Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Following Her Orders

Goddess Bhairavi -
There has been recent discussions and observations about unusual and changing animal behaviors being noted by many. Blogs including the Dog Park and others, along with their commenting crews have been bringing the subject up for a few years now, but it appears to be on the increase....and possibly the diminished reticence to share experiences with others could be a factor. Of course all sane beings (including those who have recently regained sanity) are fully aware of the blindness programming we have been subjected to regarding how we look at animals of other species. So there is no longer, in our times, much real observation going on anyway; nor is there much of a consciousness of what other life forms are, in a real sense; and what their lives mean; and what are the levels of communication and interaction from their side toward and in response to our presence and actions....especially thoughts and vibrations.
Yesterday's medicine-teaching came from a sparrow. The male cat here, Gustavo (shelter name, but fits), has pretty much learned that we appreciate his hunting prowess, but prefer he brings his prey to us unharmed. He tries to adhere to the rules and mostly succeeds many many times. Night before last he brings a sparrow, I take her from him, put her in a box to observe her condition. After some time and the cat is in for the night, I release the bird out back.
Next morning Gustavo goes out and promptly returns at 9 am with either the same sparrow or another one. Cat knows the drill. We (the astrologer and me) put the bird in the box. Half hour later the bird, a bit ragged, wants out, flies around the room, and after a bit of a chase with a towel gets to fly off from up the hill on the BLM land.
We go to town, throw down some riddems for some decent bhajans and chants at the local thoroughly disfunctional tirtha scene, do trash run, minimal consumerism, socializing, cruise back up the mountain, more digging and planting, cooking, dining, and going out for a smoke on the porch. All of a sudden, at sunset, the sparrow appears flying inside the porch, landing on the railing 3 ft. away, moves closer onto a honeysuckle branch, stares at us for 5 minutes, then finally flies right past our faces out into the valley. The only birds that ever come on the porch are the hummers at their feeders, and the odd stray magpie looking for cat/dog food. That communication was one of those obvious ones.
The day before had a florescent yellow finch on a tree out the back window staring for 5 or more minutes at us, finally lightly hitting the window flying up to get closer. He wasn't disturbed and lit on another branch and continued to talk and sing. And in the evening a huge turkey vulture almost flew in the open window of my car on the dirt road. I had to jerk my head away. Feathers beating on one's cheek and flying at you with enough speed can do some damage. Vultures are a bit uncoordinated at low altitudes, though, and I think it was a friendly darshan, since I have made an acquaintance with another vulture recently and speak to him regularly. He's spectacular, and quite charming in a Kali-yuga kind of way.

Da man Dublin put up some great stuff recently coming from the Mayan Elders. Among the important messages were three things noted that would be good to do right now: It's an important task for us to see the energy, in people, plants, and animals (if we're not already doing it, I guess); follow a tradition with great roots (ditto); and "you are not here for no reason".
Word. That's about the size of it. Mayan brothers got their shit together.
Everybody goes round and round about this politician and that politician, this ism or that ism, all the stuff that's divisive and irrelevant. Its always only been about freedom or slavery. 'Free markets', 'international law', 'democratic institutions' - so much crap. We're gonna make it through this Purification Time only if we have the correct focus generally happening within us most of the time. We can't expect ourselves to be perfect, but we can still be impeccable in our imperfection. No one and nothing can "fix it", it's up to the Love Tribe to be walkin' in beauty and holdin' the vibe - of fearless natural mystic wisdom - holding close our allies/associates, and banishing/sending along our ghosts [ed: most people on the planet nowadays have tons of 'em, as Martin Prechtel and others have been expressing for years]. "None but ourselves can free our minds". Yeah, casting off those self-limitations that still obstruct our effectiveness of unification. Or is it I-nification?

I admit I have, still, a bit of a problem with my Mars-Uranus/N.Node square, and it draws me into wanting to re-boot some old siddhis of spiritual warfare down there somewhere in the DNA memory and aim and fire the bones and stones at the designated targets. When the best young bro in your life languishes in evil shitstem bureaucracy, shackled on orders from Wetiko clan reptile characters of the Attorney-General's fantasy-meme-driven minion bitches - you kinda get into that 'desperado' thing, and it is a very old program. But, then again, that 'dropping into the Irie vibration' is an ancient program too, fortunately. It's helpful for everyone to get a glimpse of actions taken by fellow Love-Tribe senior warriors from time to time in these times. Cynthia McKinney comes to mind. Winona LaDuke, Vandana Shiva, and our man Capt. Watson. A film has been out a couple years, still playing festivals, based on the life of Paul Watson, called Whale Warrior - Pirate For The Sea. Fortunately the ENTIRE FILM IS ON YOUTUBE in 7 parts. Incredible and astonishing. [And I've only watched the first 3 parts.]

Watson was asked about 'religion' and 'divine law'. He replied that he has no use for any of it. He says he follows the four main Laws of Earth: diversity, interdependency, finite resources, and "don't shit in the water hole". Sounds like a 'tradition with great roots' to me, coming from a man with a full range of deep feelings as well as an extremely sharp intellect. A lotta light coming from the ether around the dude.
Do you know, I mean really know, about the ILLEGAL chemicals that your brain produces? Did you know that they are both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of you? Would knowing that alter your attitude toward ALLOWING others their absolute freedom? Capt. Watson also noted that "NATURE ALLOWS FULLEST INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION". Huh? Imagine that!

