Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post-script to Indigenous Peoples Day, and a Four-legged Tribute

It's about time, and way past, that we are getting beyond this Columbus Day crap. The despicable and psychopathic nature of said historical personage has been well exposed and extensively documented, even by his own contemporaries and associates. Truly memory-hole material. 

It makes many of us sad, unfortunately, that locally we have to put up with daily reminders of a similar individual in this New Mexico town which has a rich heritage of Native pueblo people as well as Earth-loving non-native refugees. A main central commercial street is Kit Carson Rd. (with the Carson home and museum). The main city park is Kit Carson Park where all public festivals and outdoor concerts are held (located next to the Kit Carson cemetery with his grave, which frequently smells of urine, LOL). The public utility is Kit Carson Electric Co-op. And so it goes. It's a tradition in USA to honor as many big wetikos as possible in every locale, and our town is by no means special. Carson liked to burn fruit trees. Ask a Navajo. 
[The next town down the highway has lots of "Oñate"-named monuments and such. He was famous for chopping off feet. A few years back a Native with a sawzall removed one bronze foot from his statue, mailed it back after a couple years.]

Mickey Z. interviews Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
"The whole country is a crime scene and should be marked with yellow tape."
"As the first chapter in the book, “Follow the Corn,” lays out, the multiple forms of democratic governance and social relations developed by Indigenous peoples in North America are breathtaking. For one thing, they are all rooted in matriarchy. Matriarchy is not the opposite of patriarchy, nor simply substituting female people for male people. Rather it is a profound comprehension of the biological factors that can lead to domination and authoritarianism."
"Native peoples built cities, towns, federations of towns, based on the common good. Indigenous socialism, as Evo Morales calls the phenomena, can provide both a goal and a practice, for survival and for defeating empire and structures of domination."

This is also relevant to our topic today:
"Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America" - extremely fascinating and an important part of our 'hidden history'.

I would like to acknowledge the passing of a celebrated and inspirational 4-legged being, photos and videos of whom gained world-wide attention in the Athens riots of 2008 against "austerity". 
This is LOUKANIKOS, beloved "riot dog", who passed peacefully last week at the home of his caretaker after living in comfortable and well-deserved retirement. Unforgettable.


Thank you for blessing us with your presence


su said...

What an amazing being.
He certainly left his mark on the world.

nina said...

CHE LOUKANIKOS, beloved "riot dog"

You better believe he knows exactly what was going down. I bet we would be hearing about more of Che Louk's bredren if the people who put protests together knew about him.
Fighting fire with fire.
But we note he was not harmed, rather specially present to create fellowship.

I would enjoy building a statue at his resting place. Lots of bushes to hide the chipmunks and their biological cousins, psychedelic fire hydrants, flowers and bird feeders.

We should abandon Columbus Day observance, it nearly is already, no one seems to pay any attention to it on the ground, all the retailers are open but the FED is closed.
Even the schools are open, of course, the stories must go on...

We should replace it with LOUKANIKOS DAY who's story is incredible and true. Otherwise all these western holidays will continue to mean nothing to anyone except more Black Fridays.

Anonymous said...

Everything is worshipful, and dangerous, according to the nature. Stuff comes and goes. Histories. If you are there, then it becomes complicated.

To cheat death and not share the curse is really something.

Those Olmecs, and Toltecs, heh. Writ large, and broken.

That is the gap to be breached, by a very few.

It is hard to watch.

neal said...

Go outside. Eclipse. Biggest Sunspot in awhile.

bholanath said...

Yes, saw the sunspot!

dedeinan said...

the dog in the fourth picture is not Loukanikos.. its a dog from istanbul gezi riots... http://www.thewire.com/global/2013/06/tear-gas-dogs-turkey-protests/65898/

bholanath said...

Thank you, I suspected or wondered about that photo. I will leave it for now, in honor of all our fellow beings caught up in struggles for justice, especially in Turkey.