Saturday, December 25, 2010

Blowing Through The Air

Sri Ramana Maharshi
A couple weeks ago I deleted a main section of my post dealing with a very personal situation. There was a lot of anger and rage expressed in the moment, and I later thought that it wasn't useful under the circumstances to make it so public for various reasons. I've had a lot of time to think about it, and much of the situation remains unchanged, but it has been helpful to take some time to assess all of it in the context of the big picture, both in the larger scheme of things outside as well as within.
The 'situation' is basically that a very close friend and guru-brother has become one of the millions of political prisoners of the empire. In reality, this person has done nothing 'wrong', has committed no offense against anyone (nor threatened), is an upstanding human being and well respected member of the community and master artisan, but has been caught up in one of the various anti-life wars-on-everything perpetrated by the psychopaths wielding their imagined power over all that stands in the way of their deluded agendas. As in many other cases, my friend is being made an example of to terrorize others, and is painted as some kind of threat to 'order' ("lawn-order", as we used to say). There is a total media black-out and a bail many times that of Assange's, as well as all records sealed even to legal representation. This is taking place in one of the most fascist districts in the country. Not a good situation, however this individual is intimately familiar with 'timeless space', possessed of natural spiritual talents unimaginable to the moronically stupid parasitic consciousnesses of his demonic tormentors. Give thanks and praises. Truth will triumph.

However, we all know that there is nothing unusual or unique about this type of occurrence. It's what fascist empires do, only the 'crimes' change over time. But the 'offense' is always: what normal real people normally do to live a normal human life and protect themselves from the predations of power-over control-freaks who worship materiality and ownership of everything "other" and are dedicated to destroying whomever and whatever fails to comply with the 'right' of their 'dominion'. This is going on non-stop everywhere every moment, and has for far too long. It takes place in the military adventures of empires, in 'civilized' societies and cities, in the forests, in corporations' domains, in religious institutions, in 'educational' institutions, in our neighborhoods, and in our homes and families. It's the all-pervading Matrix pushing our tolerance past the breaking point, crescendoing lately with the veil-renting solstice eclipse and the subsequent 'holiday' mass insanity and delusional temporal mind-loop mast-in-the-storm of sentimentality.

About this day: my attitude has long been one of hopeful anticipation toward the final erasure of this diabolical 'holiday' and all that it historically and mythologically entails and represents. I got no use for a 'day' celebrating generosity, peace, saintly awakened human beings, miracles, or whatever, since these things can be celebrated in every living moment. Neither do I need the delusion of an outside savior-son-of-an-off-planet-entity.
To quote Les Visible on this day: "The power latent within every human being is greater than all the darkness that can be arrayed against it. There are people walking the Earth right now who make remarkable changes in the world at every point where they are moving through it and it takes place without anyone seeing it happen."
My final thought on this matter is this: In the book The Golden Thread of Time, by Crichton E.M. Miller, he outlines how the Celtic Cross is the divine instrument which is key to the ancients' knowledge of the many cycles of time, large and small, which illuminate our temporal existence in this world and support our evolution of conscious awareness of the patterns of our awakenings. This instrument/symbol parallels those of the First Nations peoples, who were, naturally, disturbed at the omission of circularity in the symbol displayed by their visitors five centuries ago. The fact that such a key symbol has been altered and re-defined as an instrument of torture meme, to be worn about the necks of millions of the "faithful", is the most telling and ugly description of human degradation and degeneration that has taken place over the last great cycle of the ages. It's long past due for this abomination to be corrected and its memory flushed and composted for a new cultivation of a sane and demon-free age waiting to burst forth from Gaia's soil.

Please go to this Video: (embedding disabled)

A lot of folks have been increasingly writing about "the coming/ongoing/immanent retributive justice" blowing in the wind (for want of a better term). None can say when, nor clearly identify the agency for this hoped-for manifestation. It remains to be seen. But there's not a one with any Jah-given intuitive sense who does not feel it, like a natural mystic blowin through the air. I don't claim to be able to discern the agency nor the mode or scope of what looms before us, but, in the silence of natural contemplation, voices other than the spinning mind are heard, felt, and understood.
Something is taking place in Taiji, Japan, where the dolphins are being slaughtered every year by the thousands, as exposed in the award-winning film The Cove, and where the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 'Cove Guardians' have been bearing witness and documenting the daily events. The Guardians are being increasingly approached by normal Japanese citizens to hear words of support, praise, and honoring appreciation for what they are doing. They are being hailed as heroes and bowed to. The other side of this phenomenon is that people are stating that they themselves are afraid to openly stand up and criticize the killing, though they know it is terribly wrong. They are afraid to publicly question a "cultural practice", as well as an emotional affront to all decency. Sound familiar? I have myself wondered and questioned members of SSCS why it is that THEY seemingly have a policy of not showing EMOTION while confronting and in the presence of the killers whom they pass by daily. I have received no response.

This brings me to the point of this post. We know that psychopaths pride themselves on not feeling human emotions, and despise them as being stupid human weaknesses. I recently finished reading the phenomenal book by Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words. In it is an excruciatingly detailed account of his own abuse at the hands of his father, as well as a detailing of the emotionally dead full history of the 'civilizing' of the 'savages' of the Americas and the land of this hemisphere. The process is identical. He speaks of his own decades-long process of resurrecting his emotional body from the childhood practice of disassociating into a void-place of non-feeling, non-knowing, and non-remembering. Culturally, this is what has taken place in western culture. We all know what the enabling institutions are.
Furthermore, this relates to the "language" in the title. He undertakes an exploration, with the aid of indigenous people, scientists, environmentalists and other associates, into the subject of "interspecies communication", which is the now-forgotten language. The experimental and experiential processes are fascinating, and well worth the read. He visits with the gentleman who, in 1966 as a police lie-detecter specialist, first noticed responses coming from his plants hooked up to electrodes. This person, who sparked the 'secret life of plants' phenomenon, has continued for 40 years to delve deeper into that world, eventually monitoring single-cell creatures and even protein molecules. EVERYTHING responds to EMOTION! That's the undeniable conclusion. Everything in creation. But is has to be raw, SPONTANEOUS emotion. We have all seen, of course, the frozen water crystal experiments documented by the Japanese scientist. So, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg (grin). Hell, Jensen himself kept hold on his sanity as a child by talking with the stars, and they responded! Too woo-woo for you? Too bad. It can't be explained. You have to be there. Uh huh..."animism", in this other language.

So, to bring it around to the present moment, it seems that one of the most critical endeavors we need to engage in is the healing of our Jah-given abilities to deeply listen, and express our deepest emotional responses to what is occurring with the destruction of all life, including our own bodies, and to recognize that EVERYTHING is feeling and responding to the ongoing process, including the dying bees, the dying bats, the beaching whales, the plants, the weather systems, the Sun, our ADD children, the insects, the soil, the oceans, and literally everything else. Following Julia Butterfly Hill's blog, I see this young lady who inspired a generation perhaps more than any Earthfirster in our lifetime, berating herself for still collapsing in an "emotional mess" due to her work and bearing witness. This is who we really are, my dear. All Life, itself, will be the agency for the coming changes and transformation.
A last word from Jensen's friend, Jeannette Armstrong: "Attitudes about interspecies communication are THE primary differences between western and indigenous philosophies. Scientists still think that 'listening to the land' is a metaphor. It's not a metaphor. It's how the world is."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Imagine Me Being Done

We've been heretics for 10,000 years. Been tortured, burned, drawn and quartered, racked, starved, imprisoned, beheaded, shot, droned, assassinated and destroyed by every method conceived by the psychopathic molesters of both mankind and our more-than-human sentient being brothers and sisters.

Our crimes have been 'wrong thinking', reading wrong books, illegal gatherings, consuming wrong medicines, disobeying 'authorities', following our conscience and common sense and ethics, obstructing the rape and ecological destruction of Mother Earth, protecting our children from predators, teaching what we know to be true, and anyone with half a brain knows the rest of the whole goddamned story...

