Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coyote Medicine and Falling Kings

I'm trying to get my contacts in Libya to send me some of those Al-CIAduh/Osama hallucinogenic soft-drinks that are all the rage with the young set. Maybe some will be sent with the food packages coming from the people of Cairo, Egypt to the commie insurgents occupying the Statehouse in Madison, WI (as reported is happening on DemocracyNow!).
Noting that words appearing on radio/teevee include: sociopaths, cannibals, over-reaching, non-human, surreal, and, well, just keep your ears tuned...

These are new updates from Sea Shepherd Society and the Cove Guardians!!!!!!!

Stillborn calves (courtesy of Monsatano), starving Bald Eagles falling from the sky and 1300 feeding at the Vancouver dump due to extincting of salmon, while 12 times the normal occurrences of stillborn and aborted Dolphin fetuses seen on the Florida beaches tells me that my brain hard-drive is maxed plus many other assorted danger signals which cannot be accessed at this time....try again later.

So, had another brief exchange with the "spanish" neighbor whose son is soon proudly headed for the .mil grinder, who recently bragged about their brave bear kills last year. ("Spanish" means proud direct descendant of conquistador wetikos.) He asked about my chickens. I told him I had 7, lost two from coyotes. I had also lost 2 cats the same way. But the thing is: I kinda made a deal with the coyotes, talking to them, praising their beauty and welcome presence, much the same as is extensively described in Derrick Jensen's book "A Language Older Than Words" (one of the most important ever written). I also tightened up security around the chickies and trained the cat to come inside at sundown. No cats or chicks taken in many months now, neither from us nor our neighbors. Then he mentioned that his bro up the road figures he "got all of them now" by trapping/shooting - the coyotes, that is. WTF? WHAT....THE....FUCK? Geezus H. fucking god damn kryste. Look up the statistics on local losses due to coyotes. Diddly squat. Just what the hell kind of f-ing revolution are we talking about here, hoping for, in this wonderful time of humanoid harvesting? "Freedom", "jobs", "benefits", "collective bargaining", "dictators", "CEOs", "banksters",...all this "corruption" OVER THERE, OUT THERE. Stupid doesn't know how coyotes self-reanimate LOL! Nevertheless, may your tribe flourish forever, little ones. When will humans get around to having a thought about the "rest of us/all our relations", bowing to the Mother? 2093? 3012?

Hopi Peaks - Bholanath 1982

One of our greatest joys living here in the mountains is listening every evening to the WONDERful songs of the young and old coyotes, as we relax into contemplation of the beauty surrounding and above us in the heavens. We can track the lunar cycles by the songs and joyfulness of the beloved four-leggeds, and even the wingeds.
NOW THERE'S JUST A DEATHLY SILENCE. The silence/"peace" of death. Like the "peace" so wished for in a certain middle-eastern abomiNation. Like the silence after the incest in the household rampant in these parts. Like the silence after the Afghan parents "burn their own children". Screw all these cannibals, can I get my exit visa now, please? If you want to be really grossed out, check out all the "varmint killing hobbyist" sites on the web (rabbits, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, wolves...) with their high-tech gizmos.

Swayambhunath Stupa 1969

The mental man
with natal mercury-pluto conjunct 
Hanuman + Shiva 
messenger of the wind + destroyer of illusion;
The drummer - student of cycles and time;
The amnesiac natural mystic who
passed thru the gate of forgetfulness
losing his case in the court of the gods;
Entheogenically wishful purifier of the western scientific mind,
master investigative detective;
Unabashed bhakta who can't commit
to non-dualism;
Youthful dancer, runner, world-trekker,
blue-collar laborer, in a bothersome elder body;
A dirt-worshipping, indigenous-souled wasichu;
Undeserving recipient of untold gifts and graces
ripping through space-time/matrix-glitches;
A social man with a handful of human friends,
hundreds of furred and feathered dear-ones;
Love-person-in-training with too many teachers,
ambitions of creativity far beyond a single lifetime;
Iconoclast rebel gazing upon the chimes of freedom
and the singularity of divine embrace;
Pronouncer of ancient curses against the force-mode
holding back consummation of unity.
I admit to these and other charges.

Canyon de Chelly - Bholanth 1982

This one knows that earth-covering proliferation
of the wetiko disease is not merely an organic, natural
process of evolution of a trans-dimensional organism.
It is instead rather a cultivated, nurtured, fed, and protected
ghastly experimental "culture" growing in a global petri dish.
Unknown unknown is: the intent and the root source of the intent.

Is this what "the singularity" is about: all the stories becoming one story? Wetikos vowing to martyr themselves for God and Truth, while having no clue of either, as the true humans advance on their centers of imaginary powers? Wetikos spewing the exact same lines at all points on earth, nakedly exposing their depravity for the viewing pleasure of all, vowing to redouble their efforts for their demonic "lords" and imagined saviors?

Hopi First Mesa - Bholanath 1982

  These days I'm reading the quintessential work on "wetiko disease", Columbus And Other Cannibals - The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism, by Jack D. Forbes.  Derrick Jensen, in the introduction calls it "the most important book ever written on one of the most important topics ever faced by human beings".
The book early on quotes the creation "myth" of the Mbya people of the Paraguayan jungles, part of which reads:
"Our First Father, the Absolute,
arose in the midst of the original obscurities....
...Having conceived the origin of the future human speech,
from the wisdom contained in his [Hummingbird] own divinity,
and in virtue of his creative knowledge,
He conceived the foundation of Love of One's Fellow Man,
Before the existence of the Earth,
in the midst of the original obscurities,
before having knowledge of things,
and in virtue of his creative knowledge,
He conceived the Origin of Love...."

What part of 'bad religion' don't you get?

Ganges, Assi Ghat - Bholanath 1969

The new (2008) edition of "Columbus" ends with the unpublished 1993 poem by Forbes (he was also founder of DQ University [Deganawida-Quetzalcoatl U.], in Davis, CA), entitled "The Universe is Our Holy Book". I cannot find the entire 20-page poem anywhere on the web, perhaps will put up at a later time. The poem begins:
The Universe is our Holy Book
The Earth our Genesis
The Sky our sacred scroll
The Animals our teachers
The Mountains our prophets

Kathmandu - Bholanath on acid 1969
The Winds our equations
The Birds our prayers
The Flowers our miracle
The Sun our source
The Moon our messenger
The Waters our testaments
The World our study
The Great Mystery our Grandfather and Grandmother, indeed
our Beginning and our End...

And, lastly, for reference, a pure example of budding Wetiko, thanks to Ellora Malama of Teenage Activist blog:

You can check his website here: