Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Shut Up, There Are No Rights

The cell-membrane-destroying brew is now officially in the food chain. Nobody knows what it's formula is because it's against the law to disclose it, and it's protected by the 'trade secrets' Laws. So the word to the Gulf folks is: squeeze some allopathic cream out of the tube the company doctor gives you and apply it to your 'scabies', pay the bill when it comes, and just shut up.

All the so-called first worlders at the UN decided they don't have to honor your 'right' to clean water. Yeah, I know it's a water planet, but this thing about 'rights' - nah, it just don't work like that. See, water is a business, so either get with the program or just shut up.

Just a heads-up: if any of you at any time feel like advising any life-hating corporate shitheads, planet-rapers, or sentient-being-abusers that there is such a thing as divine justice and that they are cursed/forbidden from ever again attaining a precious human birth and subject to all manner of dire karmic consequences, be forewarned that you WILL be visited by individuals in black suits. Not that these individuals are not decent people or impolite, but merely that they are following orders and the 'laws'. If you were not aware, they are REQUIRED to investigate anyone who expresses any objection to or attempts contact with perpetrators of corporate ecocide, food manipulation, sentient being torture, sport slaughter, factory farming, habitat destruction, forest harvesting, or just general omnicide. You thought the excuse of 'following orders' was flushed more than 60 years ago? You say even a 12 year old can see that all 'orders' in these times, such as those given to 'black suits',  come from those who represent the greatest evil to ever exist? Well, don't even THINK about trying to obstruct in any way any of these ongoing psychopathic crimes - in addition to your 'normal' sentence, you will be slapped with 'terror enhanced' charges, some more hard time. It's what "the Law" has always been about - shielding the psychopathic criminals. To make you believe that your instinctual desire for freedom is the 'problem', which infers the need for 'laws'. You say you know the true laws of the natural rebel mystic? Then it's a matter of becoming a decent dancer, I would say. 

The laws and the rules kept us from really understanding how much the ruling 'elites' (the big people) hate Life, especially the feminine nature of this Mother Earth, and consequently everything female, nurturing, sensual, earthy, mammalian, sensitive, strongly grounded, and changing. Unless you've been up close to this shit most can't conceive of such a deep level of loathing. But the veils of 'history' have been thrown aside and those with eyes can see that heinous organized worldwide abuse networks have served the ever-present hobbies of the aristocratics, royals, and politicos and all their loyal minions since 'divine rulership' first showed up. It is their number one preoccupation (and possibly their biggest expense), hidden, protected, and angrily denied by the entire spectrum of the legal apparatus. The 'law' protects the business of supplying patsies to distract you (and even the black-suit minions, who mostly have little idea what their bosses are up to) if some unpleasantness glitchy thing occurs. The 'trade' is now at the highest level world-wide of any time in history, and it's just one of the arenas of full-spectrum sickness&deathculture that has held the matrix of evil together up til now. We kindly ask you to please shut up.

News Flash(s) - This just in from BBC:
"The number of scientific procedures involving genetically modified animals has overtaken those involving "normal animals" [their quote-marks] for the first time.
A Home Office report revealed that more than 3.6 million scientific procedures involving animals were carried out in the UK during 2009.
Of these, just 48% involved genetically "normal" animals."
Oryx and Crake, here we go. Or rather, we're quite well on the way...

On the other hand: Catalonia local parliament in Barcelona, Spain has voted to end all bullfighting in the province! There's 'people power' for ya. Respects.

The following are excerpts from an article from SteveLendmanBlog giving an overview of the current situation regarding the complete "lawful" corporate control of our legal system, especially the enforcement branches; and also the "Green Scare" phenomenon.  Obviously, this is nothing new to many, especially Native North Americans, but just so you know, even if you are not 'tribal', if you revere Life, you are in their sights. So, be advised: just shut the fuck up. It's not "your world", it's theirs. Full article here:
 Marie Mason: Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism - by Stephen Lendman

"In May 2005, then FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, John Lewis, told a Senate panel that ecoterrorism is "one of today's most serious domestic terrorism threats," the 2001 USA Patriot Act creating the crime of "domestic terrorism," broadening the definition to apply to US citizens as well as aliens - henceforth, the Bureau dividing the crime into two categories, international and domestic, the latter changing dramatically in the past decade.

Then FBI's Domestic Terrorism Section Chief, James Jarboe, said two organizations are principally responsible: the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF), committing over 600 criminal acts since 1996, causing over $43 million in damage. Lewis cited over 1,100 acts since 1976, resulting in about $110 million in damages, and on June 30, 2008, the FBI used the same figure for over 2,000 crimes since 1979 - against "international corporations, lumber companies, animal testing facilities, genetic research firms," and other companies harming the environment or animals, defining the crime as follows:
"the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature."
[ed.- there has never been a sentient being harmed by ELF/ALF actions!]

On their web sites, ELF says its "mission is to defend and protect the Earth for future generations by means of direct action," nonviolent civil disobedience it calls "the moral road," adhering to Hippocrates' dictum, to "do no harm."

ALF defines animal rights as "the philosophy of allowing nonhuman animals to have the basic rights that all sentient beings desire: freedom to live a natural life, free from human exploitation, unnecessary pain and suffering, and premature death."

Through surveillance, harassment, and infiltration, the FBI pursues suspects, "taking advantage of the 2006 revision to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)," a law the Center for Constitutional Rights calls:
"unconstitutionally vague and overbroad in violation of the First and Fifth Amendments....because it criminalizes protected speech that causes an animal enterprise to lose profits or goodwill, and (uses) undefined terms," requiring guesswork to define their meaning and scope. "Neither the AETA's overbreath nor its vagueness can be cured by the statute's rules of construction." Only rescinding the law can do it.