We have acted and spoke and written and preserved and sacrificed for thousands of years, yet we are here today watching hundreds of species extincting every day, swaths of millions of acres of the natural world obliterated daily, millions of children unnecessarily starving daily, wars consuming innocents by the millions and resources and energy, watching our beloved, magnificent, creative, brethren and sistren's lives destroyed, communities trashed; and the horrors don't diminish, but increase exponentially.

I've completed what I started out to do here. I wanted to leave a record of who I am for my children, say some things that never got said, get shit off my chest, redeem myself in the eyes of ancestors and preceptors, and say how it looks around here from my eyes and heart.
Disgusted and tormented, I have nothing more to say. 

Possibly I will continue archiving my mridang traditional compositions and improvs. My brother is the one who encouraged me, still encourages me, to do this. And I haven't even got to the 14's and 10's yet on the YouTubes. Time will tell. I'm not, nor have ever been, 'in charge'. 
It's time for other Work. Dominos will be falling.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prayers, curses, and forbidden emotions

Today (Dec. 5th) is the annual conference in Boston of the International Marine Mammal Trainers Association (IMATA). Never mind the fact that "marine mammal trainers" is a misnomer - people formerly involved in that ugly evil business clarify that it is the marine ones that train the land ones. I hope they are sufficiently, no disastrously, disrupted and mercilessly harassed. Dolphinariums, zoos and such 'animal' entertainments are nothing but hidden extensions of the bloody human anti-Life cult, and are due for total elimination; and their 'entrepreneurs' and sponsors due for life-sentences in cages at the absolute minimum. Having to watch their parents, relatives, and friends slaughtered, made to do tricks in a zoo would be poetic justice, but then we're not supposed to say such things.

Or rather, 'enlightened' individuals should not have these thoughts and emotional charges. Sometimes my attention is confined to the beauty with which I'm surrounded in my immediate environment, and so such feelings stay dormant. But, of course, any slight injustice, stupidity, or cruelty witnessed, overheard or referenced will instantly explode my brain and bring the blood to boiling. Waiting, for a lifetime, I long ago ran out of patience with the human race. My friend can't even watch a movie that depicts crowds of humans, let alone venture into town for more than a thoroughly logistically strategized hit-and-run, especially now with the 24/7 black fridays. Recent trips for art classes in town have made her physically ill. I return to the wildlife rehab volunteer mode of public participation to maintain some skills of co-operative interaction with the segment of humanity that gives a shit - about anything. Of course human stupidity is ever-present there too, in every case.

I can no longer 'care' about 'humanity', or "it's fate". I have no feelings whatsoever toward this abstraction, this conglomerate of incarnated somethings assumed to be a spiritually evolving collective entity inhabiting treasured human bodies. The contemplation of this part of the sentient world, as an abstraction, a supposed whole species somehow thought to be embodying a universally shared unique specialness and potential, brings up only the same emotional energetics that arise when I ponder the existence of a recombinant lab virus from Ft. Detrick, or a dysentery amoeba drifting up into the smog from the open sewers of Pahar Ganj in New Delhi. This 'humanity' is not something consisting of true human beings. Perhaps there was potential for masses of them to become such, over time and numerous incarnations during the last 10 thousand years even, let alone 10 million years. The opportunity was almost universally rejected and declined. Even now, at the culmination of the epoch/Kali Yug/Mayan Long Count, there's not only no interest in waking from slumberous fantasyland, but maximum stridency in lashing out, and projection of delusion, upon even the simplest gesture toward, or word of sanity. Silence has become the only operative option for walking through matrix-land, when that 'going to town' becomes necessary for fulfilling various survival needs.

What I do care about is the one-thousandth of one percent of 'humanity' that might be referred to as 'true humans'. People we encounter who are easily, clearly, recognized as awake; friends known through personal contact and through sharing hearts through these technological means; peoples struggling to maintain their Earth-connected lives and cultures; peoples under siege and resisting the machines of death; people thanklessly serving and caring for the 'least among us' in anonymity; people courageously overcoming fear to commit thought-crimes against the dogmas of demonic States of universal terror and planetary extinction. The young, the innocent, the artists, artisans, musicians, poets, honest fair-traders, educators, prostitutes of mind and body (from fear of bodily harm), activists for Life (not fetus-lovers), natural and energetic healers, nurturers, real philosophers, transition-facilitators, organic gardeners, sustainable-energy inventors, trauma specialists, first-nations defenders, renunciates (tyagis), sadhus, caretakers/protectors of the natural world and wildness, all those walking lightly on the Earth and respecting 'all my relations', the institutionally traumatized - the list is endless, but any of them can be recognized for their true human-ness.

Non-human species, sentient and innocent, constantly have my prayers for fulfillment and liberation. But the human-embodied 'organic portals', mindlessly indulging in and co-operating with pointless death and destruction, brainwashed into moral relativity, at this late 'time' - I cast them out of all consideration. I have no concern for their eventual 'liberation' or 'awakening'. Their chances have come and gone. 'Going along to get along' no longer has any relevance or meaning beyond a pathetic excuse to be pled to the gallows ax-man.
Empires always fall from overreach, but this is a never-before-achieved web of evil enveloping every land and sea from pole to pole, exercising its will over every life-form, not unified but all-encompassing by its various interlocking factions' overwhelming success at spreading the degeneracy of self-hate and hatred of Life throughout the races of men. But this new, almost ungraspable dimension of empire has finally reached and slammed against the walls of its limitations. It won't be long now, but it may seem to be long in coming - the fall.

The big 'Leaks' are one indicator of the qualities of the moment. Another indication and quality is exhibited in the frantic, hysterical reactions to the Leaks and the 'face' of the phenomenon, Assange. It is becoming clear who has what investments in which ideologies, as many web and other media presences whom we have taken as semi-objective are exposing themselves as equally suspect as the dominant death-culture's mouthpieces. I have used computers and the internet for 10 years only, but over that time have come to sort out the various sources of 'info' into categories of trustworthy, suspect, and disinfo. 99%, I now conclude, fall into the latter two columns, most heavily in the last. 'The Leaks' caper has consolidated my conclusions. The 100s of death threats are widely known. Assange and his associates and family members clearly fear for their lives. Draconian suppression of the distribution of info is beyond 1984-ish. The info is obviously not what the controllers want to see being spread and twittered. It's certain that this is just the tip of the proverbial shit-pile. Nevertheless, there is cacophonic howling by 'alternative' media sources using such phrases as "reverse psychology", "Israeli-sourced", "Mossad psy-op", "intel-agency dupe", "NWO agenda", even "gay agenda" [WTF?] and on and on.  Others also include the idea that it is a distraction 'for the sheeple', of little consequence, and will simply 'go away' eventually, if not sooner. Rense, Truthseeker, and that Ouija-board 'scientific' cult SOTT, and others promote this garbage. These and other similar sites have always had their taboo areas, and, as is common, will often flame and pile-on on anyone approaching their security-walls of Xtian, superiority-self-importance and all-knowingness. Fuck them, and give them no quarter. The only trustable truth or sanity out on the web is coming from bloggers like Les, Nina, Su, A.Peasant and a few others and the work of McGowan and a handful of fearless veil-rippers.

