Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lions, Lambs, and Giving Prasad

There's a back story to this video, but you will have to do your own research if you are not familiar with what happened in 2010. It began with a tragedy on the streets of Seattle. This is a powerfully magic celebration of the life of martyred Native American carver John T. Williams, a testament to the spirit of the (real) people, as well as a truly inspiring permanent memorial to one, and all, of the fallen innocents. This was filmed 3 days ago in the center of the city. Beautiful singing and drumming.
This is what true power looks like. It has nothing to do with suits, gold, teevee, or drones.
It has been done. All beings, our relations, witnessed the great work. So be it. Aho.

Came across this interesting historical tale from the mid1900s, posted on the ALF website.
Yes, its all true - the vegetarian lioness who toured the country, lived in a California sanctuary, loved to cuddle with her lamb, kitten, and chickie friends. The back story to this is a mind blower too. Read about Little Tyke: True Story of a Gentle Vegetarian Lioness.

Okay, is that 'biblical' enough for you? Maybe this....?

I really don't have much to say these days. Pictures work better for me. Some shock and some inspire, but all pretty much leave me speechless. When I hear that the world lost at least 480 elephants in the last two weeks to heavily armed poachers from Sudan and Chad, and I contemplate where the weapons and drug exchanges originate from, and where the ivory will end up, I keep my thoughts and words between me and Kali Ma. What kind of world does She, and we, prefer?:
This? -
New Jersey lawyer 'hunter' psycho dad and daughter
Or this? -
New Mexico wildlife rehab gentle hands
¿Que preferes? I'm feeling really generous today. Since there's no longer any need to issue curses, since there are already millions of quasi-humanoids who have absolutely effectively cursed themselves; and there is no longer a danger to those of us who 'intend harm to those who harm'; I am going to simply hand out millions of Kali-esque speedy/priority-delivery, take-immediate-effect, time-sensitive time-enhancements to the already scheduled heart-attacks, strokes, accidents, mental breakdowns, and terminal synchronicities which can begin now.
Kala Bhairav (source)

Kalabhairava is the fearsome aspect of Shiva (consciousness) and annihilator of evils such as destroyers of innocents, incestors, Wetikos and such. He is Kali Ma's B-friend. His vehicle is the Dog, "Ruru". He is Lord of the March of Time, so we'll send our termination-papers out in the mouth of fleet-footed Ruru and run him along the path of the mantra: “Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham Kshetrapaalaaya Kaala Bhairavaaya Namaha”.'Atta boy!
Elsewhere in the Bhairav-Kali universe - 
Once upon a time I had really fast hands (grin). It was then that a friend happened to have an analog 8-track recorder (slaved to a couple 2-tracks), and he got me to lay down a few classical mridang pieces of my own arrangement. There was a cassette released in about '92-'93. So, since I'm also feeling generous in an artistic way, I've put 6 tracks up on for listening or download, or just for permanent akashic records.
Personnel: Bholanath - mridang, voice, harmonium, percussion, tanpura
                  J. Stecher - sarod, sursringar, violin
                  S. Gorn - bansuri
                  E. Avinger - 11-string classical guitar
Recorded at Invisible Studios, Taos, NM; mixed at Sugar Hill Studio, Houston, TX
I will post these also on the "Music Page" for future reference.
I want to reiterate: I do not play this fast any more now. That was 20 years ago (grin). And it does kind of freak me out. Hopefully there's a bit more weight though. 
All power to the creativity within all of you. Roar like Jah Lion.


amarynth said...

Have I told you lately that you're just a wonderful being.

much love

Anonymous said...

lotions and recipes
colors and sounds
seams of the rivers
spindles of clouds
arcs made of rainbows
tips made of life
course of the north wind
hearts made of bright
old mother skylark
butterfly blue
strings of the waters
wild blossom flew
springs of the fire
call of the heart
swoosh on the chords
of dynamic sparks