Saturday, June 21, 2014

Recognizing We Are The Seeds

The first of 7 lotus flowers in our irrigation pond opened up. The unfolding beauty of a late spring holds our attention a good portion of the time, along with daily diet and herb protocols. Hey, it's all medicine ways, and what almost no one can ignore in the times. 
The cat here has been getting a constant "what for" from one of the magpies from about 3 feet away (which he respects), and we finally saw 3 of possibly 4 chicks [ok, definitely 4, heh] which are getting their flying skills together, but still being fed by the mom, since worm dowsing basics are just being introduced. The chicks [see below] are plump, only minus the distinguishing foot-long tail feathers of the adults. Coyote Man stays mostly behind the tree line, and magpie mom also gives him shit if he shows up. 

With all the ongoing mainly-shit-media inundation with false-flag, cia-sponsored terror threat propaganda [ISIS], and [israeli-inspired] demonic projection onto the "evil" Persians, something veeeery interesting [nay, mindblowing] was brought to my attention by a good friend - THIS ARTICLE regarding a recent fatwa [ruling] by President Rouhani, who is not only not a dipshit, but may be a mystic. The subject is entheogens and Islam, so, just check it out.

How about that war-on-everything real and sane? - that one waged for last 5000 years by those who serve the archons/demiurge/wetiko/yaldabaoth/imposter/predator/false-creator.... Would calling out every last one of the insane, mindless, soul-less, robotic servants and enablers, and somehow branding them, disable the omnicidal agenda? Letting it be known that anyone doing 'business' or lifting a finger in their aid could also expect branding? Just a fantasy thought-dream that runs through this mind.
Each new atrocity, to human or animal, is just another page in the mind-fuckery playbook. After how many thousands of years of 'shock&awe'(?), another 50-100 oughtta just about finish Her off [and the humans too]. What does it make one feel to hear of the poaching of Satao in Kenya, the largest elephant on earth? [Was going to put a link, but I think not. The Guardian article has hundreds of comments. About 80% range from "elephants are useless, let 'em go extinct" to "it's the liberals and environmentalists and stupid Africans' fault". Do you know there are paid armies of morons to spew this mind-polluting meanness shit all over the web? It's part of the playbook of the ancient agenda, and still growing daily.]

HOWEVER,...there is a new, long-needed site recently put together which offers a secure, professionally managed process to safely report WILDLIFE/ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME - WILDLEAKS - targeting what is now a $20 billion/year 'industry'. And it WILL name names...and hopefully more. Numerous leads in the first 3 months.

Now if we could only shame every single asshole who works for the absurdly-named "Wildlife Services". They wasted 4 million (their figure) birds and animals in 2013. Birds: because they "eat too much". Is it ironic that HALF the food produced in the "civilized" world for humans gets thrown out, or what?

Please spend some time checking out some of a decade's worth of photos taken by Jo-Ann McArthur and the accompanying texts from her book project WE ANIMALS. Below are two photos of "Ron", a chimpanzee rescued after 30 years in a lab cage (mostly New Mexico). Here, with freedom in the sanctuary, he could never bring himself to touch the earth and grass, but till the end of his days he expressed peace, gentleness, deep wisdom and forgiveness. SEEN?
Jo-Ann McArthur/

Jo-Ann McArthur/



Something else - 
It may be cliché to say "must see", but that's what this is, a must see: watch this 46 min. film produced by Smithsonian - SHARK GIRL. Exquisitely filmed, chronicling the work of 20-yr. old Madison Stewart.
There are scenes of great beauty, and about 20 min. in, brought tears to my eyes. You will be inspired. Should be shown in all schools everywhere.

We could now circle back around into 'the mystic' (cue Van), but actually where is the boundary line of earth-bound mind and mystical? 
Dogen says, "Whoever told people that 'Mind' means thoughts, opinions, ideas, and concepts? Mind means trees, fence posts, tiles, and grasses". [from The Practice of the Wild, Gary Snyder]
So much has already been said of the natural mysticism of "the old ways", so much, for so long. Gary Snyder touched deeply on the subject in his lecture/essay "The Politics of Ethnopoetics" in 1975! [thanks to a contributor to Nina's blog] Like, when will 'civilization' heed its poets? 
Again, I bring up a contemporary masterpiece, a work unparalleled in my lifetime, perhaps the most important book of our century, and maybe many many centuries, which should not only be heeded, but taken to heart by all real humans living on Mother Earth today. I'm speaking of Martin Prechtel's The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic - The Parallel Lives of People as Plants: Keeping the Seeds Alive
I don't know of, or think there has ever been, any such minutely detailed, mystical, scientific, mythic, soul-grabbing, poetic, full description of what one intact indigenous Earth-Wisdom society, in particular, has/had held, preciously, for thousands of years in continuous cultivation and continuous re-birthing, ever written down and published. And that's not all of what it is. This work is also speaking of the phenomenon of a deep, unseen, process of our Earth's natural world to survive, preserve, and re-birth critical elements which, as we experience, get 'lost', get defiled, get disempowered, and even 'disappeared'. This process happens through the strange co-operation of all levels of plant life, animal life, elemental life, and human life too, in a combination impossible to anticipate or predict. 

