Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tree-Huggers and the World Tree

The Truth is: that most people have now totally lost all understanding of the concept of Respect. In my 63 years I have consistently experienced how the majority of individuals I have encountered regard dis-respect as having something to do with others' attitudes toward them which limits their ability to amass 'stuff'; that which fails to feed their ego; or that which questions their unquestionable position of superiority. I guess that my parents somehow just ingrained in me the full meaning because as I traveled through the world with a mostly untainted attitude I met many who were like-minded who never put me in a 'box', but I met infinitely more who concluded in 2 minutes that they had me figured out and categorized accordingly. If someone can't assume a position of respect in an ordinary encounter with another human being, how could they possibly acquire respect for all sentient beings, including Mother Earth? And, btw, talk is very cheap.

One example of the minority is the two Brahmin high priests (mahants) I initially encountered in India, one of whom became my music guru and the other my best ally and confidant and moral-support in my 20s. All they knew of white people was from the colonial experience - demeaning british ignorance and oppression. Neither one ever in the least conveyed any attitude of my so-called "ritual impurity" imposing any limitation on their respect and deep interest in my being and life experience and moral principles. I had absolutely nothing to offer them in any material sense or standing. They gave, and continue to give, unconditionally with humility and joy any and everything they perceive I might need including a lifetime guarantee of a home should I have need. Why? Because they saw I too came to them with respect and humility and with spiritual dis-ease and down a difficult and uncharted road. And they merely responded in like manner and according to their true natures. Maybe they perceived that I carried the potential of some manner of Grace, or maybe their receiving of me was the beginning of the amazing Grace which has been my fortune to have continue throughout the ensuing decades - including the grace that feels 'hard'.

I don't know how far back it was when respect and awe for all of this creation was smacked down. Nor do I understand why the damage wasn't total. There's been plenty of world-wide traumas to affect pretty much every group and culture. I just get the feeling that it has to do with outside interference - whether off-planet or not - of something truly alien to both humanity and this planet. The Sumerian kingship crap written in their records, the tales of that yahweh asshole - they provide clues, but no doubt it goes much much further back, 'sunken continents' and such, and even longer in time. But that's all for the history buffs and archaeologists to sort out. We're at the ultimate crossroads right here and now. Events and conditions are such that things could lead to a best-case scenario of a few future survivors eking out a retro-stone-age existence in an environment like that exquisitely described by Margaret Atwood in her books Oryx And Crake, and the sequel After The Flood. Did we come here for this? To bear witness to the great spoiling because of the refusal and rejection of the concept of Respect?

It is very common to hear now expressed in many quarters the view that Mother Earth would be better off without human presence, and that humans need the rest of nature to exist and survive, but nature and the nations of other beings have no need whatsoever for the humans - to live and enjoy their lives on this beautiful lush amazing planet. But the fact remains that various tribes of humans have existed harmoniously here forever, withstanding the assimilation into the predatory alien ways. And the four-leggeds and the finned and the winged ones have consciously co-operated and even sought-out inter-relating with various humans and clans forever also. There is no shortage of evidence of this. It is, as well, current known scientific knowledge that every atom in the universe is interconnected. The entire creation, from the farthest galaxy to the inner-most sub-atomic particle is a part of one big block of fractally-organized electro-magnetically fueled Life, self-evolving, and in communication with every other 'part'. We know this when we are born. We are receiving 'information' from the farthest reaches of space. The big mystery is how this 'knowing' is allowed by each of us to be suppressed and forgotten. This planet's geo-magnetic core is such that it allows our lifeforms to exist by creating a shield blocking incinerating 'stuff' swirling around 'out there'. This would reasonably mean that we have a relatively unique circumstance being here in our bodies, for which we should be grateful. Maybe Respect manifests out of Gratitude? Furthermore, our brains/nervous-systems are in magnetic resonance with the earth-core-field, as well as being strongly affected by solar-magnetic fluctuations and, probably significantly, electrical energy from all bodies in our local solar system. For more on this, an interesting article is posted on this Humble Blog.