My prayers and heartfelt oneness in Love, in a generalized way toward any collectivity, only extends to the non-human world and Mother Earth. I have zero shame for my emotional responses and feelings and attitudes around the seemingly unstoppable horrors. I daily explain to the Japanese embassies that I am finished with expressing my displeasure in reasonable terms. I make it clear that all involved in allowing the slaughters are subject to the full force of holy curses by all powers in and around me and in the name of all saints, holy gurus, all elements and deities, all ancestors, kachinas, and the Almighty Jah, and unnamed others. So be it. I am no saint, but neither am I concerned with my own personal karma. I know all is cool with my gurus and allies and familiars, because they tell me so.
Ok, just in case, I went online and ordered my home self-flagellation starter kit from

In latest update from Cove Guardians you may hear the curses and sobbing emotions from the witnessing videographer. This is what's natural and human under these circumstances. A time will come when certain of these human-imposters will be 'taken out'. By what agency, I don't know. In what numbers, I don't know. I don't know if I'd weep if it reached 99%. Things may accelerate suddenly soon. The astrological aspects are reaching critical explosive configurations historically. There are other influences in play also, so nothing is predictable. I just know "fire is burning". My advice: stay outside of the town limits.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Extinctions, Wildness, and Angels

Artwork by Ron Cobb 1967

News flash: Senator says, "Denizens of darkness are waiting out there in temples around the city to shred this baby to bits."(12/1/2010) No...really, I'm not making this up. You can't make this shit up. Is that interesting apocalypse language or what? We'll come back to this later.

What can one possibly write about the culture-of-extinction/death-cult that hasn't already been covered by millions of words by some of the most eloquent culture-creatives from every corner of the Earth?
"Science-educators" have been publishing articles for at least 40 years on why extinction is of little or no consequence. They cover both non-human species as well as indigenous tribal peoples. The first place I encountered this was in the Smithsonian Journal many years ago. But big-science keeps crankin' out both the articles and the cranks who write them. They're not for academic review, but for public consumption. Maybe you never read these pieces, however they're just another subtle meme spread through the collective by the death-cult to prepare the serfs for planned future shock doctrine events. Nothing to get excited about. It's all just a natural part of life and evolution, you see.

Now we've arrived at the "future". Most didn't see it coming, nor do they see the coming cataclysmic conclusion slated for the final act. There won't even be Smithsonians to house the stuffed remains of the last specimens. Zoos will be emptied of the last-of-their-kind prisoners. A few 'pigoons', GM-hybrid escapees from Monsanto's labs, will scavenge amongst the detritus of lifeless suburbs till they're caught and eaten by the  neo-cannibalist survivors of the earthly endgame. It doesn't look hopeful, but there's always a chance that some of us can, and will, improvise away from the script.

Observing and listening to our non-human brethren and neighbors may give us the clues we need to other ways of being. The reality is that animals are always communicating to us (at least when they're not taking care of personal business). They are doing it almost all the time, and are intensely aware of our presence. However, our disrespect is what makes them bored, and us deaf. Is this what Derrick Jensen meant when he wrote "A Language Older Than Words"? Maybe. The languages of the animal nations were/are understood by our ancestors. As he also notes, animals should/could be our primary teachers. (They have been mine.) But then...we became insane. Afflicted with contagious malignant narcissism. (Narcissism has now been removed from the 'official' catalogue of mental illnesses! How cool is that?) Speaking of narcissism and the "zoo" reference (and Jensen) - his recent book, "Thought to Exist in the Wild" is another thorough analysis of the separation-from-Life roots of human insanity. He writes: "It may be flattering in an infantile sort of way to believe that everything is here to serve you, but in the real world where real creatures exist and real creatures suffer, it's pretty pathetic to pretend nobody matters but you." " fact the central conceit of this whole culture is that all these others have been placed here for us, that they do not have any existence independent of us..." Yeah, I think we all saw that.

As we proceed through the process of objectification to it's logical endpoint of totality, where non-human persons, then elements of the environment, then 'inferior' races, then women...we see it's all actually pornographic, ultimately any other human ceases to exist other than oneself and we can then finally erase the taboo against cannibalism. Which is exactly what we have, both in the highest elite satanic political-corporate circles and in the demonically-ravaged coked-out child-soldier wars in Africa..."shredding" of babies and children by the "denizens of the darkness", as referred to in the quote at the top of this post.  Expect more of this in the ongoing 'unveiling'. (Google "General Butt Naked")

This narcissistic negation of the real existence of 'other' is actually a total inversion, a backward, upside-down abomination and tragic caricature of an infinitely deeper mystical truth. For those who have journeyed in the shamanic realms of 'no-time', 'no-other', and received initiations of 'absolute responsibility for the creation of the universe' (and 'the origin of the universe' is now), and are the ones (in all times, in all places) who bring back the treasure-jewels from the goddesses' underworlds - the revelation-gifts for humanity - our separateness is both an illusion and the path through illusion to the ultimate truth of oneness - with all creation. 'Other' is nothing but part of our own self. Strangely, it can only be reached through everything 'other' - in this world. Every leaf of grass, every dragonfly, every redwood, every bison and dolphin and face of a beloved is a doorway into the divine truth of our (and all beings') simultaneous individuality-and-oneness paradox. These things are not supposed to be talked about, I am aware. But we are in pathless unknown territory now. Things previously un-accessible are no longer outside our grasp. We need to, as well, identify the fake divinity - death. And we need to realize that the innocence our species tortures and destroys in the forms of 'other' non-human individual persons is nothing other than our crucial connection to who and what we essentially are.

We've come a long way from Descartes, baby ("Animal-cries of terror and pain = machine noises"). Or have we? Where's that comet?
There is lately not only a ramped-up ('war on terror') campaign to defend animal 'research', but a ramping up of 'scientific' rhetoric to prove that we all need to eat more 'meat', because 'our ancestors always have' and because veg diet is unhealthy, as well as being a part of the depopulation agenda/plot. It's "scientific", O...K...!!!!???? So, it must be 'truthy', right?
Peter Kingsley has written about our western culture's primary philosophers of the pre-BCE Greek civilization. Two main characters ('gurus' of Plato and Socrates) were Parmenides and Empedocles, actually heirs to the perennial shamanic/mystery traditions, whose words and teachings were turned upside down by those (uninitiated) that followed them. It came to be (mis-)understood that 'reason' and 'logic' were what their gurus taught are the sure paths to knowledge and wisdom. Not.
They, and Empedocles in particular, had some things to say regarding our animal brethren too. "To kill animals and eat their flesh is not just an abomination but 'the greatest abomination of all'".... and "When the soul violates the strict ban on destroying life and eating flesh in Aphrodite's (worldly) charming realm,...this will not be its first fall from grace."
(Referring to the previous 'fall' from Divinity - into the mortal realm.)
"Every single human is an unconscious immortal. But this is the least of it. So are animals and even plants...Immortal life is everywhere, sacred, inextricably entangled..."
I guess we can take this however we wish. After all, truth is only self-discovered. But those are the words of prophets.

Those prophets taught that the path to wisdom and truth - through this reality - is the path of continuous, unbroken awareness and focus on what is right in front of us always. Sounds like Taoism? Tantra? Sufism? Very connected, these lineages.
Tupac Amaru

Watching the film "South of the Border" recently was enlightening on many levels. One was how the majority of the people in South American countries have not been swayed by having 90% of their media being fascistic and moronic. Another was the quote, given by Hugo Chavez, from Tupac Amaru, the Peruvian indigenous leader (non-human, of course) of the rebellion against the Spanish in the 1780's, when being tortured, drawn and quartered, along with his wife and children, exclaimed "I die as one, but I will return as millions!"

Check these three ladies out! One, with a law degree, says she "sold her business, her house, and her car" to campaign full-time for the sharks - THE SHARK ANGELS

Shark Angels from WildSphere Productions on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gaiacide Soup or A Higher Vision?

I couldn't resist putting up the old ('66?) cartoon by Ron Cobb, 'cause it's that time again - the "holiday season". What. Ever. Cartoon worth a thousand words. Must have been '66 when, as he always did, Ron walked through the door of the L.A. Freepress about 5 minutes before going-to-press time (like, 6am, after we'd all pulled an all-nighter) to fill in the blank space reserved for his brilliant creation-of-the-week. Heady times then.
Actually, I have abundance of things to give thanks for, every day, every minute, as I think most of my friends do also. Beauty surrounding, health within, brethren and sistren natural mystics supporting and validating our non-insanity, thrilling us with their own beautiful creations and perspectives of observing the multi-levels of our ever-changing-while-ever-still universe.
 I'm just going to let this post be mostly a space for the amazing visionary words of Derrick Jensen - with a reprint of his essay "IN THE TIME AFTER", from 2009. I believe it will move you as well as probably console and consolidate your own thoughts of a "future" almost impossible for most of us to envision for our Earth and generations of our children.
SCROLLING DOWN to the bottom, you will see TWO VIDEOS posted as an addition to this entry. One is my latest upload on YouTube, the other is one I recently found while surfing "terrorist" sites (grin).

