Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Natural Mystic Meets Uninitiated Mars In The Sufi Tavern

Anyone else feeling pissed off? Comes and goes? Yeah, that's Mars front and center mixin it up with some other heavy hitters. Tight orb amped it all up last week....not anywhere near done, either.
Must watch documentary: Children Of Gaza

If you aren't outraged by the global horror show, not only are you not paying attention, but you have forfeited your membership in the human race. If you are still not able to discern the roots and processes at work in the planned cataclysmic scenario - via methods of vilification of empathy, compassion, innocence, and caring about that which we are a part, by elevated entities of religious, cultural, and political psychopathy - you are 'bystanders' in Life, and you are in the way.

The signs were crystal clear 40+ years ago pointing to where we were headed and what self-inquiries were necessary for us to undertake. Clueless humanity, did you fail to commit your life to personally re-discovering what our ancestors knew and allowed to govern their lives of 'walking gently on the earth'? Did you accept the notion that 'experts' with 'higher education' know best and should be left to make decisions that affect all Life on the planet? Did you not see clearly what the unsustainable destructive conditions are, with regard to every aspect of modern 'civilization'? I think you did. You mostly just caved in to 'working within the system'/doing your 'duty'. And NOT as conscious observant subversives, but to hopefully 'get your share' of the bennies, and cruise along imagining 'it'll all work out' with or without your conscious aware participation. You were clearly and specifically warned about the folly of such an attitude. If you weren't born yet in the 60s, you still aren't off the hook. Your dharmic assignment, maybe even tougher, was to actually study the historical context of the events that occurred through the 60s Uranus-Pluto configuration (Pluto [re-]'discovered' in 20th century, so was mankind's first witnessing). So, they didn't tell you that that was a very critical brief window that hadn't opened before in human memory, and that it defined the line separating those who would stand for returning the world and the human community to the sanity of natural laws (what the ancestral shamanic workers knew from the initiations into the 'mysteries'); and those who would choose to be the 'glamorous', 'sophisticated' cheerleaders for degenerate devolution toward apocalyptic madness. No, of course they didn't say that. It was only a 'momentary abberation', a 'failed experiment'. Only 'mad men'/disturbed unbalanced individuals talked like that, and one doesn't take that shit seriously. Well, another brief moment has arrived.

"When one door is closed, don't you know
Another is open"
Now its only gonna be 'personal' windows from here on out. That other window was left open a crack for a while, but not any more. Now the window is about 'consequences' - of what we have and haven't faced both within and in the world. Some will tell you right up to the end that's its just 'fierce grace'. Yeah, death is a kind of 'grace' too, all right. But, do you want to intentionally support the success of the death cult that strives to 'speed up' the race to total extinction/Gaiacide? Obviously, nobody sane wants that. But many still question whether it matters at all. Its 'out of our hands' anyway, right?

The now arriving 'consequences' are symbolized by Mars - Opposing Neptune and Chiron, and moving into the Earth sign Virgo. 'Aggression' opposed/against Spirituality/Natural-Mysticism and Healing/Kundalini. This is manifesting on a more pronounced level than it's positive potential - awareness of how Mars' aggression, passion, fearlessness, and desire nature, in control and in an initiated context, can facilitate growth and healing. So instead, we've gotten the negative option/outcome: helplessness-rending trauma-triggers both within and without. This is today's challenge for many, some more than others.

On a material level, everything we put in our bodies and on our bodies goes directly into Mother Earth. Ya think it goes somewhere 'else'? Out of sight, out of mind? Or, hey its cool, everybody does it, so who gives a shit? We're alive and strong, so what's the problem? And it's so tasty, yum yum! (Same goes for the toxic mind pollution to the mass psyche too.) Even though the toxic wastes of the poisons we consume are channeled into the environments of those 'lesser beings' (human and non-human), they still have not 'gone away' somewhere. There are many more who are very much not 'alive and strong', especially CHILDREN, because they're DEAD. Anyone think its a satisfying life to just go on repressing the fact that you're makin money off of poisoning and defiling and slaughter? And to know that the entities and forces selling that 'way of life' to you have been continuously ritually feeding on ever grander atrocities against living beings. How's that working out?

Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, in An Ecological Disaster: Polluting The Waters Of Life at HuffPost, recently writes: "Symbolic consciousness is not just a tool to listen to our dreams. The signs that speak to us are in the outer as well as the inner world....One of the ways to work with symbols is to hold these images in our consciousness and be present with them. In this way we allow life to speak to us in this ancient language, which has always been the language of life itself. This is the ancient wisdom of listening to life.
Traditional cultures knew this wisdom, just as they knew the wisdom of nature, plants and the seasons....They also knew how to read the book of life just as they knew how to listen to their dreams....
We have lost this essential wisdom, and now life is screaming at us, crying to us, imploring us....
The difficulty is that there will be no easy answer, no quick fix. The images that are speaking to us are too potent and too powerful. They are about the primal values of life itself. But if we dare to hold these images in our consciousness maybe we can make a step toward recognizing that life is a living being that can speak to us. Maybe we can return to a relationship to life that honors it as a sacred whole whose voice can be heard...We need to be attentive and listen.
This quality of awareness belongs to the ancient wisdom of the earth that was always known to our ancestors. And when the earth is crying out to us with such a potent image as it is now, is it not our duty to listen? Only when we hear what it is saying, not just in our minds but also in our souls, will we know how to respond."

