Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grandpa's Catfood Vouchers

Señor Coyote made his appearance in the afternoon in the back yard recently, and the tribe has been serenading the full moon for a while now every evening. We're relieved, and as well for the City council endorsing the state-wide initiative against all trapping on public lands. The fight will be uphill with the psycho bitch governor and her minions, I'm sure, but the vote was unanimous and there's some big name backers on board.

I'm pretty sure the Paul Watson video (Whale Warrior) I posted recently has been pulled. It probably violated copyright codes, in which case I would maybe have to side with Capt. Watson or the producers if it was posted against their wishes. I however do feel it is such an important film, that it wouldn't hurt to have as many views ASAP. I would suggest looking for screenings in your area. Maybe the DVD is for sale?

I bring it up from having had the opportunity to view all 7 parts eventually later, and what I came away most moved by is the answer Capt. Watson  gave to an interviewer onboard at sea to a question about his values and mission:

"It's dangerous & humiliating. The whalers killed whales while green peace watched. Now, you don't walk by a child that is being abused, you don't walk by a kitten that is being kicked to death and do nothing. So I find it abhorrent to sit there and watch a whale being slaughtered and do nothing but "bear witness" as they call it. I think it was best illustrated a few years ago, the contradictions that we have, when a ranger in Zimbabwe shot and killed a poacher that was about to kill a black rhinoceros and uh human rights groups around the world said "how dare you take a human life to protect an animal?" I think the rangers' answer to that really illustrated a hypocrisy. He said "Ya know, if I lived in, If I was a police officer in Harrari and a man ran out of Bark Place Bank with a bag of money and I shot him in the head in front of everybody and killed him, you'd pin a medal on me and call me a national hero. Why is that bag of paper more valued than the future heritage of this nation?"
This is our values. WE fight, WE kill, WE risk our lives for things we believe in... Imagine going into Mecca, walk up to the black stone and spit on it. See how far you get. You’re not going to get very far. You’re going to be torn to pieces. Walk into Jerusalem, walk up to that wailing wall with a pick axe, start whacking away. See how far you’re going to get, somebody is going to put a bullet in your back. And everybody will say you deserved it. Walk into the Vatican with a hammer, start smashing a few statues. See how far you’re going to get. Not very far. But each and every day, ya know, people go into the most beautiful, most profoundly sacred cathedrals of this planet, the rainforests of the Amazonia, the redwood forests of California, the rainforests of Indonesia, and totally desecrate & destroy these cathedrals with bulldozers, chainsaws and how do we respond to that? Oh, we write a few letters and protest; we dress up in animal costumes with picket signs and jump up and down; but if the rainforests of Amazonia and redwoods of California, were as, or had as much value to us as a chunk of old meteorite in Mecca, a decrepit old wall in Jerusalem or a piece of old marble in the Vatican, we would literally rip those pieces of shit limb from limb for the act of blasphemy that they’re committing but we won’t do that because nature is an abstraction, wilderness is an abstraction. It has no value in our anthropocentric world where the only thing we value is that which is created by humans."

I don't know if that's the entire exact quote - I got it off 'wikiquote' - the video is now scrubbed. I think he had the word 'genocide' in there somewhere too....and something about 65 million years' worth of extinction in last 60 years....oh yeah, and about those wacky Chinese and their obsession with consuming powdered penises of most of the endangered animal bredren on the planet.
Now there's a problem for the brilliant Asian scientific minds to occupy their "research" time on and sink their teeth into! Especially after the HUMAN BREAST MILK breakthrough/success (from cloned cows) - almost ready for the supermarket shelves. As did the New Zealander geniuses btw (from cloned goats). Year two thousand and eleven in the Kaliyuga, and Koreans still eatin' dogs ('sexual prowess' or somethin-er-other) as they crank out those Hyundais, Samsungs, and all the other assorted plastic crap for the dumbass 'merkins.  

Dogs. Well, a Jewish Israhelli court ordered the stoning of a dog charged with trespassing (in the courthouse) while embodying the spirit of a formerly expelled judge who had been cursed by associates to transmigrate into that form.... 