Astonishing evidential tales abound in this volume, for example the story of the Holy Flame Tree of Time - one in particular, the original of its kind on earth, so hated by the "christians" [of all stripes] for many centuries that they tried to cut, saw, dig, burn, chop, even blow up with dynamite, but it would never die, always coming back stronger than ever. This is not fiction or fantasy. Discovering what this tree really is is a revelation and delight, but that's only one small part of this immense teaching text.
Tzejtel Tree of Time

Prechtel gives a series of practices, from his tradition, which illustrate the types and levels of commitment we will have to undertake if we are going to preserve life on earth and "make the wasteland grow" for our descendants, and for us to become worthy of being descended from.  In this there is no escaping the enormous, deeply heart-wrenching truth of the magnificence of what unimaginably beautiful human culture has existed here and the inconceivable level of spiritual ignorance that perpetrated and permitted its (and perpetrates and permits the ongoing) destruction. 

"Most of us everywhere descend several thousand years from people of great and amazing qualities, qualities no longer understood, or valued, much less recognized in this present citified world, but qualities of our ancestral past still encoded in our spiritual bones in which we know ourselves, as they did, to be the direct descendants of not only Holy animals but more so of plants. People who in some remote long-running era of our distant past before there was a Chinese empire, and Egyptian empire, a Sumerian empire, before there ever was a Europe, in eras of small, amazing, agrarian cultures in which our ancestors still knew how to proceed as humans are meant to, on an earth they would not simply mine or harness, pollute or domesticate without great consideration, people whose everyday existence was not dedicated to a fear of not surviving, and therefore not dedicated to production, paranoiac defense, scarcity, or milking dry the world, but to a spirituality that knew how to feed the beauty of human ingenuity, art, language, and physical presence to the natural world just as they would feed a suckling mother.
In some forgotten part of us all there yet towers the roofless ruins of a neatly made, tiny earth-and-timber palace of unconscious memory in whose thick walls these amazing ancestors have left for us to find a pot of precious seeds, indigenous seeds of still-viable knowledge and living vitality, seeds that could resprout into view the organic articles of the original treaty we humans promised long ago to uphold between ourselves and the natural world at the time we first began to manipulate the earth, her plants, and animals through agriculture and pastoral herding. 
Mudded into these forgotten ramparts of our Indigenous Souls, these seeds of how humans are meant to live have been passed unnoticed like recessive spiritual genes in our souls from grandparent to grandchild for millenia, waiting for each generation to consciously rediscover them, replant them into welcoming ground, and once again cultivate into view a real, liveable mythic origins and a small, viable array of ritual seed cultures worth descending from.....
The truth is, the seeds do not need to be found because they are already found. We are the ones who need to be found, for the seeds are wherever we go."

Solstice blessings to all
Onelove, Oneheart


neal said...

The lack of Titans with impulse control is disconcerting.

The self emergent are eating the ancient at an alarming rate. Maybe for more time.

To be ancient, and not a replicating pathogen, that would be something.

A Lotus is Holy, like a Grail. Wormhole stuff, the younger age mostly all over, like stars. Immunity without management, very likely.

A. Peasant said...

Wonderful post bho. Speaking of connections, did you hear about these elephants who knew somehow that a good man died and traveled through the bush to his home?

We have become so disconnected from the natural environment, conditioned to be, esp in the last century. I was looking at time lapse videos of the night sky and realize that its barely visible in my part of the planet due to light pollution. I dont think i have ever really seen the milky way as it can still be seen in a remote area. Me and billions of others, most of which haveno idea what we are missing and how this lightshow is so magnificent and connects us to ancient, ancient wisdom. And this is no accident neither...