Is this the first time in the history of the planet when tens of millions of people realize both that 'history' is lies and that those who've always 'run' things are insane and lacking in humanity? That the march of civilization has always been toward erasing our humanity, and that the vast majority has all been soul-robbed to some extent? Is there a critical mass in which we can be divinely directed to act in a way that totally withdraws our participation and effectively neutralizes all the support systems that keep the deranged program running? Even the most sophisticated media-manipulation can now be ID-ed and seen through by millions, and the levels of truth easily determined. Only the religiously and ideologically blinded are unable to discern what the hell is right in front of their faces. I believe that whatever divine intervention occurs, it will manifest through human action and/or Gaia-logical events/reaction. I'm just not into looking for burning bushes or pillar-clouds to follow, or more salvation-through-suffering stories. Neither am I buying into the the 'spiritual' program positing that, because 'all is impermanence' and 'its in god's hands', we needn't concern ourselves with what appears to be 'outside' of ourselves. I suppose it's possible, too, that ('outside') extraterrestrial shit could hit the fan, and really challenge our abilities of discernment to the max. Another bridge to cross. How many do we....?

The use of violence has never been able to completely destroy the humanity and souls of certain groups of people that it was intended upon. Somehow, in many parts of the earth, humans have survived enormous pressures toward making them internalize the worthless-slave mentality. Many tribal societies on every continent - all of whom have suffered great violence at the hands of colonial empires, racist-elite dictatorships, and soul-less extractive corporations - remain with at least some survival instincts intact. Of course, for many resistance was futile. Militaristic brainwashing and massive pollution of the bodies and minds of the evil empires' populations have resulted in widespread acceptance (and some sick celebrating) of demonic behavior worse than medieval practices or the methods of 'winning the West', with 'improved' 'modern' technological innovations. Silent helicopters and drones. Cluster bombs and mysterious chemicals. 'Go-pills' and black prisons. And all of the slaughter is seen on the internet in 'living color' videos. We've come a long way.
Also seen are thousands of terrified, traumatized, hopeless children. That's been the plan all along: destroy innocence, hope and the human spirit. Start with the kids. Put them on a 'diet' of poison and horror, inside and out. A prescription for masses of compliant slaves. But, where there are coherent communities, with memories of past survival strategies, this has failed, and will always fail. Maybe not in communities of rabid supremacist tribal inbreeding, but in Earth-centered nature-connected elder-respecting communities who continue to celebrate in traditional artistic ways the wonder, beauty, and diversity of Creation. Places where still survive those who are able to pass onto the young the preserved lineages of creative mastery of both material and spiritual culture. The demon-possesed pathocrats, who 'religiously' glorify violence have no understanding of the survival mechanisms built into the traditions. And they will never acquire it. They involve mysteries unfathomable to the morbid soul-dead egos.

Somewhere within each of us must be the forgotten source of transformative medicine power to shift this undeniably unacceptable juggernaut. There's a feeling the clock is running out, with only nano-seconds left. But there are millions of us. And we are remembering.

I'm going to take the advice of Rumi in his oft-quoted poem:

Today like every other day
We wake up empty and scared.
Don't open the door of your study
And begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel
And kiss the earth.


Anonymous said...

nice stuff bholanath
good words. and peace to all ..

Anonymous said...

bumble bees
and butterflys
everlasting springs
mountain rivers
rushing forth
feathers on the wind
moon lit nights
in summertime
flowers growing wild
rainbow skys in morning
humming nature sounds
different patterns in the stars
effecting living earth
vibrating thoughts of wander
of the never ending work.


Anonymous said...

hey bholanath,is les ok is some one.

Anonymous said...

sorry,meant to say is some one with him ..neil

Anonymous said...

Bholanath...Hey thanks. It occurs to me the old chipster, that awake is happening in a truly impressive fullness of clear blue spirit. These are earth changing add-ons to the base program we learned but are new dog new trick gifts we get to 'have', So, let us Have It. The final step in egos evolution is acceptance of divine grace as the basis of organization. All parts of us are suffused equally with all the god matter there ever was. We are saturated with bliss. Everything we touch turns to gold now. All transcendance is accomplished before the eyes of all thee skeptical scoffers and nay saying neggies. You made it. You do it. It is good that we live.

bholanath said...

old chipster,
do you, by any chance go by another moniker? (just my own memory-lapse/brain-fart).

Wow, you mean we lose the 'fecal touch'? Just joking (grin).
Seriously, that was the most beautifully put thing I've had the pleasure to read in a while. No, a looong while.
"...divine grace as the basis of organization. All parts of us are suffused equally with all the god matter there ever was. We are saturated with bliss."

Aaaahhhh! I'm feelin it same way. In the past it's always presented challenges to continuity of remembrance, but it seems there is more chilling-out by the analytical mind...and acceptance of the truth of which you declare, despite the massive negativity bombardment.
"Equally suffused", yes, we are equal comrades in this gift/acquisition of new energy and creative flow.