Getting burnt out on the unveiling yet? Could we have made this shit up? Did we? Back in those bad acid days?
No more ethnic studies in that shitty little state of Arizona's schools. Them and Colorado and Texas...WTF is up with these assholes surrounding us in the Southwest? Oh, right, we are too...more new fires today, south of Tucson, while we ponder their genius cutting of forest-fire budgets for 2011.
This just in: Jesus is gettin' real pissed that we haven't used up the planet  yet, so the flock needs to get busy [busier?]. Nope. Didn't make it up. Came out of a politician's bum-hole.....As "turey" quoted the Jamaican saying, "di higher di monkey climb, di more him batty show". Ok, you can call it 'apocalyptic'. I don't care anymore. Laughing so's you don't cry is the current mantra.
Uh huh, they want to make more "reforms"....SoylentGreen Inc. will just send grandpa his monthly allotment of coupons for chemical food-like substances and a KingKitty FancyFeast variety-12-pack. Food Stamps: too inefficient, sorry.
The whole food thing is so fucked. Because of the win-win floods [to the extinctionists] on our biggest river systems, we have the corn price doubling from last year's....nice, huh? AND...GMO seeds just a'washing on down South with the currents. It's only half begun....Can't....find.....words....anymore.
Must be some way outta here [said the joker to the thief, too much confusion, can't get no relief, etc etc]

Back in the 'hood....we passed the "Snake Capture-and-Release" course last week. Safely moved two rattlesnakes into and out of a container. Just needed to focus on the reptilian world for a time, while I continue with the bird-world explorations. [guess it's a Shaivite thing (grin)] Many endangered harmless snakes around, and cops have a habit of pulling their guns when called on a snake situation. Or the locals just assume they're all 'possessed' creatures, and grab the nearest weapon. The teacher has done hundreds of snake relocations, as well as managed snakes for the film industry. I'll have to get me some kevlar or plastic chaps ("gators"), then be on call if needed. I got plenty respect for serpent power and the danger involved, but feel comfortable in the endeavor. There was that year in Delhi when I passed some daily quality time with the snake clan family set up in front of Humayun's Tomb in Nizamuddin. Those guys grabbed wild cobras out of old rock walls, with their bare hands, to add to their show. That shit's multigenerational, of course. Here we use long tools/hooks.

Hubble "Owl Goddess"
Good sessions with new Owl friend, we'll have our second outing next week with kids. We're both getting more relaxed with each other, or at least he's accepting that he's assigned to 'school' me and he's stuck with the situation.  He is "getting up" on my hand and letting me tie the jesses without too much resistance. But definitely making me do MY half of the 'work'.

Lying Down For Justice: The POSCO Satyagraha in Pictures
[Satyagraha: truth-force/love-force/soul/force/truth-insistence]

All photos: POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti
This is just more ongoing attempts at environmental and cultural destruction insanity in India in the State of Orissa. A steel corporation from Korea is basically GIVEN tribal agricultural land to plunder; goddamn people in the way, bring in the army (India's "Green War"), people decide on satyagraha move to lay down on the ground surrounding village with CHILDREN AND WOMEN bravely taking to the front lines. See for yourself.
India is also just going through a scandal involving the arrest of a famous yoga guru for fasting against the national mafiacracy-cum-govt corruption, the arrest viewed by tens of thousands. The Oriya kids' satyagraha was also all over newspapers and teevee. Impossible to hide anymore, eh?
Did I mention I despise slimy rich Indians? All fanatics, Ram/Krishna-capitalism or their excuse. They hate their tribal past, but love their SUVs and 'mobiles'. 
Offended? It's not personal. We're equal opportunity haters here - of all slimy rich morons and planet-rape-enablers. 

Have to end this with a word from writer/researcher/blogger A.Peasant - 
"this is a guerrilla war
we are the guerrillas.
our terrain is the emotional world.
our language is love.
they don't know our terrain.
they don't speak our language.
and we greatly outnumber them.
draw them out and pick them off.
your weapon is the truth.
use it."

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