Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Spiritual Revolution Interrupted

Last week I mentioned the 50th year return of 11/22/63 - the JFK hit - which was last month, if anyone was off-planet and missed the days of regurgitation of the half-century of lies and obfuscation. Some people also think that the JFK thing is unimportant and irrelevant to today, medieval history or something.
    The problem with that is: because of the lack of a clear impression of the context - what led up to, and followed that event - in most 'historical' sources available, and/or you weren't there and aware, as it was going down, then you'll have no idea of the depth of the rabbit hole connecting that time to our present.

    Astrologers even interpret the time '66-'69 (approx.) of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction somewhat according to the common impressions that have been propagandized to the public for almost 5 decades. Mostly, people just don't "get" how what exponentially expanded was the fully-committed and fully-funded majorly-focused War-on-revolutionary-mass-consciousness-expansion - BOTH spiritual and political - a 'necessity' which had long been anticipated and planned for. 

    While other, secret and foreign, wars had been going on, the JFK hit was the opening shot for this new domestic-and-universal war. It was also the triggering wake-up gong for a segment of a particular generation. After all the other hits, on Malcolm, on King, on RFK, the Manson case was the final deadly blast to fully and permanently traumatize the expanding minds of a young generation - destined to be relegated to the ('official' historical) status of 'lost failures'.
    Power proceeded to be consolidated in the hands of fascists through further events, social engineering and propaganda. But even the most observant and aware of us don't completely have the full picture of the connections-and-players throughout ALL the psy-operations that went down and are still going down, by the same players and play-book.

    Mae Brussell greatly rounds out this picture in one of her archived radio broadcasts from 1971. Brussell began researching the JFK hit from the day after it happened. Over years she compiled a wall-covering time-line of all the characters' movements and meetings, up to, during, and after the event. As she worked she kept adding and following through months and years the comings and goings of the same characters and their networks, eventually covering all the major psychopathic events of 3 decades. She passed in '88 (likely poisoned). 

   She and I were two out of thousands of the folks at the Monterey Pop (she lived there) - where so many of the musicians were bumped-off in the next following years (no co-incidences). She knows of what she speaks. She was there in the middle of it all. So was I, working at the LA Freepress, where the visionaries gradually overcame the old Marxist/socialist limited paradigm initially setting the vibe, and it joined with the larger exquisite collective vision that solidified briefly for anyone with eyes to see. 

    Back in the 70s-80s I tried to catch as many of Mae's radio shows as I could, from those small South Bay stations, but missed many. This one I had never heard, and it's a mind-blower. What comes out clearly is the major role of language in creating the mind-fuckery and basically the illusory 'powerlessness' we experience against all the atrocious bullshit we're subjected to on every level in our slaughterhouse-planet reality.  
    Listen to just one one-hour broadcast of Brussell from '71, which encapsulates the energy level and intensity of this interrupted revolutionary phenomenon, and just a basic good history lesson you didn't get in school. Sayin' it like it is:


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Anonymous said...

I've just recently came across this woman's massive work. This happened everywhere - in different ways - because the re~volution happened everywhere, and was destroyed everywhere.