One more thing: I am recommending the incredible film (video available) called "SHARKWATER", by biologist/film-maker Rob Stewart (2006). This is over-the-top, multiple-award-winning, film making; the most astonishingly beautiful, dramatic, and disturbing, myth-destroying documentary I've ever seen about our oceans and the intimate connection of SHARKS TO THE FATE OF OUR WORLD, and the courageous Life-defenders' taking on the demonic corruption of governments and the WORLD-WIDE MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SHARK-FIN MAFIA infesting most of Asia and every ocean on the planet. Sea Shepherd folks, including Capt. Watson, are central. Sharks are more than 450 million years old (older than dinosaurs), and they are being extincted at a rate of 10,000/hour! Yeah, WTF!?!? They are also exquisitely beautiful and innocent sentient creatures. And it's all about "status" and superstition - SHARK-FIN SOUP. Certainly, the plague of human stupidity isn't limited to any one race or nation. It all circles back to economics, WTO, World Bank, economic hit-men, and psychopaths and ponerization of almost the entirety of humanity. Oceanographic biologists call this "the biggest ecological time-bomb" on Earth. See why, see this film.

Derrick Jensen's beautiful essay, enjoy: 


In the time after, when industrial civilization is a bitter and too-slowly-fading memory, a memory of a nightmare too atrocious to be believed by those who were not alive in the time before and so did not experience it and its destructiveness, birds will begin to come back, and whip-poor-wills will sing, and bobwhites will sing, and murrelets will fly to oceans no longer being murdered and will return with their bellies full of fish to feed their young. In the time after, frogs will sing and nights will be as full of their songs as it is possible to be. Nights will be even more full than that, until the nights burst from their fullness.

Early in the time after, many of those who survive will barely believe their fate. There will, of course, be those—a small minority (they were always a small minority, even before the fall of civilization, no matter what they pretended, no matter what they made believe)—who look longingly back to before and wish they were still dead; who wish they were still killing all others so they could cling to the comforts or elegancies that made life, to their way of thinking and not-thinking, worth living; that made life bearable, even if sometimes only barely. But they are, truly, an insignificant minority.

For many of the others, for the overwhelming majority, the first feelings were perhaps a shocked and disbelieving relief, the emotional collapse that so often comes after a terrible tragedy is narrowly averted and you no longer have to be quite so strong—a sudden crumbling of the prison where you waited for the unjust death sentence to be imposed. After that came a cautious optimism: the relief might be real, the threat gone. Then later, when the enormity of what had happened—and even more, what could have happened but did not—finds its way fully into their bodies, these others will feel a joy deep and profound enough to soften at least a little of their sorrow for those who were lost, those who did not make it: passenger pigeon, great auk, dodo, shoal sprite, chestnut ermine moth, Round Island burrowing boa, golden toad, Snake River sucker, Central Valley grasshopper, Falklands Islands wolf, quagga, Lake Pedder earthworm, Cape Verde giant skink, silver trout, Galapagos amaranth.

In the time after, cars will no longer hurtle down roads—free-fire zones for these massive metal projectiles—killing everything in their path. Machines will no longer hum. Chainsaws will no longer whine. Humans will eventually no longer value pseudo creation—production—more than they value real creation—real life, their own and others’. In the time long after, humans will no longer sell or buy time, their own or others’. They will no longer sell or buy any of the other things—beings—who cannot truly be sold or bought; things—beings—like land, like trees, like fish or frogs or birds, like other humans, like ideas, like art. In the time after, life will be more important than machines, production, commerce, power.

In the time after, wounds will scab over, begin to heal. Dams will fail and rivers will again run free, will again live. In the time after, skyscrapers will fall in on themselves. Roots will buckle concrete and tear up asphalt. Forests will begin to expand, to reclaim what was once and forever theirs.

In the time after, flocks of birds will grow, not dwindle. Schools of fish will grow, not dwindle. The same is true for herds of bison, packs of wolves, communities of prairie dogs, runs of salmon, lamprey, grayling.

In the time after, humans will remember how to be human, and will again listen to the voices of those we, the civilized, have so long silenced. Humans will again hear the voices of stars, soil, rocks, fire, ice, rivers, seas, forests, grasslands, deserts, and so many others, and all who live in them. Humans will, individually and collectively, give back more than they—we—receive.

In the time after, there will be no more time as we now understand it (or rather, as we make believe we understand it). There will be days and nights, and springs and summers, falls and winters. There will be markings of seasons: the singing of frogs, the blooming of trillium, the return of geese, the play fighting of baby bears who use any startling excuse to scamper up trees, the flowering and fruiting of so many plants, the yellowing of leaves, the return of rains, the return of salmon, the fruiting of fungi, and the singing of frogs to begin it all again.

In the time after, there will be all of these and so many more that we could not possibly know them all, no matter how closely we paid attention, no matter how long we lived in and with a place, no matter how well we listened and learned. There will be all of this, but there will be no time, no ticktock of clocks, no artificial constraints, not only on our time, but on time itself. In the time after, reality will determine time, and not the other way around.

But it will take a long time to return to this time of no time: the people during and immediately after will still be as they are now, which means they will still attempt to silence all others, will still exploit and consume all others. They will still attempt to enslave all others that they perceive as below themselves, and will still enslave themselves to those they perceive as above them, who will in turn enslave themselves to those they perceive as higher still, and so on, with all of them enslaving themselves most of all to the whole system of enslavement. And in the time after, the humans still living will still allow themselves to be enslaved to separation.

After a time—after a very long time—these humans (or rather their many-greats-grandchildren)—will unlearn their relentless need to be enslaved and to enslave, and they will also unlearn their enslavement to their notion of time. They will even unlearn their enslavement to separation.

In that distant time after, people will no longer believe they are separate. Nor, of course, will they believe they are one. Both beliefs will be perceived as being as unrealistic as in all reality they are. If you and I were both alive in that distant time after, you would still be you, and I would still be me (as we are now). But we would recognize that we are neither separate, nor are we one. We would perceive that we are as we are: permeable.

And we would perceive that time, too, is permeable, porous; that time is no more linear than a river, that it rushes, slows, eddies, twists, floods, pools, soaks into soil, and permeates air; that time is complex, like a forest, like a prairie, like a desert, like a slough or lake or ocean trench; that it doesn’t progress so much as it grows, becomes tangled; that it flowers and bears fruit, and dies back and regenerates. Time. Not just the effects of time. But time itself.

People—of course, including nonhuman people—will understand all this in the time after.

In the time after, time will not be something to be measured and controlled, confined and subordinated, something to enslave and at the same time be enslaved to. Instead, time will be a cave to be entered and explored (or not); or a lake into which you dive and swim (or not). Time will be food you eat, water you drink, air you breathe. Time will be where you live and who you are. Or not.

In the time after, time will be what it always has been—no matter what we have so frantically made believe—which is life, as solid as the flesh of rocks, as gracious as the flesh of clouds, as graceful as the spaces between ocean waves. In the time after, we will remember how and why to fall back into these spaces, and we will remember grace and graciousness and solidity, and once again and at long last we will realize that we are no longer and have never been separate, and once again and at long last we will rejoin the living.

That will all come, and will all be, in the time after.

“In the Time After” originally appeared in The Time After (Front 40 Press).

