Thursday, August 9, 2012

Simply Living

A short post today, primarily to feature a couple of videos that pretty much sum up the essence of what I have attempted to convey on this blog, on a personal level and a shared universal  vision of human harmonization with the sacredness of life in its many forms of infinite beauty. 
I remember John Lash recently speaking of receiving, from Gaia, a possible future epitaph for humanity - "Perished by the failure to observe beauty". I hope these small offerings leave you touched by the beauty you hear and see. And may we all give ourselves time to observe the many awe-inspiring encounters of sundara appearing daily in the rest of our time here. Om Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

Probably 15 years ago I had the pleasure of hearing and meeting the Scottish brother Dick Gaughan at a small venue in Albuquerque. We shared some tobacco during the break and spoke of sacred musics of the world, and it was a simple roots-grounded one-heart appreciation of our shared love of the real music. He's now also in his 60s, and this is a newer song penned by him....lyrics follow. 
The days and the hours swiftly turn into seasons
The weeks and the months quickly turn into years
The present is coloured by memories of childhood
Of heartache and happiness laughter and tears

I've flown and I've driven long miles by the million
Through desert and forest and high mountain range
Through pastures of plenty and dark city byways
A life on the move in boat, car and train

Thirty five years of singing and playing
Thirty five years of life on the road
Laughing at tyrants and spitting at despots
I've danced in the footsteps of men like Tom Joad

They've called me an outlaw they've called me a dreamer
They said I would change as I aged and grew old
That the memory would fade of the things I had lived
That the flash fire of youth would slowly turn cold

But I raise up my glass and drink deep of its flame
To those who have gone who were links in the chain
And I give my soul's promise I give my heart's pledge
To outlaws and dreamers and life at the edge

So here's to the vision that binds us together
That tears down the walls that would keep us apart
And here's to the future where dreams will be honoured
And the fierce flame of freedom that burns in our

The fire is still burning the future's still calling
To follow the dream till the end of my days
Wishing's for fools but dreams are for outlaws
Laughter's for lovers and tears for the brave

I raise up my glass and drink deep of its flame
To those who have gone who were links in the chain
And I give my soul's promise I give my heart's pledge
To outlaws and dreamers and life at the edge

And this following video, the reason for this posting, I found referenced on John Lash's website. It hardly requires any comment, but I would simply add that elsewhere Kevin Richardson states unequivocally that it all happens through total attention on intuition, a lesson learned through experience. 
Looking forward to throwing down some Orissa tribal rhythms in a solo performance with fire puja next Friday night at the 3-day Tribal Vision Festival  - "ceremony/music/dance/art/sustainability", featuring Paul Stamets and cast of thousands.
It's really very simple


A. Peasant said...

Wow Bho. That video is astonishing. Thank you. I smiled today to see nature right side up.

Anonymous said...

A galloping spring
A humble abode
The rose of all beginning
Where unity blows
The tips of understanding
Magnetising dreams
Streams of heavens water
Luminescent beams
Bathing in pure sunshine
At the feet of heavens call
Motions through the passageways
Connecting links in all
Emblazoned in pure freedom
Across where eagles fly
To gardens of tranquility
The living earth the sun the sky

,,peace.. : )

Have a poem bho,,,,,,Neil

Anonymous said...

Be good to hear the voice of John lash,,,
And that beautiful outlaw song reminds me of the spirit of robin hood,,, dick guaghan holds the flame of freedom high a,,,brother of the truest truth,,,

The flame of freedom could never die or be put out,,,
It revitalises the many ,,,,it's a supernatural thing,invincible and unstoppable,and I thank it for allowing me to partake in its beauty and will dream its fullness to the place it belongs,,,,seated in the heart of every being,,,

Dick gaughan,,,I sit by you in honor at the rebel you are and the truths emanating through your words in the utmost respect,,,,, you too bho.....

Gratitude ,,,, neil

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Om Bala Shiva Om!

Clarity said...

Neil, Homer, could you please contact me at ? Please do not mention this to vis - you'll understand why.

Thank you