Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pro-Active Creativity

This blog was started on Earth Day 40, while Evo Morales' Plurinational State of Bolivia was hosting a gathering of 35,000 of what Time Mag called "politically correct attendees" at the World Peoples' Summit. I suppose if you don't know how that phrase/reference completely evokes the mind-fucking psychopathic mental-chaos-producing old-paradigm program language...well, you probably shouldn't keep reading. And also the language used here...unpredictable. That first post (see below) - The Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth - was a draft in circulation around the Summit venue at the time. [Update: was adopted]

What this is about can be seen in the four images above in the header, and a recognition of what they depict. "Seeing". All that can be said and that you need to know is right there.

Art and creativity are involved, and really the subject. We create because we are moved to respond to the outer and inner creation that's going on continuously, as we inhabit this space/time dimension. (They say the universe is created and destroyed so-many-thousand times per second, and I would concur, given the abundant evidence of personal experience.) Everything living is responding to being alive - with motion, sound, rhythm, form, color, attention, and the absence of these also, and continuous new beginnings. Bismillah.

So, as a former ambassador from Nicaragua said today, "what we need is solidarity among those who love life". This is the process being revealed, increasingly emerging into view, beneath the tidal wave of apocalyptic exposures and disclosures of the life-haters invested in the dying paradigm, now choosing to go down in the hardest way possible. We all know that 'letting go' never turns out to be that terrible thing that we dread most. But it takes warrior's courage. Too bad for the cowards. It coulda been a lot easier, but....nah. Not gonna do it.

Sorry, I'm not gonna take a position here as either a dualist or a non-dualist. (Dualist="I'm here, god's there." Non-dualist="nothing ever happened".) Depends on which day, which hour, which nano-second. And anyway, I'm sooo done with the issue, and the posing. We are insanely fortunate to gain a human birth here. All beings are fortunate to gain their births here. And guess what?: all life loves its own life. No shit!? And all life is born from and into the matrix of the Mother. Shiva/Pashupati ultimately serves the Mother, and Her offspring, because what else could there be to serve? Likewise with the Christos and Sophia. Each creation and each moment of creation is unique and never repeating (kind of a spiral thingy?), so I'm gonna keep going with the assumption that every deed, word, and moment matter. It's gotten me this far, and anyway, every day's a good day to die....

There are various ways of knowing maya. But language isn't much help in communicating this knowing. So I'm just going to leave it at that - multiple perspectives exist. Maya and divinity, they're personal knowledge; but 'divine' is also a useful term, as in 'divine intervention'. This brings us to the very core nature of what we experience as polarity. Polarity maximization is occurring simultaneously with acceleration toward singularity. You're either experiencing this or you're busy tuning it out with 'stuff' or a 'practice' that gives you comfort in having 'answers' and a landing place. And of course there's, "I don't know what you're talking about!" Whatever. So, what's the 'polarity'? Well, it sure appears there exists, among the humans (or those who appear to be human), 'life-lovers' on one side and 'life-haters' on the other; respecters-of-other and fearers-of-other; receivers-of-grace and armorers-against-grace; those who honor sacred things and those who like to destroy the sacred; and choosers-of-balance and choosers-of-self-interest. [...reminds me of the recent Wall St-er claim (in a church) that "the injunction of Jesus to 'love others as oneself' is an endorsement of self-interest".] Wow, isn't the apocalypse grand?! Actually there is the vast majority in the middle who, for material or spiritual reasons, think none of this matters, and are willing to defend the bad-choicers as 'free will' or 'its above my pay grade'. There are those who believe it's a matter of raised (or stuck) kundalini - as is being discussed over at Origami - and personally that resonates as pretty true. (A prerequisite?) But the bottom line is the fact that "civilization" is and has been a process of destroying all initiatory traditions everywhere on earth. We have billions now who have no clue of right and wrong because the wise teachers and the respect-based traditions have been targeted by the death-squads of 'religions' and empires, and replaced with vague para-moralisms spouted by self-styled 'authorities'. Even today you hear the 'jesuit father' assail native mountain-defenders about "this kind of religiosity to which I cannot subscribe and which must be suppressed with all the force we can muster.”This is all obvious and long-observed by those who've paid attention to history. The 'end-game' or agenda(s) of the earth-haters is still an open question. Anyway, we've got a vast initiation-less humanity, plus 'workin their uninitiated-Mars energy' to-the-max.