After a one-year, million-dollar sting investigation in Pennsylvania, the Feds just recently busted an evil AMISH RAW MILK RING! Horrors! Crossed state lines, you see. It's what they do, the Wetiko paths....Nature allows....
And the Pope just said that all the pedophilia and shit was "because of the hippies in the '60s". Bet you didn't know that, either.
Ah, the blessings of 'religion' and 'law'. Someone called it recently, "the plague of self-interest". It also shows the almost nonexistent level of Archon/Wetiko 'creativity', but then that's apparent everywhere you look in the ' civilized world'. Makes me anxious, but then I've been anxious all my life; but I DO think about those siddhis again for a moment....
Don Juan Matus said, "By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudo concerns. What I'm saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system TO RENDER US USELESS".

Somebody brought this song/poem, from a couple decades back, to my attention [time sure does pass slowly]:
If A Tree Falls, by Bruce Cockburn -

Rain forest
Mist and mystery
Teeming green
Green brain facing labotomy
Climate control centre for the world
Ancient cord of coexistence
Hacked by parasitic greedhead scam -
From Sarawak to Amazonas
Costa Rica to mangy B.C. hills -
Cortege rhythm of falling timber.

What kind of currency grows in these new deserts,
These brand new flood plains?

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
Anybody hear the forest fall?
Through thinning ozone,
Waves fall on wrinkled earth -
Gravity, light, ancient refuse of stars,
Speak of a drowning -
But this, this is something other.
Busy monster eats dark holes in the spirit world
Where wild things have to go
To disappear

If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
If a tree falls in the forest does anybody hear?
Anybody hear the forest fall?

I just spent three days of 14 hours on the clock working as an 'extra' on a major film shoot down in the big city a couple hours from here. Work, eat, sleep; no time to check on the world outside. I had been runnin' outta gas money to keep up the weekly volunteer commitment, so Maa/Jah provide. I came away very impressed with the focus, professionalism, and clean high energy of the whole crew of 50 plus 50 local extras. I estimate about 50% fully awake to what time it is, so I was very surprised in my outing into the Matrix. Don't think I'll make a habit of it, though. I have an idea of what the purpose of it all was, besides the financial part. Some connections, karmic or otherwise, were very apparent. About what we are doing, we don't know shit. It's nice to be able to just follow Her divine orders. 

'Surfing Madonna', by anonymous
Kiko observes Mom waiting for her haircut


su said...

i too want to awaken the warrior stuff.
pull out the sword.
sure krishna at this point would instruct us to.

and out of all the laws the one that makes the most sense is don't shit in the water hole.
if you get that right, then everything else will be in place.

i enjoyed this enormously and empathy and love to your favourite young bro being crunched by the system. sending love.

dublinmick said...

That is top of the line stuff here. Sometimes it is so simple isn't ti? Don't shit in the water hole.

I may have told you this before, can't remember but a couple of years ago a mocking bird, baby one fell out of the nest in my nectarine tree. The mother was frantic. I went over and picked it up and put it back in the nest. the mother flew over to check it out, never attacked me or anything and then the mother looked at me flapping her wings and chirping. It was like saying thanks fellow there is one of you on the planet that is not a killer.

Well it turns out this bird grew up and would come and set on the patio table right in front of me and star at me. I am sure it was the baby I saved, had no fear of me. It gets better, when strangers showed up they would dive bomb right in front of their faces like they were protecting me and saying don't get too close to this guy whatever you do.

They don't build nests here any more because all the neighbors got cats, but they still show up to sit in the tree by the door. Frogs are supposed to be scared of people but one out back I swear will jump on my arm and look at me. He glommed onto my forehead once. It was at night, scared the hell of me until I figured out what was going on. There is black snake that used to look inside the house at me at the glass door.

Sometimes birds on the lake egrets, hawks swoop down near me in their flight path. What I am saying is they seem to realize you are one that won't hurt them. Those giant ones that look like a 3 foot tall road runner walk right up to me it seems out of curiosity. The cats don't bother them because they would be missing an eye so fast they wouldn't know what hit them.

Anyway I will just mirror this one on my site. I sometimes just get tired of politics and OBL ETC. There is nothing you can do about it anyway and my dad always said don't get all tied up over things you have no control over. All we have control over is ourselves and that can be a task at times.

For animals earth is hell, and men are the demons who torture them...Arthur Schopenhauer

dublinmick said...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Thanks to Mick for posting this link. Pokes upwards. This ancient hippie child understood if not all the references, the spirit of your writing. And it is true, animals see us in such different ways than we see them. I have sat still in my brother's garden and the hummingbirds have thrummed me to an entirely different level as they approached me. I grew up in a forest and long since learned the trick of becoming part of the environment enough.

Thanks for your writing, I will be back.

Oh dear, I am responsible for pedophilia? I think the Pope might have been referring to the leader of the European Green Party, Cohn-Bendit, who openly admitted his pedophile tendencies to the world decades ago.

Hope you are ok but I plagiarized a few lines for the Head part of my blog!

dublinmick said...

This one always seems to fit the times.

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.
For charm a poweful trouble.
Like a hell- broth boil and bubble.
Macbeth, Act IV, Scene I

bholanath said...

Noor -
Thank you for dropping by, I am honored.
Please plagiarize to your heart's content (grin)!