Friday, August 15, 2014

Robin Williams Lived in the Empathosphere

Koko remembers  [Gorilla Foundation]
Robin Williams no doubt would have appreciated the news that India has banned vivisection and experimentation in colleges and universities, "to save precious lives".
India's University Grants Commission (UGC), which ordered an immediate end to training methods lethal to animals in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, says the decision came about over concerns that too many animals were being taken from the wild.

Robin was both an animal advocate and a vegan, contributing to campaigns for rescues, dolphin activists, humane societies, and wildlife conservation. 
He also contributed generously to a food bank in Seattle and demonstrated his empathy for fellow beings in numerous other ways, which readers can find easily by searching. 
What a dude! These are the crucial qualities that define a true human being. As such, he, like many of us, dealt with current conditions in the world (and a genius-level creative gift) through a professional life within a corrupt, degenerate, psychopathic and evil milieu - an almost impossible challenge. He can't be blamed for human failings and not finding the strength necessary to attain victory over the demonic/archontic forces, working without extraordinary level of awareness, discipline, and spiritual alliances. As John Trudell says, "isolation is the enemy".

I simply wanted to post this vid today, for those who haven't seen it, as a tribute to Mr. Williams:


nina said...

Thank you for saying and showing proof of the truth. No doubt, Mr. Williams would have been nodding his head in agreement.

This isolation Trudell speaks of is our greatest test of all tests or trial of all trials and tribulation put together. No doubt many of us have almost failed, as I did, and many others will fail, utterly. Praise to those who find the strength, endurance and will to see it through to its natural conclusion. On the other hand, we can certainly empathize with those who find it all simply impossible to bear.

nina said...

Some of the BS being circulated around the world weird web is almost too impossible to bear. Have you ever seen such unholy words from such irreverent, f'd up minds? Yes, we both have, every time some unfortunate becomes international headlines.


bholanath said...

Yes, really, it's unbelievable. It's job creation for the irreverent and f'd up to work at it at home with their 'tablets', gatorade and gmo doritos.

Anonymous said...

Capitalist industrial society has created conditions of extreme impermanence, and the struggle with a conflict-creating mood of dissatisfaction and frustration. In these conditions, egotistical enterprise, competitive conflict, and the struggle for status become great social virtues, while, in fact, they illustrate the import of the three root-causes of suffering — greed, hatred, and delusion.