Friday, September 16, 2011


Goddess Saraswati
A radio talk-show host was interviewing Alan Grayson, former Fla. congressman. His assessment of our situation was of witnessing the "extermination of empathy". I would have to agree that that's the plan. With the all-pervasiveness of Wetiko-disease, psychopathy, malignant narcissism, Archontic plague (however you want to call it) in the (especially 'Western') world's disgustingly blasphemous (Nature-hating) political (and personal) public and media conversational exchanges, it seems everything is moving along according to plan. We try to go on with our lives, relishing each moment of sanity, beauty, creativity we can possibly experience while we also wait for some seemingly imminent resolution or end to the insanity and attempting to do whatever we can to mitigate the most dire consequences of various wetiko-tribal aggressions against Life, and also spread what we know to be the truth of the situation, usually not by logical explanation however (because that no longer works with most humanoids), but by various means of spontaneous anarchic creativity. [Anarchy: against Archons]
I should mention that the above named politician followed his comment about 'empathy' with the statement that "that's what separates us from animals", blah blah. So, that's the best there is out of the mouths of 'leaders' as well as a clear reminder about self-reliance and not looking for help from self-styled 'important' spokespersons from any of the domains of 'civilized contemporary culture'. Any twit with a search engine can find copious evidence to the contrary to that speciesist statement. But, yeah, what-ever. 

There's just no getting away from "the topic of topics" - ever. But we can move to the periphery of the whirlpool by engaging in our chosen forms of serious art-making, alone or in company of others, if we're lucky. I guess that's what we were doing last weekend with our 24 hours of continuous kirtan-chanting and drumming dedicated to Sri Hanumanji. I hadn't participated in that particular festival for last 10 years, because of personal abhorrence to the 'institution' and it's psychopathic hypocrisy and elitism toward the greater community. But that is the nature of 'religious' institutions in the Kaliyug in general. This time I felt 'called' however, and it was worth the setting aside of my distaste for a moment to hopefully energize the process for the good of the community of suffering, long-under-seige devotees. Besides, there was a good solid unified posse to hold down the excellent quality of musical medicinal vibration. That's about the best one can hope for in these degenerate times. [Besides, at 65 I can play harder and have more endurance than a lot of the younger drummers for these types of marathons (grin).]

My musical life, on one level - of being in the 'West' - has been a long pain in the ass: submitting myself at the feet of the master musicians of the Indian subcontinent for decades - to learn all the forms and styles - only to return to my 'homeland' for rejection and marginalization because I couldn't shut up about the co-option, commercialization, fake-posing, glamorization, vanity, star-worship, etc. Yer not supposed to do that. Plus, I am most definitely not glamorous, shmoozy, and full of all the qualities required by the New Age scene for 'professional' and material success. Can't keep my mouth shut about my extreme distaste for cultural cannibalism/colonialism. I have my own 'litmus tests', you see. On the other hand, curiously, it has ultimately saved me a lot of grief and disillusionment. If you're not familiar with the 'Eastern music' scene, it's about the many vain egoists who buy an exotic instrument (harmonium, for example), take a few lessons (or none at all) and "create" their own brand of "fusion" (horrible misnomer), or 'westernized'/'accessible' sounds to scam the insanely ignorant masses of culturally starved denizens of the Empire into thinking they are participating in something sacred and holy. It's simply 'how we roll' here in the end times. None of this is meant to imply any particular importance to my musical endeavors. I was involved many lifetimes ago, but just returned to it in this incarnation. I still require many more lifetimes to get 'up to speed', but I manage as best as I can. Ok, that's my personal rant for the week, sorry.

It seems to be getting pretty uninhibited in general in the public sphere as far as wetiko/psychopathy is concerned, does it not? Is anyone else experiencing this? I had a couple of wacked encounters in the past week in places of business in town. Individuals obviously enjoying, laughing, taunting others being subjected to their obstructions, cheating, self-imagined superiority and harm-causing. When others questioned or called them on their shit, they launched into extraordinary expressions of their lack of empathy or concern for anyone else, laughing and gesturing wildly, with no holding back or self-censorship. I found it interesting and asked them straight out if they were big-shot mafia dons or planning on departing soon to their own planet being prepared for them by their Lord. They were stunned and got quiet. Then they stormed off giving me the one-finger salute.

Back to the 'topic' again. What the hell to do in this interim time? Encourage space-ship migration to Mars? Sometimes these interactions/encounters can't be avoided. Human abuse and animal abuse and Earth abuse is everywhere. Most of the time, in the temporal dimension, I like to focus on the work being done by the many many true human beings involved in either directly or indirectly alleviating the suffering, because it simply counteracts my tendency toward despair at our species. This is how what I'm talking about looks like:

Here is a short clip of yours truly supporting some authentic Rajasthani gypsy dance and music last spring - dancer Annya-Ishtara and sitarist Amie Maciszewski -

Annya at Metta 1 from Richard on Vimeo.
cool empathy on a hot day in India


Burnie said...

First Bho thanks for the music it is always good for my soul. Your words are some of mine. I fail a lot, but I am very aware that I am a human being.
Aniamls huh? beasts? hardly the case your contempt for this is like mine.
I am weighted heavily by what I see. Les V's blog disturbed me for awhile, now I have learned through my own research he speaks true. I have connected it to the archons as they found a perfect foil in israel, willing to confuse us with mimicry and much worse. Never substance always the copy. Their god jehovah is a beast. You can tell by my words I am as angry as one can be. Something left a deep scar in me in younger days that I fight continually, winning mostly. I am talking to you in words, as there not that many souls here to talk with. I will stop now. I play guitar badly but music is a true source of joy and I understand how hard it must be for someone as accomplished as you to play the game..obviously you haven't sold your soul good on ya.

I think Sophia has had about enough, seems we are approaching (and this you can see without knowing anything of what we write about) a point or attractor.

The only comfort I draw-my kids have to suffer this and it breaks my heart-is we will catch up on the rebound in another life that will be far different than this..better..we have served our time in hell be it our own doing or circumstance..I don't seem to be spiritual enough to rise above it.

Burnie said...

Your pictures are what is beautiful. We can grow our empathy with our awareness.
If I knew what peace was I would wish it for you now

Anonymous said...

beauty beauty beauty
everlasting truth
whistles through the trees
plays the loving flute
of up and round and everywhere
consumes the heart and mind
in feilds of everlasting
where mountains within are climbed
full a burst of nourishment
symptoms of a wave
tip toe through the patterns
through the gardens gate
awakening a moment
the heart of all mankind
sings the songs of rainbows
vibrance rings and shines


Anonymous said...

sorry its taken so long bho,,,,,
thankyou so much for your teachings and the deep atmosphere that marks all of your posts.....I pick up on it every time.......

respects and gratitude....neil