Saturday, May 3, 2014

Today's Disease Epidemics Originate from Murderous, Omnicidal, Pseudo-scientific, Pseudo-spiritual Western "Culture"

Do you get it yet? I know, there's so much catching-up to do. 
I'm neither an optimist nor a pessimist. No isms whatsoever. Just an observer. And, "music is my religion" (-Jimi Hendrix). Or, I heard Ravi say that first, or actually all great musicians for millenia said that. Do I have to mention again that religion is not culture? Are you hip to how this so-called-culture has done its best to destroy the art/science of music and dance from before-times world-wide? And that's just one minor act in the great production of wetiko theater on the planetary stage. 

Just here, observing, and living with the stress of, the 'progress' of the 6th great extinction. And of course, trying to manage the stress of living in the cancer bubble, now 8 months, which never stops, 24/7. 
Making fresh, all-organic, from-scratch, ayurvedic meals 3x/day, zero processed, no-leftovers, dosha-balanced, etc. 
Really tired of chopping wood for 7 months, almost no time to practice or write. Half-finished a short recording I've been trying to do for months. Now planting more high-altitude seeds and re-potting, keeping the bird-feeders filled and survival-necessity-machines running. 
Drought has given us plenty sand coming up from the well, necessitating a new heavy-duty filter and daily cleaning. This how we all live, it seems.

Hearing of the shiny, new, improved disease epidemic just released - MERS - now just what would that stand for, I ask. No, really - "middle eastern respiratory syndrome" can't make this shit up, but THEY sure as hell can. Reminds me of when the Indian saddhu told us that we had "wrong-fly-fever" (the wrong fly landed on our chai cup).

Anyway, good luck and blessings to all who are now, or will in future, experience their own or loved-ones' being drawn into the cancer bubble.
Watched Living Downstream last night. Maybe a must-see. You can rent it from Netflix or iTunes.
Do you know that human breast milk is now the most toxic food on the planet? Yeah, as George Carlin used to say, "it's all about the dangerously big tits!" Actually, big, little, and in-between - a full-on attack, targeting both human and non-human. 
So, you see, the love of my life had a job as a teenager spraying RoundUp in city parks and golf-courses. (Go ahead and ask "what's wrong with Kansas?") So let's take a little ride down the Monsanto/Dow bio-tech science road.....

These industrial and "home-use" pesticide products are designed to chemically attack the digestive systems of insects - specifically to punch holes in the intestines, so that they basically starve to death. 
Ok, got that?
Besides the fact that these GMO products create mutations and gender changes in amphibians, they likewise attack the intestines of mammals, like cows, buffaloes, and such. That's why cows in India drop dead in a day after they graze on Bt cotton, etc. leavings after the harvest. It turns out that they are now finding tiny holes in human intestines, especially in kids with autism, and other diseases. Not only that, but these "products" are actually creating "pesticide factories" inside the organs, that continue to produce new poisons. The GMO feeds given to "food animals" creates autism symptoms as well. And the next (rather, already in-use) big-ag combo is RoundUp+2,4-D [50% of Dow's Agent Orange, used to defoliate Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, resulting in millions of deaths and deformations, and US veterans' diseases]. 
Read for yourself the extensive, full low-down on latest research revelations HERE and HERE. More on 2,4-D HERE (from Natural Resources Defense Council).

So, my beloved goes to the top ayurvedic doctor in the country, and what he tells her is that her digestive system has been trashed and she has not been getting the nutrition from the food she eats. While she is now on a focused program to rebuild and restore digestion, kidneys and liver, I strongly suspect that this is the case for much of our targeted-for-genocide population. Nice, huh? Do you get it now?

Proof That Your Body is a Projection of Your Consciousness

Shifting to another arena of 'politics' [I just love it when "spiritual" people say they "don't do politics"....."you're runnin' and a runnin' and a runnin' away...."] - Here's a little something that might, just maybe, cause one to question that new hip and cool people's so-called 'truth' about the falsity of the left-right paradigm - a little update on the right-wing-authoritarianism/social-dominance-orientation [RWA/SDO]: Science Makes the Link
I am too tired of all you fucking judeo-xtian and wishy-washy entertainers of the concepts of western "civilization", white-jewish-aryan-whatfuckinever supremacy and your bullshit mental, intellectual superiority, inventiveness, and historical 'achievements'. Jeezus! 

OK, time to get back to work; but I'll leave you with a little photo montage of your new official "enemy":
tagging tranquilized tiger

tagging polar bear

feeds beluga for release
tagging grey whale
meeting walrus


feeding young elk

with 8-y/o cancer patient


tmcfall said...

Love your rants. I spend most days just shaking my head in disbelief over just about everything going on
these days. I am still nauseated from watching videos of the shark culling in Australia yesterday...
Love your blog
Tom in Tempe

bholanath said...

Gracias, brother Tom!
Yes, shark- and other top predator-cullings are insane. Humans have thrown everything of the natural world completely out of balance.
Teach our children well!