One result of all the chaos is the widespread desire to 'ascend' to another 'place'. I think, so what?, to another plane/planet that's in its 'golden age'? What're the odds of that? Or a higher dimension where we're free of physicality, and let the pieces of earth fall where they may? One friend who died told me it's beautiful 'there', but "not having a body is a bitch". How much of this (heavens, afterlife, rapture, godhead, etc.) comes from 'religions'? Indigenous folks around the world say they've survived quite a few of these 'purifications' by being good observers and listeners to nature and her cycles. We're in one of those critical times now (duh). If you don't have children and grandchildren it's a bit easier to claim an 'un-attached' stance, not that it's impossible with children. I don't know because I've been in both places. I don't envy our grandchildren though. They won't be able to slack off much. Someone recently said that because 'this world' is made up of 4 conflicting elements, it's just always gotta be a place of warring, so therefore it's only a 'proving ground' for bigger, better, and higher things supposedly. Well, everyone to their certainties/fantasies. I think any native american, or any initiated earthly-lineage person for that matter, would disagree, and at the same time not deny reincarnation. I happen to like exploring the traditions I'm a part of, and some of my masters declare their enthusiasm for progressing even more in their next life HERE! Maybe you get what you wish for?

Being that the natural world is under siege as, maybe never before, and the level of depravity is unprecedented, it might be advantageous to become clear around our relationship to what we belong to. ("At least the war on the environment is going well") As Derrick Jensen says, "no, we can't have it all..." Forget about "seeing the world as a living being", humans mostly have no interest in belonging, only 'belongings'. And those who have seen the world for what She is, or have received profound teachings from animal allies/familiars/friends, those who have no choice but to defend the innocent, are 'dangerous freaks', 'a danger to the community and public order'. Major books releases recently cover the extreme danger to our 'civilization' posed by 'animal rights and environmentalist extremists', with some of the most delusional arrogant pronouncements written on any subject. While receiving an extended darshan of the Earth Goddess in the form of Kali Ma, it was revealed to me that Her abode, the Mani Dvipa (Island of Jewels) was none other than this 'blue marble' we are standing on, seen with clear sight (3rd eye).

This last week's 'supreme court' ruling declares that filming animal torture for entertainment, and the 'hobby' of videoing deer-hunting with a truck bumper are dismissible charges on grounds of 'free speech' and lawful personal life-styles. Maybe they'll even let off the guy who ran the beastiality farm outside Seattle, protected for decades by the 'higher ups', with an international client-list of hundreds? The eco-defenders, mostly artists, musicians, poets, community-workers, and social-justice activists, are being thrown into the new Communication Management Units (CMUs) in federal prisons - a new, 'improved' level of solitary confinement, designed to create permanent insanity (as have the framed up Muslim folks from Holy Land Foundation). ALF and ELF are listed as highest 'national security threats' despite no human or non-human beings ever being harmed, and there is a growing list of martyrs from these groups. Willy Nelson had to go to TN last week where they're trying to restart the horse-meat industry in US (Missouri too). I guess massacring most of the great iconic buffalo wasn't enough, now we need to degrade the equine species too - the 'retired' racehorses, central park pullers, the wild mustangs. While people admire the indigenous leaders who vow to die for their traditions, land, and cultures, the same ones, at minimum, question the sanity of eco-warriors if they are white or city-raised. (There's no minimizing here of the atrocities perpetrated upon human men, women, children, and communities in places too numerous to list.) This shit is basic and elementary, if one wishes to research/look-at what's going on, disclosed on a daily basis. Extinction-rate data too is readily available. Note: I do not promote vegetarianism/radical veganism here, though these things are also important and valid positions. Nowadays many ALF folks are seriously questioning non-violence and Gandhi-ism, as are many other liberation struggles. Maybe the enormity of 'fronts' IS the calculated technique for creating total psychic disassociation. It's working quite well and seems to have been in play for many decades, if not centuries. But then maybe it was that first 'Earth Day' and all those damn hippies and their 'drop out back to the land' thing that really pissed 'em off.

Interesting times. While a certain criminal-enterprise middle eastern state has destroyed three million olive trees since '67 (and bulldozed 10 thousand homes in 6 years), and continues today, another state - Bolivia - has pledged to plant 10 million trees - one for every man, woman and child. So, creativity is called for. An interesting article might be, for some, Open Season On Predators, which proposes pro-active 'ritual' neutralizing of the psychopathic imposters among us. Speaking of creativity, this just in: the film Avatar apparently has again broken all records, this time for DVD sales. D'ya think maybe there's a growing community around the world that "gets" it, or that 'something' is reaching critical mass? My take on the 'avatar' thing is that that was it, folks. You were waiting for the 'avatar' and you got it. Everything you needed to know, again. No 'savior' in the wings. Piss on the soon-to-be-unveiled holograms. Now that that's out of the way, time to amp-up our creative output. 'Ritually', and in sacred ways. And co-operatively, with a zero-tolerance policy regarding ego, hierarchy, and supremacist ideologies. As a "little grandmother" notes, in the videos making the rounds, we should have discovered "who we are" by now, and get on with doing "what we're here for".
"Don't forget your history; Know your destiny; In the abundance of water,
The fool is thirsty. Rat race, rat race, rat race!"
"Me nuh know how we and dem go a work it out." - Bob Marley

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