Friday, April 29, 2011

Exquisite Fearless Love

Just to point out what the possibilities were/are on the New Earth Love Planet....if we get 'there'.
What we are/have been talkin' about,.....and including the techno gadgets we seem to video cameras and deep-sea exploration gear and other cool stuff...which maybe are just transitional toys, like training wheels. 
Uploaded Sept., 2010, showing the work of the Italian lady Cristina Zenato,
With a fantastic sound track too!

This is the kind of shit that makes me tear up....spark the chalice and give thanks!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Staying Human On the Hell Tour

Random rantings and ramblings, in a certain mood.....

I honestly don't know how many of us are left here on Planet Wetiko. I see millions of humanoid bodies out there walking and talking like they're for real, but most days when I circle up with the brethren and sistren I see that there's a clear distinction between those who express true humanness in speech and action and resonance, and those who look and act basically like automatons. The latter, though they say the right words to make one think they are participating in 'normality', actually make me feel like I'm watching a pre-scripted cartoon of something that just resembles some past memory of what life here once was, before the death of the earth-as-we-knew-it began. Whereas, when I'm in sane human company, the energy and the words and the emotional undercurrent are consistent with the reality of the time and terrifying situation which exists and is undeniable to anyone half awake. Business goes on as usual, the consumption of pure shit in the forms of 'food', sound-bites, useless trivial pursuits and death-culture-sourced items continues unabated, even accelerated. It's why I stay close to the farm.
I'm suffering from compassion-fatigue for the masses who can't find the strength to acknowledge the vibrations of the ghastly horrors occurring hourly and coursing through their nadis and meridians on a never-before-experienced level. Thresholds of unspeakable blasphemy are crossed every day and obliterated for eternity - far surpassing even the worst travesties committed over thousands of years of inhuman insanity toward the Life Matrix in which we are embedded. Wetiko-psychopaths of every 'race', in every land, in every level of society, boldly go where even demons formerly feared to tread. They are being told their demonic lords and saviors are even now visible on the horizon. The greater the horrific depraved blasphemies they commit, the greater will be their glory in the coming reign of the soulless overlords.

"Leaders", from neighborhoods to empires, in our "civilized" world, all exhibit the symptoms of wetiko disease and malignant narcissism. Wetiko disease is a syndrome. It has as many manifestations as there are individuals. It is not a 'black and white' disease like leprosy or the plague. It grows organically advancing and retreating with each psychological decision made by individuals maturing through time making choices on a daily basis, either accepting or rejecting self-destructive attitudes and propaganda/brainwashing, till it reaches the stage of metastasis and effectively rules the organism. 
Too many people who act/speak outwardly 'humanitarian' and 'progressive', espousing the 'social contract', and yet privately are known by their children to never express parental love nor hugs nor tenderness. These are the "liberal" posers, often mere opportunistic empty suits, oblivious to their own hypocrisy in daily consumption practices. They are infected as surely as are the fascist 'true believers' of racist, militarist, religious fanaticism. Keeping the disease hidden. This is why, in one sense, the 'liberal-conservative' 'culture-war' is a bogus divide-and-conquer scam. 

But, on the other hand, there's those clear memories of the 60s, where neighbors told me that their "kid will kill your kind someday" for protesting Vietnam, where former high school teachers spit in my face while blockading the induction center, where I was condemned for playing "commie, nigger-loving rock and roll".  The conservative fundamentalist forces. Is there a difference between the conservative mentality and the Wetiko disease?  Conserving...what? SELF-INTEREST, SEPARATION, BLINDNESS, IGNORANCE, SELF-HATE, AND LOVE-OF-DEATH AND THE GLORY OF PILLAGE AND RAPE? Life is dog-eat-dog, law of the jungle, look out for number one, blah blah... Snickering at the trophy-hunting in national parks and in Iraq. Whining about school lunches + spotted owls = national debt.  A case in point: the Wolf Controversy. "States' rights" vs "big govt"? A state is a state is a state. Never mind ecological awareness and biological facts on the ground like this: The Yellowstone Success Story and Those Who Want to Kill It

 Fundamentalism is fundamental to what, on a spiritual or temporal level? Who the fuck knows where these words come from? Reverse-Robin Hooding, 'varmint' extermination, drug-wars, dead-zone business models, carcinogenic happy meals, extinction economics, the list is endless. Repeating "the list is endless" is endless. The awful tide sweeping the planet is one of so-called "god-fearing", white-knuckle-death-gripping, fundamentalist, relatedness-denying insanity from every religion and political belief-system, reacting in spasmodic explosions to the clear impossibility of maintaining the denial of the self-created cosmic abomination unfolding before our eyes. Politicians and voting will surely fix it.

