Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Moving Through The Time

From a BBC article by Andrew Terry on Madagaskar:

Madagascar is an ancient island that split from the Gondwana super-continent approximately 165 million years ago. This isolation has driven the evolution of a multitude of unusual and beautiful animal and plant forms that exist nowhere else on Earth.
Some of these species were present when the island split but many had to cross the Mozambique Channel, mostly likely by rafting on vegetation and subsequently evolved into unique forms.
Lemurs, for example, the best known of Madagascar's wildlife, share a common ancestor with present day prosimians (primates that are characterised as more ancient than monkeys or apes) such as bush babies. When their ancestors arrived in Madagascar they evolved and diversified into the 100 or so species known today.
Described as the 'eighth continent' for the richness of its biological diversity, over 95% of the plants and animals on Madagascar are found nowhere else... As a global biodiversity hotspot, this unique island is one of the world's most important conservation priorities."

Okaaay. So, all you freaks who think the "thing to do" is BUY GOLD - you might want to take a look at the growing 'BUSH MEAT' trade of LEMURS as a further consequence (in addition to child slave-labor) of GOLD MINING and accompanying political destabilization.
Which brings me to the main point of this post. There is a tribe of people in the high mountains of Columbia called the KOGI. They moved up the trail about 400 years ago when they saw the Spanish Wetikos arriving and slaughtering and gold-lusting. They 'disappeared', as far as those remaining on the lowlands were concerned.
In 1997 or thereabouts they contacted some outsiders to give a message to the world (the "Younger Brothers"). The result was the 1998 film entitled "FROM THE HEART OF THE WORLD", now available on YouTube, while previously only on VHS. This is maybe one of the all-time most important films and messages ever produced. It gives you all you need to know about the rules for being a human being on this planet.
As seen in the film, GOLD was useful to these people for the purposes of spiritual divination as well as offerings to the Spirit World of the Devas and Mother Earth. That's all. Do you get it?! The film ends with showing how the Kogi have been monitoring the glacial and permafrost melt for the last century up in their high country - the very reason for contacting we "younger brothers".

Related to all this is the film "JANE'S JOURNEY". Thoroughly beautiful. It is out in video, see it now.
This film follows Jane Goodall as she travels the world 300 days out of the year, trekking in the bush and mountain tops and speaking to millions. Her foundations in 120 countries are doing some of the most phenomenal work on the planet. She's 76 years old. Yeah. Not a lightweight.
At the end of the film she sits with an Inuit shaman in Greenland and hears about their monitoring the loss of glaciers. Skeptics please see another reference below. If for no other reason to see this film, you don't want to miss the segment with the HIPPOPOTAMUS WHISPERER, no shit!

For all those (anthropogenic) climate-change deniers out there, have a look at this slide-show of the Himalayas, linked by Desdemona Despair. If this doesn't convince you, you must be one of the 80% of Iowa Repugncans who think its a NWO hoax (and the 70% who think evolution is bogus). Good luck.

Oh yeah...the photo at the top is of 400 AR demonstrators in the main square of Madrid, Spain on December 10th, each holding a dead animal. Big ups to the Spanish. that we know that "chickens have empathy" as well as "mice have empathy" (look it up - proven, courtesy of "science"), I guess we humans can move on to growing a pair, say, like, Nathan Runkle who was a GAY 15 YEAR OLD when he founded MERCY FOR ANIMALS. MFA recently exposed the most awful abuse by the Butterball Turkey Co (look it up, if you have the stomach). MFA has the balls to claim responsibility for exposing such things, rather than remaining anonymous, even with the draconian laws on the books (ie: AETA). (FBI assholes want to categorize "Food Activists" as Terrists.) Nathan had the shit beat out of him 3 years ago outside a gay club in NYC - for being 'gay'. Just sayin' - for all you who are still homophobic, and worried about the 'gay agenda'. He's 10 times the man you are.
Walter Bond

Maybe read this interview by a compassionate, empathetic gentleman who's now on his way to Federal Prison for 12 years & 3 months, WALTER BOND: AR Prisoner Support Interview, July 2011. This is the 'other end' of the spectrum of work on behalf of sentients. I personally have no problem with embracing the whole spectrum. Tell me this man's words represents "insanity".
It's all par for the course, this newly ramped-up centuries old war on Gaia and her warriors. Latest Wikileaks exposes some of the recent (2011) U.S. Espionage on Indigenous Peoples world wide.

2011 saw the highest increase of Elephant Poaching in decades - 2,500 at last count. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the end of civilization. Clif High says after March 10 of this year, the Wetiko program will lose control. Setting the captives free should be first on our agenda, should something so fortunate occur.
Jane Goodall's "Roots & Shoots" programs have done wondrous things for getting kids and adults involved in creating solutions to hundreds of human vs. environment conflicts around the world. AR and ALF/ELF activists have put the fear of god into the conscience-less elite Wetikos and their life-hating minions. Awakening still proceeds, even at this late date, as the false "reality" crumbles around us for all to see. While the Japan government has imprisoned one of the Cove Guardians, Sea Shepherd has acquired drones and have located the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. We all fit into the 'spectrum' somewhere, and we are the ones with imagination.