why that is, it just is. Maybe because we were genetically engineered from the earliest beginnings as gold-mining slaves of the Annunaki...but, I really don't know. It would perhaps be helpful to know, but nevertheless we are way past the breaking point leading to the assured demise of our own, as well as most other, species of living things in this corner of the galaxy.

This day in this particular corner of planet Earth the forest is burning 60 miles away at the edge of the demonic "premier national treasure" laboratory of the death cult; the very place where the death of the planet and all Life has been being concocted for the last 7 decades. We are enveloped in an unknown toxic blanket of smoke, the sun is obscured and eclipse-like and the light in the air is surreal; the lab has been dumping whatever the hell they feel like for the last 70-odd years in the surrounding forest and creeks. Everyone talks about the 'strange', 'unnatural', 'driven with a harmful intent' quality of the recent and ongoing fires, energies not experienced before, not in the previous close-call a decade ago when the fires spread the dumped toxins around with the monitoring of the air by various agencies lying out their asses. Around here the word is: "Veils? What fucking veils?".  'They' have turned the volume up to 11 and left the building. 'They' being the demonic entities, referred to by various names and designations throughout history, seldom believed to be 'real' by most or 'mythological' at best, by various religious belief systems, finally being noticed seriously only in the present century.
"Pole-shift is a bitch."

We need to be activating all our connectivity to the Devic realm, calling in all of whatever karmic 'notes' we might be having to request/invoke aid in bringing in a final disempowerment of all the machinations of the dark forces' omnicidal agendas, from weather and elemental catastrophes to the wars on Mother Earth's children everywhere. The Devic realm is just as fed-fucking-up as humans at this point. There is much power there. We have just forgotten to spend due time on that relationship, wandering traumatized through centuries in a materialist dream-scape. Entice the Devas to arise and see our determination and commitment to join in alliance, and assess our worthiness to stand with them in the great circle and net of protection needed to be bound stronger than ever now. Our companion-species, as well as local wild-species friends, are the perfect messengers and representatives of the Devic world. Tell them everything, all your thoughts and desires. Mantra, dance, sing, drum, all works.
Right now I guarantee that all the Pueblos, Navajos, Apaches and their neighbors are doing this very thing with maximum power, since I've received emails and I-mails to that effect.
Wildlife is taking a monstrously huge hit right now, as they did in the Gulf of Mexico. Bird young are just hatching or have not fledged. Many parents are reluctant to abandon their young.

Situation is: there is an area at Los Alamos where they blew up over 100 tons (or was it 200?) of DU in the woods; there are tons of dioxin and PCBs also in the forest. Nice. And the fed "monitors" aren't monitoring these pollutants. Can't trust anything they say anyway.
My attitude is that, since the Santa Fe, Española, and Albuquerque economies are intimately tied to the Los Alamos, Sandia labs and peripheral industries, basically the whole damn state and most businesses, except the tourism sector, is guilty of participation in this demonic agenda, and there is gonna be karmic hell to pay. I despise the ignorant humans everywhere here who happily go about blindly living out their "freedom" and "merkin way of life" in their Range Rovers and Lexuses and Hummers while spitting and shitting on our Mother . The air and the light is totally surreal. Animals are agitated; my cat doesn't want to go outside. Many friends have packed up their kids and headed off to Colorado.We hear strange bombers flying overhead above the smoke at night - not 'tankers' - and we wonder about our gardens...
We of course are deeply disturbed at what the demonic militarist evil empire is doing from Mexico to Afghanistan to Gaza to Libya and everywhere in between, but dealing with the land and wildlife here is about all we can handle. At least the fucking death-cult Labs are shut down, even though it's now the largest fire in New Mexico history at 103,000 acres and still 3% containment.

My final question is: IF THEY CAN STEER RAIN INTO NEBRASKA AND SOUTH DAKOTA (see the radar signatures), CAN THEY STEER RAIN AWAY (AND INCREASE WIND) IN NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA???? Locals, btw, say they've never experienced continuous winds for so long in their lifetimes.