Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prayers, curses, and forbidden emotions

Today (Dec. 5th) is the annual conference in Boston of the International Marine Mammal Trainers Association (IMATA). Never mind the fact that "marine mammal trainers" is a misnomer - people formerly involved in that ugly evil business clarify that it is the marine ones that train the land ones. I hope they are sufficiently, no disastrously, disrupted and mercilessly harassed. Dolphinariums, zoos and such 'animal' entertainments are nothing but hidden extensions of the bloody human anti-Life cult, and are due for total elimination; and their 'entrepreneurs' and sponsors due for life-sentences in cages at the absolute minimum. Having to watch their parents, relatives, and friends slaughtered, made to do tricks in a zoo would be poetic justice, but then we're not supposed to say such things.

Or rather, 'enlightened' individuals should not have these thoughts and emotional charges. Sometimes my attention is confined to the beauty with which I'm surrounded in my immediate environment, and so such feelings stay dormant. But, of course, any slight injustice, stupidity, or cruelty witnessed, overheard or referenced will instantly explode my brain and bring the blood to boiling. Waiting, for a lifetime, I long ago ran out of patience with the human race. My friend can't even watch a movie that depicts crowds of humans, let alone venture into town for more than a thoroughly logistically strategized hit-and-run, especially now with the 24/7 black fridays. Recent trips for art classes in town have made her physically ill. I return to the wildlife rehab volunteer mode of public participation to maintain some skills of co-operative interaction with the segment of humanity that gives a shit - about anything. Of course human stupidity is ever-present there too, in every case.

I can no longer 'care' about 'humanity', or "it's fate". I have no feelings whatsoever toward this abstraction, this conglomerate of incarnated somethings assumed to be a spiritually evolving collective entity inhabiting treasured human bodies. The contemplation of this part of the sentient world, as an abstraction, a supposed whole species somehow thought to be embodying a universally shared unique specialness and potential, brings up only the same emotional energetics that arise when I ponder the existence of a recombinant lab virus from Ft. Detrick, or a dysentery amoeba drifting up into the smog from the open sewers of Pahar Ganj in New Delhi. This 'humanity' is not something consisting of true human beings. Perhaps there was potential for masses of them to become such, over time and numerous incarnations during the last 10 thousand years even, let alone 10 million years. The opportunity was almost universally rejected and declined. Even now, at the culmination of the epoch/Kali Yug/Mayan Long Count, there's not only no interest in waking from slumberous fantasyland, but maximum stridency in lashing out, and projection of delusion, upon even the simplest gesture toward, or word of sanity. Silence has become the only operative option for walking through matrix-land, when that 'going to town' becomes necessary for fulfilling various survival needs.

What I do care about is the one-thousandth of one percent of 'humanity' that might be referred to as 'true humans'. People we encounter who are easily, clearly, recognized as awake; friends known through personal contact and through sharing hearts through these technological means; peoples struggling to maintain their Earth-connected lives and cultures; peoples under siege and resisting the machines of death; people thanklessly serving and caring for the 'least among us' in anonymity; people courageously overcoming fear to commit thought-crimes against the dogmas of demonic States of universal terror and planetary extinction. The young, the innocent, the artists, artisans, musicians, poets, honest fair-traders, educators, prostitutes of mind and body (from fear of bodily harm), activists for Life (not fetus-lovers), natural and energetic healers, nurturers, real philosophers, transition-facilitators, organic gardeners, sustainable-energy inventors, trauma specialists, first-nations defenders, renunciates (tyagis), sadhus, caretakers/protectors of the natural world and wildness, all those walking lightly on the Earth and respecting 'all my relations', the institutionally traumatized - the list is endless, but any of them can be recognized for their true human-ness.

Non-human species, sentient and innocent, constantly have my prayers for fulfillment and liberation. But the human-embodied 'organic portals', mindlessly indulging in and co-operating with pointless death and destruction, brainwashed into moral relativity, at this late 'time' - I cast them out of all consideration. I have no concern for their eventual 'liberation' or 'awakening'. Their chances have come and gone. 'Going along to get along' no longer has any relevance or meaning beyond a pathetic excuse to be pled to the gallows ax-man.
Empires always fall from overreach, but this is a never-before-achieved web of evil enveloping every land and sea from pole to pole, exercising its will over every life-form, not unified but all-encompassing by its various interlocking factions' overwhelming success at spreading the degeneracy of self-hate and hatred of Life throughout the races of men. But this new, almost ungraspable dimension of empire has finally reached and slammed against the walls of its limitations. It won't be long now, but it may seem to be long in coming - the fall.

