Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In a Shiv-Shakti Bhav

There's just too much happening too fast in my little corner of samsara, so I've been letting the outer illusion-matrix kind of dissolve out of my view while I savor the tsunami of grace flowing through some windows that have recently opened up. Windows, doors, and whole walls have blown open. I know it's Navaratri time, and the Devi is in her full power, but I'm also feeling in a Shiva bhava (how not?), so, in order to move along with this space beyond what was covered previously, I'm just posting some short vids that are coherent with the current vibe I'm feeling. I may never be able to go back (isn't that how it works anyway?). 

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Holy Cow! That's about the best news I've heard since I don't know when!
Ha! Ha! Oh, thank you very much, dear sir, for reporting!

Bholanath prabhu, the animals love you dearly.
(the word on the path)

We love you dearly..