THIS SEEMS TO BE A FAVORITE OF THOSE AWFUL TERRORIST FOLKS OF THE ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT (ALF). You can see how dangerous they are by their musical tastes.
In The Arms of an Angel; music by Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In Praise of Master Shredders

Credit: SeaShepherds/Cove Guardians
We are the Dolphins of Taiji. Trapped in the psychological pens of powerlessness to change the course of the runaway Hell Train. The men in the slaughtering boats are the corporate/political psychopaths' own hired death squads and armies of braindead, armed-to-the-teeth chicken-shit morons daily showing us we have no escape from their demonic agenda. And they are oblivious that we live in eternity and we will never surrender our integrity, our gnosis, and that we will forever return to consecrate the victory of good over evil.
The ones, the beautiful enlightened sentient swift swimmers, who escape the "banger boats": without hesitation, return to join with their entrapped pod-family, rather than abandoning them to their fate in separation. What does that tell you?

There is a powerful show of 25 artists in our town (Parks Gallery, Taos, NM) called "Daughters of Juarez". A showing of how they are not forgotten and abandoned. Every piece a work of power and terrible beauty. The 'daughters' are merely a microcosm of what's taking place against women, children, and all Life world-wide. We know who's doing it and why it's happening. There will be no 'justice' on this plane - it's how it goes. My heart cries constantly for them, for the women of the Congo, for the women and children of the ME and in every land subjected to the insane depravity of the sickness known as "empire" (of which USA is the worst to ever exist on Earth), and "business". Today's empires are merely the coagulation of all that's gone before, based on the stupidity of concepts like "superiority" and "specialness". What a sick joke. Take a fucking entheogen! Dolphins, bees, cows, wolves, tigers, bears...all our greatest teachers destroyed. "And so it goes."
One response to patriarchal abuse: "Sampat Gang" [weaponized, empowered women of India] -artwork by Erin Currier (
 Seems abundantly clear from all angles, spiritual and historical, that from this temporal plane we, as individual human beings (barring a few mahasiddhas/avatars), have never, and will never, affect the natural and cosmic progression of events related to cyclic degradation of empires and collective human consciousness, and periodic purifications/extinctions. This global shitstem of consummate evil in which we scramble to live and, with our entire beings, endeavor to embody love, oneness, compassion, creativity, wholeness, sanity, and truth in our every waking moment: it is going down bigtime. Only the extent of extinctions and massiveness of the consequent wasteland is unknown at this point, if we are to take known history as precedent. I see that there is another Global Vision Meditation set for 11/11/10. I am trying to suspend doubt and judgment on this, holding awareness that we are in unknown territory, perhaps totally unprecedented but Vedic records belie this. Of course, the truth is that "we don't know". Another thing that I, personally, don't know is whether knowledge of Earth's history 1) can be "known", and 2) is important to uncover/recover/preserve for future generations. We definitely are in the process of UNVEILING. And certain hidden threads of human and planetary history are being exponentially revealed to those, for reasons not fully known to even themselves, who focus on these things. I have just been exposed to another big chunk of revelation regarding relatively ancient events in history.

A couple of books, in the last decade, have powerfully bridged the gaps for me between the 'spiritual' and 'temporal/historical'. These are works of people I call "major shredders". Writers who thoroughly "shred" the lies, distortions, and obfuscations of what we, as western humanity, have been told. I don't mean to diminish the works of the many who daily shred the BS with astounding eloquence in many types of media, most notably on blogs familiar to all of us, including those found on my blog list, and others. But, to mention a couple works here that have affected my overstandings, I would name the following: Stealing Benefacio's Roses - A Mayan Epic, by Martin Prechtel - for both shredding the obfuscations regarding "shamanism" and for revealing a primary Mayan mythic story which resonated to the core of my soul and cleared my cloud of unknowing what I/we are dealing with "here". A second book, previously mentioned on this blog, is "Not In His Name", by John Lash - for shredding the extremely toxic/harmful-to-Life bullshit 'christian' fable about the "savior" and bringing to light the actual true tradition of "the Christos" of the middle eastern peoples, what was stolen, destroyed, obliterated from historical memory of the western world.
The third of my three 'biggies' would be the recently published "A Story Waiting To Pierce You - Mongolia, Tibet, and the Destiny of the Western World", by Peter Kingsley, an extraordinary former Oxford scholar. I highly recommend this work (as well as "In the Dark Places of Wisdom"), and predict that many will find it delightfully ruthless in its scholarly shredding. A fantastic journey from the steppes of Mongolia, through ancient Greece, Central Asian Sufis, and even to the tribes of the Iroquois Confederation, and beyond. Yeah, see, there were these cats called Avars (rhymes with Avatars), also known as "arrow circulators" and "windwalkers", supremely trained shamanic masters, also holding the titles of ambassadors and envoys. Actually, they were sent to foreign lands as healers, purifiers, and prophets to bring back balance to the Earth and offer each place they visited protection from plagues. They were also masters of shamanic warfare. So, here I offer some snippets from this little volume (84 pages, with 80+ pages of 'Notes') (the "Notes" are an absolute MUST READ, to get the full ecstatic download!):

(First some 'praises':)
"This a book of miracles - deceptively simple, actively profound. It is a core story of human becoming, the secret history that holds the codes to what we were and what we yet may be." - Jean Houston
"This book is a game changer and truly timely. It makes whole a species foolishly fractured by racial, religious, ethnic, nationalistic divisions. It calls us to wake from our sleepfulness so the arrow of truth can pierce us and we can learn again who our ancestors really are. It calls us all to our common unity and ecstasy and future." - Matthew Fox

Book quotes:
"We tend to believe that reincarnation is the discovery and unique intellectual property of India, aside from the brief brush of contact with the Greeks. But this is nothing more than one little fragment in the grand fantasy invented by the so-called 'higher' cultures to preserve their sense of superiority and self-importance. In reality all of this is just a dream, alongside our other dreams about how indigenous shamanic cultures are not as ethical as us or not able to share our special access to a transcendent reality behind the world of the senses. And of course they are illusions we are quite entitled to hold on to, until the flowers and leaves start falling off our culture and we are drawn back into the soil each of us comes from. But one thing we can be perfectly sure of is that life will never serve us in our search for some lasting sense of superiority. Life is oneness. It gives, then takes; has no liking for special consideration. And with those who are most neglected, rejected, abused: there is where the greatest reality always lies hidden."

(On Apollo:) "To be sure, he was a god of light. But that light of his is a brightness we have no experience of any more. In reality he was a god of plague and purification; of healing and utter destruction, so terrifyingly ruthless he could scare the living daylights out of every Greek divinity e went near; of people speaking the strangest of languages; of bows sending arrows that come when least expected, always arriving from far away. And far from loving some easy clarity he was a god of impossible enigmas, buried like brilliant sparks in an unbearable darkness where normally no one would dare to look; of songs and poems bound up as magic incantations; of riddles wrapped inside a mystery that, understood, will tear you apart."

[from Notes:] "On Apollo's decision to take physical form as Pythagoras [yes!] [6th Cent. BC] for the benefit of incarnate beings see [Greek historian] Iamblicus, where the emphasis is placed on Apollo's compassionate wish to help heal and be of service to incarnate humans. BUT THE WISH TO HELP AND BE OF SERVICE TO OTHER, NON-HUMAN, SENTIENT BEINGS IS GIVEN EQUAL EMPHASIS IN ANCIENT ACCOUNTS ABOUT PYTHAGORAS. For the extraordinary teaching, and enduring personal example, of compassion towards animals that he introduced into the western world..(see referenced works)..." [Pythagoras' scene, learning centers, etc. were all trashed and burnt to the ground within a hundred years, by fundamentalist mobs, natch.]

