Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Planet Earth Has Become Pandora

Niobium. Cassiterite. Coltan. Tantalum. Heterogenite. What the helll are these?  Extraterrestrial elements necessary for Voyager's warp core fuels? OT tribes/cities exterminated by the god-of-the-good-guys, the insane Hairy Thunderer? Names of channeled entities from the Great White Intergalactic Federation prosperity ships? Of course not, silly, they're the indispensable components for all your indispensable high-tech cool toy thingys that you can't live without - cell phones, computers, flat-screen teevees, game-boys, GPSs, MRIs, "green" Hybrids, etc etc. They are the wonderful miracle products of psychopathic dictatorships, death squads, torture, genocide, ecological ruin, habitat destruction, extinction, rape and slaughter and mutilation, starvation, drugged child-soldiers, slavery, 8-year-old miners, and the sources of untold riches for sub-human billionaire corporate shitheads, their yachts and Hollywood bimbos' baubles. How cool is that?

I have to plod my way through those realities every day just to get to my laptop and check my cell messages. Of course, I know that that ugly thing called "the MILITARY" is by far the major user and all-around polluter on the planet with an insatiable appetite for such Earth "products", but I still contemplate the very real possibility of just dumping all this shit, my miniscule involvement, including my wheels, some day soon. Everything done with these devices is of dubious value to me, and the visitor-count on all my uploads is minimal anyway. One mitigating factor is related to the mention in the latest ALTA/web-bot report of coming "new electrics" due to be revealed in 2011 (more on ALTA later). This current situation is totally intolerable and undeniably unacceptable.

As far as the "military" goes, anyone who is not now making, or contemplating, revolt and mutiny is a traitor to their friends and families, to the 'goddamn piece of paper', to their country, to humanity, to the planet, and to all Life. I've a mind to curse them all and their families that support them, along with all the corp-gov minions, political and economic operatives, religious morons, media whores, police, and all the rest who contribute to maintaining the worldwide Death Cult. But it probably just amounts to more 'food' for their insatiable negativity-appetite.

Yes, kids, I'm sorry to inform you that you are not destined to explore those 'final frontiers', live in a cool gadget-filled sci-fi futuristic reality as portrayed on teevee and in the moovies. The Earth is fully under the control of demonic Life-hating Borg-like retards who love to fantasize about their acquired 'power' sucked from dying infants. There is no 'reforming' any of the systems anywhere. Our future is one of total RESTART, back-to-basics, get your temporal and spiritual shit together, in a seriously trashed world and try to make the best of it. 
Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico have made this clear to anyone with 2 firing synapses. The most likely true actual scenario that went down and continues to go down, both underwater and within the controllers' machinations, is described HERE. Sickos. As the article states, "Earth has become Pandora".

The ALTA report is admittedly describing the 'worst case scenarios' - the prognostications are 50-50 anyway, and any intelligent human can see where things are headed. You or I could just as easily predict some of the ways things will go to shit, based on all that we read on the internet every day. The 'elite's doings exposed as "socially repugnant" - check. Elites running scared of the populace and hiding their treasures underground - check. 'Religious' pedophilic horror stories' details becoming known - check. Revolts coming around big religions and their resources - check. Porn moguls to be targeted for lynching - check. Corp/media 'vips' create thousands of mercenary-bodyguard jobs - check. Fake spiritual leaders to justify 'divine right to rule' - check. Debtors work-facilities to be established - check. Fake election to be followed by planetary war - check. Possible solar disruption of military and public communications - check. Massive depopulation from climate and earth changes - well, duh.

'Pro-life' Media Slut
Prez Blackbush goes to NOLA to toast the stunning continued success of neocon use of corpse-of-engineers for useless-eater reduction and gets an update on the core-exit blue flu progress. Meanwhile, every observant internet tracker now knows the full story of his three-generation c.i.a. history, both birth- and adopted-family involvement. Everything's going as planned 'just like clockwork'. 'They' don't fuck around, unlike the denial-addicted, poser 'progressives', who blather in the media about 'turning this thing around'. The gee-hoover-fearing 'merkins pretend to be upset about 'socialism', sucking on their 'tea bag' scrotums while genuflecting before Wolf-hater Barbie and various religio-nazis, oblivious to the million$ passing along from the zionazi Koch brothers to their 'grass-roots' overlords who will palm-grease congressional whores to eliminate unemployment benefits, social security, and food stamps for the future walmart-lot tent-city denizens. This isn't about 'dumbed-down sheeple', it's about screaming/demanding/praying for retardation, lobotomization, stupidity, and death. And all their dreams magically come true. And by gawd, HAARP's working without a glitch, and millions of brown 'terrist' expendables are dying slow deaths by drowning, starvation and dehydration. Champagne is flowing by the barrel. Next stop for the mossad lawn jockey - somewhere on the Mexican border, where he can rally the international cartels' murderous enablers and schoolers, and then report back to the ziogangsterbanksters and various drug czars where the next installment of weapons and cash will be sent.