For those few of us left with strong spiritual immunity against wetiko, fast approaching terminal information overload, I think pro-active shunning is perhaps most called-for, along with critical discernment, natch. As far as the shunning goes, there should be NO MERCY given to the ID'd perps. That was always the way 'social deviants' were dealt with in indigenous societies - shunning and banishment.

Latest example from recent days of the wetiko fundamentalist plague is the torture and execution of the beautiful Italian brother Vittorio Arrigoni [pictured at top], the "stay human" guy, in Gaza, vilified in perfectly classic wetiko fashion by the zionazis. Whether his murder was the result of fundies of the "monotheism and holy war" jihadists or a mossad covert-op, both conservative fundamentalists, we regrettably 'may never know'. What we do know is that a new threshold has been crossed, and also that "Vik" was a true human being and shining example of wetiko-free selfless service to the Most High. No words are sufficient to express the tragedy of the senseless taking of this brother's life. May his soul rest in peace and receive the many prayers sent from around the world from all peace-and-Life-loving resistors of evil occupiers and down-pressers.

J. Vestergaard
A warning comes via the Sea Shepherds that the infamous "Grind" - massive dolphin slaughter - has begun, or will soon, in the Faroe Islands (between Denmark and Iceland). SSCS will attempt to obstruct/prevent this atrocity with unprecedented direct action this summer, by land, sea, and air (balloons?). This is another example of a completely wetiko-ised society. Obviously, sometimes something more than shunning is called for. Contact Prime Minister Johannesen at, or Fisheries Minister Jacob Vestergaard at ("Responsible management for a sustainable future") Advise these drunkards that the whole world will be watching.

Descending on this Earth Day into the absolute depths of hellish moronic depravity we visited the E6 Cattle Co.'s 10,000-head "dairy farm" in Hart, TX. [806-647-3744]
Last year's Ohio "dairy farm" abuse video from Mercy For Animals was extreme, but this one lowers the subterranean bar. (Is there any possible reason on earth to have 10,000-head dairy farms?) I'm not embedding this video.
Posted Thursday, this video, entitled NO MERCY, from MFA, reveals these "workers" "humanely euthanizing" calves with pick-axes and claw hammers. If you have nerves of steel, be prepared to scream and weep, or just skip to the music vids below.

I have to bring some serious joy, reflection, and positive vibes in; so these are some soul-healing moments from better days...
[somehow I had 5th row seat for this (grin)]

Monday, April 4, 2011

Calling Coyote

Alexandre Hogue 1898-1994 "Mother Earth Laid Bare"

A coyote came tonight
I've been calling and praying
to the little ones:
"come near, stay on the ridge,
you are welcome, you are safe"
Was it he, or she?
I don't know, just "coyote"
Coyote began a song
and my heart jumped
I held my breath, turned my head to hear
a sense of relief, hopeful
but none joined Coyote
Alone he sang, a dog barked
Five times Coyote repeated the call
a second's pause between, to listen
Then the finale line
a descending 'S' curve to the fifth note below
My heart felt as to break

I will say more prayers,
more drumming softly tonight
Maybe others who survived the holocaust,
the holocaust of the infamous neighborhood trapper,
who, in perfect hubris, claimed
"we got 'em all",
the one who prompted the county petition,
maybe they will have heard
the lone coyote's song
but are not yet ready to sing
in their grieving, in their fear
I will call them with the drum
"here we are welcoming you home
It's been yours long before we came to this land
we will deal with the errant humans,
they will harm your families no more
in our little valley"

We lovers of life long to hear again
the natural overtone coyote choir,
the canine Nada Yogis
worshipping Luna's divine risings
(though tonight She was at Her darkest)
The Old Ones told us
"Coyote never dies"
(the conquistos never listened)
May it be so,
that we be again shown
the reflection of our foolishness,
in the resonating silence
of Coyote closing the circle
of our shared sanctuary

The Daily Coyote
Equally, may Mother Kali's protection
spread from this valley
throughout the earth
to all beings and all elements
forever honoring Her natural law
laughing at Coyote's antics
bidding good riddance to the humorless