[from Notes]"'TULKU' is a fine Tibetan word with a long history, which we can trace back to its roots in the PRE-BUDDHIST period of the ancient Tibetan kings. In its earliest known form it was applied to the Tibetan rulers themselves and referred to their magical power of transformation: a power that allowed the unalterable quality of dignity and majesty each of them embodied to be reborn with the help of shamanic techniques, time and time again, by being transferred to a younger body whenever needed. Without this constant renewal and reincarnation of their perfectly still, unchanging essence the grass would dry up and everything would go wrong; plagues would break out; the harmony of all existence would be broken and the balance of the elements destroyed; life for nature and people would come to an end. Interestingly, this...famous Buddhist tulku phenomenon has been noticed by specialists in early Tibetan history - but ignored by students of Tibetan Buddhism AS IF THE WHOLE SUBJECT WERE TABOO."
[Exposure: "Dalai" is a Mongolian title. First Dalai Lama (14th Cent.) given title by Mongolian shaman Qing. Lama insisted on total extermination of ALL SHAMANS, leading to mass slaughter, near-total destruction - with complete co-option - of ancient Mongolian and Bon shamanic cultures. Present Dalai Lama, "His Holiness", is the SAME incarnate being, of peace and non-violence? WTF? Oh, sorry, another taboo that messing around with the demonic CIA, I guess.]

[from Notes]"(certain scholars) produce a fundamental contrast between 'ethicized' reincarnation beliefs of Hindus or Buddhists and 'unethicized' reincarnation beliefs of indigenous peoples...this is nothing but a caricature of the traditions as preserved and lived by indigenous people - who have their own very highly developed systems of ethics. And one should add a question as to what is really more ethical: to be obsessed with one's own individual salvation as in the 'higher' religions of India, or to be constantly ENGAGED WITH PRACTISING RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION TOWARDS ALL FORMS OF LIFE IN AN OVERALL FRAMEWORK OF CONCERN FOR THE WELFARE OF BOTH VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE WORLDS."

[from Notes]"The vessel of the western intellect is cracked beyond repair, completely unable any longer to contain the fullness of life; and Plato himself, through his rationalizing of older traditions, is to a considerable extent responsible for that fracturing."

[from Notes]"We can either write history as a way of placing our own values and prejudices at the center of every picture, or we can choose to allow for what sometimes is referred to as the 'NOMADIC ALTERNATIVE' - a term politely coined by some recent researchers to celebrate their growing realization that NOMADIC PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE HAD SOME SOUND REASONS FOR WANTING TO LIVE THEIR OWN LIFE IN THEIR OWN WAY."  -Above all caps mine.
Some of the brave souls on-site at Taiji today - ALL BLESSINGS!

Japan Embassy in Washington DC: 202-238-6700

Whether or not you choose to view the above video, you might consider the words of Derrick Jensen:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Religion protecting Innocence - Not

I was searching for some mythology information in Robert Graves' two-volume Greek Myths last week, and was starkly reminded of the insufferably long history of humanity's swallowing of totally made-up crap. Graves was quite the master of cutting through the mountains of misinformation, misinterpretation, and simply wacked-out crap pulled out of the asses of the religious mythologers/scribes. The "Greeks" had their own society built on complete fairy-tale BS, sourced from abysmal ignorance of Sumerian, Egyptian, and other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern indigenous cultures. Anyway, Graves was perhaps the first Westerner with cojones to bust through the mythological politically-motivated lies, and the depraved Western educational and academic obfuscation of humanity's true history. Maybe he didn't get everything right, but he definitely got the ball rolling on uncovering pre-patriarchal realities.

Things haven't changed much. We know next to nothing of Earth's past, and that's exactly how "somebody" wants/wanted it. We seem to have quite a bit of information on the history of the atrocities, mass genocides, and raping of the planet of certain patriarchal "religions" though. I use "quotes" around religion because I consider most of what passes for it as all-fake, all the time. They have zero connection to spirituality. They are, for the most part, psychopathic oppressive mind-numbing control systems.
Many websites and blogs rant and rail constantly against the judaic system of anti-Life lies and propaganda. Most of it is true, and even if the 'Protocols' are "fake", they accurately describe our present situation; and the scriptural "history" is one of unceasing war-on-Life by a deranged insane off-planet "god" and his insane followers. You find all this railing on sites like Rense, Makow, Kidd, Glenn, Drockton, and many others.

But where do these so-called "christian" "truth-seekers" ever question or deconstruct their own thoroughly deluded religious belief-systems? Nowhere. "christianity" is purely and simply perhaps the worse mind-fuck ever to assault the human mind. Teaching kids about a "greatest, purest holy man", born in a manger, preaches some kind of "new" love-your-fellow-man philosophy, who gets tortured, killed, resurrected like a zombie, worshiped as the 'creator of the universe', followed by 20 centuries of bloody slaughter in-his-name of all that is innocent as some kind of perverted projection of 'his' suffering - is the most evil lie and soul-rape ever devised. None of it ever happened, just like Moses, David, Solomon never existed, nor any of the OT fables as described in the "holy books". I laugh when certain big ''teachers" say "all religions are the same at their core" - exactly, they are all fake!! I don't give a shit about a handfull of Saint Francises or 'liberation theologists' out of the millions of psychopaths in robes or big-hair predators in suits - and their murderous minnions - that have spread this plague of fake-religion to every corner of Earth for thousands of years. I can barely speak to so-called mainstream "christians", republicans either - they're all the same to me. A complete waste of time and breath. They've made their karmic choice to align with the alien non-human Death Cult. Maybe if someone wants to discuss "The Christos" of Sophianic Gnosticism, I might listen. Sure, Islam and Judaism are just as delusionary, as is a lot of Hinduism, but historically I don't think anyone can compete for the most death, destruction, and moral harm, against the christian followers' record.

Is yesterday's destruction of the Baghdad Museum any different from the burning of the Alexandria Library in the 390's? The torture of the Pakistani woman scientist any different from the stoning of Hypatia? Two important films were released this week on video/DVD:
The first is AGORA, starring Rachel Weisz and directed by Alejandro Amenabar of Spain. It's based on the surviving historical records of the great woman philosopher ("philo-Sophia") and mathematician, Hypatia, who taught and maintained the Alexandrian library ("Caesareum") with her father in the 300s A.D. A clear, unmitigated depiction of the fanatical fundamentalism of christianity in its earliest beginnings. It should be shown to every school child in the Western world. Hypatia was an individual in the midst of a world of various religious bullshit shitstems who had the guts to say "I DON'T KNOW". "I don't know" was more crucial than surrendering to some ideological fascist fantasy to save her own life. Do you hear much about anyone being like that anywhere today? That spelled the end of ancient records going back who knows how many millenia. So, onward marched the meme of "holy" destruction of all that's truth, historically factual, as well as innocence, and we well know how the story's turned out, first for the Europeans, then the Native Americans.
The other crucial film released last week is OLDER THAN AMERICA, by Georgina Lightning, starring Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, Wes Studi, and Dennis Banks. Like a similar film produced in Canada, it depicts the uncovering of the holocaust of Native American children in the government-sponsored christian "mission schools". Yeah, the kind of shit stupid 'Merkins know nothing about, nor wish to know. Just as they swallow the fake stories of "al-CIA-duh" militants being neutralized in "Af-Pak", 'merkins used to similarly swallow the "Indian-wars" news stories of the heroic "battles" against "braves" (actually mostly women, children, and elderly).

On it goes. Stupid "christian" republicans beating up a young woman, while their "brave" boys and girls do the same in foreign lands, and never a peep about the $million it takes to kill each family member of the dreaded brown-skinned infidels. The local "christian"/RCC hispanics (conquistador-descendants) here in NM are about to vote in the war-cheering, bomb-making-funding, gay-hating, no-abortion-for-incest, medical-marijuana-overturning, corporate whore bitch, "La Tejana", as new governor. Why? Because she's one of our "race". Sick-bag, please.

Vandana Shiva has a disturbing new piece/interview on Caroline Baker's site, describing what's going on with women farmers all over the world - they are the majority of the world's starving, thanks to the "religious" corporate agendas (they attend their capitalist churches/synagogues , right?). The agenda is to eliminate ALL natural, family, traditional farming everywhere on the planet. But you already knew that, didn't you?  Should work out pretty well, eh? The ones growing the food for the world are the starving! It doesn't get any more evil than that. Ever wonder what it'd be like to starve to death?
Speaking of food: Stephan Lendman wrote an extensive article last week about Keith McHenry, our wonderfully sweet local activist, founder of the world-wide movement Food Not Bombs, who is described by the FBI as America's most dangerous terrorist, or some such crap. Feeding the hungry = terrorism. No way in hell to track all this insanity. I doubt if I've ever met a saner, more peaceful individual, with a long arrest record.