On November 27, 2006, AETA amended the 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act, making it harsher by criminalizing First Amendment activities advocating for animal rights, including peaceful protests, leafleting, undercover investigations, whistleblowing and boycotts.

The law 
-- expands the kinds of facilities covered to any using or selling animals or animal products for profit, food or fiber production, agriculture, education, research, or testing - including zoos, aquariums, animal shelters, pet stores, breeders, furriers, circuses, rodeos, other competitive animal events, or any advancing agricultural arts and scientific interests;
-- covers any person, entity or organization connected to an animal enterprise;
-- applies to any form of advocacy;
-- criminalizes threatening conduct and protected speech as well as communication with anyone engaging in these practices;
-- protects corporate animal abusers with a vested interest in silencing dissent, and
-- targets any form of civil disobedience or protest activity, and designates animal advocates as terrorists, even when they cause no physical harm; in addition, the bill's language is so broad and vague, it's hard knowing the difference between legal and illegal behavior, making it easy to target anyone for any reason, even if no harm was done.
--Other provisions make it a federal crime to travel in interstate commerce or use the mails to harass, intimidate, criminally trespass, damage or, in any way, interfere with animal enterprise operations, as well as potentially risk bodily harm or death to anyone, or conspire to do so."  - END OF EXCERPTS   
-From: sjlendman.blogspot.com

The article goes on to describe a young woman activist now sentenced to 21+ YEARS  and lifetime 'monitoring' for supposed arson of GMO shit (an action which should have been rewarded), and notes other similar 'Green Scare' abominations.

The demonic Matrix is absolutely protected from obstruction - except by hit-and-run guerrilla operations on small outposts - because the anti-Life entities provably own and control the real terrorists that unleash the big headline-grabbing disasters and perpetrate the daily fear-inducing slaughters that now keep the populations cowering and downing their approved mood-enhancers with diet beverages. The 'industrial age' was never supposed to be a 'stepping stone' or 'transition phase' to something saner, and it was absolutely toxic to all Life from the beginning. Anyone who believed that the mind-set which created the monstrous machine would someday invent its substitute to 'walk softly upon the Earth', or bring 'peace and prosperity', was an idiot. All the crumbs thrown to the bedazzled Earth-tourist minded 'progress' enthusiasts incarnated in the last century were dusted with poison sparkles. Everyone who 'merely' invested all their time and energy in working with and supporting the noxious products and 'services' of the corporate religion, because it was 'what's going on', was a lazy-ass fool and is completely complicit in bringing the world to this point of....umm, 'who gives a shit?' I'm at a loss for words to name it. Those that see, see. No need to define it. Who are you fucking people anyway? You couldn't ID the anti-human programming to conform and obey? Your childhood consisted of centuries of generational abuse? You wanted to 'belong' via the paths of religions and movements? You had a 'low self esteem' problem?  Well, so did those who escaped, who didn't accept those excuses/self-limitations and eventually removed themselves from co-operating and going along to get along in most areas of their lives. Those who spent a little time practicing self-examination of their ego-desires and motivations, and with joy relished relinquishing each and every prop of their false Self.

I know that most who read this are probably in the latter category. We can't really meaningfully approach and dialogue, let alone move, the controllers of any level of the upside-down insane hell-creating institutions to 'change the mindset'. We can, though, hold our intentions to be creative, loving and life-affirming in each moment and make that a habit and unceasing practice so that the annoying lies have a short life-span, and don't obstruct our spontaneity and wakeful journey. This attitude and such Sourced actions and ways are against the 'rules', and everybody knows it. They are also contagious. We 'go on' under the assumption that somehow Truth and Life will endure, because no power is greater; and a renewal is possible and necessary, for our children's sake, hard as that may be with no historical precedent to draw on. On the threshold of  the unknown is where the action is anyway. I don't think we'll be suckered into trusting any big new products that may soon be rolled out. Others may. We won't be following leaders or joining movements. We've seen through some veilage. Or at least the first sets of many veils. There may soon be a major renting in the fabric of many layers, and not a gentle ripping. Proliferation of certain truths is really pissing off certain entities, and everyone can sense the rage vibes (as well as the psychotronic) coursing through all the sentient domains from all directions. I see when we gather we speak of swinging between rage and deep pain, or feeling the nasty anxiety of dreaded anticipation of the logical outcomes of the uncloaked track delineated by the controllers. But there will not be a point where they can 'turn this thing around' and 'get it back on track'. From my vantage point it appears that our sisters, and all feminine aspects of the natural world, are at overwhelm point and are especially requiring (and are strengthened by) our renewed or increased attentiveness and assurance of solidarity.
The true feminine (Mother's) voice has still barely begun to be heard even in this late stage of Kaliyug. "Just shut up" has ruled the day/eon. No more, I declare. (Command?) Word.

I think more vids and subversive creative misbehaving is called for. We'll make it soon.  >onelove<


m. edward godward said...

Thank You for giving her voice. I have felt her as of late, and noticed synchronicities, but it is so empowering to read it, and be reminded.

Back in 1999 I participated in a conference of African American and South African women. Here, for the first time in my life, I heard the voice of Mother Earth SPEAK. I was floored. I am eternally grateful to those brave Mothers' resounding voices of love, respect, community, sincerity and grace. I hear those same sentiments here, thank you.

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one love bholanath,one love...neil

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Terror in the deep South