The big 'Leaks' are one indicator of the qualities of the moment. Another indication and quality is exhibited in the frantic, hysterical reactions to the Leaks and the 'face' of the phenomenon, Assange. It is becoming clear who has what investments in which ideologies, as many web and other media presences whom we have taken as semi-objective are exposing themselves as equally suspect as the dominant death-culture's mouthpieces. I have used computers and the internet for 10 years only, but over that time have come to sort out the various sources of 'info' into categories of trustworthy, suspect, and disinfo. 99%, I now conclude, fall into the latter two columns, most heavily in the last. 'The Leaks' caper has consolidated my conclusions. The 100s of death threats are widely known. Assange and his associates and family members clearly fear for their lives. Draconian suppression of the distribution of info is beyond 1984-ish. The info is obviously not what the controllers want to see being spread and twittered. It's certain that this is just the tip of the proverbial shit-pile. Nevertheless, there is cacophonic howling by 'alternative' media sources using such phrases as "reverse psychology", "Israeli-sourced", "Mossad psy-op", "intel-agency dupe", "NWO agenda", even "gay agenda" [WTF?] and on and on.  Others also include the idea that it is a distraction 'for the sheeple', of little consequence, and will simply 'go away' eventually, if not sooner. Rense, Truthseeker, and that Ouija-board 'scientific' cult SOTT, and others promote this garbage. These and other similar sites have always had their taboo areas, and, as is common, will often flame and pile-on on anyone approaching their security-walls of Xtian, superiority-self-importance and all-knowingness. Fuck them, and give them no quarter. The only trustable truth or sanity out on the web is coming from bloggers like Les, Nina, Su, A.Peasant and a few others and the work of McGowan and a handful of fearless veil-rippers.

My prayers and heartfelt oneness in Love, in a generalized way toward any collectivity, only extends to the non-human world and Mother Earth. I have zero shame for my emotional responses and feelings and attitudes around the seemingly unstoppable horrors. I daily explain to the Japanese embassies that I am finished with expressing my displeasure in reasonable terms. I make it clear that all involved in allowing the slaughters are subject to the full force of holy curses by all powers in and around me and in the name of all saints, holy gurus, all elements and deities, all ancestors, kachinas, and the Almighty Jah, and unnamed others. So be it. I am no saint, but neither am I concerned with my own personal karma. I know all is cool with my gurus and allies and familiars, because they tell me so.
Ok, just in case, I went online and ordered my home self-flagellation starter kit from

In latest update from Cove Guardians you may hear the curses and sobbing emotions from the witnessing videographer. This is what's natural and human under these circumstances. A time will come when certain of these human-imposters will be 'taken out'. By what agency, I don't know. In what numbers, I don't know. I don't know if I'd weep if it reached 99%. Things may accelerate suddenly soon. The astrological aspects are reaching critical explosive configurations historically. There are other influences in play also, so nothing is predictable. I just know "fire is burning". My advice: stay outside of the town limits.


Endwell Road said...

I used to watch teevee.
I used to subscribe to a newspaper.
I used to read many alternative news sites.
I used to believe that the truth will out.
What happened?
Nothing. Same old, same old.
Yes,indeed, the alternative news now just spews more of the same. My long list of sites that I used to read, has whittled down to just a few.

When the people took to the streets in Europe, I had a glimmer of hope that millions were going to get so angry, that change was inevitable. That the walls would come tumbling down.
What happened?
Nothing changed.

It´s Christmas time. Time to switch on the "happy button" and fall comatose on the couch, remote in hand, bellies filled. Not one person, in my environment, questions the true origin of this farce.

I cannot watch that video. My gut wrenches, just at the sight of the photo. Immediately tears stream down my face, just at the thought of this atrocity!

I try. I try to enlighten those around me. I try to poke and prod them, to shift their awareness. But "the road less travelled" is a steep one and it is sometimes very tiresome. I do hope that subtle energies are at work and even though I cannot see the changes, they are shifting things on an invisible plane.

Finding a human being that speaks so profoundly with his heart and soul, is rare. I thank you for your posts and for being here.


Anonymous said...

electrify existance
brush upon flow
glow within the moment
seven grains of grow
grow the thinking essences
warmth within the air
revitalising all around
light within the chair
universal harmonising
farmer palmer green
palm the light in colors
the lantern inner beam
stream through out the everywhere
from ground up to the sky
a burst of inner light
bring all to life.