"Religion", the imitation spirituality holding humanity in it's spell, is nothing more than demonic cosmic war on innocence. Yeah, we really need fucking go-betweens/agents to contact Spirit, oh yeah. I am grateful for the remaining remnants of true spirituality - Tantra, Sufism, Taoism, Gnosticism, and assorted Pagan traditions of Indigenous peoples - and the holders of ancestral knowledge whom I have encountered, studied with, and read. As for the rest of the world's religions - I thought I had reincarnated into a time when all that crap would be eliminated from this plane, never again to be given the chance to ravage Life and innocence, ushering in an Age of sanity, spirituality, evolution, harmony, and celebration. We goddamned failed, and I'm old and bummed. Well, next time...I'm putting my request in for a 'Terminator'-type body and mind, and I'll keep coming back till every trace of these fake religions are burnt from the face of the Earth. See if I don't.

The sick shits in Taiji, Japan slaughtered another 60 dolphins last Tuesday. Innocence destroyed, as well as the spirits of the young activists on site, unable to get to the nets to affect a liberation. Contact for the Japan Embassy of US is:
A pilot who has been flying individuals over the Gulf of Mexico for months said his most devastating moment was seeing a pod of dolphins silently "watching the ocean burn" together. There is an innocence that we begin life with, and another innocence we achieve in maturity. The first can, and is, destroyed as fast as the demons are able, via religious lies and resulting destructive acts. The second, once attained, can never be destroyed.
I guess for the religiously deluded the world looks 'right-side-up'. Amazing, isn't it?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taiji Dolphins: World-wide Protest

(Academy Award winning film, "The Cove" star, Ric O'Barry's Blog:, the main website for the International Protest,  HAS BEEN HACKED, as of 10/13 11:30am MST) Check later.
This would seem to suggest that the Gov and PTB of JAPAN (and other ILLEGAL WHALING COUNTRIES) are very annoyed at the world-wide response against what they are doing.

I'm not going to speak about 'why this matters'. It just has something to do with the Death Cult, and if you don't get it, well, you are SOUL-DEAD just as the murderers and government officials and 'marine park' CEOs and employees who depend on this slaughter to obtain their 'entertainment' specimens world-wide.

Two days ago a pod was slaughtered in The Cove (see the movie), and as the water was saturated with the blood of their parents and relatives, six young dolphins were set loose to fend for themselves and a couple were shipped off to unknown 'Marine Parks'. EXCUSE ME, but these young NON-HUMAN PERSONS have MEMORY, as well as being conscious of self-determination and their own FUTURE. SEE RECENT DOLPHIN INTELLIGENCE ARTICLE HERE. 
Video put up from yesterday:

Daily updated Videos from 18 yr old KahakaiGirl HERE
as well as HER BLOG, covering all on-scene protest actions
 I'm personally sick and disgusted with certain New Age assholes who preach all over the web and youtube that all these types of atrocities (including all anti-human and anti-nature operations world-wide by omni-fascist governments and militaries) are MERELY REFLECTIONS OF OUR OWN 'INNER IMBALANCE', and that we should SHOWER THE PERPS WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Vomitous!!! Betrays total ignorance of psychopathology as well as exposes their own idiotic greedy Babylon life-style fantasies, and sick pseudo-spiritual marketing strategies.

If you can't, or are not inclined to, be present at one of the sites - please give them a call (or 100 calls; jam up their phone lines). 
There are now 1.6+ MILLION SIGNERS to a Facebook PETITION against this evil. I know it's too bad that many other worthy causes too numerous to list do not get this kind of support, but, if you indulge in social networks, pay a visit.

Just a suggestion: when messaging the Japan Gov links, tell them about how ALL THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS ARE CURSED FOR ALL ETERNITY.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What coulda been - Art as technology

Here are a couple of examples of 'miraculous' effects of simple creative human endeavors, co-operation with Life and Mother Earth, from 1988 and 1990. I'm sure millions more recent and past examples could be found. We humans coulda done more. The reasons why we didn't can be endlessly debated, but matter no more. We've crossed some kind of line now, and maybe, just maybe, future generations will, if they survive, gain some benefit from these sacred stories.

The first example is one of many 'projects' done by my good brother, Beau, near Barrow, Alaska. He spent a few years doing similar 'drops' throughout the world into various bodies of water. Here, the results were undeniable, captured live, and seen by millions around the world. Apparently, there is a movie in the works, but will completely omit this part of the story. I let Beau describe the scene in his own words:

"The true story behind the largest animal rescue in the history of the world. This document is a picture of how you can interact with the power of life to create powerful and positive change for this earth and all living beings upon her. It is time to make ceremony for the unfolding of life upon this planet. This video presents one such ceremony and it's effect upon the world. Use this as an sample of what you too can do when you join together with Life in sacred relationship. The time is now to participate. It's your turn to make magic happen.
Over a billion people watched this event play-out within a giant heart space. It has been said that this ceremony was in a direct way, responsible for the fall of the Berlin wall. What will you do when you join together with this huge power we so easily refer to as life? I assure you, it will be incredible. Go for it now."

The following second example is from an article by artist Bill Witherspoon, published in 2005 in Leonardo (MIT Journal Press). The entire article is available HERE for download as pdf (24 pages) - click on the link in second paragraph - well worth reading.

I should mention that this 'art project' of Witherspoon is of great interest to me personally, since it was something on my 'to-do' list for many years. I have deeply studied Shri Yantra since 1973, when my interest was piqued as I was looking at Tantric Art texts. Since I could find no referenced explanation for the real mathematical process for constructing the Yantra, I wracked my brain for weeks and had the floor covered with crumpled papers trying to decipher the mystery. One night the solution came in a "dream". In the morning I was able to do the construction in a couple of hours. I went to New Delhi and spoke to Ajit Mukerjee, the leading scholar on Tantric Art, and he opened his desk drawer to show me an equal number of sheets of his attempts. I left my solution for him to examine, but left India shortly after. In an intense meditation on the Shri Yantra before I left, I was given an extended darshan of the Goddess of the Land, Maa Kali, which has remained with me til the present. Having spent many years as a land surveyor, I long have sought the right place and time to do what Mr. Witherspoon accomplished in such a spectacular fashion.
[My solution, shown at the top of this post, is based on an invisible underlying grid of seven inscribed pentagons and their corner-and-midpoint rays from the central bindu.]

Art As Technology: Oregon Desert Sri Yantra, by Bill Witherspoon (excerpt)

"In the summer of 1989 I took my studio, a large converted bus, to a remote part of the
high desert in southeast Oregon.  I stayed there about four months in a familiar place
that I had painted from the previous year and made paintings.  After being there a few
weeks I made a design in my notebook, which I had planned to integrate into a painting
of the sky.  For some reason, instead I built the design with lines of cairns (small piles of
rocks), placing the bus in its center.  The design was about sixty yards across, precise
and symmetrical.  The center of the design was left open, in a sense unfinished, because it lay under the bus, directly beneath the spot where I regularly practiced meditation.  

After the design was completed, animals started to come into its boundaries.  This was
in complete contrast to the previous year when only a few birds and kangaroo rats came
near this spot in a six-month period.  As far as I could tell, nothing had changed except
that I had made the design.  In the next three months, several hundred animals of all
kinds appeared inside the design.  Many of them, such as the water ouzels, had to come
some distance from their normal habitat.  Others, such as the golden foxes that slept by
the door in the late afternoon, were undoubtedly always in the area but because of their
shyness had never before come close.  