I look forward to the inevitability of the implosion. I will welcome the disuse of coltan and all the other shit along with my gadgets. I don't look forward to the mountainous shit-work coming for many generations involved in the clean-up. But that won't even begin until the period of retribution and senseless slaughter subsides. I just don't see any mitigating factors, though I know for sure that certain indigenous peoples around here have their 'plans' in place for surviving and waiting out the storms, and I hope my friendly relations with them will count for something and I will choose to stay within their spiritual and physical environment, as I bet most here will too. Who the hell knows if this all is 'worst case'? The web-bot data envisages more "waking up" (politically) of 'the masses' in the near future. That's what we have all hoped for, but I see no exponential increase happening, do you? Will more 'shock therapy' ramp up the numbers? Every day for months we've been remarking on how any 'transition/transformation' appears to be only happening in the worst, most difficult way imaginable. Forget easy or graceful. Then again, I don't even mix with other humanoids generally as a rule, except for infrequent visits to the marketplace, so what do I know? Nothing. I only know that those who haven't figured out what "all my relations" actually means are scheduled for permanent banishment, or most likely worse.

Hell, maybe I should just call this "the end", and be done with it. I try to imagine the feeling - being free of all but a tiny fraction of the exploitative shit, and moving quickly and determinedly toward totality of truly walking softly on the Earth, as they say. Even for me that would amount to a serious major head-shift. I'm getting annoyingly strong psychic messages that this is exactly what needs to happen personally, and that all my perception of reality would drastically change if I make a dumpster run to town...oops, bad idea. I'll have to go online and find the nearest 'recycling' facility, won't I? See, this is one type of dilemma. There are many others, and many levels. When do we take that final step?
'Merkin Moron Scum

On the animal-lib news front we have the Idaho psycho-pols along with the wildlife 'services' and their phony-ass chicken-shit 'hunter' and gun lobbies saying "screw the Endangered Species Act"; let's go slaughter some hundreds of the remaining WOLVES, 'cause "we don't give a shit about rule-of-law or sane behavior" and "we stand to lose 5 bucks of our blood-profits from our veal farms". Gawd, Ms. Killer-Driller would be proud. She's probably reserving a seat in the helicopter this minute.
I hope someone starts a website soon that names and depicts those needing to be on the head-on-pole list. I know the list will grow to be quite long, but consider adding these "people": PRIMATE PRODUCTS INC. of Immokalee, FL and others in the same 'business'. They are begging to be 'compassionately put down' like the mad, diseased creatures that they are.

Lately I've been recalling the outrageous ultimate animal-rights novel by William Kotzwinkle, DOCTOR RAT, in which he depicts an awakening and uprising of animals all over the world, leading to a great gathering on the savannah in Africa.
One ape speaks: "The time has come for us to gather in great numbers so that we can merge our thought streams as one. All the creatures of this forest will merge, as will creatures from far-distant forests, for the eagles are carrying the word everywhere."
"Once we gather this way, man will come too. He will realize that we are all one creature, and he will stop killing us. His realization will be sudden and wonderful."
All non-human life-forms begin journeying, running, flying, and swimming across the oceans, out of the stockyards, the labs, the zoos and the jungles and plains...
But, as the meeting commences it turns out, "one of the animals hasn't come". "WHERE IS MAN?"
Well, "man" does show up, with tanks and jets and the great final slaughter begins, concluding with the unicorn, and that's all She wrote, folks. End of story. Nature conquered.

Real Life and Beauty, the world of the sacred is right before us all day, surrounding us, nurturing us and trying so hard to get through to us how we are ONE. Who tries to separate us has signed their own death-warrants. Just maybe, as Ward Churchill says, "pacifism is pathology", under these circumstances.

This is Life and Beauty, btw, if you weren't sure: The TIGER CUB discovered in a suitcase at Bangkok Airport, destined for some asshole SHEIK in the Emirates. Remember: every time you 'filler up', a sheik gets a new blonde or a tiger cub....


RW said...

Might be a good time to step away from the computer for a month.

sometimes this world gets overwhelming.

Just a thought.

Blessings to ya


Anonymous said...

Your words are irony. Stop plagiarizing my thoughts. But in spite of that iron I taste salt and something like warm feathers caresses my brow. I claim full kinship with You who read here. I give what juju there is in me freely without hesitation or pause. We are the co owners of creation are we not? Who can deny us what was always ours from the Get[go]? Have fun with it, save the hand wringing for the commencement address and continue pouring it all out comrade. I appreciate the sense of xenophobia you feel in urban encounters with homo saps. You only have to do what you can do and even you don't know what THAT is. It's all happening where it really counts anyway. The rebellion of the archons is winding down and approaching its death throe. Heaven help us. It's about to get wild again.

brian said...

Hey Bholenath, thank you for this excellent post. There was an interesting man who ran away with the gypsies as a boy and came back and made a deal with his parents that he could run with them part of every year. He wrote at least one book about them. His life lessons were such that during the 2nd World War he bluffed some Nazis into letting him free a trainload of Gypsy prisoners. He bluffed that he was higher in the fear pyramid than they were and they were afraid not to follow his "orders." Ha ha ha! Now that is some high stakes poetry! Pure art!
Brian Kennedy

su said...

'higher in the fear stakes" - i like that. ......
the space we should all be operating from.
nice to see you hear brian and good day bholonath. beautiful moon and venus dance happened last night, witnessed from a river bank.