So, our illusion of separateness is just that, a false concept. Not news nor rocket science to anyone with a few functioning synapses. Unfortunately most all of predatory, anti-Life 'science' of the last number of centuries has been increasingly based and focused on this LIE. Wanna know why the 'health/medical' systems are so useless? Research "Claude Bernard". He's the guy who just finally and ultimately codified the Lie-system in regard to 'mechanical' physiological 'science'. Turns out his wife and daughter founded the first animal-protection society ever, in England. Can you guess why? His book is still the standard medical text in universities. He exemplified what's called 'scientific free inquiry', which the so-called scientific establishment has railed incessantly against any restriction of. In 1969 I met a certain realized master, western-university-educated, who abandoned that matrix for the highest yoga practice possible, which resulted in his full remembrance of divinity. He told us that we must, above all, reject and abandon our (western) 'scientific mind'. He also, in '69, said that this vampiracal sucking of the blood of Mother Earth (oil) would lead to our downfall, if not the destruction of the entire planet. I now understand, after 40 years, what it takes to fully free oneself of the 'scientific mind'. I'm not speaking here of Vedic science, nor of true alchemy, nor any of the other ancient wisdom traditions which strived to maintain balance, increase knowledge, uplift mankind, and preserve the creation. We have just seen the logical conclusion of the arrogance of destructive science, based on greed, ignorance, and ego, in the Gulf of Mexico.

As Natural News states, we have a "volcano of oil spewing from the belly of Mother Earth herself." There is talk of setting off a nuclear bomb to 'stop' it. [Now there's brilliance for ya!] The writer goes on to say,"Theoretically, we could be looking at modern man's final act of destruction on planet Earth, because this one oil rig blowout could set in motion a global extinction wave that begins with the oceans and then whiplashes back onto human beings themselves. We cannot live without life in the oceans. Man is arrogant to drill so deeply into the belly of Mother Earth, and through this arrogance, we may have just set in motion events that will ultimately destroy us. In the future, we may in fact talk about life on Earth as 'pre-spill' versus 'post-spill'."

In many circles it's been considered 'uncool' to Care. And, "what can we do about it anyway?" Well, every person who lives their life demonstrating Respect, who, with no matter how small a gesture, uplifts others and celebrates our interconnectedness is "doing something". It's a matter of rejecting and removing ourselves from participating and co-operating with the alien death-forces. Maybe 'they' have instituted a 'test' for us. Maybe it's 'final exam' time. I think we may know soon the answer to that question. Regarding the alien predators among us, both the neighborhood variety and the top-1%-friends-of-dickhead cheney type, as "James" commented on Twelfth Bough blog - "They can't compete in being creative so they become destructive because they can rule that game. They rule by overwhelming the minds of those that are creative in mind and spirit with their insanity. This then gives them a sense (but not the substance) of power. But it is a substitute for real power which is creativity. Any imbecile can destroy. The antidote is to see this insane destruction as deliberate and as the POINT of the behaviour of those in power. Further, the antidote is for ordinary people to fight back against these power mad psychopaths in suits but not with more destruction. Instead, with non co-operation in this demonic plan for our mutual destruction and the social isolation of the psychopathic agents of this destructive plan. Once the 'plan' is seen, is exposed, 'by their fruits you shall know them', it's game over!" I don't think we should dismiss the idea that the Gulf situation was somehow 'on purpose'. The 'subgroup' (or whatever) of our species is desperate for their 'end game', if not to bring on the advent of their demonic 'savior'. They are certainly dismissing all sane (non-corporate) proposals for mitigating the disaster.

Mary Hamer, MD wrote recently in 'The New Human Species', "I withdraw my name from the human race; I withdraw my consent for this human madness of killing....Thank you Jains for your Non-violent philosophy toward all living beings including animals." We can live on this Earth with the rest of the creatures and natural life, even consuming a certain amount in balance, but only if the concept of Respect is REMEMBERED. We can be not ashamed of our 'humanness'. Not much time left to get our shit together, and get CREATIVE, and tune in to the World Tree (similar to 'as in the movie') and get the download for the steps we need to take in the days to come. Those who can: - pull out your biggest monkey wrenches, stand/sit with the indigenous and the forests, blockade the banks and the slaughterhouses, burn the GMO crops, secure the new technologies, dance and ceremony, feed everyone, and expose the pervasive they said in the 60s, "and kids, remember to smash the State!". We might take as our exemplar the noble Hindu character Hanumanji, quintessence of Respectful right-action in all endeavors and battles. Hell, we might even invoke Him on a regular basis, since he's none other than our very own Self. What could be easier and closer than that?


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I have never met you personally Bholanath but in the course of our web travels consider you a dear friend. I can almost see your spirit.

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It is only fitting we start a new blog off with the mother of all essays.

John Kaminski's "Where the river runs free!"

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A very good film on the Giza Pyramid. It appears some secrets are being discovered