Tuesday, September 16, 2014


'Merkin hissstry lesson for the day -

Some words from the hallowed Declaration of Independence, in reference to the evil King George: 
"[he] has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions [sic]."

I'm sure y'all remember that, right? It's right there under the bullet-proof glass, in fine India ink on that hemp scroll somewhere in some rotunda or whatever in the District of Cannibals. Ok, maybe you were asleep that day in class. Yeah, me too.

Sounds kinda like some other "settlers" we hear a lot about. They seem to all have been reading the same holy Real Estate Guide, you know, the one that's the direct word from Yaldabaoth.



                                                                                 USA! USA! USA!


I spent last weekend with my friends and their beautiful dog, Gracie, who was rescued from Bosnia or Kosovo (I'm forgetting). After many years have passed, we're talkin' about an animal that still suffers from PTSD, though she has made great progress. Religious intolerance, racism, materialistic greed, militarism, leading inevitably to war on the innocents is ever-present in the observable state of such a being. And one naturally turns to thoughts of the human children similarly affected. "Insanity" is just not a strong or comprehensive enough word. 
Take five, and listen to this gentlman's words:

This leads me to the core of what I wanted this post to be, what has been on my mind for last few days, what in essence, is a collision of universes, or whatever, yes, metaphor you want to use.
I was not aware of the decade-long feud between Dawkins and Chopra; maybe you have been. I'm going to go ahead and speak my thoughts on this. I have a new-found respect of Deepak Chopra. My partner has been reading and raving about his book "Quantum Healing" for many days now. Then we watched the video linked below. 
To me, this is one of the most important and revealing debates of our time. It was new to me to discover the extreme hatred toward Chopra by Dawkins and his huge army of cult followers. And not only do they hate Dr. Chopra, they rabidly foam at the mouth about everything alternative and 'Eastern' in esoteric science and philosophy. They are enraged about Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chi Gong, Vedic Science, Shamanism, all Indigenous wisdom traditions, Homeopathy, all spiritual traditions of the world, and in Dawkins' case, there is extreme Islamophobia and hate of all 'feminists' of every stripe. He is one sick puppy, and his followers are pure "science" fascists, violently asserting that Western "science" is the one and only true religion and ultimate truth-source.
The video is from a famous debate in Puebla, Mexico. It has over 4,500 comments. 99% of them are hateful toward Chopra "the charlatan". This is what we are faced with in this so-called "civilization". There is no hope of ever changing the white-knuckled grip of ignorance exhibited by the brainwashed delusional narcissistic know-it-alls whose lives literally hinge on a myopic world-view, that we can only hope will eat them alive from the inside out.
Of the 4 or 5 intelligent commenters, I found the following to get to the root of what cannot be faced by those with such a deathly fear:
 Dawkins and his moronic cult go on and on about 'what is sentience, consciousness, awareness'..ad nauseum. They insist "we don't know" about the sentience of other life forms because there's "very little research". It all comes down to arrogant human refusal to FUCKING LOOK!
My life has been saved by Avurveda, Tibetan Medicine, Acupuncture, Curanderismo, etc. 
My partner is alive today because of being treated by Ayurveda, after she was nearly killed by the Western "scientific" oncology protocols. 
Don't know what else to say, except I'm just as pissed off as Dr. Chopra admits he is. 
It is about one hour - HOWEVER, definitely skip over the Spanish introduction with acrobatics, etc. to 11:40.

Since I'm on the subject of arrogant narcissists, I will say one more thing. This is my opinion. It is regarding know-it-alls on the web, which is littered with the type. In particular, I'm referring to Veterans Today.
Who they are, in Duff's own words:
"we are nuclear weapons officers, NATO nuclear commandos, weapons assemblers, and the editorial home for America's top nuclear weapons designer.We are intelligence agents, nuclear weapons experts, academics, spies, engineers, military officers."
Well, jeezus goddamn kryste, that's exactly the type of dudes whose take on all things political, philosophical, moral, spiritual, and mystical I totally resonate with. Fuckin' A!!! Especially when I know that a whole slew of 'em are Repugnantans (grand-ol-pedophile associates), voters for McInsane and now promoting Obumfuck and Hellary. Gosh, you've come a long way, baby.
Yeah, and I really can't wait till these great patriotic hero veterans of psychopathic wars come around to protect us mere humans when (as they say) "the bullets start flying".
Meanwhile, I guess they confab in boardrooms, smoking cigars and patting each other on the back, priding themselves on how cool and bad-ass they are. I have about as much belief in them as I do for the white-pride, caucasian-traditionalist, anti-white-genocide, diversity-hating, multiculture-fearing yahoos who scream all day long about the terrible threat "we" are all under - sharia law, hajibs - it's never been about Islam (or "illegal, undocumented criminals"); it's always been about BROWN-SKINNED PEOPLE. Geez, get a clue.
Ok, I'm done ranting.

As I walked outside this morning this little friend had something to say about "metaphorical quantum leaps"...and sentience, heh:

I went out last week to relocate a rattle snake, but he couldn't be found. However I passed a herd of yaks out in the middle of nowhere in northern New Mex:




Zoner said...

I watched that debate and was left shaking my head at what "science" does to some people.

I also wanted to kick Dawkins in the nuts. Arrogant, condescending prick.

Must be a cold,dull life with that kind of attitude.

I still can't wrap my brain around the notion that someday we will create a "machine" with sentience. I don't buy it. But I am not a world-renowned scientist prat with an enormous ego.

bholanath said...

Ha ha, you're crackin' me up, Z!
Also can't imagine who those are that aspire to be like him, or at least trolls in his army.
I'm guessing they're also into trans-humanism too - that would be the next step.

su said...

How amazing.
I watched this exact same movie a few days ago and was left shaking my head by Dawkins narcissitc intellectualsim.
Z = you said it perfectly.

Bho, I am delighted that your partner is in recovery. Nature has provided us with all we need for health and vitality again and again.

I am watching the world implode on the one hand and recover its sanity on the other. Need to diret my attention to the beautiful, it is our duty.

So good to go round the blogs and catch up on my tribe again. So good indeed.

lauren said...

Just found you today. Whoa. Gotta lotta reading to do. Hope you post some more about what you find in the relationship between the beat of the Orishas and the Odisha. I have discovered/fallen into/let transpire through movement patterns that seem to reside in the subtle. I imagine they are simply there and different cultures discover/fall into etc.. and translate them into the 'grammar' of their own land.
Recently, I took home a bulbous dried piece of kelp from the N California shore, filled it with seeds I have collected and made a beautiful rattle. The seeds are singing a rhythmic beauty. And the leftover leafy part of the seaweed dried hard on the top of its "head" and it looks somewhat like Kramers hair on Seinfeld. Bouncing in the most wonderful way. This one makes me laugh each time I play with it.
I am delighted to read your observations, rants, fury and heart. Thanks for taking the time to share over this o so odd medium.
PS I lived in Valdez and Hondo for years in the mid 70's The mountain sits in my heart even as I sit by the ocean in southern California.