The Wet's current big show, playing on every channel, beamed from every death-tower, extending to infinity in all directions: a rerun of the old Atlantis mega-spectacular, blockbuster, cinemascope epic with cast of billions and lone escaping heroes amidst crumbling crystal towers, or alternating with the Mars scenario referred to by DublinMick - ancient silent buildings, devoid of life  - IS THIS THE BEST THEY CAN COME UP WITH? As they always give us 'previews', I guess the 2012 movie was just that, except that now they have to blame it on Surya or the Asteroid Belt (or Nibiru, for the ancient-conspiracy buffs). There's also The Road and Book of Eli, just to rub our faces in it. Can't finger the greed-heads, naturally, nor the automaton flouridated gazillionaire-worshippers. "We live, you die" 'cause you weren't smart, responsible, and survival-savvy enough to get that 4th mortgage to build your bunker or ferro-cement ark. (They say these days bunker construction is up 1000%.) Job creation, "turn that thing around", reboot the "dream". "Yes we can".
We KNOW where this leads. The despair vibrates like an earthquake through every cell of every being and living thing.
The casualties are everywhere mounting. The grief comes to us via phone, email, into our homes, on the web from the Gulf...

It began long ago, this 'religious' insanity. Just discovered from the late dynasties of Egypt: millions of dogs, cats, falcons, jackals, foxes, bulls and a few Egyptian mongooses found mummified in tombs.
Scientists have successfully introduced human genes into 300 dairy cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk.
That'll help. More of the selfless, life-serving offerings of 'killing fields' masters on the board of Mon-satan-o and their death-cult friends.

While Xtians scan the waves of radioactive clouds for signs of their robed dude, Persians are preparing the welcome-home gala for al-Madhi, Hindus chant for Kalki's white-horse-drawn chariot, and israhellis slit the throats of more bulls to please yahoo's nostrils to put him in the mood to exterminate Palestinians and rebuild 'their temple'.
Never mind what Visible recently said: "Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth."
Obviously the ravings of a "drugged-out narcissistic MK-Ultra, Manson-type activated sleeper-cell, with an asleep audience". Riiiiight.
Les' attackers have been on a rampage of late. Their religion is JudgMENTAL, Pseudo-Intellectual, Science-worshipping, Shadow-projecting, New-inquisition, Mind-numbingly elaborate word-salad, Oija-board-derived, Alcoholic, Malignant narcissism and all-around dorkism - posing as 'truth-seekers' and "the only group on earth who know shit". What-fucking-ever! I'm speaking of SOTT here. Everything sacred is purely intellectual to these psychopaths. And I have been waiting this whole apocalypse-time for them to finally self-expose their mean-spirited fat asses. As one commenter noted, "They believe themselves to be so righteous and untainted! Like Zaddokites from Dead Sea, receiving ready-made 'truths' from Archons."
Exactly. ARCHONS. "Themselves 'in the future'" - THEIR words. So...they NEVER lose their sick-ass closed-mindedness? Ever? Charming. So sophisticated. And, I'm sure, great appreciators of true 'art', 'poetry', 'music', 'humor'. Not.

As befitting "experts", they love to pile on mountains of endlessly redundant verbiage to encourage the readers' prostrations to their brilliantly stunted minds. I personally know several 8 year olds who can easily top their pontifications with one simple sentence. I'll link Visible's exquisite response HERE.
Their infantile vileness could land them on the same desert island or the same zoo with those North Carolina fighting-dog bestiality freaks, if their toxicity doesn't consume their forms first, that is. Death threats are the latest examples of these 'masters of projection'.

It's the Kali Yuga, and even though the 'word' is that Bhakti Yoga is the 'safest, sanest practice' for these times, I have to say that, as a musician, I've been dealing with its absolute corruption for over 20 years now. See, that's also part of the Yuga deal. EVERYTHING is upside-down and backwards. I'm just mentioning it for those who still think there are "safe" sanctuaries of spiritual practice. You should've got that by noticing where the general trends of "yoga" evolved here in the West. The bhakti yoga field is littered with hundreds of charlatans and millions of swooning followers who have no concept, nor interest, in the sacred musical practices, traditions, and compositions handed down for thousands of years from indigenous musical yogis from Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, and the Pacific Islands and Turtle Island. Aspiring devotees have been easy pickings for ego-driven megalomaniacs with barely rudimentary knowledge of even western castrated tempered-scale obfuscations. Not that I'm really concerned with the real shit ever being 'lost'. Kind of like that Coyote thing.

While we endure the religious insanity and irrelevance pervading our Yuga matrix, and the "red herrings of the Right"-war on Life and Humans, the new nuclear war on the biosphere/compulsory genetic engineering, and the mandatory public donations to trillionaires, I would urge everyone to take a listen to what an actual religious, righteous, holy man in our midst said on this day 44 years ago. While many have heard excerpts, the entire speech of Dr. Martin Luther King has now been put up on YouTube last January. Well worth the time (57 min.), and you might hear some new terms, such as one describing the war-profiteering machine as a "demonic sucking tube". Heh.