The animals that came behaved in an unusual manner.  They did not seem inhibited by
my presence and they did not seem to be territorial or aggressive with each other.  For
example, one night I watched owls, rabbits and kangaroo rats all within a few feet of
each other without seeing any signs of fear or aggression.  Several times I saw twenty or
more jack rabbits gathered together, walking upright on their hind legs and on more
than one occasion antelope walked into camp and stood looking at me attentively.

At this time, I began researching traditional designs from different parts of the world.  I
found this particular design almost exactly described in an obscure Sanskrit text called
the Vastu Sutra Upanishad.  According to this text the design was to be placed on stone
blocks before carving sacred images.  Carving the parts of the image in harmony with
the design was said to insure that the image would be "attractive to consciousness" and
this in turn would result in the finished image being entered by the consciousness of the
deity.  The phrase “attractive to consciousness” caught my attention.

About this time a friend asked if I could make a Sri Yantra.  The Sri Yantra is a
traditional design from India that is thought of as an instance or occurrence (rather than
a symbol) of the deepest laws and forces of Mother Nature or Mother Divine.  I spent a
few months doing extensive library research on the Sri Yantra and also spoke with
people who had experienced its use in India as part of the spiritual tradition of Sri
Vidya.  Then I decided it would be consistent with its traditional use to make one from
gold leaf and transparent pigments.  

The process of research, and especially construction of the Sri Yantra, produced a
powerful influence.  It restructured my awareness and perception.  I believed that my
sensory experience and understanding of deep laws and forces of Nature was rapidly
unfolded. I had been in the habit of understanding reality as being hierarchically structured in interpenetrating layers; with successively deeper layers being simpler, more
comprehensive and more powerful.  The activity of these deep laws creates the surface
of life, which we experience as every day reality.  (“Laws”, used in this sense, contains
the notion of ordering principle or intelligence combined with force or energy.)  It may not be common to give our attention to the direct perception or experience of these deep
laws, due to our absorption in the surface events of the world.  However, for those who
are drawn to exploration of reality’s deeper layers, the refinement of perception
resulting from a restructuring of awareness emerges as an extremely attractive and
useful tool.  Therefore, this experience of more refined perception coming from my
encounter with the Sri Yantra led me to wonder what more I might do to amplify its

III 1990:  Oregon Desert Sri Yantra 

In the summer of 1990, a group of friends, one of my sons and I went to a remote alkali
lake bed in the high desert of southeast Oregon to inscribe a large Sri Yantra in the earth. 
It was to contain a central point large enough to live in.  The site was chosen because of
its beauty and remoteness.  Almost no one, except a few ranchers, ever went there. 
Inscribing lines in the alkali surface would not disturb any vegetation and it would be a
transitory event, eventually disappearing back into the surface through the natural
action of wind and the occasional water that floods the lake bed every few years.   

The design was made without machines or modern tools except binoculars and a simple
hand plow.  We used only ancient principles of geometry and long wires and sharpened
poles as tools.  When completed it was 1/4 mile across, covered over forty acres and
contained over thirteen miles of lines.  The lines, plowed with an old fashioned garden
cultivator pulled by three crew members and steered by the fourth, were about four
inches deep with the hard alkali crusted dirt cast to both sides of the furrow.

During construction, we were careful to minimize the disturbances to the land.  We
chose to walk several miles daily from camp to the site rather than use vehicles, and
refrained from using other motorized devices such as a tiller.  We did not want to leave
tracks or other marks, not to preserve anonymity but out of respect for the purity of the

 Construction of the Sri Yantra took ten days to complete.  As soon as the last line of the
design was plowed, heavy clouds began to collect in the south.  Within an hour, our
valley was filled with high winds, intense lightning strikes and about 1/2 inch of rain. 
The result of this storm was that all traces and tracks from our working were dissolved. 
Like a finished painting, it was as if the surface had been varnished.  Remarkably, the
lightning and the rain were limited only to the small valley where we were working, a
fact that was the source of much speculation by a nearby rancher who wanted the rain
on his land.  

In the three weeks that followed, I lived in the nine-foot central circle of the Sri Yantra. 
During that period and on several occasions during the following years, other people
and I observed remarkable changes in the workings of Nature within the design and in
the valley where it was situated.  

One of the more interesting subjective changes was a modification of the “feeling”
within the valley.  While a difficult parameter to describe or measure, this change in feeling was noted by ranchers and other people who have known the area for a long
time.  People reported experiencing qualities of energetic peacefulness, harmony with
nature and enhanced intuition when they were in the design and valley.  Another
influence was a radical change in the quality of meditation that would repeatedly occur
if individuals moved a few feet out of the central circle into the innermost triangle of the
design or vice versa. 

Changes in the environment were also observed.  Within the design, which had been
inscribed in highly alkaline silt, incapable of supporting any kind of vegetation, there
were remarkable changes in the direction of increased fertility.  

Two years after construction, even though the lines were disappearing, the structure of
the soil had changed from a highly compacted mixture of silt and salts to a loose,
crumbly soil that smelled and tasted more like normal soil.  The surface of the soil was
also significantly changed.  Instead of the flat, layered and often cracked surface that had
characterized the lake bed before inscribing the Sri Yantra, the surface became
“rumpled;” formed into a three dimensional configuration of regular ridges and valleys
that arranged themselves in the pattern of hexagonal close packing, much like an egg
carton.  The pattern was caused by modification of the surface soil into a physically
expanded, more adhesive and resilient material.  

Both of the soil changes were due to an extraordinary proliferation of soil
microorganisms and the resulting increase in soil organic matter.  The soil changes were
limited to the forty or so acres of the design and were most pronounced in its center.

In other respects, the entire fifty square mile valley was different.  The ranchers noticed
a continued increase in the valley’s rainfall.  This was accompanied by increased
vegetative growth, as well as increased populations of several plants and three animals
species that were not previously common in the valley.  

Because of these observations, I began to speculate about possible mechanisms by which
the geometric structures might bring about change.  The most interesting observation
was that there appeared to be an inverse correlation between the gradual disappearance
of the design as it melted back into the lakebed and the increase in the presence or
influence of the enlivened laws of Nature.  Other analogous situations seem to exist as in
Homeopathy, where increasing levels of dilution are said to represent or impart
increasing levels of strength.  An even more striking parallel may exist with the
principal of Sangyama.  Sangyama, as described by the Indian Rishi, Patanjali, is a
process in which the mind generates an impulse at the deepest level of consciousness
and then allows that impulse to settle back into the field of pure undifferentiated
consciousness from which it had been drawn.  The result of this process is the
appearance of a new impulse that has enormous power and direct support of
fundamental forces of Nature.

The construction of the Sri Yantra was also accompanied by other events that gave rise
to new understandings about how Nature might operate.  Going into the valley for the
first time, I was driving the converted bus and towing a pickup truck. We stopped and I
got out to open a barbed wire gate.  Sitting on the gatepost was an adult golden eagle.

The eagle looked at me squarely, swished its tail back and forth several times, dropped a
tail feather and flew off.  In the next several weeks, I had occasion to go through the
same gate many times and there was no eagle.  Then, on my homeward trip, as I passed
through the gate for the last time, a golden eagle was sitting on the same gatepost.  It
waited for me to get out of the bus, looked at me squarely, swished its tail, dropped
another feather and flew off.  

Back home, several weeks later, the National Guard discovered the Sri Yantra and the
media, not knowing its origins or implications, created a greatly exaggerated hoopla.  I
was in a position of deciding to speak publicly about the project or remain anonymous. 
In order to clarify the rapidly growing misunderstandings, I decided to speak publicly. 
Immediately upon making that decision, I walked outside my rural Iowa home and
looked up into the sky.  Directly above the house were fourteen circling bald eagles.

A year later, I had occasion to tell this story to a Vedic scholar.  He told me of a
traditional yagya, or ceremony, infrequently performed in India to honor the Divine
Mother, which is considered to have been successful only if it results in the appearance
of an eagle.  Finally, these events, related to several Native American elders and
medicine people, elicited in-depth explanations of the ways Nature communicates."
(end excerpt)


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