Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Crazier Than Hell

John recorded this in 2010, 31 years after his unimaginable loss.
I can't even begin to say how powerfully this has affected me today.
Every single word is perfect. Yeah, THIRTY-ONE YEARS.
For me, there is no poet on Earth like this man.

Lyrics (my transcription):

Feeling crazier than hell
Got this time on my hands
I got you on my mind
And nowhere else to go
The fires burn hot and cold
That's some place in between the melt and the freeze
This need for reaching for you
You were all I could be
Now I'm here where I'm alone
We were one, now I'm a ghost
Falling from my place in the Sun
This dizzy is out of control
The world keeps spinning
I heard a vibrating echoing
Sounded they lost one of you
Amongst the truths I sought
You were the one I found
Now I need the remembering
The memories of you holding my hand
Remembrances of laughter, singing
Songing the nights with belonging
Sweetness the shelter of each other
Reality, the reality of safe, peace
With all these times of missing you
I'm not going to love these days without you to hold my hand
Feeling crazier than hell
This crazy just goes on and on
And this confusion of me
Crazy together or crazy apart
When crazy is crazy, it's not always in our heads
Sometimes it's in our hearts

This man knows Love, and always, like now, I never cease crying from
his words. I can barely type these lines.....